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  1. Are the MFT SLR anamorphic really that bad? I’m often tempted even tho’ the x2 looks slightly absurd on P4k but have never got round to it. I don’t want the hassle of adapters etc etc so they have obvious attractions but if the image is as terrible as implied then maybe I should stay away.
  2. In what? Look at the numbers of FS5/7 out there making stuff. Not to mention live broadcast. Arguably they are de facto number 1 in some areas? There is no single “number 1”. Just an awful lot of pedestals serving different markets.
  3. Stay positive, Zach. You’re not alone in having a psychiatric condition and it is part of who you are - it doesn’t define you but it’s just one aspect of “you”. Look at the history of creative individuals and you’ll find a splendid cornucopia of potential diagnoses. I was going to ask whether you were satisfied by the focus (viewed it without sound on public transport a while ago but didn’t get chance to watch it again).
  4. Apologies - edited this as it refers to what we don’t want to discuss. Suffice to say it referenced scratched sunnies and the Newton...
  5. Sony A5000 (£100) and Nikon 18-55 (£49). ...And justify the €12.99 or whatever it was you spent on some delectable objet d’art!
  6. Someone lend me an Alexa and I bet I could prove that point..
  7. I’m stealing that joke...
  8. What was the time code box he plugged in to the camera? I think I might get a second P4k to play with the editing features. Looks fun. 6k? Can’t decide...
  9. Great news. Well done! Looking forward to seeing the result.
  10. Outstanding work @BTM_Pix I’m thinking that ORANGE is the new RED.
  11. But think of the kudos! And it’s better than coming first because it’s a useful way of having a clear out (yes, I did use that rusted bent quick release plate on that custom bipod...) I’m shooting today if everything goes to plan.
  12. Damn. I might be one of them. Is it the same as the 180 degree rule?
  13. So I reposted it... I think an equivalent yet opposite example is BM requiring users to use specific SSDs (etc.) to avoid dropping frames - but not selling them at inflated prices.
  14. I posted the video on the RED Hydrogen forum - didn’t last long before it got removed!
  15. £56 plus the cost of epoxy & orange plastic so don’t get too confident as it’ll be closer to the 200 max...
  16. Camera purchased. Seems slightly odd me buying a camera to send to someone else without even the politeness of asking what they’d like...
  17. Thought I’d found an interesting lens... But just getting over excited.
  18. Good God Man! The last thing we need is for the majority of people in this country to vote even that many times... don’t encourage them! (Far better employed painting models of buses - although in sunny Spain that reference might be lost?)
  19. I’d suggest that we don’t impose a strict limit and rely instead on an honest statement of gear used (body & lens - let’s not get too worked up about batteries, cards etc) and the cost. This can then be taken into account when voting. If we aim for €200 that gets us going in the right general direction. And someone will get their PhD studying why eBay prices suddenly levelled out at €200...
  20. I tend to buy Hawk Woods (v-lok & npf) and they work. But I’ve absolutely no idea why I think they are ok. I have some off brand npf (Atomos & Blindspot Gear) and I try to replace them with the HW. But it does get expensive simply to have the same labels in the bag. I only use genuine Canon for the P4k - until the battery grip arrives when I’ll use the HWs. I do find it slightly odd that I don’t “trust” BM’s own batteries. Irrational?
  21. The Blackmagic logo includes orange so it would look particularly relevant. Especially in aluminium rather than plastic. Too much similarity to a Quality Street will however end in disaster.
  22. Yes, I think it possibly is. But given that Resolve is possibly very underpriced for what it is I don’t feel too bad at preordering! I doubt the jog will be as silky as the dial on the Naim Muso (if you have one near you, try it - it’s utterly gorgeous) but hoping it’ll be decent.
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