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  1. Ok.but he would not suggest the sigma apart for the shallower dof right?why?
  2. sorry don't understand exactly You saying that with 18-55 it is not easy to get a shallow dof?
  3. Wheter they are not exactly in the same price range what would you choose between the 2? I like to have a quick setup and quick use for most of the situation. In this side they seems both good, perhaps A7 little better because of stabilizer. Also is importantforme to have a good image straight out of the camera, as i am not that good in grading, so the more is good as it is the file, the best is. Another point is the workability of the file, as i have not so new pc. Last is the lens, the sony being FF i am afraid it will cost me much more to have those minimum couple of lenses needed for video. So resuming, good looking image, good af, stabilizer if possible and budget... Thanks for suggestions
  4. with all the technology in the cameras now, i think the main point to develpo is the workability of files form pc. Seems like even lates pc struggle with most of the neweset camera's file. That is a bad point for me. FIles should be easily processed from most of the pcs, unless they are old
  5. it is too long and difficult to undesrtand for me Does it say anything about xt3 vs gh5? thanks
  6. hello i am thinking to make a step forward from the choice gh5/xt3 and try to make an effort , in therm of expense, for the next level, z6 o a7iii (i exclude s1 as too expensive) This way i will have a tool that will give me about all the option, good af, stabilzation, good quality and of course ff, and i don t have to loose af or stabilization if going for gh5/xt3. Now considering i would buy with kit lenses which one would you suggest between the 2 ff? thanks for helping
  7. looked to me exagerated, but you know...the matter is to understand where is the real point of weakness
  8. Reading around forum to understand which could be my camera (xt3 also is incliuded) i come across some really contarstant opininons regarding sony and panaAbout GH5, wheter is known to be not that good at low iso, i read sometimes that even at 400 iso the camera pproduce bad footage, almost unusable. Is that true? About Sony..well half of th epeople say is the bet, oter say is the worst...grat color scienze/horrible color science good overall lexperience/lots of trouble...and so on. What is your experience with that? thanka
  9. I agree with the price too high os s1. That is only thing that stop me getting it. The others limitation... I don t see them when i watch s1 footage
  10. that is what it seems to me Image look great straight out of the camera, much more than what it is in gh5 and (vene if less) xt3 That is for me a great value as am notr so good in grading , neither i wish to became...i like natural image, and what it comes out from s1 seems so good as it is...also z6 have this impression
  11. Ok you talk about low light and sensor and those are obvious bemefit. I talk about image quality. Footage i see from s1 look wonderful. Don t have same sensation with xt3 and expecially with gh5 footage. What you think about?
  12. stefanocps

    what about s1?

    While comparing gh5 and xt3 to choose which i prefer, i see now and then some S1 footage that look really amazing. Of course is another price range, but for what i see there is no competition with gh5 and xt3 and certainly deserve some more savings to go for it I don t see much talk about S1, any opinion?
  13. To be more specific: to be able to get to most from bm do i need to be good at grading? I have couple of mft lenses plus several minolta vintage so no lens prblem either for gh5 or bm.either i wouldnt mind xt3 with kit lens to start. So lens is not a real issue.issue could be what stop to have a flawlessy workflow without the need to rigging a lot or postproducing a lot
  14. i thought it could be a solution, reselling the bm sill be very easy
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