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  1. sometimes the movements are really an abuse in quantity...they all want to move the camera
  2. you are right, in this scene, the shake is well appropriated to the subjet. i put this link as it was the first i found, but in this case the aesthetic is clear. I just wanted to show what is the kind of movement i am talking about. i agree, this could be handheld easily. other times i don t think it is. Other times i don't see any reason to make these slight movement of the camera but they are there...Now that you know what i am talking about you ll find several example of this
  3. for example this check the first sequence after credit
  4. it was just about aesthetic the main reason of my post. Being graduate at cinema studies ( in my univesity the sutdies are all about thery..not practices) i am interested , a part of all the techniques parts, also about all the question regarding language, ahestetic and so on. My main think about this kind of shooting i am talking about here is that most of the time, it does not really look like motivated. To me i seems more a kind of habit, a fashion style of thelast years that should give some more "live" feel to the action. Sometimes this shake is more noticeable than other..looks like a k
  5. ok can be that, how is made. I want to know more, about the lanuage. Why they use this and not the tripod?what the director want to achieve with this shaking. I think that even with that shoulder mount, the image could be more stable, so i say that that shake is wanted
  6. hello in the last years i see this kind of shot in lots of movie Camera is shooting a subect or two, or a situation, not making typical movie, pan, or tilt, but has a kind of continue little shake. Seems like if it is handheld, but i don't think it is. To me it is on a tripod and continuosly slightly moved I would like to know more about this, who can help? thanks
  7. ok i understand that focal lenght and f stop are crucial. are we talking about dop or something more?
  8. yes that is for sure, about lighting and location. But, for instance, what about outdoor? with natural light i can still see a big difference. Not as big as indoor of course. I don t' really look for a "movie look" but at least not to look "too real", you know what i mean. Lens yes, that can make difference, may be using some vintage ones, not having cine lens can help? Where do i find the GHA lut?do i need to shoot in flog for better using it?
  9. hello need some suggestion with grading. My xt3 does beautiful images, but at times grading is needed absolutely to make the footage looking like "films". It is a pity to have such a beautiful camera and have sometimes result that is so far from any kind of cinema look; it looks too real. If i see it on my pc is still not so bad, but on my tv no .... I attach a frame and i ask you what would you do. I have done some work on contrast and saturation Please give me some hint..i will study cc soon because i find it so important... thank you
  10. please remove this user i made a mistake and enter using a google linke dprofile, forgot i have one with a registered mail. So please, i am the same user Stefano Capasso can be removed" thanks moderator
  11. hi thanks..you said relevant things but i don t understand how to manage af c and postiion the focus box where i want. ok. you mean , by using the finger tap or using the button? would like to have a detailed explanation if you vcan also aout the face detection, you said to turn it off, why? and how do i move between faces with button? thank you
  12. hello need some help with autofocus in videomode. With all change made form firmware, and also because i have never used that much my xt3 i don't have still so clear how to use it Mainly, for now, i want to be able to control focus either by pressing with my finger on the screen , to have that part in focus. Or, once i have set my focus box somewhere in the screen the focus should be always automatically in that box, wheter i move the camera or what is in front of my camera change or move I have notice that if the camera autofocus on a part on its own, is slower than if i tap on the
  13. in manual focus i see the rig only on tripod. I want use the rig also in my hand for little movement or run and gun like situation. That way side and top handles are both useful, and both of them will require autofocus, what do you think?
  14. that's right, also with top handle should not be easy no? actually when i think at two sie handle i think at a autofocus shot,
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