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  1. in manual focus i see the rig only on tripod. I want use the rig also in my hand for little movement or run and gun like situation. That way side and top handles are both useful, and both of them will require autofocus, what do you think?
  2. that's right, also with top handle should not be easy no? actually when i think at two sie handle i think at a autofocus shot,
  3. ok i have seen it i ask you the same, as i am telling eerybody Don't you miss the 2 side handles? sometimes i think it is useful to carry the camera that way
  4. that is not too bad, but i miss the two side handle portability
  5. i see that is a cage for dslr, what you mean you use half?is so big? could be fine but it is weak in portability. I mean th epossibility to use it with a top handle or with the 2 side handles in some cases is really useful. Looks like can t do that with this flash bracket
  6. Hello i own a fuji xt3 and thinking tobuy a cage. What i don't like is the idea that if in a couple of year i 'll change camera i'll should change all the rig. For what you know there are cage/rig that support generic mirrorless cameras? thanks
  7. exactly even if i did not buy really lots of doing furing my "career" i know that lots of time what i buy i really not going to use so taking the time and see what really come uo as urgetn is the best way, in spite of the exctiment of buying
  8. actually i don't have it to sell, i can give it back to amazon and get back all the money, but i have really few time left Of course ir right, i can think of any other thing like something for audio for example, i have a tascam dr40 plus a rode videomic, which are not too bad, may be i could add a set of wireless mic, actually one could be enough for interview Monopod it is a chance, i have a tripod where one leg can be unscrewed and use it as monopod, sometime is annoying doing this, but is is not a real necessity though (the monopod) whai i am getting convinced is that gopro w
  9. yes your experience is really what i have always suspected: after the first impact gimbals are not anymore so useful because of the hassle and still beacuse lots of time monopod, or even handheld with some shake is better than that electronic stabilization. So gimbal may be is not what i want really.. gopro a part for the water and pov,and i use these only for my personal video, when in holiday or similar, so it looks to me a waste, and that's why i am looking for somehting to change with. I have little time to do that, and gimbal was my first thought, another could be a nice smallrig wit
  10. thanks kye, your answer is wise and i couldn't totally agree with it. WHile i have in my hand gopro and i have an idea of what to to with it, i never had a gimbal. I know i'd like to stabilize my footage, but not all the time. Being "documentary" oriented it is ok for me not to have stabilized footage in many cases. Also what worry me is the object itslef, the gimbal that would require morte preparation, less control on the camera (i coud not work on focus or exposure while using it..is it?). So mainly i don't know what to expect when working with gimbal, wether i know that the result of worki
  11. hello i have received as a gift a gopro 7 black. It is really nice and it makes good shot, but for me may be it is not of much use other than to put it together with my xt3 In your experience/opinion gopro 7 footage can match good with xt3 or may be i can replace it with a gimbal? thank for sharing your opinion
  12. i have a bunch of vintage lenses, most of them are minolta rokkor, and they are great. What i miss is a parfocal one though and that's why i got interested in this nikon, as is also cheap as you said
  13. So on my search i need to specify af. That is whyni did not find the proper one?
  14. i found it in ebay https://www.ebay.it/itm/Nikon-NIKKOR-28-85mm-f-3-5-4-5-AF-Lens/323781822169?hash=item4b62e686d9:g:MvsAAOxyuPtQ-Fzv it never mention to be parfocal, and also in other site i never found this feature specified..so i don t know if it is not the corretc lens i am searching or other a part of this..how is it solvable the cangh of exposure when zoomin? i found it in ebay https://www.ebay.it/itm/Nikon-NIKKOR-28-85mm-f-3-5-4-5-AF-Lens/323781822169?hash=item4b62e686d9:g:MvsAAOxyuPtQ-Fzv it never mention to be parfocal, and also in other site i
  15. Hello i am searching this Lens, buy for what i can see It does not seems a parfocal lens.could you clarify this?thank you
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