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  1. ahh really? it happened with the lens cap..yes..might look like an eye!
  2. hello today i was playing with the camera and it happen that somehting that is very similar to tracking started (xt3 with 18-55) in AFS(video mode) pressing or dragging (or i don t know what) on the lcd near an object all of a sudden a green square come up and if i move the camera the square try to remain where the object is The green square is bigger than the white one Don't know exacvtly how to reproduce it, it come up few times, but everytime i could not understand how, and now i am trying again and again with no success.. Anyone know this feature?
  3. yes i know this, i was wondering what i have to do different when editing. From transcoding process to export..
  4. how it is the wotkflow when working in dci?any special?
  5. can i use dci without anamorphic lens?
  6. more than most probably i'll be using eterna too. I 'am just on the process of a good overview of all possibilities. That's why could be enough a post more than e detailed video!
  7. Hello, being a new user with this camera, i am trying to understand better about these 2 option.Manual don't say much , i would like to know the difference, how they relate to other shooting parameters and format and what is the workflow to edit them thanks alot
  8. you mean is sufficient for work in video editing h264 h265 4k? anyway seems like Ryzen is just the way to go, and 3700 would be fine It s a bit strange for me go ing back to amd again after 20 years! At that time, cpu was Pentium2 or Pentum 3, my use of working with Cubase. Because of cheaper price i bought an amd cbase pc (equivalent to pentium 3), But what happened? At that time CVubase will not run on copu other than Intel! What a big choc! I had to buy another pc!. From those time i never though Amd again
  9. you mean is sufficient for work in video editing h264 h265 4k?
  10. i am reading in other forum that most of my actual configuration is considered ok for work also with 4k i have intel i7 2600 3.4 ghz, 32 mb ram, gtx760 and ssd as system drive. Actually what is considered ok has a ti1050 gpu. COuld be that changing gpu , for now, would make a good difference?
  11. so for me that i don t generally do serious grading, is still worthy to record in 10 bit?
  12. Ok i see lots of answer, let me gather my ideas Yes of course i am ready to work with proxies, and from this starting point i want to assemple the pc. An 8th generation intel will be good i suppose. What about the security lack that required the patch ?some say limit resources.. And about gpu, most says that is not really involved inediting video.Other says to invest a lot on it...what is true? LAst thing, i need to understand about the 10 bit files I'll surely worky with my 8 bit monitor and a 8 bit gpu because are much cheaper But at this point, even if i'll not see the 10 bit on screen, will the files in color correction benefit from the 10 bit right? so it is still worthy to use 10 bit? also seems that the amd/intel debate is unsolvable if not clear in term of performance may be is it clearer in term of money saving?
  13. Hello, may be this has been posted already many times, if so please link me some recent topic Need to assemply a new pc to use with Premiere and the files from my Fuji xt3, 4k, 200/400 mbit...possibily h265 I wanto to but somehting that will allow me to work trying to keep the budget as low as possible. Right now i canno even play back the files with my I7 2600 (3.4), 32gb ram and gtx760 The first question is INTEL or AMD cpu, then what graphic card Thanks
  14. never heard about this lens before. Having this means to do not use 18 55 anymore though.what do you think?
  15. about apèerture, i mean, if it could be assigned to a dial. it seems i can only adjust on lens you confirm zoom is not motorized? focus peak, a part of the colr i don t know when it is correct focus. There is a lot of yellow not only in one point when adjust focus on lens. There is a range when rotating the focus where yellow is there. So how do i know the best point for the focus?
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