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  1. To be more specific: to be able to get to most from bm do i need to be good at grading? I have couple of mft lenses plus several minolta vintage so no lens prblem either for gh5 or bm.either i wouldnt mind xt3 with kit lens to start. So lens is not a real issue.issue could be what stop to have a flawlessy workflow without the need to rigging a lot or postproducing a lot
  2. i thought it could be a solution, reselling the bm sill be very easy
  3. it s not easy, there is XT3 competiting
  4. Onr question about.codec.Are.files produced easy to work with better han those h265 from fuji for example that require very performint pc?also would like to know if i can get ready good footage may be with lut not being that good (yet) in grading?
  5. here it is not easy, normally takes weeks, unnambered weeks I found a place that have a couple available Anyway rush or not, those are my doubt when thinking to bmpcc, which looks great for images but less for ease of usability
  6. Hello i have the possibility to get a bpcc4 quick. I never look too much at this camera because of long waiting list and because it seemed a camera that would require too many accessories, so i was going to xt3 or gh5. Now with this chance i need to decide quick. I ask you what do i need to have, other than the camera, to be able to work in a kind of documentary style, run and gun and similar battery,card,rig..what is really needed? For better understanding: a proper videocamera would be my first choice for quick possibility to operate. But as you know, videocamera would give much less in term of quality image and creativity...but my approach, for my need, would be the one i would have with a proper videocamera (i mean sony a700, panasnic hcx1 and so on..) thanks
  7. right i got confused..everytime i smelll blackmagic i quickly jmp to conlusions
  8. buying bmpcc is nearly impossibile right now, so better go elsewhere
  9. there is something i notice. In many of the videomakers forums, fuji looks like being mostly ignored, i don t see iscussions, excitment, ecc about this fuji, and i wonder why. They keep talking panasonic, sony, new nikon ecc..but very little xt3
  10. My doubt is not referred to the final quality of the image, but to the moment i am using the camera for work.that means facilities, confortable, confident, quick of use, reliability, something that would let me forget about the tecnological tool in fabour of the creative tool
  11. when i watch xt3 post i want to buy xt3, when i watch gh5 posts i want to buy gh5.. how to get out of this?
  12. i 'd like to partecièate too!
  13. i have kind of same impression, but i see professionals that work with xt3
  14. for what you write i reckon you prefer gh5! isn't it?
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