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  1. just playing with the machine..very nice, little jewel..need to understand quickly if i can bear that screen 😃 Btw, it is not light, quite heavy. Looks like it need a stick, (may be the sony one?) to carry it, expecially n selfie style
  2. i don't miss the viewfinder at all for the same reason you said 😃 But the way the screen comes out in the va i think it is better, expecially when used in a selfie style...wathcing the screen will result in shot where you look aside, and it is not nice. This i think could be the main reason, and other minor like some more dials to operate, for what i have read. Zv1 also has a mic input and it is a good benefit, but for me it does not have much use in a camere which is supposed compact, as small as possible!
  3. i bought sony zv1, tomorrow will be at home..only doubt is with rx100va...of course the version 7 will be the first choice, but price is another range I'll test th zv1 and see if better switch to rx100va
  4. for video you find zv1 better than rx100V?
  5. i am sorry for that little friction that has been goin on As i said, i think forum are really valuable option to search infromation, a part of google and youtube, because direct feedback from users are gold. Even the Kye's focus on a interchabgeable camera was important, as i made some reseacrh to see if there could be one as samll as i woul'd like and that helped me in making my mind up about the compact choice Eveb what webrunner said..i tried to understand more, and i was stimulated for a deeper search on action cameras, but i just could not underttand his suggestion. What i have pointed put is that sometimes in forums, people are quickly and easily pointed in frames, generico ones, making the user just like another one, because they seem. I know that nowdays lot's of people just wake up and ask without making a little effort, ignoring that the seacrh is one of the nicest part (and acknowlediging) of the process..but not all the people is the same, even if sometimes might look like It is easy to get carried away from this disturbing feeling in a forum, given the hundreds of contribute that are the same..but also is important to be always aware of who you you are talking to, as a person might seems like many another one, but t is not...
  6. i have been looking around for similar competitor(compact ones, pocketeable) ...lumix lx100 II, or tz200, or the various canon g1x, g5x,g7x..also the previous sony rx100 But it seems that zv1 in that segment is just unbeatable...even if would like to spend more money zv1 remain the first That's for what i have found...If there are different opinino or suggestion welcome!
  7. who told you that?i t was helpful, zv1 as you suggested is my main idea now!
  8. i know that there is youtube and google and so on..but in internet there are forums also And what are forum for? Personally besides my internet search, i like to talk with people and have a feedback from personal experience I find this a bigger value, to add the the internet search, btw..who told you i haven't done that? 🙂 I don't know why you say i behave aggressive, i felt to have aggressive answer though...mainly because some answer seems not considering the question! That said..if someone get bored to partecipate to a forum, to answer to questions that are of no interest for him (and he has all the right..) well, , i'd suggest to do not partecipate
  9. as you suggested it i though you know about it
  10. this is what i have started doing...also i would not mind to have direct feedback form who have alreday made a similar choice!
  11. but if works as bad as gopro in indoor situation will not help..or you think is better than gopro?
  12. well..this is quite nosense....the range wher ei want to move within don't go that further, because stating from m43 the object will become much biger so the alternative s a 1" sensor, that give the possibility to have a compact size and more control on image.. so there is no need to go that around...i think i have focused a range didnt'i? You said about the osmo..why?
  13. i still think that even a 1" would be a great improvement to the gopro sensor, though
  14. a dji osmo would be better in low light?
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