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  1. anyway.. how about those meike lenses?
  2. yes i totally agree with that, but i want to undesrtand more this, prophile is there since months, at least it is months i know him
  3. but that s strange, it is a long time user on facebook. And i see him doing alredy months ago doing something similar If it was a scammer the profile woiuld not be there anymore
  4. Hi, on facebook, there is a user (supposed to manga Mike Thailand) that give a meike lens for free through this process. Buy through Amazon and be refunded through Paypal. Does anyone know this or have gone through the process? Thanks for help
  5. Hello my XT3 in video mode i can set the info on display (or set them off) by pressing the BACK button But when enter in REC mode this is not possible anymore to switch this.The info are on screen or there are not Is it possible to change this? thanks
  6. Hello today i ha tried to use flog with my xt3. with 18 55 (4k h265 long gop 200mbp) In the screen appear a voice "crop 1,8 or similar..can t remember. Also the autofocus was slow in responding, and even the touch af on the screen was not responding quicly. Can someone explan me what happen when using flog
  7. neither 2 of them together?what could be the cpu that with of 2 of them can be same level with ryzen 3600?
  8. haven t really find one as i am at begginning and i see lots of option..need to get oriented first i see core 5660 seems most common, looks a good option, of course i mean 2x 5660 About the cost, i am willing toi pay no more than 350-400( and tyhen add a gtx card) for the whole system, otherwise if more i would go for ryzen 3600
  9. and another thing..the monmey saved with used server, will go quicly away because of power supply requested and electricty bill Not talking about rack servers that have mad consuption, but also the rack ones have, i thoink the double electricity consumption
  10. do you have some link? anyway for now i would like to understand if a 3-4 or 5 years old 2 cpu server can compete with an ryzen 3600/3700 pc based And for me the used server must cost the hal of a new pc, let's say 300 euro, because for the same price i would rather go for somehting newer that can be later upgraded
  11. so you are using a server?what specs and what you use it for?
  12. normally i would search for rack servers, as they have more possibility to have more cpu or better pèerforming harware. an old tower server would not be compaable to a modern ryzen or intel based pc
  13. hello i just find out that there are lots of option for buy at cheap price refurbished server Generally they have 3-4 years old hardware, most of the time ddr3 as ram Processors are older and slower than the one we have now, but can be used multiple, 2 or more i wonder if that could be a good(anche cheaper) alternative to a ryzen 3600 3700 which i was planning to buy for my video editing I edit xt3 file 4k thanks
  14. ahh really? it happened with the lens cap..yes..might look like an eye!
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