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  1. Hello, help me in understand what is better solution Santa just brought me hollyland lark 150..which i am going to return as they have a huge static noise (unless i reduce the camera input of 25/30 dB). Don't like that much So i might get whte rode go II, which is a nice solution, or, to have even better spund quality, 2 rode lav mic to use with tascam dr40. In this case to monitor i will need to put a cable form dr40 (that should be close to persons) top my camera. It happens that i need to record only one persone often, other i record 2 person sitting aside. In both case my concern is..how to hide cables when i shot the full ambient, or the 2 full person, whith floor also?
  2. i have found apanasonic cx10 for 1200 euro...it is a very good price and i should take it fast, quality should be like x1500, but with some addons...but i still haven't decide if that camera x1500/x2000/cx10 is it good better tan ax700 😀
  3. yes..the camcorder market produce new tool only for big change..not like cameras that produce new tools almost every year with less differences ..
  4. I think the opposite🙂 For what i see camcorder that are x years old cost more (compared to their initial value) than a camera same x year old. TAKE the ax700, it is almost 6 years old project, it cost still a lot( used). A camera from 2017 is heavily surpassed, at lest there are 2 newer version so that old model value is low. May be this is the point, camera are not updated frequently, so ax700 is still the top for that prosumer area, even after 6 years, and it retains the value. ALSO the brand makes the difference in preserving the value, sony costs always more than other for example
  5. aahhhh well, it sounded strange to me about the poor af performance. in fact the 700 has improved the af, this is one of the better thing. Well zv1 for ax100 has much sense, zv1 for an ax700 it is on a border.. 🙂
  6. the canon xa40 has the smaller sensor though...why you suggest that over panasonic for example?
  7. No i said the panasonic has the possobiliu to add.an.handle with xlr input, and this could help to have a better audio. BUT anyway this is not the point, the.point, as i have always said, is to have a tool that we ll be small(portable) and fast to use!neither i am looking for the bestbstandout product of course!
  8. I had the zv1 for a while, got it from amazon amd send it back. I wanted time to decide if it was good for me.and get it used in case
  9. Yes, no problem at all, i have seej it even at less of 400
  10. It s a good while that i am thinking to get the ax700, that now it has become something like a dreamnto realize!:) In fact, though, j just can t take to pay stil such a nig money for such an old product, that s why i keep thinking the may be zv1 could be better solution., but, unlike you, i will want to use it more in a point and shoot situation, so may be for me all that rigging would not be so adequate. But yet, paying 1000 euro or more for a used ax700...that s only because is a sony, and for this i also dont have simpathy for the brand
  11. Ahah why you hate sony so much?i am also debating if a zv1 would be a better deal than ax700.But tell me, with all rhat rigging aren t you loosing the main feature of zv1?Size, weight, portability?in rhi way you loosr all the benefit of using a camcorder;did you have more reason to give up ax700?how worste is zv1 IQ than ax700?
  12. having already an aps c i can have smaller sensor for different use like point and shot/documentaristic style, where quality of image may count a bit less than if shooting a movie. But that panasonic has a lot more thing than an iphone that makes it interesting. Otherwise,again the sony ax700 produce very nice images, being in someway limited in certain areas
  13. i know i know, quality of video seems nice though, at least what i have seen on youtube, but i woud know from real user. But this is why i was focuse only to 1inch camcorder like ax700. The fact that it is almost 5 years old,it doesnt have 50p at 4k and still cost enough makes me hesitant though, this is why i reconsider that smaller sensor, that at least offer many options, even the possibility to add an handle with xlr mic input
  14. or to improve the performance overall, expecially AF, i should need to change system, and go to a sony for example a7 iii with a long zoom range...alsoa bulky and pricey solution
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