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  1. you think zv1 can be better than a ax700?
  2. fuji x100v, anyone know it?would fit better with xt3 in case i need!
  3. dvx200 is another range of budget! my choice is between a camcorder lkike ax700(or a canon equivalent) and a compact cmera/bridge like rx100va/rx10/zv
  4. Hello, i am looking for advice for a camcorder I already use a mirrorless, a Fuji XT3, foir my video work, and i want some fast to use. So no lens change, no time limit, zoom on machine, better if nd filters..so you know the difference. One point where i start from is the sensor, that should be no less than 1 inch, for better perfomances. Then good autofocus, best if with nd filters.. At the momenti i am focusing on the sony ax700 (even 2 hand), this will tell you the budget i have also. I see there are lots of other camcorder available, and also some camera "bridge" that can work as camcorder. I ask you some suggestions on the ax700 or alternatives Thanks a lot
  5. that is what i am trying to say. i use it 2 weeks per year, during holiday, and not everyday. that s why i want to stay cheap. Telephone could be a good solution but i did not think about becaus eof waterproof...not sure can get it
  6. exactly...that could be a good alternative I have a Samsung M51, not a "video" phone, but it would be ok for most cases. I never think if there is a way to use it underwater though...I am not a sub, few meters maximum 5, 6 would be enough It seems there is not though, a part of the plastic bag
  7. for what i see neither gopro neither osmo action has so favorable used price. gopro 5 is normally sold more than 150 genrally, up to 200. while osmo i cannot find less than 200 price are high even for 2 hand, and yeas a gopro5 seems a bit old today
  8. what is the least model of gopro with 4k and good peformance?
  9. of course, if i have money to waste, or a special need i will surely buy insta360 1 inch..just for you to unerstand my opinion Given the fact that i will do only vcation clips, i was trying to understand if those camera are only rubbish , or they can be used for consumer user
  10. i would not mind a 4k! now i use action cam only fro filming my trekking during my holiday and some underwater shoot in apnea...all for create little video to publish on facebook..only persoal thing then.4k because give me the possibility to have a good crop
  11. i think you make it too complicated: i am looking for an action cam and i am on a budget. I know, having it used before, what is a good action cam, so my expectation ir properly related. As there are several brand doing cheap actioncam, i am asking if someone that tried some can give me a suggestion. I haben't searched on youtube or somewhere, just asking a quick opinion. It is easier than the way you are puttinh the thing. If you know a brand or model that it is ok to buy and is cheap than let me know, that's all. I haven't started a philosopical thread on action cam reviews manufacturer and so on..
  12. don't understand your contribute
  13. yes..i see there are lots of new action cam under 100 euro though...and i would like to know if they are worthy
  14. yeah i lnpw pf th ebeauty of gopro(and also sony) But for what i need now i can go with a cheaper one
  15. Hello, I had Sony AS200VR, and GoPro 7 Black, both very nice action cam. Don't have anymore either of them, but I want to buy one. Don't use the cam as much as I use it before so i want to try to spend much less... though I am used to nice ones. Is there anything you can suggest? Thank you
  16. ok i have found, i get confused with Function FN settings, i found the rear dial there and i thought it was there to configure..and it was not..but i don'tunderstand then how this relate to the proper settings which is in COMMAND DIAL
  17. and the rear dial, i go to Function FN setting, i go through the various Fx, and i reach R DIAL. Is set now on CUSTOM SETTINGS, if i want to set it to SS, can't find the SS item.. SOrry it is few month i don't use it and it is like i never use t before
  18. hello can't remember anymore how to setup the front dial to manage the aperture. . I go in the command/dial setup, and COMMAND dial SETTINS, i set F..but don't work..
  19. you right i write wrong i meant not new as it s about a couple of year if i remember well...for sure not the latest. And yes...based on your count i can say "rarely"
  20. that's true, though xt4 is not anymore the latest. With xt3 i have shot 6 project in 2 years..more than what i was thinking when i wrote "rarely" but i feel it as not used a lot. The wish for XT4 is the wish for IBIS...i was thinking of it since almost 10 years ago , when i had my first camera, and i use to dreram about stabilizer and a very good AF...Now i could still sell xt3 at a good price (included smallrig cage and a couple of extra battery) and if i found a good price for a used xt4 i might make the upgrade with no so much money. I would not do it for 400 euro..not at all. For 200 it can be reasonable. That said, honestly i have realized, by doing it, that most of the time i like the camera doing it s natural shaking rather than having an innatural stabilization. I would like the stabilizer only to simulate the "Camera tracking" (i am not sure that is the correct word in english)
  21. that's true!the point is how much more i should spend..for a little monmey why not, otherwise you are absolutely right
  22. i see...about the rigging, i always try to ave less rig as possible, don't say none, but minimal, let's say a smallrig cage, an external mic and perhaps a monitor. In these conditions blackmagic and ezcam should be almost the same isnt'it?
  23. Yes quality of image for what i have seen i very very nice (though i don't know how much post production was on it, when coming to color) and it is what i am actracted at most. don't understand if prores is only via hdmi or if, in any case, the internal code is good for a smooth edit. The downside is what you said, it is not a quick camera, and this could stop me, because often use it in a kind of run and gun. Perhaps for this better black magic?i read it is the same sensor, so the quality should be the same? Do i have to buy battery also?does it have internal mic?
  24. stefanocps

    z cam m4?

    Hello, while i was searching for a XT4 to possibly replae my XT3 i came across some description of ezcam. Of course i knew it before, but i did not consider because its too basic setup, meaning that i would need a monitor at least and i don't know what else. Going deeper in to some articles i am realizang that it must be a very good quality camera. I have seen a sample video and it seems amazing. I am getting really interested at it, but i would like to have opinion from real users, first of all about the minimum setup needed. For my budget i think i would not go beyong the M4. Wait for your opinion, i was really excited after watching a video
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