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  1. Bill Claff posted the sensor results from the GH6 https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/66095681
  2. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    Optyczne posted a detailed video review of the OM-1. https://www.optyczne.pl/59.1-Inne_testy-OM_System_OM-1_-_test_trybu_filmowego_Wstęp.html
  3. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    Adaptors could be a tight fit with the OM1 https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/65980877 “Heads up for anyone who uses metabones or viltrox EF to M43 adapters. Some of them do not fit on the OM-1 because they did not leave enough room. The adapter back hits the hump. I tried the metabones EF-M43 T adapter and viltrox speedbooster. I imagine other adapters could have the same issue,”
  4. Panasonic's excuse for not implementing PDAF seemed quite poor and hard to believe.
  5. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    You may need to wait for the next shipment. An OM UK rep mentioned yesterday that all of the OM1 bodies allocated to the UK were sold-out already and most of the body+lens kits as well.
  6. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    This video compares the out of camera JPEGs but also the RAW files in Adobe, CaptureOne and OM Workspace between the OM1 and the EM1iii at ISO 25600. The RAW file comparison clearly shows less color noise and greater DR with the OM1 from all 3 RAW editors.
  7. The skates specs leaked this morning suggests it will have V-Log and will likely be priced at $2300 US “The LUMIX GH6 contains V-Log/V-Gamut for the first time in LUMIX G Micro Four Thirds cameras and provides 12+ stops, and even 13+ stops, of wide dynamic range using Dynamic Range Boost mode. “
  8. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    From the same article he posted 50MP Hand-held High-Res images that was shot at 500mm (150-400 + 1.25tc). I am surprised it could work at that focal length hand-held. This should bode well for most static scenes.
  9. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    According to below google translation the person from that article was using OM Workspace to process their RAW files. "In the software (OM Workspace, since Lightroom does not yet know the OM-1), an AI DeNoise from Topaz that has been optimized for the OM-1 is already integrated. I tried that."
  10. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    According to the article OM is licensing AI-Denoise from Topaz.
  11. The 330 shot rating for the battery seems quite low compared to other bodies. The GH5ii is rated for 400 shots while the OM1 is rated for 520.
  12. Here are the full specs. https://www.scribd.com/document/559418125/Panasonic-Lumix-GH6-MFT-Camera-Full-Specifications
  13. I was wondering when we would start to see this from Smartphones.
  14. You can see a vent for a fan in this photo. The GH6 looks to be much bulkier
  15. hoodlum

    Olympus OM-1

    Press release from Atmos confirming ProRes RAW support this spring for the OM-1. https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/atomos-uploads/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/15154803/PR-OM-1-ProRes-RAW-Support-DISTRIBUTION.pdf
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