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  1. So here are the other items confirmed for video. 4:2:2 10-bit external Video IS: Image Stabilizer sensitivity can be configured in three steps Video: Auto ISO in M-Mode Recording selectable between 96kHz/24bit and 48kHz/16bit
  2. It is 4:2:2 10-bit external according to Olympus US site
  3. A minor update from Olympus. Olympus Germany has a good comparison of the differences and below I pulled what I could find for video. https://www.olympus.de/site/de/c/cameras/om_d_system_cameras/om_d/e_m1_mark_iii/e_m1_mark_iii_comparison.html BIS: 7 EV (vs 5.5 EV) Body only and 7.5 EV (vs 6.5 EV) SyncIS improved face/eye AF with Face Selection More AF point setting for video (Mark II only had single point or whole area) High speed movie: 120fps (1920 x 1080 / MOV) Movie AF: Speed and sensitivity can be configured for Video Sound: Improved sound quality thanks to new preamplification
  4. Correct. The "TelePhoto Camera" has a 28mm equivalent FOV based on a 1/1.7" 64mp sensor. So yes you can crop it to 12mp but the pixels will have a lot of noise. That is why I consider the lower-end models as having only dual cameras (wide and Ultra-wide) even though there are 3 camera modules.
  5. Some odd decisions by Samsung. The Ultra has some great camera hardware specs but the S20/S20+ don't have a true telephoto lens. This Telephoto camera is actually 28mm equivalent vs the 26mm equivalent from the wide angle camera. So the 3x telephoto is just a crop from the 1/1.7" sensor. This was basically done to support 8k as the "telephoto camera" has 64mp to support the 8k and cropping. The 1/1.7" wide angle camera has 12mp so 8k is not possible. The S20/S20+ are really just dual camera phones (Wide and Ultrawide). Here are the camera specs for the Ultra. Too bad this is only available with the mini-tablet sized phone. Focal length equivalents: 13mm 26mm 102mm Sensor sizes: 1/2.55“ 1/1.33“ 1/2" Apertures: F2.2 F1.8 F3.5
  6. hoodlum

    Fuji X-T4

    A 2350mAh battery has been confirmed.
  7. That would make sense. I did find this interview from a few years ago that stated such. I guess Fujifilm did find a workaround albeit likely with limitations. https://fujilove.com/our-highest-priority-is-always-image-quality-interview-with-takashi-ueno-and-shusuke-kozaki-from-fujifilm-japan/
  8. It depends on the effectiveness of the IBIS. They would need to improve over the X-H1 based on the results from Mirrorlesscomparison (FF equiv). The X-H1 was more in line with the A7iii for IBIS capability. EM1mkII: 6-stops @ 24mm, 9-stops @ 24mm SIS, 7-stops @ 150mm, 8-stops @ 200mm SIS Pan G9: 6-stops @ 36mm, 7-stops @ 36mm SIS, 5-stops @ 300mm DIS Fuji XH1: 3-stops @ 24mm, 4-stops @ 28mm OIS, 3-stops @50mm, 4+stops @ 150mm OIS
  9. Well, is we are to believe this Simon person from the 43rumors comments, then it looks like the sensor is not changing. He has had a checkered past in posting correct info on future products, although he is usually close with his leaks.
  10. I am still sceptical that the e-m1ii would come out so soon after the e-m5iii that has the older sensor. We will find out soon.
  11. Olympus registered an IM019 camera in Asia during October and the same IM019 was registered in Russia in December for 2 camera kits. That would suggest a new Olympus body would be announced in February timeframe and could coincide with a new sensor.
  12. The IMX492LQJ would be of little interest to me due to the must slower 1/24s sensor readout. I hope they use the IMX594CQR with 1/120s sensor readout. I wonder what Olympus body this would be used for?
  13. Now this makes more sense. Samsung S11 is using a new 108mp sensor that will incorporate 9 to 1 pixel binning for 2.4um pixel size. This will provide the same size pixel as the 20mp 1" sensor except with a 12mp sensor for 1:1 4k video. https://www.notebookcheck.net/The-108-MP-sensor-on-the-Galaxy-S11-will-use-9-in-1-pixel-binning-technology-to-devastating-effect.447203.0.html
  14. A fix is coming... https://www.macrumors.com/2019/12/06/apple-plans-fix-16-inch-macbook-pro-popping-sound/
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