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  1. What excites me is them moving to the L-mount and also what their future plans could be. I could definitely see myself picking up a Blackmagic camera for my non-event work now that it's using the L-mount. Their price of entry is low enough as it is that I could easily justify it since I'd be able to use all my lenses I've gotten since switching completely to the L-mount.
  2. Agreed. Aside from just being ugly, it's just not a very practical design for a video centric camera. My guess though is that's how they save money on development and manufacturing costs.
  3. They did it. They went with the L-mount. Nice! Still ugly as sin though haha.
  4. I don't think anyone is arguing that it isn't a very good camera, I think people just feel like the system is moving away from what it's potential is/could be. It's a radically different time than 2017 and the years before spent developing a the GH5. You could overlook the larger size, compared to previous M43 bodies, because it was so much more advanced than anything else out there. 4K 60, 10-bit, IBIS, etc. were all groundbreaking features for the mirrorless market. Now though, releasing a camera that is the size of a full frame camera but with a smaller sensor and features that are not significantly better than what is already out there is a harder sell. Like I said in a previous post, Panasonic probably has the marketing information to back up their decision making, and I absolutely understand that in many ways they are in a no win situation, but I just don't think they are able to compete when it comes to specs, at least not in a significant way. But size and affordability? Those are two things they absolutely could embrace and win some people over. An updated GH5 in a small, compact body at a very competitive price is a more compelling option for a lot of us vs. something like this. But again, it just might not be a feasible thing for them to do.
  5. Whatever it is, it'll be incredibly ugly, unwieldy, and have terrible battery life. Can't wait!
  6. I think, when it comes to M43, Panasonic is stuck trying to win over a segment of the market that simply will never buy a M43 camera. YouTubers have moved on to full frame to film themselves on a tripod in their "studio" aka basement, garage, or spare bedroom. Even if M43 leaned into the strengths of the system those folks will never buy in. Obviously they have more data than all of us, so maybe focusing on niche users just isn't viable. But it's hard to imagine that trying to win over folks that have moved on to larger sensors because they're "better" is a recipe for success. I loved the GH5. It was a game changer for me. But it was released during a very different time. You could overlook the increase in size because it had best in class features that no other mirrorless camera had. Everyone caught up though. I don't think there will ever come a time when I'll be all in on M43 again. But I absolutely would be open to dipping my toe back into the system if they released a compelling camera that could be a good b or c cam, or even an a cam when I'm trying to not draw attention. But it needs to offer something that others don't. For me, that's a feature rich (within reason), stable, and small camera.
  7. It's a necessary evil, as it's required to make the camera competitive in the specs race that people seem to care more about, but we really are continuing to get further and further away from the promise of M43. The lenses, or at least most of them, are still smaller but it's a real bummer that we can't get smaller cameras even if it's at the expense of higher resolutions than 4K. Perhaps it'd be too niche, but a GH5 with updated colors and PDAF in the body of a GX85 at a competitive price would make me consider getting a M43 body again. The GX85 with the 35-100 f2.8 is still one of my favorite combinations due to how low profile it is. I genuinely miss that set up and more than once have found myself regretting selling it.
  8. My biggest issue with gyro stabilization right now is the increased processing time it adds in post. It's not ideal for fast turn around and long takes. BUT the potential is HUGE and could be a total game changer, especially as processing power in cameras increases. We're not that far away I bet from it all being done in camera, which would be huge.
  9. Yes, a speedbooster will improve low light performance. I think the argument that the FX3 is better in low light is overblown. It's always nice to have, but 99% of the time you'll never need to film at those higher ISOs. And the FX30 is no lightweight when it comes to low light anyway, especially if you're using fast lenses, which you can buy with the money you save not buying the FX3.
  10. I think it boils down to how much you really value the larger sensor. It's definitely one of those things that only you can answer if it's worth the extra money. I can see the argument for it, but me personally, it's hard to justify.
  11. You're the one being defensive, man. I chose not to respond to you because there wasn't any reasoning with you, and you wouldn't concede anything so what's the point? Maybe when multiple people notice something about you there's something to it even if you can't see it? I don't know.
  12. You see it a bit with Canon too, though I do agree that Sony has supplanted Canon when it comes to people defending them no matter what.
  13. I can't imagine identifying so much with a billion dollar corporation that I have to defend them no matter what. It really is a weird part of this hobby/profession (and honestly, many others.) It's little wonder why these companies think they can get away with things, they'll have an endless number of people defending anything and everything without being on their payroll!
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