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  1. I'm surprised they even are releasing action cams anymore. But people will buy stuff that has the name "Canon" on it. I doubt any of us will see one being used out in the wild, but I feel like these things are probably so cheap to produce that they still make Canon money and ultimately that's what they care about.
  2. Proper white balance and using a color chart is the easiest way to match the two. Otherwise you'll have to do it in post and by eye, which is possible but takes time. They're different sensors, and the color science has been tweaked over the years, so it's not really as easy as adjusting settings in camera to better match them, though it might help a little.
  3. Yeah that looks like lens chromatic aberration. There isn't a ton that you can do about it, other than trying out different lenses. I've found Sigma lenses, both native and adapted, to have very little CA. On the other end, a lot of my vintage lenses have some of the worst though they have that ever elusive "character" to them that make up for it, in my eyes.
  4. The Fuji will eat the GH5 for breakfast in stills. Not to say that you can't get decent stills out of the GH5 but it's not its biggest strength. For video I still have to give the heads up to the GH5 though, especially for event shooting. Fuji is getting really close though. I think I'm the most excited to see where they're going out of every other company, though I'm very interested to see what Panasonic has in store with the GH6. Fuji though is in the same advantageous position that Nikon is in where they don't have to worry about protecting a cinema line, so they're pretty much free to do whatever they can.
  5. What if we all just harass JVC on social media until they listen? 😂 I kinda feel like it's a good sign of they're still featuring the LS300 at promotional events...
  6. I've been putting some thought into this, and I'm thinking this might be a slow year for the major camera companies as they all focus on their new Full Frame mirrorless offerings. I think the most interesting announcements this year might come from some of the smaller companies. From the big dogs, maybe we'll get a true G85 successor announced, giving us a preview of what to expect in a GH6? I expect more info on the GH6, and even the A7Siii to start trickling out towards the end of the year instead of NAB. I think we'll see more budget gear announced from some of the larger companies, re: lighting, monitors, mics, etc. Atomos coming out with a lower priced monitor I think is an example that those companies are starting to take note of the budget offerings that are out there. The quality and price is hard to ignore.
  7. I think he meant the AG-AF100, which in many ways was the precursor to the LS300. Both were ILC with M43 mounts. Had a lot of the features you'd see in cinema cameras, such as SDI out, internal ND, XLR inputs, etc. The LS300 differed though in that it had that Super 35 sensor instead of the 4/3 sensor. The LS300 sensor is so incredible because it literally let's you use almost any lens without vignetting via VSM. Wanna use a 16mm cinema lens? You can punch in with the sensor to 16mm to eliminate the vignetting and get max resolution allowed. My experience has been most M43 I've used will cover the full sensor, but if one doesn't you can VSM down to a M43 sensor to remove any vignetting. It also allows you to turn your primes into zooms using the VSM technology. Truly one of the smartest, unique features I've ever seen on a camera like this. I throw on my Minolta primes and they become parafocal zooms in HD (the zoom range is less in 4k, for obvious reasons.) I really wish more people checked out the LS300 and that others would look into making something similar for that price point, assuming JVC isn't in the process of doing so.
  8. Have you used or looked into the JVC LS300? I'm actually surprised you never reviewed it, as it is a mighty camera for its price. The form factor, internal NDs, SDI out, professional XLR inputs, VSM (a feature I figured you'd love with all the vintage lens benefits), prime zoom, the zoom rocker, the streaming capabilities, and the like make such a wonderful package. And the combination of Super 35 and M43 mounts really worked out nicely together! Whether it's JVC or Panasonic, I'd love, love, love another camera in the spirit (and price!) of the LS300!
  9. Focus assist features, better 1080p codec, V-log, much better battery life, etc. I love the G85 and would personally choose it over a GH4 (in fact I did!), but it is missing some of these cinema camera features first found in the GH4 and expanded on in the GH5.
  10. I use the GH5 for most projects it's the easiest camera for me to set up about shoot with. Just take it out, put in a battery, and slap on a lens and you're good to go. The LS300 meanwhile is more like a cinema camera, so I tend to use it in corporate, studio or interview settings. You could just throw a lens on it and go shoot, and it's not terribly heavy or anything, but for running and gunning the GH5 is just a better option. Overall though I decide which is the best tool for the job and go with that Like when shooting with the LS300, for best results you should attach an external monitor since the flip out one is not good at all and the evf is awful. You'll wanna add the handle/audio interface for better ergonomics and controls. Getting some kind of shoulder rig or monopod is a good idea if you're don't hand held. Etc
  11. I don't recommend the Pocket4K mostly because of the battery life and the need to rig it up with better battery sources / external SSD, etc. Not ideal for documentary shooting other than interviews.
  12. The GH4, even in 2019, is a great camera and honestly, for how little you can get them for now, is one of the best "bang for your buck" cameras when you factor in all the cine features. The auto focus though is substantially worse than the GH5, the low light is also much worse than the GH5. And no IBIS stinks.
  13. What are the chances of Panasonic going the JVC route and using a combination of a Super 35 sensor and M43 mount? When I really think about it this feels like, to me, the near perfect compromise. Virtually every person that uses or owns the JVC LS300 loves it. If JVC has marketed it correctly, I truly think it'd have been one of the major cameras releases to have come out. Instead it just fell under the radar. I get excited just thinking of what the Panasonic engineers could do in building something like a LS300. Would/have they consider it?
  14. GH5 files should work pretty well, even on a little older computers. My editing rig is from 2015 and handles the 4K files well, though when doing multicam or lots of grading / FX using proxies isn't the worst idea.
  15. The LS300 is such a wonderful camera. I truly hope that JVC releases a successor, or that Panasonic takes the formula themselves if JVC doesn't. The VSM feature alone makes this camera absolutely incredible. Are there any other cameras that have it? I can't think of any off the top of my head. My biggest complaint, outside of build quality (which I understand, it's how they made it so affordable), is the low light and the auto focus. The auto focus isn't a deal breaker because I mostly use manual lenses with my LS300 but the low light isn't really much better than the M43 censors that are out. I was expecting better low light from a Super 35 sensor.
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