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  1. The only real difference I see between my G85 and GX85 is the IBIS, the G85's is better I assume because of the larger body and weight. Otherwise they're virtually identical. Best $250 I've spent!
  2. I just got a GX85 for $250! You can find deals out there! I dunno, I'd just spend the extra money it'll cost you since you'd be getting 80% or so of what you have in a GH5. G6 is good but it's just hard to justify getting it in 2020. Just looking at eBay the G6 and GX85 prices are nearly identical. $288 is not bad at all. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F402036976231
  3. Do you need a mic input? Cause the GX85 (GX80 overseas) is a KILLER camera but it lacks a mic input. I got it as my c-cam for multicamera shoots. Combined with the 35-100mm f/2.8 it blows my mind. You could always attach a Zoom H1 or something for better audio.
  4. I wish I'd picked one up when they were like $250 new. I didn't know they still even sold it.
  5. I just sold mine. It's a great lens but I think I'm done with adapting modem zooms to my M43 cameras. They're just too heavy. I wish they'd released a similar lens for the M43 system. I appreciate what Panasonic did with the 10-25mm f1.7 but that price tag is just too hefty for me. I think some of the e-mount lenses have been impressive. Maybe not exactly on the same level but very close. Tamron especially has released some excellent lenses.
  6. ? I wish @Andrew Reid had reviewed it. It didn't get nearly enough attention and still is an excellent camera. I do hope they were serious about releasing a follow up. They really thought outside the box with the LS300 and supported it with updates/features long after most companies do. Of the "big companies" only Panasonic has done that
  7. No I know, but I recently saw a handle that has a battery built into it being used for other cameras and I really appreciate the creativity. The grip though is like $300.
  8. Canon is king when it comes to documentary and corporate work. For those that got their start with Canon's DSLR cameras it's a natural progression. I see a lot of them for that type of work. The higher end cinema stuff though, I think they'll always be battling up hill. They don't really offer much that the other cameras listed can't do. I just don't think people at that level think of Canon when time comes to decide what to shoot on.
  9. I really appreciate the creativity we're seeing. First the battery side handle, now this. The only thing I don't appreciate? The prices!
  10. I don't think he meant to be condescending. Action cameras have their uses but outside of their incredible stabilization GoPro has done little to move forward. Honestly if I needed an action camera for anything I'd just get one of the cheaper knock offs before paying the GoPro premium. That's assuming I couldn't just use one of my Panasonic cameras to accomplish what I'd use an action camera for. They also lose their value faster than pretty much any other camera out there. I just can't see investing in one unless you really need it.
  11. Emily is so great. She is a pure geek in the best way!
  12. Sony I think is strongest with YouTubers that can't live without AF and think they need shallow depth of field while standing in front of their "sets" that all look the same. I don't think this site attracts those types. The Sony shooters here I've found to be pretty competent videographers/filmmakers. Sony's offerings provide the YouTube crowd good bang for their buck and quick results right out of the box. They're not too concerned with a lot of the things we care about. They do minimal, if any color grading, etc.
  13. I'd be very interested if Olympus added unlimited recording now that they have better AF! For me unlimited recording is a deal breaker, more so than 10 bit and such.
  14. I'm rocking the GH5, the G85 and the GX85 for my multicamera shoots these days. My original plan was to sell the G85 and buy a second GH5 but then I got the GX85 for a steal used and decided to also get the 35-100mm f/2.8 when I found it in pristine condition for an absolute bargain. I still use my JVC LS300 too, though I'm considering selling it. It's hard to part with, as I really do love it, but I also feel bad not putting it to use more. I instinctively just grab my Panasonic kit most of the time. I think a lot of people have gotten caught up on full frame, which I understand, but I still love M43 and see so much more upside in the system than full frame. I want a small, compact kit. It's literally what I dreamed of way back when. If you told me 10 years ago that I'd be able to fit my entire multicamera kit in one small Pelican case AND get the quality that I'm able to get, I don't know that I'd have believed you. Using the GX85 has really reignited my love for the system and reminded me of the possibilities. It's so tiny and lightweight! But the image! It's lovely! And slap that 35-100mm on there! It's insane! I won't hold my breath, but if they could pack all the features of a GH5 into a small body like that? Gimme!
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