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  1. Honestly I kinda have the opposite feeling these days about video. I started out on tape and doing linear editing with Videonics equipment, then moved to a NLE but still having to transfer footage from tape, to now being able to quickly edit things I've filmed. I remember being 14 years old and carrying around a heavy shoulder mounted camera. Now I have a tiny GH5. I can rig it up, or I can use it stripped down. It's liberating compared to what I started out with. Even the equipment I work with, it's lighter, easier to use, and most importantly, more affordable. My only complaint, when comparing it to photography, is that with photography I feel more in the moment. With video I have to think ahead to editing, what I want out of the finished project, etc. When taking stills I really only need to focus on what is going on right then and there. Sure you'll tweak the photos later, but mostly what you see is what you get. Still video is what fascinates and intrigues me. It's what I got into before doing any photography. I was just a 10 year old kid with a camcorder and a VCR, making his little masterpieces. I've loved it ever since.
  2. The Godox LS series are excellent value lights. I saw they just released a more professional, but still much more affordable, series of lights that I'm looking at. We're becoming quite spoiled when it comes to lighting!
  3. You guys are being way too optimistic, ha ha.
  4. You can achieve this with most lenses when stopping them down, even ones with more blades.
  5. Yeah, stopping down is done both because the ring area is so bright compared to the rest of the venue and because for shots like that especially you want as much in focus as possible, since it shows how large the crowd is. That's the end result. Happens to me when doing wrestling events though it doesn't look nearly as cool because most events don't have that much lighting nor as many spectators, at least not the ones I film and produce!
  6. Honestly if Fuji could get their stabilization to Panasonic level, fix the stepping exposure, and have unlimited recording they'd be a really compelling option for my work. I love the image so much from everything I'm seeing. I like their colors more than Canon.
  7. I don't know that the OP is going to be dealing with all that stuff and given they'd be using it with a 9 year old camera I feel like it's safe to say they're doing pretty basic work. I even kinda felt like @no_connection might feel like getting a wireless solution is unnecessary, based on his phrasing, but that his client/boss wants one for whatever reason. Obviously if it's necessary to spend more, and you have the budget, go for something nicer!
  8. I believe you, you're always making stuff!
  9. Of course you have! 🤣
  10. Honestly if they're going to be inside and won't be any further than say 100 feet from the camera something like the Sokani Tiny/FotoWelt Air will be fine. If syncing in post is too advanced for them then I honestly doubt they'll hear much of a difference between something like that and something 2 or 3 times the price, given they don't seemed too concerned with quality. But knowing more about what they want to do with them, etc. will help us give better advice. For $99US though that might be an option. It's also UHF. I've also personally had good luck with the Azden XD unit I got a couple years ago on sale from B&H. It's under $200 and I've never had a problem. I really do hate though the internal rechargeable batteries all these systems are going with. For these ultra compact set ups I get it, but still it'd be nice to be able to easily get some AAs heaven forbid I need more power. All of these internal solutions have a shelf life because of them.
  11. What will they be used for? And how often? Iron Film will kill me but if it's for really basic use look into something like the Sokani Tiny/FotoWelt Air (they're the same.) It doesn't make a ton of sense to spend hundreds on a wireless system that will not be used very often / will only be used in a small area. If it's going to get heavy use then definitely look into the Sony system.
  12. The first thing I did was buy a Vello grip for the GX85, it was a must for holding especially for my big hands.
  13. I'd consider getting an even wider lens if you're able to. That 12mm is about 18mm full frame equivalent, right? I use a 7-14 on my GH5, mostly at 7mm (14mm FF equivalent) for the work I've done. Ultra wide is generally what they're looking for.
  14. Handbrake/Vidcoder's decomb and Bob does a pretty solid job on most things. It's probably the easiest unless you're familiar with something like AviSynth.
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