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  1. Thank you! Quick question/comment though: I've never had a problem with the S5 being so jittery on the y-axis like it is in your clips. I've used the kit lens, which doesn't have OIS, and the 24-105mm, which does, for the last year. What lens did you use?
  2. There's a lot of things you can criticize the YouTube crowd for but these are the things that bother me most. I get that they are an important target for camera marketing and profitability, but it does feel like they've played an oversized role in the direction camera companies have been taking and that's frustrating. All it has done is enabled laziness and stunted creativity. I'm sure as more people get their hands on the S5ii we'll see more "comparisons" between it and other cameras where people will do the same stupid tests where they jump in and out of frame, and if it doesn't stick to them like the Sony cameras do they'll devote several minutes to it even though it will function perfectly for what 99% of people need. Meanwhile legitimate issues, such as the over processing in the non-log picture profiles, will get significantly less attention (notice how none of the folks that got early copies of the camera mentioned this at all and it wasn't brought up until actual customers got their hands on it?)
  3. I would never argue against better autofocus BUT... It has made people so incredibly lazy, especially on YouTube. Little things drive me nuts, like holding up something to the camera instead of taking the time to film proper B-roll that looks more pleasing and shows us the object in more detail. People also "need" autofocus because they insist on filming wide open and if they move half an inch forwards or backwards they're out of focus. It's obnoxious. Okay enough ranting, haha.
  4. At least on Panasonic cameras you can put the camera in manual focus and then press a button to autofocus when you want to focus. I do it a lot on the S5.
  5. It doesn't look it! I'd try exporting using one of Premiere's default settings, because I think the custom one you're using is probably where the issue is!
  6. I did a shoot over the weekend that required a lot of zooming in and out. It really made me long for the camcorder days and made me ask myself: why doesn't Panasonic release some power zoom lenses? I know they have a couple of lower end ones for M43 that aren't constant and are very slow, but why no higher end ones? I'd buy a 24-105 f4 power zoom lens for full frame (and a 12-100 f4 for M43) in a heartbeat. I can't be the only one that would either. It'd be the perfect lens for event shooters. Right now Sony is really the only one offering power zooms. I think it's time for Panny boy to get in the game.
  7. Couldn't agree more. It's the only kit lens I've kept instead of selling.
  8. You can go into the settings, I believe, and make it so that AF works even when not recording.
  9. I can't imagine it's budget related. Wouldn't the developers probably have their own LUT for the testing phase? It is weird. Maybe they just feel like the official LUT gets people close enough that anyone using it will be tweaking it anyway?
  10. Granted they're a retailer, but another test. Starting to think Panny (or Sigma) did something to make them work so well.
  11. Now you see why I was surprised when people said they didn't like working with Vlog? I prefer Gamut's conversion LUT, but they all get you "in the ballpark" so to speak. It's pretty easy to get the look you're after.
  12. I'm guessing that the lenses being manufactured by someone else (Canon) is probably why IBIS and OIS are not able to work together. I'm guessing the lens needs to communicate with the body, and it's hard to do that when you didn't manufacture/program the lens.
  13. All log profiles take some time to get used to, but I really don't think Vlog is any more difficult to work with than other log profiles. I don't mean to downplay anyone's opinion in that other thread, but they're just that: someone's opinion and there's only a couple of people giving them in there. You'll find tons of folks who have differing ones.
  14. It's so hard to know if a camera will be "enough" to lure away users of other brands/lens mounts, but I DO think we'll see enough people switching that it WILL make a difference on Panasonic's bottom line, especially among "content creators" (I hate that term) and video pros that do marketing for companies. The ability to shoot in 3:2 is a big selling point for the people I know in that realm, because they're creating content for multiple platforms that all favor different aspect ratios and resolutions. For those types, the combination of that, the IBIS, and the autofocus, is a really compelling combination. And the thing about them is, a lot of them aren't heavily invested in lenses for the cameras they are currently using. A lot of them may only use two or three lenses. My friend Josh is a A7s III shooter. He primarily uses a Tamron zoom and a few primes. He is considering jumping because he can get close to $3000 for the body alone, which would be more than enough for him to get the S5 and at least one lens, not to mention what he'd get for the E mount lenses. At the end of the day he'd probably end up with close to $4000 to work with after selling everything? In all likelihood he'd end up with more money in his pocket when all was said and done, plus have a camera that is better for his social media marketing work he does. He told me he'd miss not having 120 fps in 4K but that he also hardly ever uses it. It's one of those things he wanted badly, but in practice found he really didn't need 4x slow motion for non-profit marketing videos (shocker, I know!) and doesn't really use it much. When it comes to M43, I'm a little more conflicted. I think that there probably are a significant number of M43 users that see the S5 ii and feel kind of burned if they'd just purchased the GH6 last year. People can make arguments for why they shouldn't, but there absolutely are people that do feel that way and, if they'd known, probably would've held off buying the GH6 in favor of finally switching to full frame and the S5 ii when it came out. Do I think though that the S5 ii will completely cannibalize the GH line or M43? No, because there are still a lot of people that are not interested in full frame, and are very, very partial to M43. If we're being honest, Panasonic put that user base on ice for several years. Those that stuck around are their most loyal users, and I'd argue the majority of them will continue using M43 for as long as companies support it. I agree with @Andrew Reid though that the promise of M43 has kind of been lost. In many ways it was necessary to make the cameras bigger to support the advanced features that for a long time only M43 was capable of, but now everyone is on a pretty even playing field. To me, the way forward for M43 is to focus on making the cameras (and lenses, if possible) smaller while still maintaining the capabilities and the quality that we've come to expect. I just don't know that Panasonic sees value in that direction, given they've seemingly axed the GX line of cameras. Even today, if you could put all the capabilities of a GH5 but with updated color science and autofocus in the body of a GX camera I'd buy one.
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