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  1. I just won a second TM-2X on eBay. A total bargain! This pleases me
  2. I just realized I probably could've just used one of my Zoom H1s as a stereo mic into my camera 😂 Oh well.
  3. These releases always annoy me because all the usual suspects flood YouTube with glowing reviews in unison, allowing themselves to be used as the marketing arm of these companies.
  4. So I'm going to put the TM-2X on my ringside / handheld camera and try the Movo VXR3000 on my hard camera to try and get cleaner arena / crowd noise. The two announcers will use my Audio-Technica AT875R and Azden SGM-250CX mics into a Zoom recorder. Making use of what I have. A Zoom H1 will go under the ring to get good ring noise. Not perfect but I'm hoping I'll see better sound that isn't so flat. I don't have the most knowledge about audio, it's one of the things I'm still learning, but it seems like a good start. 🤞🏻
  5. I've ordered the TM-2X and the Movo VXR3000. Figured I'd give the Movo a shot; I can always return it.
  6. It's hard to suggest which one you'd be better off going with without knowing what kind of stuff you're going to be shooting. The Nikon Z6 would probably be better for narrative work, given how powerful it is with an Atomos recorder. The Sony is probably a better choice for documentary and vlogging. It also has the advantage right now with more native glass, though the Z6 with adapter opens you up to Nikon"s massive lens offerings. Do you own a GH5? What about it do you feel limits you? While I know full frame is the craze, I feel like it's way overblown. M43 and APS-C are more than adequate.
  7. The West never had any delusions that China would become a democracy, the West "rewarded" China to further drive a wedge between it and the USSR and to fuel the West's economic growth. China's environmental policy and labor laws are poor and worth criticizing, but they are hardly the only country that knowingly exposes their population and workforce to hazardous materials and pollutants; The United States has been doing it for a hundred years. Heck Trump and his cronies have been trying to roll back environmental protections all while paying lip service to the coal industry. Go look up the health issues coal miners deal with, it isn't pleasant. Indeed, for that reason and to try and counter China's growth and influence. The West is hoping to make India a counter balance to China, particularly in the tech sector, while a lot of manufacturing moves to Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries.
  8. I actually still use a DIY boom pole! 🤣
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm gonna try out the TM-2X!
  10. It's a never ending battle 🤣
  11. Yeah, I mean, when you're shooting in gymnasiums like that, with awful lighting, you need all the help you can get and if upping the audio game helps I'm all for it. In a prefect world I'd have enough lights to light the ring myself, but I'm not experienced so much in lighting venues like that and I imagine it'd be pretty expensive! I did just build 4 sets of bank lights to try and see if it helps, in hopes of being about to kill some of the house lights.
  12. I should've noted I use a GH5 and G85. I also set up a Sony handy cam (pictured above) just as a back up.
  13. To be fair, I don't think it's a lack of desire to work as much as, working 40 hours a week at a job you almost assuredly hate, to enrichen people that already have more money than they'll ever know what to do with, has younger generations thinking "what the fuck?" The older generations were sold on an American Dream that never really happened for a large majority of Americans. I'd say probably half of my friends that graduated college had to find work for this other than they're majors. I know college graduates who deliver pizza because they can't afford to start at $12-15 an hour in their field. My friend makes I think $10 an hour plus tips delivering pizza. Long term he'd be better off with the $15 an hour job, but between his college loans and living expenses, he'd be worse off.
  14. In a prefect world I'd have the crowd, the ring and under the ring mic'd up, but that's just not feasible for a variety of reasons. I'm not looking for the best, given the circumstances and the budget, but hopefully something that gives fuller and richer sound than the camera mics. What I have now is the announcers going into a recorder and, sometimes, a Zoom H1 recorder I'll put under the ring to make the "bumps" sound more impressive. Ideally the stereo mics on the hard camera and my ringside camera would get better sound than I currently am getting. In terms of sound I'm already ahead of most of the people in my niche field, but I'd love to improve it more. I'm definitely not concerned with DR, especially in the venues we run!
  15. newfoundmass

    Sports videography

    You can vary the speed. I imagine more expensive ones can move faster, but mine is fast enough for my use when using DC power. It runs slower on batteries, especially as they get depleted.
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