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  1. Great to hear the firmware update is out. Sad that CLOG3 only give it 0.5 stops improvement in DR
  2. I assume VLOG, as the review I read stated "V-Log or V709 will be selectable on the Live View monitor during RAW output.". It does not matter...as Raw is Raw...and a simple CST node will get you where you need to be. No?
  3. @Mark Romero 2 There is tons of bad footage on both sides, just due to peoples inability to grade and expose correctly. In regards to lenses, I use EF manual focus lenses. Even with an older Contax Zeiss, and a 1/8BPM I had to de-sharpen it in post a bit. If you look at this video, there are a few scenes that look just off. This is due to grading. Because, here it is again but with a "proper" grade. As I mentioned before, the Lumix lines require more "work" to get that nice look. I found an example here, that has a decent comparison of skin tones in the sun. But then again, everyth
  4. I had the same problem when comparing the camera to my P4k. Even if sent at the exact white balance, the S5 had much different skin tones and had to have the tint/temp corrected. Which leads me to the conclusion of this camera (Compared to the P4K) S5 is a great camera that produces very sharp, clean images. Despite being shot in VLOG (With NR + Sharpness set to 0) and with a Contax Zeiss 28mm, I still had to add blur to the footage to soften it a bit. At high ISO the grain is very fine, and pleasing. In the right settings it can produce a great image (Which can be said about a most
  5. More DR does not make an image look better, as there is so much more that goes into it. The entire Lumix line has more DR than all the BM line, yet Blackmagic looks better. Even the first pocket camera with it's 10 stops beat out many cameras that came after it.
  6. @Parker How are you finding the motion between the two. I have always found the S1 line to look a bit "video"'ish at times.
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