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  1. It was in a Potato Jet review. Everyone else seems ok. I guess his unit was faulty.
  2. Overall.. not a bad upgrade but not a breakthough of any sort. They could have easily put a 1\1.3 inch Omnivision sensor in there.. HDR mode remains to be seen, but it will be limited to 2.7K afaik. If the could pull off serious DR with it in 4k than I might be very interested..
  3. so it uses 1.7 inch IMX686 demo units have terrible AF, DJI promises to improve it HD video looks terrible 4K60 is the limit, 4K video looks ok, I wonder if it is possible to turn down oversharpening The main lens is a bit wider, around 20mm vs 26 in 1st pocket which is cool
  4. https://dronedj.com/2020/10/17/dji-osmo-pocket-2-appears-to-leak-with-improved-camera/ So here is the leak, no exact specs for now but announcement in 3 days. I hope they don't go for 3yo Sony IMX 586 sensor. I hope for somethings bigger.
  5. A niche product that is greatly overpriced.
  6. My list of problems with XT-4 : - 1.18 crop in 4k60 which is frankly too much, as I use this mode the most for my shooting style. Its bascily 1.52 apc-s crop plus 0.18, which results at 1.7 compared to 2 mft x 0.67 (using Viltrox) = 1.34 on GH5, it will be a serious downgrade if I switch - mediocore AF, not very reliable - warpy edge IBIS - recording limits and overheating - useless for video manual dials
  7. I really dont get this camera. Limited to 4k60, no IBIS, no NDs.. and 2000$ really? Zcam for 1500 has 4k160fps albeit it is heavier and has somewhat worse AF but come on!
  8. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-S10

    If they would add 4k60 even with a 5 minute limit, I would probably get this camera
  9. Just want to put out my whishlist for XH2 - 4k120 10 bit, possibly 6k60 - improves IBIS and AF. Specifically for IBIS - a mode to get rid of warpy edges on wide angle (combined with eis I guess) - big, bright, 16by10 flippy screen, preferably 4.5 inches or more - at least 13 stops of usable DR - priced under 2000$ We can dream, right? And some minor feature I would love : - VBR mode like on Panasonic
  10. The DR is quite good on all Panasonic S cameras as I've seen. I have 3 major problems with the system: - absence of cheap compact lenses - AF - no FF 4k60
  11. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-S10

    IMO Fuji makes to damn lots of cameras. They should focus on 3-4 models, saving resources, R&D and capitalising on mass production.
  12. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-S10

    Yeap, there is no point of giving it XT4 specs for half the price, so I would not expect 4k60 even 8 bit.
  13. Amazeballs

    Sony A74

    What matters is competition. Sony needs to convince ppl to switch to their system. Lots of cameras with 4k60 are already out and more are coming way before the next summer. Not many ppl would want to wait for another year. I personally dont want to wait a year and I would buy something else if Sony postpones this for a whole year. A73 was released more than 2 years ago.
  14. Amazeballs

    Sony A74

    IMO Sony should release this before Christmas to battle R6 and new ZII cameras from Nikon and Pana S5 probably. A7S3 is quite a niche camera anyway.
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