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  1. Well.. you just buy a sensor with PDAF and you get PDAF no?
  2. Yeap.. I wish they would put PDAF and IBIS in this baby. Probably no going to happen as BMD is too small for that.
  3. Leave IBIS, add eNDs, use some 24-30mp sensor, add 6k60 and better screen.
  4. A question for all GH5 owners who also posses Tokina 11-16/20 and Weebill S. With Sigma 18-35 you can pull focus on Weebill S with build-in lens motor, using focus wheel. No need to add external focus motor. And it works quite well, just connect GH5 to the gimbal and set its focus wheel to the appropriate mode. Did somebody try the same with Tokina 11-16/20 lens? How did it perform?
  5. I just don't believe that Panasonic will ever implement PDAF. For some reason they are stuck with their DFD. I will of course take a look at GH6 specs but my aim is Sony A7IV which will be a perfect camera for me if they deliver what rumors are saying (plus INTERNAL 4k60 10 bit). M43 is not efficient in terms of lens sizes at all. Sigma 18-35 is fucking huge, 1.2 primes are huge and expensive. I compare that to compact cheap Samyang 1.8 primes or Tamron 2.8 zooms and don't see the point. There is just no reason to use it, unless Panasonic delivers some CRAZY GOOD specs, like amazing sensor, P
  6. Now some chinese manufacturer need to make a 250$ phone with an HDMI input and mock Sony with it.
  7. You have boring arguments. Ofc 3080 would be faster than M1, but it is a francinstain solution - unportable, expensive, the one that doesnt work without its own power socket. If you need more power it is logical just to go desktop or wait for M1X.
  8. Apple really kicked in the nuts all other laptop manufactures with their chip. I just dont see any point to invest in a power hungry x86 based laptops anymore. I percieve them as last gen. Would be really nice to see the competition on Windows side with their ARM silicon as it should widen the price gap between Macs and PCs even more.
  9. The idea is a couple of years too late. Now new M1 macbooks will be cheaper, lighter and a more portable solution for video editing. There is just no point in sucn a monster. You either buy a desktop PC, or you go with Apple if you want to edit on the go. And you wait for new MBP 16 and 14 if you want more portable power.
  10. Also shared memory between CPU and GPU is another potentially huge thing. Imagine having 32 or even 64 gigs with such a system. You usually don't need a lot of RAM for video editing and Apple is quite efficient with memory management. So GPU could be feeded with lots and lots of memory. Cheaper and more effective.
  11. Another interesting fact - M1 graphics is mostly on par with NVIDIA 1650 mobile. Maybe a tiny bit behind. BUT 1650 - is 50 Wat average power consumption. And M1 is 13 Watt WITH THE CPU. Apple M1 single core CPU performance is around 1750 in Geekbench, AMD 5800H - 1500. Yes AMD has more cores, but Apple should at least double their performance cores in M1X. And same goes for GPU cores. Double the 1650 performance is about GTX1070 level. Now imagine 1070 plus most powerful CPU in a notebook and all in 35 watt package? Sounds pretty hardcore for me. Poor Intel. And Apple still has the powe
  12. well.. I hope this leak is true and you are right. I will be very happy about that for sure.
  13. Not sure about that pal. Apple has been working on their A chips - for more than a DECADE now. And they even had Jim Keller (who is probably the most talented CPU developer of the era) who both co-developed A4 for Apple and Zen for AMD. Apple have been ironing out their A series processors for such a long time and M1 is just a modification of A14 Bionic. So I have serious doubts that AMD will be able to catch up SO FAST as by the end of this year. And don't forget that we also have NVIDIA who bought ARM and they for sure want to enter the game as well. So ARM will ofc come to a Windows world b
  14. You will have to wait until they make an ARM chip I guess. Right now in terms of chip effectiveness and power per wat Apple is unreachable. I am talking about CPU&GPU. I prefer to wait until MBP 16 with M1X or whatever it might be called.
  15. Filmic Pro sucks I'd suggest to try mcpro24fps, it has 10 bit support in many more phones and overall a much better product for phone filmmaking
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