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  1. Panaleica 25 1.4 which gave me like 95% of shots. It's my goto lens for videography.
  2. I do own one. You can get it on Ali.
  3. Portkeys Lh5 - 1500 nits brightness, 200 Gramm, 290$
  4. Amazeballs

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Dont you have Windows page file turned off or fixed to some specific amount of gb? Setting it to auto solved 98% of my Resolve freezes and drop outs.
  5. I've decided to buy a new phone and also get a gimbal for it. Primary I want to shoot timelapses using HDR exposre blending for superior dinamic range. I'm going to shoot it with gimbal to add movement and also put gimbal on a motorized dolly once in a while (I have a very compact Yelangu L4 for that). The idea of a whole setup is to be compact, portable, easy to have on me most of the time. So, the question right now is which phone to choose. My budget is up to 500$ and mostly I am set to get either Xiaomi Mi9 or Redmi K20 which has the same main camera module - Sony IMX586 with 48mpx and able to shoot as 12mpx via binning. Mi9 has 4k60 vs 4k30 on K20. I dont know if I need 4k60 on that phone to tell the thruth. My main camera is GH5 for now and I have gimbal for it as well and 4k60 when I need it. Though I hate shooting timelapses on it with gimbal - too much hastle and also makes my main camera unaccessible for some time. Wounder what phone would everyone recommend to me.
  6. I was surprised as well the GH5 is so dominant here and A7 is not as much.
  7. I would choose BMRAW over Prores any day. And it's a free codec to implement. Also want big 5 inch flippy bright screens (at least 1000 nits) as someone mentioned.
  8. Year, the European price is sort of smack in the face of everyone except Americans. Talking about racial discrimination.
  9. Here we go! I like the looks of it, minimal focus distance and minimal breathing.
  10. Canons R cameras are not sutied toward 4k in the first place - huge crop, no PDAF. You can go Canon if you dont need 4k at all.
  11. So let them bring it. I dont mind Sony's bigger body at all. I would prefet bigger body with working 4k90p and build in-ND and better IBIS over current A7 cameras any day.
  12. If I let myself dream for a second.. of beeing a Panasonic exec, I would do the following with L-mount: Add PDAF, just pay for it, I dont care how you do it, there is no exquse right now not to have it (litterally all other players have it) Sell S1 for 1999, include all promiced updates at start for free Add S1H for 2999 instead of S1R (which no one needs), add build-in electronic ND, add BRAW support, add 4k 90\96 even 8 bit is fine + sell detouchable tiltable EVF fopr 500$ separatly Ask Tamron to make their 28-75 and upcoming 17-28 for L-mount or ask Sigma to create similar lenses Make a good 1.8 nifty-fifty fo 500$ \ ask Sigma That would be a system a lot of ppl would be very intrested in including me. What Panasonic dont undestand is that they need to provide better specs for less money in the beginning of the system to compete with Sony and Canon. They could do it at their own expense. Pana is a big company they have lots of money so they can afford to loose it or work with zero profit for a year ot two just to gather a user base. Then you can start making profit and sell expensive glass.
  13. I am defently not going to invest in Canon. This is the most user unfriendly company who's only purpose is to milk the existing user base and brand wankers. So fuck Canon. If you don't need afc and ready to shell out for expensive lenses I guess so. You will be banking on L-mount survival though. It might just fail with current tempo. So it's a risky investment imo. I don't argue that S1 has some cool features and panasonic ergonomics is one of the best. I am very sceptical in L-mount as a system and its future.
  14. The overpriced infinitesimal lens selection part + no reliable AFC part Fine for you is not a criteria of a sucsesfull camera on an already crowded FF market. Drawing an example of RED or Arri is inadequate as they are specific cinema cameras that imply a CREW and a budget, I could have extra 5 ppl helping me to pull focus, comb my hear, blow my dick and read me news simualtenesly, if I am shooting with a 50k camera as well. A single cinema lens might cost around 20k alone, so thats a production level at which one can afford a dedicated focus-puller-boy (or girl for that matter, I prefer girls) Suggestion about having an extra 6400 in your pocket is quite funny. So I have to buy all the extra lenses for it right? And my focus-pull girl will carry it and shoot with it herself I guess. Need to remember about her salary as well. I dont want to invest in 2 completly different systems just cos Pana doesnt want to implement PDAF ignoring their users asking it for years. Will it? And only 1 year, why are you so sure about that? You think cheap Sigma lenses will solve everything? Not for me - they are a) huge old sigma lenses with build-in adapter, b) they have no CAF! Noup thanks. So it might be 3-5 years all we know or might be never. And I dont want to make such an expensive guess. I want to invest in system and start shooting day one. You can wait ofcourse but dont try to sel it as a feature. Its a huge drawback of an L-mount in general. We are talking about how to sell a 4000$k DLSM with an unpopular new mount, where both other of its relatives have failed in sales. Yes, you need to give customers MORE than just beeing equal or slightly better. Why is it hard to make build in-ND for fuck sake? Who needs shutter in a cinema-oriented camera for 4$k? And yes I would critisize everyone for not having a built-in ND in a video-oriented DSLM. But Pany is not in a position where they can make a slighly better camera with a miserable autofoucs, absent lens lineup and charge whatever they want. And the market shows that. I think its been answered many times before. Flip out screen is good not only for selfies. Its a generally more comfortable screen for video shooting. I would go further and make screens like Sharp did on their 8k MFT camera - now thats how you make it, if you want attract customers. Not an expensive or very innovative thing to do, but surely an attractive for buyers. You just want to ignore sales and marketing demand concetrating on few ppl who dont need aoutofocus or have external monitors. We are not talking about how good Pany cameras are stand-alone vs competition spec to spec. We are talking about L-mount system cost\features in general vs other systems. And right now they dont look very good. ------ For myself I have decided that I am not moving to a system with a shitty unreliable autofocus. Whats good having all those 4k60p 10 bit 422 raw bla bla if its out of focus? And dont start that old song about "pros doing manual focus for years". They've been doing many thing for years - with a crew and a budget. I need camera to work for 1 man crew. I need it to work on a gimbal or flycam. And I need it to be fast and efficient. Autofocus solves that for me. I love Pany cameras, I own one, but I guess Pany doesnt need my money anymore.
  15. I actually have very similar feelings to yours. IMO their mistakes are: - pricing - religious denial of PDAF - lenses size, pricing and general closness of L-mount standart (why the hack didn't they open it like MFT?) - no real breakthrough tech - built-ND, global shutter, 4k 120p, raw, etc - no flip out screen on specific cine model??
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