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  1. They need to sort out their AF on all of their upcoming cameras, or they will fail. That should be like number #1 priority to them.
  2. It's taking too long. Lots of ppl might jump tp XT4 or start thinking about going back to Canon. Panasonic should strike back sooner than that. And they need PDAF 😏
  3. Does anybody know any analytics tools to find for example - most popular videos on YT right now, most popular searches, etc? To see the trends.
  4. So yeah, if you have not been to Cappadocia, it should be on your list. At lease you should've heard about it. Amazing place. Handheld GH5 Sigma 18-35 through all the video plus some drone shots. I went for a slow tranquil video along with the music.
  5. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-T4

    Now I really wish Fuji would be able to achieve IBIS performance on the level of GH5. That would be just really a perfect camera for me.
  6. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-T4

    I swear this camera gets better by the minute 😍
  7. Why would it be a problem? The only problem is getting a wider than 28mm lens (zoom or not) cos you get a nasty wobble/edge warping effect on Panasonic IBIS cameras. So don't go ultrawide angle.
  8. It's hard to beat G80 for its price. If you don't need AF or 120p it is still a pretty decent camera. Get some nice manual lenses to go along with and you will be set.
  9. OK, find some interviews with him. Does he ever mentions this problem anywhere? Noup. He doesn't. It's not a PC topic. And he never will. He only speaks about currently popular trends without any knowledge of how they are actually represented in real life around the world besides some Hollywood sentimental cliché of oppressed blacks and jews.
  10. What racism is he talking about? Did he say a word about what's going on South Africa right now? Where "kill the boar" is the official policy of the government. Than he probably better shut the fuck up cos this all hypocrisy and populism. Thank your agent, your God and fuck off. (c)
  11. Switch to Fuji XT4 if it is as good as we all hope. Maybe get two of them. Ditch Panasonic. Get a new drone, don't know which one yet. Current one - Anafi.
  12. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-T4

    Very similar thoughts here. MFT needs some series news sensor tech to stay relevant and the only major sensor player (Sony) doesnt seem to care much. Fuji is doing a lot of things right lately. I just want to see GH6 and A7SIII specs but mostly will get either XT4 or GH6 (only if it has PDAF - that's a must have condition). XT4 seems to be a very good option either way.
  13. Amazeballs

    Fuji X-T4

    That is an impressive selection of modes. I wonder if they all support 10 bit and how does a 4k resolution chart looks like. Fingers crossed for at least 96fps slowmo in 4k.
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