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  1. IBIS (just licence the one from your partners in Panasonic or buy one from JIP\Olympus) PDAF Internal BRAW 4k60p Record to SSD Big, bright, 5 inch flip-out screen 1.8 primes, like 20, 35, 50, 85 Don't mind camera to get bigger with all of that
  2. Who will get Olympus IBIS? Would be cool if they'd just licence it to everyone who wants.
  3. I have very nice and compact RGB lights Vijim VL-2, but I really want to make some sort of diffusion add-on. Kind of like those: https://aliexpress.ru/item/4000327099448.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.4dae3c00eDBBlw&mp=1&_ga=2.141667378.1643993496.1592316009-563455226.1581321775 But with deeper pocket for white diffusion. Those in the link above dont fit my light anyway. So the idea is to model them myself and 3d-print. I just need to know the right material to do it. Any idea on which one to use?
  4. Amazeballs

    Sony ZV-1

    Biggest fail imo - going for 24-70 instead of 16-35.
  5. Another pretty cool and similar speced sensor - Sony IMX700. Same 50/12.5 mpx and even bigger sensor size at 1/1.28 incn. And this one should be avaliable to a broader audience thanks to Sony market share in sensor department. You can see one inside Huawei P40 already.
  6. Now what I really want is for someone to put this puppy in a compact gimbal a-la Osmo Pocket. In a perfect world they would also concoct a build-in ND filter and a Zoom lens like 16-35mm. It doesn't need to be exactly pocket, I am OK with it beeing 2-3 times the size of Osmo pocket, but that would be my dream all around go everywhere hassle free small gimbal.
  7. It's not bright at all in RGB mode and huge in footprint. Do not recommend. I went with Vijim V-2 which is 50$ on Ali, 200 gramm, compact, has 3 hour fast charge battery inside, various effects and freakishly bright for its size. And yeah, you can stick it to metal as it has a magnet back. I do recommend this one
  8. It should be 4k or less, otherwise very few ppl will buy it in current market position.
  9. Does video has multi-exposure blending? It doesn't have sensors all around so not technically possible
  10. Do we know any possible hints on its release date?
  11. I am seriously impressed by DeepL though 😍
  12. It had IBIS working only in stills mode, not video.
  13. That was fast 😅 Now pack that into new dji osmo pocket along with 1/1.3 hmx tetracell sensor and we are good to go
  14. Advanced DFD doesnt sound very optimistic. I wish they would just add PDAF everyone is asking for the past 4 years.
  15. Looking at XT4 I start thinking that APC-S could be the sweet spot between video-specs\overall size of the system\dof and lowlight\price. I wounder what X-H2 may bring to the table as well.
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