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  1. I think i am gonna use gyro stab to some degree but not 100% cos I like the handheld look, just to smooth it out. On some other particular shots I might use it more extensivly. I would also try using a gimbal with a gyro to get it as smooth as possible as I hate that robotic walking gimbal look. Or I would just use my air2s for those perfect floating camera shots. Dunno, need more experimetns. The softwae is just getting developed (I use with gyroflow for now, but I hope either Blackmagic will add support for Sony or the former will produce their promiced plugin so the workflow becomes more intuitive and simple). If I had to choose which one to get - stable footage or motion blur, I would choose stable footage, if that what I need. Some times you must have a motion blur. Just prioritize what you need.
  2. I am gonna come out and confess to everyone.. I shoot everything with a XAVC-HS (which is basicly H265) in 4k24fps at 50mbps on my A7S3. Add 10 bit 422 as well. Yeah, I sad it 🤭 I dont feel like my image is breaking apart or anything and I like that my files are small and compact and my ssds dont bloat as they used to be. Now recently as I noticed that ssd & uhs cards pprices have started coming down, I begin to wounder if I should maybe jump to at least 100 mbps? What do you guys think? I dont shoot for Netflix or any fancy productions and just publish on youtube. Do I really need to bother with at least doubling my bitrate?
  3. If they would work with other cameras with gyro like the latest Sony cameras, that would be even better. I am tired of waiting for gyroflow Resolve plugin.
  4. I frankly wish that Nikon would make a dedicated video camera a-la Sony fx3, but with Nikon ergonomics, a big bright screen, gyro stab, etc. Not going to dream about a build-in ND but if Nikon engeneers would manage to fit it in a Z7 sized body, this camera would disrupt the market for sure.
  5. With a new Megadap Nikon Z to Sony e-mount adapter I am actually looking at Nikon cameras in a new light now. If they prodcue a more compact and cheap version of their flagship Z9, or just migrate some of its features to a refreshed versions of Z6 and Z7 I might just get one. Two ecosystems in one! Only the batteries would be different.
  6. Big sensors are expensive. It would be waisting a lot of valuable transistor budget on something not many ppl need. It would drive the end product price up even more. Its much easier to do on smaller sensors like action cams, 360 cams, etc..
  7. Nope. Their camera is huge and has space for a mechanical 6 stop nd that cycles through those stops switching small filters.
  8. I am just woundering are Sony actually interested in producing some high quality apcs cameras anymore? Or they are protecting their A7 lineup? Cos it seems to me, that A6xxx lineup surves sort of as an entry/beginner/vlogging camera purpose atm. I would love to see some cutting edge redisigned completly new a7xxx cameras from Sony. Doing 8k video, 4K120, 10 bit and all that fun stuff.
  9. Our insider sensor guru has arrived 😁 Well at least its some newest sensor tech. A1 is pretty dope.
  10. Yes, a tech for small e-vnd for mirroless is not there yet. I assume it should be some sort of on-sensor tech. Or a very thin minituarized version of current e-vnd.
  11. Amazeballs

    Fuji XH-2/S

    So specs are pretty hot atm: XH-2: 40mp New Samsung isocell sensor / Stacked BSI sensor design Possible 8k60, 6k120 ofc 10 bit 422 etc Imrpoved IBIS and AF Price under 2500$ This all sounds just too good imo. Just add to this a nice screen and build-in nd and I'll have to switch from my beloved Sony A7s3 🤷 Camera introduction - end of May
  12. My first drone was Parrot Anafi - dont reccomend it to anyone. Now I have Air 2S and its very good. Geofencing could be avoided with some hacks and i basicly like it in all aspects, great drone pretty nice 5.3k video quality. But I am definitely gonna try a cinewhoop next.
  13. Went with A7siii I would serioslly consider GH6 if it would arrive at least a year and a half earlier. It took them too long.
  14. Amazeballs

    Panasonic GH6

    So aside from failed AF (as expected) its a really nice cinema camera and in my opinion the price is justified for the specs it provides - 4k120, 6k60, DR boost, best in class IBIS, internal Prores.
  15. Amazeballs

    Panasonic GH6

    ok, I change my mind, this review is da best 😁
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