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  1. Sliders are not run and gun. Thats my issue with them. Gimbals are on the other hand. You can still mimic a slider with gimbal with some skill and moderate slowmo and maybe tilt axis post stabilization.
  2. Another problem of DFD af is that it works only with specific lenses, there are even discussions on what lenses you should buy to use it more succesfully. All adapted lenses will never work to any passable degree. And yes, it is still not reliable, it misses shots, it doesnt focus when you need it and etc etc. Its bad, cos you can miss a shot. I dont want to fuck up my shot cos of bad af implementation. I really hope Pany does PDAF in GH6 finally. I dont see any reasons why they refused to do it all this time before.
  3. Currently trying out viltrox + sigma 18-35 on GH5 as a main all around lens. Practicing my manual focus skills and i really like the smooth zoom i am starting to incorporate into my shots. Parafocalness is also very nice to have. Also have Oly 75 1.8 in my bag, for portraits, but i want to switch it with Sigma 56 1.4 soon.
  4. The simple alternative solution to punch-in while recording would be just a bigger screen. Even on my 5 inch monitor I dont need to punch-in to see critical focus. Its big enough so I can clearly see everything.
  5. The internal ND is awesome! And look at the size of it! That alone doesnt leave space for anymore bullshit excuses why you cant put it in DSLR type mirrorless body. You can defiantly house it inside instead of shutter. So I dont know why Panasonic didnt do it with S1H for example. Hope it does with GH6.
  6. Why do they both (Samsung and Sony) have that licencing resrtiction for their sensor tech? I want to see this 108 mpx sensor in something like Osmo pocket and a drone.
  7. Did somebody try to balance Ronin-SC with GH5+speedbooster+Sigma 18-35?
  8. Agree about G95 and Canon. I would also add Olympus Em1X and Sony A6600.
  9. I am a spoiled kid. I want all the stuff - best IBIS in the world, best AF, Braw, 4k120, build in ND and etc in a resonably compact body. Cos all of this makes my filmmaking easier and thus I have more desire to do it. I am enjoing the process instead of worring about all of other things. Its like living in an awfull uncomfortable flat and bragging about it. I prefer to live in a comfortable flat and enjoy my life. So if you have the money - go for a better camera, nothing wrong with that.
  10. Well without much more improved autofocus I am not going to switch to GH6 anyway. So they need to fix it at all cost. With tof sensor or without I dont care. Looking at Olympus EM mk2 last firmware we can clearly see that a working pdaf on m43 is perfectly possible.
  11. An interesting interview overall. At 33 minutes the question about Organic Sensor is asked. And they guy frankly answers that no, we are not going to get it in any sort of consumer camera soon. So Sony again. Or maybe Samsung if we are in luck. He also explains about why GH5s didnt have IBIS - they could not fit it, only for that reason.
  12. The only downside is ofc that is centered single point AF with no tracking of any sort. Damn, the whole scenario where users built those kind of devices on their own says that is relatively easy do built. So why BM or Panasonic didn't do it before is a mystery. I hope they will do it in the future.
  13. Seems right. Damn, I want this. I was going to get MOZA Aircross 2 pro kit with their follow focus, but now I am thinking to go Nucleus Nano instead. Do they have any website or some way of communication?
  14. Looks legit. Very smooth and responsive. Do they have plans for Panasonic version?
  15. In recent rumors on a popular site you can hear that the camera which will be announced in September is A9II. S7S2 is already 4 years old. So.. I guess that leaves some nice opportunities for Panasonic, Fuji and Blackmagic. S1H is already out and seems like will be without any competition for a while.. and GH6 is around the corner (at least lets hope so). Something tells me that Sony is obsessed with idea of keeping its camera body same size and weight as the rest of A7 lineup which makes producing a proper A7S3 a challenge.
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