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  1. Also woundering if it will share an hdr mode from its newest drones.
  2. Finally! Lets hope you can turn sharpening and noise reduction all they way off! I also wounder what 1 inch sensor are they using? Is it imx989? 4k120 in such a small body over 1inch sensor would be a challenge.
  3. So, the fact that BM joined L-mount makes me hopefull. DJI is rumored to produce an L-mount camera too which alltogeether will strengthen the alliance.. but this camera is not really ground breaking or anything like that. Form factor is meh, no NDs, no PDAF, frame rates are average. I can forgive it not having an IBIS as it has a very capable Gyro IS which you can apply in Resolve. But overall thats a postive move for all L-mount users. Eager to see what DJI cooks up. Those guys dont beat around the bush and deliver a banger straight away. A fresh take of their Ronin 4D in a camera form factor striped of a gimbal would be bonkers.
  4. What a pathetic update
  5. You sound mental. The video objectively looks very good and if you watch it in 4k it has plenty of detail. For such a tiny sensor camera its very impressive. But.. I mean, whatever.
  6. Well, I hope 1 inch sensor would solve that lowlight problem. The leaks seems to look real to me. Also Insta360 has a 1inch action camera and it never impressed me. Lets hope GoPro can actually make a big leap with this one. They need it - look at their stock price. Its 3.72$ rn from almost 100 at the peak.
  7. Also thought that those specs sound to good to be true. But if they are.. that might be a fun ride. Intrestingly enough, Hero11 with its smaller sensor still beats DJI Osmo 4 with 1/1.3 inch sensor in terms of DR and overall detail. Gopro ToneMapping is pretty dope. So if they keep all those tech and jump straight onto 1 inch sensor, and even add 8k.. that might be a noticeble quialty improvment. I just wish they would retain theirs almost rectangle sensor ratio size from Hero11. Not sure of thats even possible.
  8. I fear DJI have ditched pocket series all together
  9. Got an interesting update. If its true, than it confirms our worst suspicions. Sony is refusing to update A7S3 and A1 cos they dont want to cannibalize their line-up.
  10. They need to hack Sony firmware and make a Magic Torchlight or smth. Lots of ppl would support that in a heartbeat. I would.
  11. Safe more money ang get FX30 instead of A7IV. It has more video features anyway.
  12. Listen, guys. I love my A7S3. Yes I would love to have new dynamic stab, and better AF. I also would want a new video oriented clean on-screen menu layout, but I can live without it. The camera still rocks. The problem is not about it beeing crucial feautures, its the attitude to the community, to us, its customurs. And this attitude stinks. In our age not giving your hardware avalible software updates is really really unexusable. Showing support to your older product is showing love to your customers. And feeling abandoned for a new youger girlfriend is not exactly a stimulating emotional experience.
  13. That is a ridiculous argument. A7s3 is photo camera now? Is this a joke? Everyone know its a video-first camera. Now I think Sony have moved from S series to FX now, but that doesnt mean that A7S3 suddenly became obsolete.
  14. I own A7S3. There have been no major updates for this camera in a fucking eternity! Now they release ZV-E1 which has the same sensor and processor (according to Gerald) and every a7S3 owner is obviously pissed off. Its got so many new features that we all want but not going to get, cos SONY IS... I really dont know, what is their reason to justify this obnoxious attiude. Do they want to simply increase sales a tiny bit by doing it, in exchange of a major reputation damage? What are they thinking? Maybe we need to start an online petition, ah? There are a ton of videos on youtube complaining about it over and over again, Philip Bloom did a video, Gerald adressed it, in the comments people are raged, but still nothing. Sony is not adressing, not talking about it, not giving any timeline of new firmware updates, they are completely silent on the subject. Maybe Andrew can interview them and ask that question directly? WTF is going on? That would be nice. I dont understand why a company would create such a terrible case in the first place. The loayalty and attitude of your fanbase and community is extremly important espescially nowdays, when fewer and fewer ppl by cameras. For me it became a substantial reason to even think about switching. I am looking at Panasonic - they are very generous with their firmware and camera support for years. Now they have PDAF, they have the best IBIS in town, I just want them to make o compact (not a huge 1kg monster), affordable camera that has FF 4k60p and might seriosly consider switching.
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