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  1. This might work try ISO400 as 1dxmiii used for C-log see if it uses fullrange?
  2. I cant even run it on my rig for some strange reason!? It keeps crashing damm Cb Wanted to test out gyro magic
  3. Hey everyone am selling couple items here that are no use to me since i got rid of S1H & 1Dx First one is The S1H 8Sinn Cage comes with Monitor support Asking price 100euro including shipping Sandisk Pro CFexpress 512gb x2 ideal for high speed Raw recording with 1DX mark iii or R5 Canon i have two of them plus 64gb and card reader, i will trow it for free Asking price 650euro including shipping 1DX Markiii Spare Battery Asking price 50euro including shipping. Thank you
  4. Thank you sir and yes am gona try this on my ronin s i know it should handle with easy since it holds 1dx markiii with 35mm
  5. External is option for Rawlight. Canons plan is to keep this as light mobile cheap as possible my theory.
  6. I cant freaking wait for mine... Have you tried record externaly ?
  7. Sorry for asking i must of missed this but Can you record 4k120p via atomos V ?(a7siii) Thank you in advance
  8. Thats plan B Plus you get to exopose and trow luts on as well.
  9. Lucky you ,still waiting on phone call so i can go and pick mine up
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