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  1. Hi @Sage any chance you working on S1H Vlog? Id love to have some Alexa colour 😁
  2. Also wana add total price in euro including tax 7800 witch change ?so folks in usa are lucky to get it cheaper
  3. Alr3ady did wanna give Canon chance and it would be companion to my S1H lol
  4. Different vat here in europe*Ireland compared to land of sunrise
  5. Its about time for Sony to release the dam thing!
  6. Panasonic finally announcing release date firmware for S1H maybe? I mean common we ready for Raw?
  7. Congrats to Nikon shooters ? i just hope we gonna get 12bit Raw res as well ?as i heard from fellow members it was impossible to get 12 bit via hdmi to some bull theory.
  8. Ohh Takata belts ? i remember them days getting pulled by gards and asking why in the world id have them instead of ordinary seatbelets on my 9
  9. I only get 8bit 4k60p internally.Can you pinpoint me where i can find that option please Yous is 935g mine is 955g so yah yours is heavy?
  10. My brother owns S1 and i shot with it to me they both look identical, Vlog from S1H * S1 But make sure u shoot in 10bit to squeeze the potential out of it?
  11. It weight ton alright that 50mm heavy as fuck ? but 4k60p in 10bit full VLoG is just dream come true for grading.
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