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  1. 😂😂😂 id get battered around if spotted with this yoke
  2. About Premier Pro go to sequence settings And try changing preview codec to something like gopro 4.2.2 codec see if it helps
  3. GH5S ? Good lowlight camera also comes installed with V÷log l Flipout screen Hgl Etc tho doesnt have ibis if thats what ya need I personally use Ronin S with Atomos Ninja V To squeeze every single juice out of it 😂
  4. Try Media Classic Player it works smooth on 10bit files
  5. Thanks man ,yah i was in same boat as you man but after reading couple threads on reddit lol and watching Andrey lebrov video above i made up my mind 😃 Which ever one you pick u not gona be disappointed also tip: make sure to get X-rite i1 Display Pro
  6. I have Pv3200Pt my first 4k 10bit monitor Compliments Gh5s with Atomos I will post some pics when i get home)
  7. This might sound stupid but have you updated sigma lens with dock ? Also metabones and Gh4
  8. Somewhere near summer we gona get announcement date 😎
  9. @KnightsFan @Mark Romero 2 Plenty of good tips there guys thank you
  10. @kye Thank you am gona read this And yes its good to be in new club😅
  11. Hey everyone i recently cancelled my monthly subscription from Adobe suite and moved to Davinci Resolved 15 and i must admit its day and night when it comes to colorgrading am in love 😅 anyways back to my noobish question Am working with V-log l footage so In Premiere my workflow would be Adustment layer +lumitri add v-log to rec 709 official lut and start grading Now in Davinci ive noticed i can change my colorspace to diffrent settings thats where im abit confused can anyone direct me or tip me whats the best way to set my colorspace to work with Panasonic Log lite footage Thanks in advance everyone.
  12. @androidlad thanks for input
  13. Hey Gents & Gals quick question has anyone tried record externally vfr from gh5s ? 120fps I placed the order for V 😎 cant wait to hit 4k60p prores
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