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  1. Coming from 10 this might be worth of upgrade 🤔
  2. ibis off for love of god we dont need it. Give us internal NDs
  3. Id pay good money for that alone imagine going light without cage! and extra cables dangling around.
  4. My a7s iii has all the bells and whistles, so i cannot imagine downgrade sacrifice one bit of it ! other than external modules like heavy ass ninja V that i have to carry around with me 😮‍💨 for manny reasons such as bright monitor & 12bit raw yada yada yada and so on 😅
  5. Thats disgusting 🤮 after spending big chunk of change on Sony glasses we getting fk you finger from them 😒
  6. Can you please stop being Sony apologiest for moment and explain how was fx3 Supervisior to a7siii? Exactly in image quality? Also post some of your work so we can see the big difference in superiority as you claim ,so far internet claims both has identical hardware . Just admit it
  7. I forgot to mention my glasses 😅 24-70gm ii 50mm 1.4gm 35mm 1.8 so yah 🤣
  8. 24-70gm ii my poor credit card 😭
  9. 35mm hands down rest is irrelevant for me anyways.
  10. 35mm 1.8 best e mount there is Zero focus breathing (very important) Perfect focal length Silent auto focus Amazing price for lens Small light weight It stays on my A7S iii even tho i own 24.35.85 gms waste of money 😑
  11. Sony 100% A7Siii hasnt let me down once and DR is no match to competition . FIGHT ME!🤣
  12. This! Could save us hours of pain. I use currently sony software to stabilise my footage export etc then hit davinci , but im delighted Davinci is stepping up its game.
  13. Hey Folks Anyone owns this lens and care to share their experience please. Am looking for 50mm for video mainly on Alpha 7siii has anyone got this combo? Ive read couple reviews and watched few videos so far it has minimal focus breathing which is bonus for me, now autofocus is where i see mixed reviews about it 🙄 i know perfect lens doesn't exist but sure.
  14. 15stops of Dynamic range and lowlight is what got me in to Sony family and yes Autofocus was big win as well.
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