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  1. Panasonic did bring us 4k60p i wonder S1H what has up its sleeves id love some raw😪
  2. Sorry for going offtopic guys but when recording in V-log l do u not get more DR than other picture profiles? I mean v-log l is rated at 2200ire or nits compared to hlg profile on gh5s Please shed some light🙄
  3. Try single point in focus menu works like charm
  4. Rinad Amir

    Sigma FP

    Take my money Sigma!....ok now that am calm down abit id love to know if Atomos is working with them on Prores Raw would be handy with Ninja V attached
  5. Wow amazing wonder what profile was this shot on ? Thanks alot
  6. Am waiting for GH5s release lut Seen reviews i must try .
  7. Rinad Amir


    Yah i actually forgot about syncro scan Best option to get rid of flicker.
  8. Rinad Amir


    Ive seen somewhere on forums tips about flicker issues and if memory serves me well . Make duplicate of footage on timeline and shift it by frame this way you would get rid of flicker The downside is u will introduce blury image Hope it helps
  9. The camera that was developed 2016 and released 2017 is bean bashed and compared to today's tech is such fun Lets get back on topic people .
  10. Kaylee said 1 so that means $999😁
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