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  1. @Andrew Reid please do some comparisns between Fp S1h raw id love to see that.
  2. For a sec i had hope maybe S1V was on horizone but then Raw update announcment came in so i guess that was major update for Pannasonic.
  3. I reckon it will be close to 1dxmiii price point.
  4. Rinad Amir

    USB 3.2 ?

    Where coming to a point were we dont have to relay anymore on sdi or hdmi cable in order to transfer masive files from A to B Id rather this solution instead of messing around with all them type c b d g cables πŸ₯΄
  5. Thats one pain in butt that i cant get used too, is lack of tilt/flip screen! only solution if i dont want to lug around atomos is to use phone app for monitoring tho there is awful lagπŸ˜ͺ
  6. First of all id like to apologize for downvoting your post @Super8 that was me bein childish πŸ˜† now as for R5 coming to olympics thats not gona happen and i think pros would rather choose 1xd for ergo and durability R5 would be more like mini cinecam use maybe A cam if specs proofs for it who knows.
  7. The S1H is power house with 12bitRaw and 14stops of Dynamic range real pros would apreciate it not like me πŸ˜ͺ
  8. I know right its fun to read his fantasy theorys In this harsh times we need people like him for entertaiment. As Noone said please carry on πŸ˜„
  9. Stop changing words and post your work like everyone requested here.
  10. We are here to share and learn...But lately i see just complete bullshit from fake users that claim their pro colorist with their science Post your work and talk.
  11. You must have some proof of your client work no? Vimeo reel
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