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  1. Just imagine canon colors af and 10bit 4.2.2 60fps internal clog no crop in fullframe priced as S1H id preorder it in hardbeat and no i dont need 6k 4k 2k im well ok with HD am i asking alot?
  2. Bokeh is what majority of cinema folks crave but if u dont want it just stopdown on aperture say from f/1.7 to f/5.6 and everything will be tacksharp😁 ( in focus )
  3. OPs budget under £200 what u lads suggesting is beyond 500quid
  4. Hey have look at Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 II ASPH good middle ground wide angle lens fits perfect your budget too 😁 and as bonus its fast 1.7 aperture so upclose to you get nice bokah bokeH?
  5. 😂yah am in the same boat thinking to sell my 5S and move to this badboy Atomos and Panasonic announce 35mm full frame RAW video over HDMI from the Lumix S1H to Ninja V Atomos is excited to announce co-development with Panasonic of RAW over HDMI from the brand new Lumix S1H to the Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR monitor-recorder. The RAW update will be available free on the Ninja V when released by Panasonic. “We are very proud of continuing to develop new ground-breaking technology with a company of the calibre of Panasonic. We are both highly committed to the democratisation of filmmaking for creators, and the ability to transmit RAW over HDMI from the S1H to a Ninja V is a major leap forward in this endeavour.” Said Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO. As the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera capable of 6K internal video, the Lumix S1H combines the quality of professional cinema-grade video cameras with the size and photo capability of a mirrorless, making it the perfect companion with the Ninja V. “The leading brand of external monitor-recorders is definitely Atomos. Both companies have a very good relationship and we have been providing 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output recording for the Lumix GH series for years. We are very proud to be developing RAW output via HDMI with Atomos for the S1H.” Said Panasonic at their launch event in LA. Added Young: “Our advancements in screen technology now allows creators to accurately monitor RAW video in real-time as it would be viewed in the home or cinema for perfect preservation of creative intent. Our pristine custom Atomos HDR screens are second to none in colour accuracy and representation of brightness from RAW signals. When combined, these advantages create a dream workflow for filmmakers.” The new Lumix S1H will be shown working with the Ninja V at the upcoming IBC show in Amsterdam from 13 September at the RAI Hall 11.D25, more information on the combination will be available during the show.
  6. Yeh id love if it is 4k60p 10bit internal , i can ditch atomos and just have Ronin S less hasle to carry with me
  7. It’s official: Panasonic S1H announcement on August 27 at 16:00 London time! The officially Panasonic unveiled specs are: 6K 3:2 capture at 24p 16:9 5.9K capture at up to 30p ‘Multi aspect’ recording including anamorphic 4:3 capture 10-bit DCI and UHD 4K capture at up to 60p Unlimited recording times 14+ stop V-Log/V-Gamut capture LR Color reproduction to match Cinema VariCam series What we heard from our sources: it has IBIS (up to 6 stop) cooling fan to allow for unlimited video recording ‘24,2MP sensor HFR sound recording https://www.l-rumors.com/its-official-panasonic-s1h-announcement-on-august-27-at-1600-london-time/#disqus_thread
  8. 27th we should see announcement from Panasonic S1h? lets hope
  9. Panasonic did bring us 4k60p i wonder S1H what has up its sleeves id love some raw😪
  10. Sorry for going offtopic guys but when recording in V-log l do u not get more DR than other picture profiles? I mean v-log l is rated at 2200ire or nits compared to hlg profile on gh5s Please shed some light🙄
  11. Try single point in focus menu works like charm
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    Sigma FP

    Take my money Sigma!....ok now that am calm down abit id love to know if Atomos is working with them on Prores Raw would be handy with Ninja V attached
  13. Wow amazing wonder what profile was this shot on ? Thanks alot
  14. Am waiting for GH5s release lut Seen reviews i must try .
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    Yah i actually forgot about syncro scan Best option to get rid of flicker.
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    Ive seen somewhere on forums tips about flicker issues and if memory serves me well . Make duplicate of footage on timeline and shift it by frame this way you would get rid of flicker The downside is u will introduce blury image Hope it helps
  17. The camera that was developed 2016 and released 2017 is bean bashed and compared to today's tech is such fun Lets get back on topic people .
  18. Kaylee said 1 so that means $999😁
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