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  1. The sharper the happier am
  2. Where is the freckknf bullet time effect at?
  3. Rinad Amir

    S1H ii

    The S1H was my weapon of choice when it came to professional work the image and DR was and still is outstanding. What id love to see in the mark ii version is internal ND or electric And bump in DR 16? Why not I care less about 8k or 10k 100%of people today watch on phones or monitors that aren't 8k.
  4. Don't forget its also useful for white balance if you accidentally missed it on set
  5. I mean no disrespect to you sir but 90% of this spec u just listed is already in A7Siii except of eNDs the Prores is same as All-i codec as i have tested on Ninja V.
  6. And dont forget the flip up screen while u at it.
  7. Well i know am gona get slated for this but raw is overrated
  8. Yup its 3X the price you would expect 1500nit screen at least since it can support hdr also no update on fan fix? It loud on V my rode video mic pro catches it and its really annoying.
  9. Hey try using Resolves colour transformation to match them If you got colour chart that would be bonus too.
  10. Yup true there is workaround for this as well from Gerald Undone in S-Log 3 Color Phase has to be set to +2 in order to shift colors towards magenta from green.
  11. This! Green tint from polorpro PeterMc edition old gen got both 1-5 and 6-9 only cure i found was to use gray card it basically adds slight magenta to tackle green tint.
  12. As soon as i get 35gm this will be on my go get list
  13. My current set up, i use handle as well sometimes
  14. I agree it gets cucumber some But gets job done , i do wish Sony will listen and include this feature(noise reduction) and true 24p in next firmware update
  15. I think you can if u film raw full control also 12bit converted from 16bit problem solved ?
  16. Id love to to true 24p mode added! if fx6 has it and uses same internals as this Other than that thank you Sony.
  17. It better have internal raw and nd for that money other wise its halve baked a7siii
  18. I hate to brag but they also come as bundle with X-Rite monitor cal
  19. Happy Newyears to you too mate
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