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  1. Guys, I literally can't decide and it's stressing me out so bad. I film mostly weddings, but also starting to do more commercial gigs. The whole reason I'm leaving my line of 3 beloved GH5 is the low light limitations. I would love to simply add a GH5S to my lineup, but I depend on IBIS. I'm just not a gimbal, monopod guy. I prayed the GH6 would have dual native ISO but it doesn't, so I'm basically only looking at full frame now - to get better low light, dynamic range, etc... most options I'm considering also have dual native ISO which is cool. I was very set on saving for the A7Siii / FX3, but they're hard to get ahold of and the price is very high... but also I heard their IBIS is bad if you come from GH5. I really depend on my IBIS. I'm strongly considering the Panasonic S5 / S1 / S1H. Perhaps 1 S5, 2 S1 (or 2 S1H)... idk. My main problem with these S1/S5/S1H options is their 4k60 1.5x crop. I just don't want to deal with crop factors anymore. But right now my front runner is the S1 with paid firmware upgrade. But what did any of you former GH5 users go to? I know a lot will say Black Magic, but they don't offer IBIS 😞 Any other options I'm not considering that can give me good low light and good IBIS and preferrably full frame?
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