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  1. MrSMW

    Fuji X-T4

    @IronFilm yep, will keep the zoom as my ‘bookend’ lens in that as a ‘hybrid shooter’, I tend to need a wide for landscape/venue stills at the start of the day and then wide angle for video for dancing at the end. Only F4 but a lot of stops of OIS! Otherwise 23, 35, 50 and 90mm f2’s. I have had the 23 and 90 before and they were great. Tinkered with a few ‘perfect set ups’ for the last few years but it always kept coming back to XT3 spec in an XH1 body which of course does not exist. Hopefully, this XT4 will be that perfect (for me) amalgamation and hybrid camera.
  2. It’s a fantastic lens and was perfect mated to my XT3 in 2018. 2019 with my XT3 on monopod not so much as it was too big and heavy so I somewhat reluctantly sold it at the end of last year. With the XT4 coming with IBIS, that situation may flip back but probably just going to go with my f2 primes instead, 23, 35, 50 and 90 and maybe chuck the 24mm f2.8 into the mix though possibly not as the OIS 16-80mm is already in my kit, albeit F4 which is a tad crappy for real low light but we will see this wedding season...
  3. MrSMW

    Fuji X-T4

    I am not always chasing the next great latest thing, but when my wedding season finished last October, I sold pretty much all my kit in anticipation of Fuji bringing out something like this for the 2020 season. I shot XT3 for video last year and XH1 for video the year prior and kept a single XT3 body which should now move to backup and personal/travel camera with the 16-80 zoom. The plan is also to move over fully to the f2 primes for their compact size, weight and af speed. Happy days, please don’t cock it up Fuji. All I want for Easter is 4K 60P and IBIS, Eterna & Classic Neg. I am not so bothered about battery life though would welcome it and do not care about 6k at all, but 100/120P 4K with audio capture would be appreciated! Otherwise pre-ordering a pair. Nikon Z6 and Panny S1 came closest to my XT3’s but neither could replace.
  4. I swapped XH1 for XT3 for video in order to get: 60p 4K 10bit eternal. The sacrifice was the superior build and handling of the XH1 and of course IBIS. Just give me the spec of the XT3 with IBIS in the XT4 and my spec quest ends for at least the next 3 years.
  5. I draw the line at anyone wearing a baseball cap backwards. Also, it’s not a Tiny Home, it’s a garden shed. And Van Life is no life when you don’t have a toilet. Good for folks who are making a living and enjoying life, but so much of it is so shallow. Having said that, there is a ton of good stuff and it’s free. I both love and detest YouTube but it’s a rare day I do not go on it.
  6. At what point is the title of this topic going to be changed to ‘I will be getting an XT4’?! ? Did you ever actually get one in the end @Andrew Reid ?
  7. For me, just the IBIS would be enough because I can then move from my current 3 body set up to my more ideal 2 body. I wouldn't complain and could make use of 4k 100/120p but wouldn't be a deal-breaker... 6k doesn't interest me at all. I can see the argument for it somewhere in the future but pretty sure my clients just watch their wedding videos on their phones and that's about it. I have no illusions that I am creating some kind of hi def art that maybe Netflix will want to showcase! Nah, 4k is more than good enough for my needs. I could easily use 1080.
  8. MrSMW

    Hybrid Mono Tripod

    Yep, the Benro Hi Hat 75 jobbie is EXACTLY what I am looking for. If I can connect my Sirui after removing it's own feet, job done, ie, slightly heavier, but much more stable monopod.
  9. MrSMW

    Hybrid Mono Tripod

    I will take a look at Benro otherwise the lighting stand idea is something I had not considered and maybe a good one!
  10. Unless shooting 4K 60p and then it’s 1.18 This is a good thing for me though as my 35mm lens becomes equivalent to more like a 60mm. (35 x 1.5 x 1.18) I also took a really good look at the Z6 and decided although it was probably a very slightly better stills camera, despite the IBIS, not quite as good for video. I have run 2 systems before and don’t much care for it so sticking with Fuji for both as everything is interchangeable when you have 3 bodies all the same but 5 lenses!
  11. MrSMW

    Hybrid Mono Tripod

    The only thing I have between camera and monopod is a quick release plate. Tried several heads and even a Ronin gimbal but every option just added weight or time. I shoot statically, ie let my subject provide any movement and my prime use of a mono is: A: no IBIS in XT3 and B: no fast OIS lenses. Just tried the only OIS prime I could find, one of the new Tamron’s and it’s stabilisation is a bit crap. And no, don’t suggest XH1, no 4K 60p. Or mention any other camera brand. It’s far simpler (though not simple) to sort out my mono/tripod question than replace an entire kit...and the footage is fabulous SOOC. I have a friend who is a blacksmith so may ask him if he could fabricate something for me to extend the feet on my current Sirui. Or adapting mono stick to tripod legs may be the answer. I will let you know when Frankenpod (TM) has been brought to life!
  12. MrSMW

    Hybrid Mono Tripod

    Nothing above really suits my needs. Maybe I need to manufacture something myself and float it on Kickstarter?! The Sirui I already have is still the closest but I just wish it had a bigger ‘tripod’ base. The answer may be to mount a monopod pole onto a non-extended tripod base... I find it strange that something like this does not exist (from my research) as it makes sense to me, ie a sturdier based monopod...
  13. MrSMW

    Hybrid Mono Tripod

    Does one exist...? If so, I can't find it! Currently, based on a compromise of speed vs stability, I use a Sirui 204s monopod. It has decent...good stability even when not extended above it's 'closed up' height, but obviously, the taller it is extended and the heavier the load, the more unbalanced it becomes. Meanwhile, cranking up and down 3 legs, AKA a tripod is too slow for my use. Ideal would be a tripod style legs, but an extending monopod style pole, ie, increased stability at the base, but retaining the speed of the mono system for height. Anyone know of a manufacturer who makes such a thing or am I pissing into the wind, same as I am requiring the tech of the XT3 in an XH1 body with a GFX battery?
  14. I personally don’t care about 6k but would care very much for an IBIS 4K 60p body. Make it an XH2 or XT4, I don’t mind either way but just make it. Ideally with the shutter from the XH1 and battery from the GFX medium format body. Thanks Fuji.
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