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  1. Great for; commercial, architectural and landscape photographers. OK for portrait/studio photographers but how many pixies do you actually need before it's too sharp? Not for; social, wedding or street shooters. Unless they have massive storage facilities, deep pockets/no family and are slightly unhinged. I'm hoping for an XH2 (XH1 with XT3 processor & sensor) and take 3 to replace my; XH1, XT3, X100F. Thanks. Fantastic for it's market though.
  2. Enjoyed that Mr Phoenix. Wasn't quite sure what it was about but I liked the production!
  3. Also C, none of the above. Last time I checked , it was 2019.
  4. Sorry, on my phone and not posted pics here before but here you go. Right, on my PC now so I can add a few extra bits... So the Nikon filter, HN something... I have 'glued' using Gorillaweld 'metal glue' to the variable ND which is screwed in as normal to the front of the lens, ie, is detachable. I have also marked up the hood with the min (single white line) and max (double white line) points of the ND and added arrows just in case the brain is not working and because the actual arrow for the ND filter is on the underside which obviously doesn't work. So now, in low light, the ND/hood can stay in my bag but in bright light/outdoors, I can simply screw the combo in and et voila as they say here in France. Trying to create something similar for my Canon 50mm f1.8 which although it does have a front thread, I can't get any variable ND to fit so still working on that one. Fringer Pro adapter not shown as that lives on the XT3 which currently has the Canon attached.
  5. I don't know about a drop in filter, but with my XT3/Fringer/Sigma 18-35 combo, I use a variable ND and have (metal) glued a short Nikon lens hood (approx 1.5cm or 3/4 of an inch deep) to the ND so I can rotate the hood & ND as a single unit and have marked up with white paint the min and max points of the ND on the hood. Also, if the light is low, I can unscrew the hood/ND combo as a single unit. I haven't managed to find a similar solution for my Canon 50mm f1.8 however...
  6. In short: A: They are all actually great at something B: But none of them great at everything And the answer is there never will be because in the near future someone will be criticizing the crop on the 12k 120p or the fact that Camera X only has 17 stops of IBIS compared with Camera Y. Etc. Or just go out and use what is currently best for you and enjoy it. Which everyone knows is the Fuji XT3. Despite no IBIS. And it’s not FF. But APART from that... 😎
  7. MrSMW

    what about s1?

    I was at least interested in the S1 and indeed Z6, but in the end decided the best option for me was still the XT3 I bought last Sep. The S1 specifically, for me the issues were; size & weight, lack of fast AF lenses at this time, price and the AF itself. The Z6 stacked up better everywhere pretty much, but lacked the 4k 60 I use so...
  8. Cool, I think I will upgrade to one of those @androidlad as it's a more elegant solution. The Swit, that's powered directly from the camera then? That would also cut down on a bit of weight (if the Swit with I presume internal battery is lighter than the Feelworld with external) and make for zero battery swaps on a full day shoot. Which would be great as one less thing to consider etc. OK, external battery or direct charge from external battery pack. Research + coffee πŸ˜€ Not sure it's worth a +200 upgrade at this time but a potential option there. Just bought a pair of Rode Wireless GO's and another OSMO Pocket so funds tight right now...
  9. The following may be of use to some and is as follows... I purchased an Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD which I have attached to the XT3 via a smallrig clamp and cage plus using a Rode mini and a Feelworld monitor all sitting on a Sirui frestanding monopod. Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 or Canon 50mm f1.8 via Fringer Pro for lenses. The Rode mini will be replaced for the new Rode Wireless Go as soon as in stock as that seems like a no-brainer to me, but I digress... Anyway, ran a power consumption test today ahead of my up and coming wedding season and after 4.5 hours continual running time (but not actually recording), can report the internal battery was indicating it still had 80% charge and the battery pack also 80% charge. I'd expect this to be higher if actually recording and the body possibly slightly warmer than it's slightly warm state, but bodes well. Pity I can't also charge the monitor, but it's actually fairly low consumption and I have 5 batteries for it anyway.
  10. MrSMW

    Race to the bottom

    Which comes first (next), Planet of the Apes, or Terminator?
  11. MrSMW

    Race to the bottom

    We will all be long dead before AI robots and cameras can replace a human being for something like a wedding. Anyone who thinks weddings are all the same has not been to enough weddings and doesn't do this for a living. If you think you can phone it in remotely, you are having a laugh. And I'm not just saying that because I am a wedding photographer but because I understand it's the human element that gets the results. Take out the human and what have you got? Not the results, that is for sure.
  12. I agree with Novim. I cut so many short very quickly as they are either rambling and never getting to the point...if they even have one in the first place and as for the skateboards and one wheels or doing all your vids from your car seat like you are always going somewhere....
  13. MrSMW

    Race to the bottom

    Actually, you don't even need to go to South Korea. In the UK (so presume quite similar in many other European countries?), go to any big town hall/registry office on a Saturday and there will be a wedding per hour quite easily. Back in the day when I used to do such jobs, it would not be unusual to turn up and find; a wedding happening, one more waiting to happen, your crowd turning up plus guests for the next one, several wedding cars belonging to various weddings and no one having much clue which wedding is which! I was trying to photograph guests and having to ask them which wedding they belonged to etc. A couple of jobs like that almost made me turn my back on weddings...but didn't, - I just stopped taking those kinds of jobs.
  14. MrSMW

    Fast Fuji Glass

    As above. We are not talking 1990's volume zoom's here, - no one will hear any Fuji lens focusing! Camera clicks, yes and that's why I only use XH1 and X100f now for stills (and XT3 for video). Off camera audio every time.
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