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  1. OK, I’ll play… Nikon Z7ii for stills and a Z6ii for video with Atomos recorder. Or sell the lot and go for a Panasonic S1H based system
  2. Interesting… Prior to Fuji XH1 shooting 1080 50p, I had no idea what I was doing. I probably still don’t but used the default. Moving to the XT3 and 4K, I went -3. Panny S5 and S1H, I think I am at -4 but am away right now on vacation so can’t check. Zero sharpening in post but used to use unsharp masking for 1080 as I found it a little soft. Might have a play when I get back myself but otherwise pretty much there with my ‘look’ based on the combo of; tweaked Natural profile, specific Sigma lenses and focal lengths, 1/8th mist filter, zero grade as such in post ot
  3. Genuine Coca Cola is what, about £4 for ‘the same’ thing? Just imagine what they could sell it for if they did a Peter McCanon autographed special edition… Why not try for a piece of that action with ‘Tesco Cola’ Andrew? Have your name on it?! Just imagine, it could bring the price down even lower to maybe less than 10p a can? I would be happy to pay less for endorsed product. Always.
  4. Ah, I see… Not being an external recorder user, I wasn’t much interested in the last update. Still not. But that’s fine, everyone’s needs are as individual as they are. Maybe we’ll get an AF tweak thrown in for the rest of us. Here’s hoping…
  5. Another thing that stood out for me was the 'Adolf Hitler Moment' when Andrew picked up the R6...but somehow the rage was mostly contained in this instance. You do need a trademark gimmick however... Maybe a flat cap (being Northern) worn sideways. Think Norman Wisdom... In fact, there's a name for your channel, Andrew's Wisdom. "Ooh, Hironori Oishi-san".
  6. Unless I'm being thick, didn't the S series (except the R) get BRAW a few months back, to an external recorder? I'd only be interested if it was internal.
  7. Please please please Andrew will you consider doing a subscriber only tutorial on your awesome studio lighting set up? Also, I’d like to get that sponsorship for my own channel. Good job. Off now to look at wooden grip wonder cameras of yore…
  8. Didn’t the 4/3 line get an AF tweak also very recently? Maybe/hopefully something there also as that’s about all that would interest me. Working with raw (video that is, for stills, always) is a bit above my pay grade and needs. But then having said that, I will consider anything if I think it will add some kind of value.
  9. That was my experience, the f2’s were not great in CAF with the 35mm being the worst offender.
  10. I know I sound like a fanboy, but for me/my needs, it is basically perfect other than the less than stellar tracking AF. Maybe could be 10% smaller and lighter? The Leica SL2 is the closest to the perfect size & weight combo for me. I would have rather it did not have big white LUMIX lettering on the front. I blacked it out on my S5 before the SL2-S came out But really, for my run & gun, as it is, straight out of the box, hybrid needs of high quality stills (raw) and at a flick of a switch, excellent SOOC 10 bit 4K 50p, there is nothing…nothing, else out there.
  11. Don't tell anyone, but since getting my S1H, the S5 just doesn't compare in any area except maybe size and image quality. Build, handling, controls, the way everything clicks, shutter sound (sublime), rear screen articulation (the best rear screen ever designed) & resolution, EVF and actually, I quite like the weight of the thing which is basically 1kg/2.2lbs and gives a good stable platform for handheld work. And in regard to the whole size and weight thing, it's smaller and much lighter than my old Nikon D3S's, especially when you added in the 24-70 and 70-200 they went armed w
  12. For sure. Also on what device, - phone, ipad, laptop, monitor, big screen TV? Is it a back-lit screen or not? Is it calibrated? What environmental conditions are you viewing in? And then there is how we each see and perceive colour etc... So many variables... I've long since stopped taking into consideration anyone else's opinion, - not colleagues, clients or even the wife's. The best thing you can do IMO is shoot and present to please yourself and if it's not for personal use only, no reason why not to and if it is for clients, book clients who like and want what
  13. Somewhere between the two, but if I had a gun to my head and had to choose one, I'd go with A. But B shows his face a bit better. B looks a bit 'thin' and more towards the yellow/green whereas A edges a bit towards the magenta? Of course when you put any 2 images together, these characteristics are enhanced.
  14. Oh and as it’s an XT3 body, the 18-55 is a bit of no-brained as it has OIS!
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