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  1. I'm in the camp of some of us don't even own a TV. We haven't had one for 3 years and for stuff like Netflix or movies, my 22" PC monitor screen, ipad mini or phone. We also still play board games.
  2. I have already peaked. The XT3 is more than good enough for me, so I bought another and will continue to use them until they either can no longer do the job I need them to do, or they break. The Sigma FP is the only new/future camera that interests me, but the current me does not need one and I don’t have my life or career on hold until it (or anything else) comes to the market. 10 bit internal 4k 50p shooting Eterna equals or exceeds my expectations and requirements. Less time in post staring at a monitor screen for one thing!
  3. I was just reading on another forum about someone's struggle to find a vlogging camera... Surely nothing less than Fujis' 100 megapixel job will be up to this task? It could work as a temporary measure until something bigger and better comes along?
  4. Simpleton Productions (very) Limited It's a no from me. Why not go with a fruit? It worked for Apple, Orange and Blackberry... Kumquat sounds quite exotic whereas Lychee everyone will think you are a Chinese company and that causes all kinds of debate here... πŸ˜‚
  5. It's so crap, I ordered a second Fuji XT3 body yesterday for video so I can carry on making more crap wedding videos. Actually, I'd be quite interested to see what DJI come up with as I love the look of the Hassleblad...just that its; too expensive and doesn't suit my needs anyway. Further to this topic... Yesterday, I was again wrestling with another wedding video, - trying to match up; Sony 1" camcorder static footage with Fuji XT3 footage with DJI Mavic/Pocket/Action footage...and there is little consistency and though in isolation the camcorder footage looks decent, compared with the XT3, it's garbage. So I had a little word with myself and made the following decision and that is bar anything actually breaking, forcing me to replace it, instead of looking at what I might be doing next year and speculating on what new kit might be coming, I'd embrace what I have and make that work. I shoot stills and video at the same time so ideally, having just one system would be best but as no single manufacturer makes 'everything', I have to use multiple brands. I've pared it back to Fuji & DJI. Fuji as the principal and DJI for the aerial and backup. The camcorder is going to be sold and I've ordered a second XT3 body to replace it. For the rest of the year, I'm just going to shoot the Eterna profile only, so no Flog or HLG on the basis I can judge the exposure of the film profile far better in the real world conditions of often uber-bright sunny SW France and concentrate on my capture rather than having the kit and technology get in the way. I'm planning on getting to know the set up as intimately as possible as I believe that is where the results will come from rather than the next latest and greatest. So the BMPCC4K, the Sigma FP and the potentially new DJI et al all look great, but none of them are going to make me any better at my craft. Maybe HLG next year, but for now I think the negatives outweigh the positives and consistency is the key. Sorry for the ramble!
  6. I use all DJI products as my 'B' cams: Mavic Air, Action and pair of Pockets. The Air does the aerial stuff, obviously. The Action sits on the hotshoe of my XT3 and only gets switched on entrances/exits or anything with any kind of real movement at weddings and acts as both the wide and the back up to the 50mm I mostly shoot with. The Pockets go on lightweight lightstands and really are only for backup purposes during ceremonies & speeches in case there is a blocking issue with the principal camera. The principal reason all DJI is that they are easy to match up footage. The Action is really good but you have to bear in mind 3 factors: A. It's very sharp and you currently cannot turn that down. B. It's pretty wide. C. The Pockets have better low-light capability but much more fiddly to use. Depends what you want/need to achieve but maybe another (used?) G7 body is a better option?
  7. Already gone back. Even though I was beyond the standard return time, Amazon (from where I purchased) agreed to take them back and refund in full...so they got packed up and sent off. Last Sat was just the final straw really. As several have said above, no problems at well under the max distance and zero blocking, but in the 'real world' of a wedding, if I can't trust a bit of kit... Back to the old way, but thanks for the thought!
  8. Maybe such close proximity helped but with a wedding, that kind of distance isn"t possible.
  9. Front trouser pocket for; father, best man & groom on the last job as none of them even had jackets, but waistcoats (vests for the Americans) with sealed pockets. No, lav mic was secure as I personally transferred it from speaker to speaker. The single biggest issue though was transmitter on desk top mini tripod directly in front of camcorder on tripod at back of room, but 20 metres max. Played it back and .... of ... ..... was ...sing and then it would work for a while and then for no apparent reason .. ..... ... out ..... The only thing I can think of is either an issue with one of the units, transmitter or receiver, or interference or compatibility? I did some research this morning and read some were having issues after plugging in or unplugging lavs or other bits of kit, but who knows. All I know is that if a bit of kit proves unreliable, it's gone. I can't remember what the Rode lav mics cost a few years ago, but they were around the 120-150 mark each and I have 3 of them and the Sony ICDUX560B's (also 3 of) have been ultra-reliable. Shotgun going back on the 1" camcorder for ceremony & speeches, principal speakers lav mics and Sony's in pockets and shotguns on the back up/side angle cameras. But others may have more success and I did do my research prior and saw very good reviews from the likes of Philip Bloom, Gordon Laing et al. Possibly a case though of all the testing in the world is fine, but it's really only on an actual job any potential issues come to the fore. Maybe Rode are already aware and maybe firmware updates are coming and maybe a V2 model will be better, but at this stage, the post office is getting a visit this afternoon as a full refund has been confirmed.
  10. 2 sets, 4 jobs, 4 failures, so I have returned for a refund via Amazon. I don't want to diss Rode as I use other audio equipment from them and had really high hopes for this system, but it's let me down several times now over the last few weddings. Whether connected to camcorder, or Fuji XT3 or Sony recorders, I haven't had a single seamless ceremony or set of speeches. The final straw was this weekend, direct line of sight, indoors, under 20 metres/60 feet and the end result was again incomplete. Even at 10 metres/30 feet with the transmitter in grooms pocket and lav mic on lapel, - intermittent result. I have 2 sets marked up A and B and it's happened with both so either I have been incredibly unlucky, or the system is not flawless. Whatever the case may be...and as above, no intent to slag Rode, but I can't rely on this system so next weekend going back to Sony recorders, lav mics + shotgun mics and Pluralize. Just a heads up and for anyone using the system, make sure you have a back up audio system running...
  11. Purely as camera manufacturers, for me; 1: Pentax because I sometimes forget they exist anyway. 2: Olympus because they only play M4/3. Oops. i think the rest of the big boys will simply accept the market share is smaller and act accordingly. Or die.
  12. 10 bit will be the VIII (April 2020) 4k 60p will be the IX (Jan 2021) Menu system will be updated for X (Oct 2021) The 20 dollar stick on grip that's been available forever, will be offered with the XI (July 2022) The ND filter will be reinstated with the XII (April 2023) Merged with the Game Boy in Jan 2024. I think the VA is still the sweet spot for the 100 series.
  13. I'm not a gear reviewer and have never tested anything that isn't Fuji recently, but the XH1 could be a contender? I have an XH1 and an XT3 but use XH1 for stills only and the XT3 on a monopod for video as I use 4k 60p, but if 1080 is your requirement... The 'best' camera for me would be a mashup of the two, but as it does not exist... If I wasn't shooting Fuji, I'd go Nikon Z6 second and it's only the lack of 4k 60p I'm not. Third choice would be Panny S1 but size and contrast only AF put me off, but principally the size.
  14. I have mine gaffer taped to my monopod 😜
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