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  1. Finally, Lightroom 10! VERY impressed with the Panny raw files SOOC. I have done 3 full hybrid shoots (results on Instagram ‘Atelier Firehorse’ if anyone is interested) but this is the first time I have been able to process the raw files. Slightly limited on my most recent job as the kitchen environment meant 6400 iso at f5.6 on the long end of the 20-60. I could have upped the ISO to 12800 but it worked out OK. Just. Shutter speeds were getting a bit low... The raw files needed very little work. I pretty much did some minor cropping, leveled some horizons, adjusted a
  2. MrSMW

    Fuji X-S10

    I still may come back to Fuji... Right now, my only camera and lens is the S5 and 20-60mm. It’s a brilliant combo for most of my needs but came up against 2 needs in the last week and that is the need for a pair of fast(ish) primes and the 35 & 85 f1.8’s should take care of that, plus a ‘long’ landscape lens and a 70-300 is due sometime soon. But it’s weddings that are my primary income so will need to test one of the above primes in some kind of social environment to just confirm to myself the whole system/combo is good enough for my needs... ...or it’s a pair of XT4’s
  3. I bought a pair of the originals. Hated them. Sold them. It wasn't really their fault, - just a bit fiddly and 2 more things to set up, switch on, switch off, put away... And these things are always about 'wider' but actually I am probably an abnormality because I would prefer longer! It was the one thing that annoyed me about my DJI OSMO Action that I replaced the 2 Pockets with, - it did not have a zoom or cropped function like my old Go Pro had. So I sold that also.
  4. MrSMW

    Fuji X-S10

    Even though I had one, I always seem to forget that the 16-80 exists. OK, changing my 'one and done' to X-S10 + 16-80. Also it's a constant aperture. And the lens is WR. Personally, for me, I'd still go XT3 + Smallrig grip because; it's cheaper, better video, prefer the screen type and weather sealed. But both I think are equally valid options.
  5. MrSMW

    Fuji X-S10

    By the sounds of it, this camera should be perfect for you and your needs. I think this mated with the 18-55 'kit' lens and 99% of any users needs would be covered. Unless you absolutely need weather sealing in which case a used XT3 can be had for even less money and perhaps even more sense? Grip not quite enough? (XT3) Add a Smallrig for about 30 'your currency'. Otherwise I think your analysis is about right; 4/3rds we have G9/GH5/Olympus, at APSC, Fuji and then it's the full frame options. The S5 with the 20-60mm kit lens also makes a very compelling 'one and done'
  6. I’m *cough* intrigued to see what it is you are *cough* offering whenever that time comes @BTM_Pix
  7. I'm not a gimbal person, but it's certainly interesting in regard to the future and what is still to come. As a Panasonic user, I'm more interested in the AF side of things
  8. I get away with it because I am shooting very slow paced stuff in the first place and then slowing it in post by 50%. I should add I DO use a variable ND and fixed 1/100th when shooting 50p purely video and it’s for hybrid I don’t as I am constantly flicking back and forth hundreds of times over the course of a day.
  9. MrSMW

    Fuji X-S10

    When I say 'made it work in 2019', I should add that I made it work for me by: A. Adding the battery grip and batteries for handling purposes and for the battery power. B. Fringer Pro adapter so I could use, C. The Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and Tamron 45mm f1.8 but although the Tamron offered me some OIS capability, the Sigma didn't so I used the combo on a freestanding monopod the whole time. With my S5 and lens, it's already; more capable and in a smaller and lighter package. AF is probably in the 'comparable' range but still to be determined and no scientific tests here. T
  10. MrSMW

    Fuji X-S10

    Agreed @Kisaha I think Fuji joined the hybrid bandwagon at least a year or two behind the curve. On the video side, they caught up very quickly and the options and quality out of the XT3 and XT4 are superb. What is really holding them back though is indeed their lenses and the prime (no pun intended) reason why I left them after 8-9 years. I do think they should have gone XH2 rather than XT4, ie, made the XT4 but in the XH body and that would at least have kept me happy and quite a few others. But that stills leaves the question over the lenses... I made it work in 201
  11. MrSMW

    Fuji X-S10

    I'm not one of those that likes to piss on others parades, but it's about as exciting as the new Nikonzzz
  12. I should explain my hybrid use as maybe it will be explain my ‘delay’... I have: C1 set for stills C2 set for indoor video, shutter priority 1/100, auto aperture (but of course it goes for the lowest as a result as intended), plus auto ISO which is where the exposure in this case is mostly controlled. C3 set for outdoor video, AP, auto shutter, auto ISO and because I do not use an ND or give a flying fig for the 180 degree shutter rule, don’t care if my shutter speed is in the thousandths as it usually is and a exposure here is mostly controlled by shutter speed as intended
  13. Just used mine this week on another commercial hybrid capture project and it was superb in all regards. One minor niggle and that is when switching from stills to video or back, it takes a few seconds to set itself up. Another is write speed is a little slow at times, ie, switch to video following a few stills and there's a few extra seconds there whilst it's writing. Nothing that's deal-breaking to me, just niggles I have become aware of and need to work around. @herein2020 Yes, everything I have read points to Sigma lenses being best on the Sigma camera, Leica on Leicas a
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