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  1. They definitely crossed the streams with that one.
  2. As an S5 user, I can tell you that if reliable AF is important to you...and by the sounds of it, it is, then no, especially on a gimbal. Then for the best AF you need native Panny lenses. I like Sigma. A lot. But I have tried 2 Sigma lenses now, the 45mm f2.8 and the 56mm f1.4 APSC and the former doesn’t work anywhere near as well as native Panny and just good luck with the latter! As for the S1 series, just no. Same AF issues and a chunk more weight. They are great cameras but I’d argue far from the best tools for this job. As is clearly the case here with the OP, usabilit
  3. I shoot Raw for stills @LloydPDX ...to date anyway, but looking at all options now I have moved to Panasonic.
  4. I think I’ll just stick with the original for now which I only use as the baseline for my work, almost always replacing with dedicated lav mic material. I’d like to see a ‘pro’ version which is quicker to switch on (and off), is more obvious it is actually recording and has 32 bit float.
  5. Sure there is more crap than ever being produced these days, but I think there is relatively more good stuff also. It’s choice really and I choose to block out the dross whenever and wherever I can whether it be Netflix, Prime or ‘big screen’ releases. But then that is not always so easy when you have a teen who has different interests and tastes so I also get exposed to some right old shit
  6. Ditto except; Classic Chrome profile on the XH1, then Eterna profile on the XT3 and now Natural profile on the S5. Has there ever been a time I wish I’d shot log? Nope. OK, it’s the video equivalent of shooting Jpeg vs Raw, but for me and my needs, I’m comfortable with it and all about getting kit and process (ing time) out of the way as much as possible.
  7. Only 8 times an hour? I reckon I’m more like 9 or 10 Nah, not really... Yes, slight concerns in 2 regards and these are: A: Not had the opportunity to shoot a wedding yet (for obvious reasons) with the system. However, 4 commercial shoots bodes well...but ain’t nothing like a wedding shoot to test your skillz + any kit! B: I’m still toying with getting an S1H instead of the second S5, but whichever way I look at it, it’s relatively low priced kit (that I have or am looking at other than the S1H) compared with the comparable Sony or Canon kit and if I get ‘only’ 3 sea
  8. It’s a slightly strange one...as if they don’t all trust each other completely. It seems to be the case that each companies glass works on any L Mount body because the mount is the same. They don’t seem to share...or at least fully share all the software however. I don’t know about 4/3rds, but with FF it definitely seems to be the case. I have tried a couple of Sigma lenses on my S5 and neither work that great. DFD is not a complete dog. For stills it’s pretty decent and I have no issues with it, it is VERY accurate. For most video use it’s fine, but native glass
  9. Take a swig every time Hugh says "compelling". Joking, I like the fella and his channel and I watched this last night and didn't notice if he used the word at all. I know some have mentioned the relatively 'low res' viewfinder, but if this thing just had decent AF, it would be 10x more popular and kill everything else at it's price point. It's compelling enough for me anyway and I'd be intrigued how good (or bad) this lens is with the S5 because for the best result so far (with any Panny), it needs native. I think I'd at least give it a chance over the 24-105 on it's way to
  10. Another vote for the XT3. As long as you don’t need IBIS (or if you do use an OIS lens), it’s a whole lot of kit for very little money. Last year for me it came down to moving from XT3’s to either XT4’s or S5’s. I traded the arguably better AF if the Fuji system for the ‘better’ everywhere else Panasonic one. It was close...very close and could easily go back to Fuji as they are the only other company that really has my spec and in my budget. I choose to work in 4K and anything more doesn’t interest me. Certainly not 8k and 1080 is good enough for most projects really.
  11. The 20-60 is a gem. OK, it doesn’t have the uber shallow DOF that say an f2 or faster does, but compared with an f2.8...at the wider end at least, there is not that much difference. In lower light at the longer end, 60mm f5.6 vs 70mm f2.8 it’s a lot more noticeable. But in decent light and/or at the wider end, it’s a great bit of kit for the price. I’d have both!
  12. Probably not but I did some math(s) and worked out if I got one, I could work with 2 bodies instead of 3 as I normally/now used to. Most of the day (weddings), I only need 2 at most but there are a couple of critical times when as a prime user, I need multiple focal lengths and that is where this 24-105 is going to be used, - shooting either '36mm' or '157.5mm' in 4k 50p. I'm looking at it as reasonably fast twin prime lens but needing only one body. I might end up using it for more, maybe even all day but I'll have to test it. I've only got a couple of lenses right now but comp
  13. I like it. A lot. But just purchased a used L Mount Panasonic 24-105mm so it's covered! Looks perfect for a Sigma FP though or one of the new Sony's.
  14. With me it's the waiting, - I have a moderate amount of patience but absolutely zero tolerance and the world seems full of idiots. When I say 'full of', I mean enough to fuck it up for those who are not idiots. Yes it will recover. Think The Black Death, Spanish Flu, WW1, WW2...stuff comes back. Usually, it's so gradual we don't really notice it until we lose it again. And we will lose it again, ie, be living in some future shitstorm at some point in the future whether it be financial, war or pestilence. I'm quite fortunate in regard to the social side of things being something of a
  15. This is the one positive I can take away from the last 12 months and that is you get a certain clarity in regard to both what you do not have, but also do have. There are elements that I can't get back such as the loss of income etc but this period of time has given me more focus on what I wish to do once this shit is over. I just need to: A: Work out how to juggle the finances to achieve it and B: Wait this fucker out. Other than some evolution of this disease into something else, I really do think we can see light at the end of the tunnel now and we are maybe 6 month
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