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  1. Just not 4k 50p 10 bit which is what I shoot, but otherwise, very capable.
  2. Spider-Man maybe, but not Batman as there’s zero contrast and good luck with The Flash.
  3. I’m still undecided re. my third body, (needed once I get back to work) and can make a case for another S5, an S1R, or an FP-L. Decisions decisions...but not one I need to make any time soon as all (paid) work up to the end of July, has now postponed or cancelled. Another S5 most likely because it works as the best hybrid for my needs, but the step up in megapixels (handheld) is something I could make use of at times and the S1R is insane value...just not so good for video. The FP-L ups the ante even more in the megapixel department and I love the stills I am seeing competent pe
  4. I don’t BBF so don’t know but believe you can? I tried the Sigma 56mm f1.4 and it could not autofocus to save it’s own life. I ‘assume’ the other two in that line would be similar... The new 28-70mm f2.8 is quite good. Not as good as native Panny but then define ‘good’ in this context anyway! It’s OK, good even for anything but serious tracking. I am still waiting to push the button and test the lens I am most interested and that is the Sigma 65mm f2. If that works out OK, I will probably trade the 45mm f2.8 for the 35mm f2 as it will make a better pair for my needs.
  5. Not a lot in it really. The S1 if you 100% want to shoot video externally and create the best rig. The S5 maybe for the more hybrid shooter (like me) who shoots non-log, dislikes monitors and gimbals etc. So I use the S5 as my hybrid and S1H as the more dedicated video camera, but just as it comes out of the box. Horses for courses and all that but pretty much and and all of these options will work and it more depends on your specific needs and then getting familiar with them over an extended period of time.
  6. Full frame, more dynamic range, better low light, better built, better ergos, IBIS for both stills and video, plus with the latest firmware, more capable as a ‘cinema’ camera if you wish to rig it up and record externally. In regard to the latter, I don’t, so it doesn’t make any difference to me. Fuji wins for me on; size (but needs at least an aftermarket bracket grip which cost peanuts and in fact I have 2 to give away for the cost of postage EU) and SOOC colour science if you do not shoot log. A better comparison is the XT4 as that has IBIS. S1 vs XT4? I would choose XT4
  7. The Panny S1 is ‘probably’ the best value bit of kit available right now, just pipping the Fuji XT3, but unless size & weight is more important, S1 for the win. However, if size & weight is a factor, Pannyboy S5 over the XT3. That’s where my money would be going, Panasonic or Fuji.
  8. I debated for a long time whether I would get one or another S5. Zero regrets, even with all the firmware updates to the S1. Mostly it was the size (false reports everywhere about how massive it is) though the cost played a part but I bought used (like new) model and in the hands it is near perfect ergo-wise and not heavy at all. And as a non-fan of flippy screens, the tilt that it has is perfect for me. 9/10 overall with just the single point removed as the AF is not on par with the likes of Fuji or Nikon, never mind Canon or Sony. It’s a proper pro piece of kit with
  9. For stills, I don't let the shutter go any slower than 1/250th unless the subject is very static. For video, 90%+ of what I do ends up being 50% reduced in speed and I see no problems shooting 10x the 180 degree shutter rule. Vlog, you just need to use an in camera viewing LUT, either a camera standard one or an imported one. I use the one from Gamut rather than Panasonic's because it's better. But then I don't shoot Vlog but a tweaked version of the Natural profile. Each to their own and all that but IMO either shoot Vlog if you wish to grade or a non-flat profile if you don't becau
  10. Ah, I don't have one but assumed that because it has a stills/cine switch, it could store different settings. My bad. XT3 (as above), I used the silent video mode and flipped all the time. With my S5 and S1H, I simply have an indoor stills mode set to C1, an outdoor mode set to C2 and then 3 video modes, C3 1-3 (4k 25p, 4k 50p and 1080 100p).
  11. Fuji XT4, Nikon Z6/7, Pan S5/S1, Sigma FP all do...and maybe others.
  12. Depends how long I have to wait! Right now, things are slack but when it does start, it will be full steam ahead. But when is the big Q right now...
  13. For me, it’s the lenses that took me away from Fuji. I’d have a 50mp version of this for stills in a heartbeat...as a body, but could only justify a single unit so would need a zoom and that would be the 45-100mm f4 and it’s massive/too big for me. And a teeny weeny bit too slow, even if it is medium format. XH2 or at least my version of it, would be perfect for video...but even worse choice of single (zoom) lens, but could probably get away with the 16-55mm f2.8. Just. I like Fuji a lot, but they just currently don’t make anything that suits my needs, so ‘other manufacturer’ fu
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