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  1. Don’t buy Dot.Foto aftermarket batteries! A pair arrived yesterday and I could not get either to charge much above 50%! As a result, I did some research and found a video from some guy (I forget who) who thoroughly tested around 10 aftermarket batteries and the result was 2 other brands as good as Panasonic’s own. Hahnel and Patona. I’ve sent the Dot.Fotos back and ordered a pair of the Patonas.
  2. I stopped using eBay for camera gear sales when with one lens sale, the purchaser came back and reported the lens had been dropped (by me) at some time and wanted a 50% refund. I said no and it was sent back and zero issues with it. And there were none when I sent it. Another told me a lens they had purchased from was water damaged. FK off. Sent it back to me. I sent it and sold it to a dealer without issue. I just don’t trust the place anymore. Never really have actually...
  3. So often the case with so many things... Standards drop or they get taken over by negative elements and something that worked, ceases to do so. Or at least as well.
  4. Well I put the battery on charge and then tried again and all seems well. I suspect this was a case of a run down charge battery not being properly indicated on the camera display... I started the recharge internally using the USB and had to swap it for my phone shortly after. The camera then read 30% which is why I believe it was probably near flat when I had tried to use the camera earlier. I then switched the charging to the proper dedicated battery charger which is quicker than the USB anyway I think? So I suspect with hindsight it was probably me not realizing how much
  5. My only experience of eBay has been mixed and I try and avoid the place these days. Especially in regard to big ticket items. I think the trick of it is to really REALLY consider purchases in the first place and their longevity. Cameras I expect to run into the ground these days and if buying or selling used, go through a dealer. MBP make it so easy and yes, you might make a few quid extra selling (or cheaper buying) private, but near zero risk, returns policy, postage/delivery all taken care of and fast. I bought my used S1H from them recently using their EU division. It a
  6. Well the the 24-105 has a wider FOV and a longer one, but is 'only' F4 vs 2.8 Sharpness-wise, not a lot in it and I'm not really a pixel-peeper, but maybe a very slight edge to the Panasonic? The Panny has OIS which improves stability further, but the Sigma is smaller and lighter and doesn't extend as much when zooming. The Sigma is a nicer fit on both my S5 and S1H whereas the 24-105 IMO is a bit large for my liking on the S5 without a grip. Useable? Sure, but all day shooting a wedding... nah, grip. I'm still waiting to test the Sigma 65mm f2 (hopefully within the next co
  7. Yes, I don't really understand this... They were all announced together and the 85mm was available over 6 months ago. I know because I got mine in October 2020! But not a lot of movement anywhere since other than the recent firmware updates. As a business owner myself, I find it bizarre that how un-proactive some companies just are. Panasonic are one such. Take the AF 'issue'. No need to get super-defensive over it, but why not have a series of ambassadors showcasing what can be achieved and how to achieve it? If you look hard enough, you can find some material, b
  8. Weird coincidence or...? I got this just now. Exactly at 64%! I just went out to try an updated AF test and same thing, - camera reads 64% charge remaining but as soon as I hit record, I get a message saying it's writing to card and then immediately shuts off. I did order 2 extra (3rd party) batteries the other day and waiting for them to arrive, but not great ahead of several big shoots coming up and probability of buying a second S1H body...
  9. And then fine tune it even further with AF speed and sensitivity. No user should need to do this though and this has been Panasonic’s Achilles Heel. Not so much the fact the AF is contrast based, but there has been little to no instruction in regard to how to make it work best which has been left to the community to try and resolve. It’s cost them market position and countless millions in sales. Marketing and reputation is everything. The entire L Mount system; Panny, Leica and Sigma have virtually all the ingredients needed to have the best product in the marketplace bar n
  10. Coming from an XT3... XT3 strengths = price, tilt screen. XT4 strengths = IBIS, larger battery. If I went back to Fuji and these were my options, I'd go XT4 without question, purely for the IBIS, even though I prefer the tilt screen of the XT3. Photo, video or hybrid, I'd still go XT4 and only go with the XT3 if I was going to use it on a gimbal or tripod.
  11. R6 then? You can always try that and if it doesn't work out, sell it on. Even better if you buy used in the first place.
  12. I thought he bought several Sony A7Siii's after reviewing one? I don't follow that closely so could be wrong...
  13. What about a used EOS R for that 10% photography and those times you need AF? Personally, it bugs me using 2 different systems, but there isn’t any single system that ticks every box. But if the BM is your mainstay, I’d do the above and see if that fills your need as it’s a cheap option.
  14. “I am the law. You have 10 seconds to comply”. The OSMO has had it’s Robocop upgrade. Might be interesting for those of us who don’t like gimbals...
  15. That's what I do but in combo with IBIS, ie, I use a twin strap shoulder harness with my left side camera being my primary stills and my right side camera my primary video. I use the video unit mostly at near arms length, pushing with tension against the strap and move my body as a whole rather than move the camera. If that makes sense? Actually, you don't really need IBIS to do that, but I just leave it on because a lot of the time I am static so one less thing to think about and do.
  16. -6db for me as a default...but then I do not confess to being an expert at sound. Or anything.
  17. And playing devils advocate, all 3 personally own cameras from the L Mount Alliance with Leigh and Hugh owning Leica SL2's and Tech360 (I forget his name) has or had an original FP. I think I have that right, but all 3 anyway are fans of the system. I think Hugh also has an S5... Gerald is very much a Sony man these days, but nothing wrong with that or his channel, - I watch it quite a bit, respect the guy and don't feel I am ever being sold anything or channelled anywhere and don't begrudge him making a living. It's all just opinions ultimately. Now (for me) S1R or FP-L as
  18. Yup. I have no one to please but myself and if I please myself, then I please my clients as that is what they booked me for and what they are paying me for...even if they have not thought of it this way, it's what I am doing, ie, zero client brief other than what I normally do. It's also the reason why I mostly do weddings and less commercial. Commercial clients tend to be picky picky picky and that sucks the life out of it for me.
  19. Raw for stills and Natural for video. I just tried log again today, back to back with the Natural profile and nah, it just confirmed that log still is not for me. Maybe in someone else’s hands maybe but my tweaked settings version of the Natural profile looked better SOOC than anything and everything I tried with the log version of ‘the same’ footage. Because 90% of my work is hybrid, I start with the stills and have created an import preset unique to me. No you can’t buy or have it, it’s mine I’m 90-100% there with most pics straight away and it’s only minor fiddling wit
  20. The only issue with that is that camera companies only tend to hand out demo models to established 'influencers'. At least early on. But otherwise, I agree and it would be more 'fair' if these tools reached the hands of shall we say, more real world users rather than kit reviewers. The latter does happen, but only later down the line and usually after the user has purchased for themselves but by then, a preconceived idea of the tool is already established whether it's 100% accurate or not from those early 'reviews'. Which is why I personally take all these kinds of things with a
  21. I like reviews in principle because they do provide a certain level of information that can then help you with a purchase decision. But I never ever base my decision on them and go instead with my own instinct. I don’t like to follow the crowd either, or the latest brand etc. In fact I’d rather by ‘the same’ unbranded t-shirt or whatever than pay 5x the price just because it has Superdry printed on it. I used Fuji before it became a thing and it is part of the equation why I left them for the new underdog, the L Mount Alliance. I wanted to love the original FP...and did, bu
  22. Just not 4k 50p 10 bit which is what I shoot, but otherwise, very capable.
  23. Spider-Man maybe, but not Batman as there’s zero contrast and good luck with The Flash.
  24. I’m still undecided re. my third body, (needed once I get back to work) and can make a case for another S5, an S1R, or an FP-L. Decisions decisions...but not one I need to make any time soon as all (paid) work up to the end of July, has now postponed or cancelled. Another S5 most likely because it works as the best hybrid for my needs, but the step up in megapixels (handheld) is something I could make use of at times and the S1R is insane value...just not so good for video. The FP-L ups the ante even more in the megapixel department and I love the stills I am seeing competent pe
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