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  1. And I presume there is a market for that as there is in most countries but also as in most countries, there is more than one market. Discerning folks with deeper than average pockets don’t rummage in the ‘bargain’ basement section. They never have. They never will. They just don’t.
  2. Or try but give up very quickly because it just complicates their lives massively plus the fear of cocking up the photography side…which as I say has been and at least for now, continues to be great for me 😬
  3. Practice practice practice and a lot of dead ends! Year 1, 100% photo + 10% video Year 2, 100% photo + 20% video Year 5, 100% photo + 50% video Year 10, 100% photo + 100% video It’s been like learning to juggle. I started with just 2 balls, added another each year, dropped them more times than I’d care to remember but otherwise dedication. Plus the tech these days is better than it was 10+ years ago. I’m always amazed that MORE are NOT doing it, but as long as it is not the norm, good for me and my business!
  4. MrSMW

    Sigma FP

    Bingo! This with the Lumix 24-105mm f4 for the OIS.
  5. MrSMW

    Sigma FP

    Ha, it was you @Anaconda_ I’ll need to trawl back through the thread to find it I think?!
  6. MrSMW

    Sigma FP

    And has a rear tilt screen mod. I’m sure I have seen another where there was something like a Ninja V used as a rear tilt screen (rather than perched on top which I despise)…
  7. MrSMW

    Sigma FP

    Correct. Some folks ‘think’ they know, but like juggling chainsaws, it requires a bit of practice! Unless you look at it as holding/using a lens that just happens to have a small camera body attached to it! 🤔😬
  8. MrSMW

    Sigma FP

    Not boring at all. In fact the complete opposite…and maybe, just maybe… Now that I have made the firm and irreversible decision to remain with L Mount for a third year at least, I have the opportunity for something here myself and that is… I am keeping all 4 current bodies (S5, S1H and 2x S1R) but hope to exchange these somewhere down the line for 3x ideally, identical next gen S line bodies. I am currently in the process of offloading all of my current lenses except 2 Sigma zooms and then purchasing some new faster primes. The only other lens I have been sitting on the fence over is the Pannyboy 24-105mm f4 OIS. The OIS part being the reason…with specific consideration to picking up an FP and making it my ‘fun’ camera. Fun because I’m not sure how or even if I could fit it into my workflow, but that is not the point. The point is to scratch an itch. The FP itch. The question would be FP or FP-L…
  9. One note of caution re. this control of focus breathing and that is I don’t think it simply works with all lenses, but specific ones. Sony at least has a list. Not sure about Canon…
  10. Indeed and this was something I was quite drawn to with one of my possible future systems, the combo of great AF and focus breathing compensation with Sony.
  11. Pretty much! And for any system. But I clearly don’t know how these things work! 🫣🫢🤪
  12. Sigma FP is more of a natural FX30 competitor than the S5?
  13. Yep tried it and it works, but it looks ugly! Internal or between the lens and body still best though, especially if changing lenses and they have different filter sizes. Sure you can use step up rings but there is also the lens hood issue and lens hood exist for a reason. At some focal lengths and with some filters, you can still use either the original or attach something aftermarket and some of my larger diameter VND’s have one ‘welded’ on and you rotate the entire hood/VND as a single entity. I’m not really sure why there are not more options for ‘between’ but I guess it’s more because of the electronic side than the mechanical one? I don’t really understand why Canon for instance make their RF Mount to EF lens only and don’t have an RF-RF because if I ever went to Canon, I would mostly like to use RF lenses. Just one more mystery in CameraLand! On another note, there is beginning to be a lot more chatter & speculation about something S line coming in the early Spring of ‘23 and it seems that Panasonic have officially confirmed this…
  14. But can you book a Chinese restaurant with it?
  15. iPhone autocorrect 🤪 “Not especially”.
  16. Not sure specially. I flit between ‘The Rule’ and overcrank it other times… Ideally, I’d stick to using it but with internal ND or something between the lens and body, anything else is a faff! Magnetic VND’s? PITA for my use case 🤪
  17. That does exist for L Mount, just manual focus only. It’s made by Fotodiox and I have it for my single Meike cine lens. However, there is a workaround using Lidar and DJI. Apparentiy you have to set it up on the gimbal, but can then remove it. A British guy Sam Holland posted a video about it on YouTube the other day. I might look at it, but then as above, the zooms make more sense for me for my specific video needs. But yes, if not internal a drop in filter system between body and lens is the next best thing, especially for hybrid use.
  18. I bought the 85mm f1.8 when it came out and used it for a while back when I only had an S5. Good focal length for my photo work but a bit long for video and that’s one of my 2 ‘Big Niggles’ being a hybrid shooter. Niggle 1: The crop flipping between stills and 4K 50p video. Niggle 2: Using VND’s when flipping between stills and video. I came to the conclusion early this year that until cameras come with internal VND’s that turn on or off depending on whether you are in stills or video mode, other than occasional times, it’s better to dedicate units to stills OR video. Also, dedicating units gets around that annoying 1.5x focal length difference. With my new set up, it’s pretty straightforward re. focal lengths and filters… Stills = 20mm, 35mm and 85mm. If I need longer I crop and with the S1R, I can do that to at least a 150mm equivalent resolution to say a 24mp sensor. Video = ‘24’, ‘42’ or ‘105’ with the S1H and ‘27’ or ‘75’ with the S5 as I tend to use zooms at their extreme ends only. Back on the native 1.8’s, I want to like them, but don’t. I went with the Sigma Contemporary f2’s over them preferring them and going forward, the f1.4 Art’s just make even more sense for me. And for some weird reason, the Sigma’s tend to AF better for stills but the Panasonics better for video? I may have a very rare (for me) commercial job coming up in early Dec so should get a chance to try out the new set up out, but we’ll see.
  19. Well after a lot of humming and hawwing, I've decided to remain with L Mount for 2023 at least. I've looked at every single possible option and nothing quite 'works' for me... I've used bits and pieces from Sony before and it's probably the system that most meets my requirements...but it's nearly 17k to purchase (less what I'd get for the total sale of my L Mount gear which is around 7.5-8k trade) which is a big investment, ie, spend around 10k to get what exactly? An incremental 'improvement' in certain areas. None in some and quite a bit in another (AF) and really it's only the latter where there is any significant/worthwhile change. But 10k cost to change? For my needs, maybe not... Fuji. I had one in da house. An XH2. I came from Fuji and I love Fuji gear but same question and that is what do I stand to gain and what do I stand to lose? I didn't shoot a single frame before returning it. That one would be a 12.5k less 7.5 so 5k to change. For what? Possibly slightly nicer colour science...?? Smaller, lighter and slightly more efficient set up but otherwise... Nikon? Love the Z9 as a camera, but the rest doesn't quite work so... Canon? Too many questions for me, too much fudging, too expensive. (More than the Sony set up). There just isn't anything else...for my needs so I re-evaluated L Mount. I never completely gave up on it anyway and have always stated I hoped they might bring something new out over the Winter '22-'23 period that fits my needs better camera wise...and that may still happen. Or not. Or some time in '23... But I have decided to keep all 4 bodies that I have, sell some 'old' lenses and get some new ones and generally just re-purpose some elements of kit and practice based on my need/use case. So in that regard, I'm going to carry on with 4 bodies and not flip to the 3 that I would prefer and one day hope to. I could move to 3 with L Mount, but it doesn't quite work so I'll stick with 4; a pair of S1R's, an S1H and an S5. Selling all the f2/f2.8 primes from Sigma and buying Sigma f1.4's instead. The; 20mm, 35mm and 85mm specifically. One area where I have felt that I have made some sacrifices (glass-wise) over the last couple of years is in low-light capability. This switch of lenses will improve that capability. These 3 primes will be my workhorses mostly for stills ie, will only be used with the S1R's which themselves will carry on with 'stills only' duty other than a few bits of handheld 5k video during ceremonies and speeches. I LOVE the 5k that the S1R produces but I wish it was 50p... The S1H will continue in the role of primary video camera, mostly handheld. It's just so good. Size, weight, ergos, rear screen, quality of output and for '23 it's getting a new companion. The Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 has been my main workhorse here and that is going to continue, but as my outdoor combo. My new indoor combo is going to be the Sigma 16-28mm f2.8. Because I shoot 4k 50p, these give me; 24-42mm indoor and 42-105mm outdoor in FF terms which is bang on for my needs. That leaves the S5. That one is being paired up with the Sigma APSC only, 18-50mm f2.8 and going to live on a DJI RS3 gimbal. I still need something longer than the Panasonic 24-105mm f4 so hoping Sigma might bring out a more compact (a la 16-28 and 28-70) 70-200mm f2.8 next year and if so, I'll trade for that. And the cost? Nada. Or thereabouts... The sale of some existing lenses and a few other bits and bobs covers the cost of the 4 new lenses and gimbal so I'm pretty much covered. Sometimes the grass just isn't greener.
  20. Great write up. I almost want an R7 as a result and may add it to my ‘Camera Crisis’ list 😗
  21. I see you in your bubble. Do you see me in mine? 😂 I use IG for business and another account (private) for personal. I still have a Facebook account but don’t use it. I have a Twitter account but never used it and have been locked out for years having forgotten the password. Just not a big user of social media and never heard of WeChat either!
  22. Nah, that is a Cine-M-ilv-K
  23. I reckon maybe “mill vee cee”?
  24. If I had to put a label on it, it would neither be 'hybrid' nor 'cinema', but probably what it is; a MILVC. S5 and probably any latest Fuji, kicks it's arse for stills. It lacks the true 'cinema' spec that this type of camera would normally have. Ultimately it's like any of these things and it either suits your needs, or doesn't. I think for the price...and if it suits your needs, it's fanfuckingtastic. I still hate the flip out screen and would prefer a tilt but for MY (special) NEEDS, it would otherwise be labelled 'perfect'. I'm currently flipping back and forth whether a pair of the things would suit my needs better, or an FX30 as B cam paired with an FX3 as A...
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