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  1. Judging by no flip-out screen, probably your average A7III. It could be an A7II but the video looks too detailed to be the pixel-binned A7II 1080p footage.
  2. FHDcrew

    Panasonic GH6

    GH5 II had no internal sharpening? That’s very cool. NLOG on my Z6 feels a bit over sharpened; I’m thinking of going the Prores RAW update to be able to bypass sharpening and NR.
  3. Yeah that’s why I said if they are adamant on not using SDI or full-HDMI, mini is the next best option.
  4. Agreed, if we can't have SDI or full-size HDMI, mini HDMI is the preferred option. I work with a Panasonic G7 and 2 Panasonic FZ1000s for a live-stream setup. The micro HDMI is just so fragile, i have the full-HDMI smallrig cage bolt on the FZ1000s. The G7 as with you, is double-clamped. And I just never ever touch the micro HDMI. I notice mini HDMI, while not perfect and i still get a bit nervous, is 1000 times better than micro HDMI. Honestly as long as you are careful and only run short cables to monitors i don't even think you need a clamp.
  5. But even though mine is mini HDMI, I’m worried the constant plugging and unplugging will wear on the port.
  6. Do you have a micro HDMI clamp on the FP? On my Z6 I don’t, because I got worried and just unhook it each time I put it in the bag.
  7. Old post I know. But do you leave this little setup rigged when placed in your camera bag? Do you leave the HDMI clamp in place?
  8. Well one of the viltrox lenses might just be next on my purchase list. From online reviews both the viltrox and yongnuo perform quite solid.
  9. To be truthful I’ve been a bit surprised at the latitude and dynamic range Nikon FLAT offers. Maybe not as much as NLOG, but there is definitely info in the shadows if you dig deep enough. It handles highlights terribly, so it’s best not to overexpose. And the shadows still do have limits, if I have to dig too deep then I hit a threshold where yes there is detail, but it’s undersaturated and some color-noise/mud is introduced. That being said so far I’m impressed with how much I can pull back from the shadows without destroying the image. Then again, lighting conditions were nice on my most recent shoot. I’ll have to do some mid-day stress tests and comparisons, and I’ll let you know what I find. I may start a new thread where I compare NLOG to Nikon Flat.
  10. It definately can. FYI I currently only have 1 lens, a Tamron SP 45mm 1.8, being used through the FTZ adapter. AF works well enough for talking-head purposes, but it can hut a tad bit at times, and the lens will occasionally lock up, warranting a restart of the camera. I believe it is specific to this lens however; I was able to try some native Nikon F-mount glass through the FTZ; autofocus felt snappy and confident without hunting issues. Even with the Tamron I trust it for simple talking head footage.
  11. I can agree; I use one on a daily basis. NLOG grades very easily using a Resolve color-managed workflow. Dynamic range is solid, nice highlight rolloff and you can overexpose the image to make things clean. I've been playing with the flat profile and it isn't too bad; definately worse than NLOG, but in Resolve I can do a CST to Arri Log C and then back to Rec709, to make the image behave more like LOG. And I can then raise the exposure while it applies a highlight rolloff, which in turn allows me to dig deeper into the shadows and fully utilize the Nikon FLAT dynamic range. Also with a cheap Ninja Star and the right HDMI settings, you get that 10 bit NLOG image in oversampled 1080p, full-frame with usuable AF.
  12. At 1:40 in your video, did you bloom the highlights in Davinci? The highlights look clipped but not destructing. I’d like to start using Nikon Flat on my Z6 more often, as I don’t want to keep rigging out an external recorder all the time. I know highlights will inevitably clip, but my hope is even if my sky is completely blown out, I can bloom either via Davinci or using a promist filter, so it still looks attractive and not harsh.
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