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  1. Agreed. Strange argument, I partially agree with mark but at the same time it obviously is video first.
  2. Some more footage I shot with the Z6 in oversampled 1080p
  3. Also the 5D III does what many of us have wanted from modern cameras but haven’t gotten because of dumb politics… Uncompressed RAW sensor data dumped to the card. Nothing fancy. No compression, just taking the data and dumping it. Think of how many cameras have been released in the past 5 years with fast CFExpress interfaces. Could easily write RAW video to the card. This is so simple, even the 5d Mark II and the ancient Canon 50D do this. In 14 bit too. Not even hard. Instead they make us send the feed via HDMI to an external recorder when we are using modern cameras.
  4. @PannySVHSi wanna see your shoot with the F3 😏
  5. (Enlarge the frame to see proper colors. The regular preview desaturated the image haha I hate online color inconsistencies)
  6. It certainly goes a long way! If you use golden hour right for example you can get beautiful lighting without needing ANY lighting gear! This frame I shot is from a 4 1/2 year old FF camera! Lighting and grading are what set things apart visually. I’m serious cameras are close enough in terms of IQ that it doesn’t matter.
  7. I'm gonna be honest man, I would really quit worrying about cameras and focus on your craft. For the longest time you keep posting about camera recommendations and advice. This is great for sure, but I'm sure you have a wonderful camera already. They're all great. They all have great DR. They all have great color. They all have more than enough low light. They all have more than enough shallow DOF with the right lens. So go out, film and learn lighting, even just natural lighting. Focus on things like that instead of the pursuit of cameras all of the time.
  8. This is true. If you have the control anything made in the last 10 years can look great, especially if you only have online delivery. Throw away that control over lighting and all of the sudden things like dynamic range and highlight rolloff become immensely important
  9. @stephenwhat bag do you use? Does the recorder ever get hot for you? I tried this once (stupid idea) with a Fanny pack and my Atomos Ninja V got MUCH too hot!
  10. From what I’ve heard the GH5 II can have sharpening completely disabled, unlike most Panasonic cameras.
  11. Maybe the ever so slightly decreased latitude is that quality decrease Panasonic kept saying when they tried to defend doing with Dirt-From-Defocus AF 😂
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