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  1. This certainly had to do with pressure from Apple, Snapdragon and a host of other American IT Companies whose profits are plummeting, and whose future looks bleak, thanks to Chinese companies who have dethroned hundreds of those. Snapdragon can openly abuse monopoly and laws in the US, but the same is not possible all over the world. And accusing Huawei of espionage is hilarious. Google and Facebook and all major silicon valley companies are spying on you 24x7. They probably know more about you than you would. I have been wanting more Operating System Platforms than iOS and Android for the longest, and users should have the ability to choose which operating system to have on their smartphones, and not be locked into one for life (of the device, much like MS and Apple). I hope Huawei, Samsung and Sony create a parallel OS, which is more refined than what Android is right now, and that smartphones start actually replacing professional cameras soon enough. Snapdragon is good, but abusing monopoly is unacceptable. Also, if HTC, Samsung (whose market dominance was attacked by attempting to false jail their CEO), Sony, Huawei, Redmi, One Plus ever start challenging iPhone ot Snapdragon or whoever else, will they suffer the same fate? Who decides what's fair and what isn't? Ideally I hope this goes to the international court of justice and Google loses billions.
  2. I agree about the clouds, but in the grass the GoPro is more darker (which makes me wonder why DJI didn't try snd make an f2.0 lens action camera, since the brighter lens would have added advantages in super high speed as well as low light). I am suddenly looking forward to the Philip Bloom promised testing. Hopefully he compares them to the absolute limit, in all departments, that matter to filmmakers (shooting and post).
  3. There seem to opinions on both sides. Like this one:
  4. Wow. That would be one monster. Somehow the 1inch sensor doesn't appeal to me much, because the size seems to be difficult to handle. The pixel size on the 100MP is even smaller than presently (.61μm pixel vs .80μm pixel size), though if the GM1 is any indication, it should handle 25MP photos like a boss.
  5. Thanks to you, I watched the entire video, in higher res than I usually do. I am guessing the increase in Dynamic Range is mostly due to the difference between f2.0 and f2.8 on their lenses. There may be also slight issues with how the Cineline codec has been set on the Osmo Action. There is definitely a noticeable difference, and it is visible in most lighting situations (even daylight). That's why DJI needs to start getting out their firmware updates to sort things out. Also I don't know why nobody gets an action out that has an f2.0 lens.
  6. Samsung seems to be finally on a roll with some great sensors on the pipeline.
  7. Maybe we should Start a Thread, to Tell DJI what should be fixed via firmware. The Rocksteady is way better than anything else out there. But since it can't be mixed with HDR (the dual exposure one), the Cineline profile should be improved along with options to control (atleast) sharpening, contrast and colour. I am sure there are many other things that can be added or improved via firmware.
  8. 99% of mainstream media has these fake surveys, letters, uncorroborated evidence sources and witnesses they cannot name etc. Having said that, the 8th Season was superb visually (except the long night episode), but the story was all over the place. It was the most Disappointing Season in terms of writing. Considering how good the majority of the seasons were, not sure how such poor writing escaped security before it was turned into production.
  9. Any information on how good the HDR is? Someone posted that DJI claims a 3-stop.improvement over the regular video. That's a tall claim. P.S.: Other videos say its more like 1 atop. Hopefully reviewers tests things a lot more.
  10. You're right. The GoPro has a lot more lens flare, and the sharpening (and contrast) on the DJI needs to be dialled down a little, even in the non-HDR mode. Reducing contrast and sharpening could help the video look a lot more cinematic.
  11. I am not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. Regardless of the added crop, the DJI Osmo Action seems to have WAY BETTER stabilization than the GoPro, and even the Sony. The review above isn't complete. Let's wait for part 2, to see the final conclusion.
  12. Here, I doubt there are any specs left to disclose. This will apparently be the same price as the GoPro Hero 7 Black $399, but: 1. Will have 2 screens instead of 1, and the larger one is 0.25 inches larger than the GoPro (which is 2 inches), and the smaller one is 1.4 inches, against the 1inch on the Osmo Pocket. Both the screens, IMHO, seem usable in terms of size. 2. Smaller and more portable than the GoPro(?), though the GoPro weights a little less. 3. Possibly wider dynamic range with the HDR options in the various video modes. 4. Waterproof upto 11 metres instead of 10. 5. More shooting frame rate options for photo. 6. Time Lapse and Interval shooting in RAW (not sure if the GoPro has this). What they both have in common: 1. Voice commands. GoPro seems to have more. 2. Super stabilized video. They would need to be compared with each other. 3. Waterproof out if the body. https://photorumors.com/2019/05/14/the-dji-osmo-action-camera-will-be-priced-at-399/
  13. The dynamic range of the video seems pretty stellar. I hope they price it very competitively (meaning, their purpose is to drive GoPro completely out of business).
  14. It does have 1080p at 240fps which means it is the IMX477 (or later sensor).
  15. I am not sure why they are still using the IMX377. It does 1080p only upto 120fps. It does 300fps but at 720p. It's a sensor from the Nexus 6p days. They could have used the IMX477 instead. It does 1080p at upto 240fps and full res at 60p. It also has a few 9ther improvements over the IMX377 (improved low light?). With Sony, we spoiled for choice wrt Smartphone sized sensors.
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