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  1. And then that whacko who drives around in a Lamborgini with probably the deposits or advance money of customers, posted a Private Chat between him an Bloom. It was So Freaking Shady (and abuse of any kind of gentleman's understanding). And then when people start pointing him out, he sneakily deleted the post with the chat. And his rant hasn't stopped yet. I've always found the company to be a bit of a Ponzi scheme. I saw many customers pointing that their products were Chinese re branded ones with grossly increased pricing. And this whole attitude outburst was shocking and absolutely unnecessary. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/03/16/cinemartin-to-close-due-to-bankruptcy/#disqus_thread
  2. Also, apparently, the bitrate isn't very high. I hope Samsung allow for a few bitrate options as well as complete manual control over video.
  3. I am guessing this has a 2nd page too. Mayne you could share that for more details about the sensor. Looks pretty kickass. Especially with the 16-bit.
  4. I hope Panasonic gives it the same video capabilities as the S1 (in terms of video dynamic range and also usable ISO upto 12800). Cinema5d.com was claiming the usable ISO on the S1 is upto ISO30,000 which is insane. That's probably very close the A7sii range. Panasonic also needs new and better flavours of VLog (no L version) and h.265. And atleast 1 stop improvement in video dynamic range and 1/2 for photos, plus 14-bit raw/Raw/RAW. Video autofocus in the S7iii territory, good high speed burst performance, 240fps video and a slightly larger screen (3.5 inches?). Video quality should be noticeably better than the Fuji XT3. And keep the price at 2k and not increase it.
  5. So there are like 3 sensor sizes for APS-C (Canon with the 1.5x crop and Fuji, Nikon, Pentax and Sony with their 1.5x crop and the APS-A experiment of Canon with the 1.3x crop), and a few for Medium Format (and apparently the Sony fabrication of their A7 line has lesser width and breadth than 36mmx24mm too). And the Nikon D850 has shown that the difference between Full Frame and Medium Format (atleast for the Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Hasselblad X1D-50c vs Pentax 645Z) isn't that great, especially with smaller sized medium format sensors But then Nikon also has an APS-C camera that outperforms many FullFrame cameras (especially from Canon). So it isn't purely about Full Frame or Medium Format or APS-C. I won't be surprised if an M43 camera within the next year or so actually has 14 stops of Dynamic Range with 14-bit RAW images. It's very likely.
  6. Thank you. That is pretty amazing. The timing of the CinemaDNG Patent seems to indicate some conflict with BRAW more than anything else. Otherwise its been on various Blackmagic camera for like 1/2 a Decade and no word about Patent or any other form of IPR conflict. So, there must be licence agreement that prevents 2 forms of RAW being used or run on Blackmagic Cameras, simultaneously. That is also why the original BMPCC (and the original Cinema Camera 2.7k) will stick on with CDNG whereas others that allow for reprogramming and multiple codecs will move on.
  7. The Sony Xperia XZ3 and the Xperia 1 also do 10-bit. Though their profile seems less impressive, not sure why though. Thanks for sharing this. The HDR10 on the S10 does look seriously impressive. I am surprised not more people are shooting on it. I wish it has more bitrate options.
  8. Could you check dynamic range in the HDR10 video recording, how easy it is to grade etc etc. Also how good or bad is Filmic Pro compared to the HDR10. Looking forward to seeing it. Am thinking of picking up an S10 too.
  9. I had a similar experience with Panasonic India who were unable to repair a camera (GX85). Panasonic Australia were confident they could repair it, and they apparently did (or attempted to hoodwink me), sending the camera with the same problem back and making it worse. So basically because I bought a camera in Australia, and moved to India, and so I was stuck with a camera that couldnt be repaired (the camera had some issues with the sensor within the first few weeks itself, which apparently eas a common problem with the GX85 cameras). Finally Diamond Cameras (in their generosity) sent me a Replacement Unit because Panasonic were SO INCOMPETENT, that they couldn't repair their OWN camera across 2 different countries/ continents. Panasonic is a little like Ford Motors in that way. Their after sales can be pretty crappy. They have some great products (I find their air conditions to be in Daikin territory). But after this experience I am not too sure I would buy Panasonic products. Even if they gave them to me for free. Or maybe I would sell them if I got them free, and let someone else curse them 😂
  10. I remember someone saying that after the BRAW on their Ursa Mini, they got another stop of usable ISO. Could someone test whether there have been improvements to low light (another usable stop ISO).
  11. Don't go by numbers and figures. When DaVinci entered the market everyone was already huge. I remember one of the Blackmagic guys saying that their NLE was developed by a student during his Computer Engineering days, which means he handled the job of many different people, maybe even hundreds of them. The purpose of resolve and all of the various suites was to get rid of the elitism and monopoly of the prohibitively overpriced editing (they were priced in hundreds of thousands) suites. Most of the large corporations handicap their features and performance to save their high end lineup. So instead of lacking talent, they probably lack willpower.
  12. There is already a thread for this. Could one of the admins merge it with that thread. Multiple threads for the same topic are distracting.
  13. sanveer

    Sony Xperia 1

    If Sony gets their HDR right and unlike previous models doesn't directly upload it online, this could be a winner. A good boost to dynamic range and bitrate wouldn't harm anyone either. 😂 If the GH5s and PocketCinema 4k sensor can do 4k at 120fps 10-bit, there is no reason a smartphone sensor shouldn't have have 4k 240fps 10-bit. So instead of combining 2 frame, it could combine 3 or more for each and the detail, dynamic range and noise could be way better.
  14. Also, there appears to be an issue with the url. I could be wrong, but it brings me back to this very page or the photos. Wow. If you were in the same city, we could have taken a selfie together and I could have added another famous person I know to my short list 😎 This is superb. Congrats and
  15. I am still unable to understand you perfectly. Just for the record, I am mixed race, and Indians are probably more fluent in English than most countries whose native language is English. And there is a likelihood that Hindi (India's most common or spoken language), may be as commonly spoken as English. Or just a tad more. It was not an Idea, if I said they are making phone in limited numbers, I couldnt have imagined it. It could also not be clairvoyance. So obviously it's a fact and I read from a few reliable sources, and arrived that that statement. Actually the Pixel 3 may have like 13-14 stops but in JPEG format with lots of noise reduction and detail smudging. And no, I do not use a Pixel 3. I find the Google phone to be very intrusive, in the most curious ways. It's like its constantly recording everything one does. I saw a few photos where the highlights in night photos (or photos where the light was anything but ideal) were blown up. Actually I am guessing it may also have to do with something else (heavy handed editing or converting from RAW to JPEGs?). https://m.gsmarena.com/showpic2.php3?sImg=news/19/02/nokia-9-camera-samples/official/gsmarena_017.jpg&idNews=35690 https://m.gsmarena.com/showpic2.php3?sImg=news/19/02/nokia-9-camera-samples/official/gsmarena_002.jpg&idNews=35690# This has tiny light sources in the phone (because they are at a distance), but if you zoom in, you can clearly see that it is blowing out the light sources (highlights). https://m.gsmarena.com/showpic2.php3?sImg=news/19/02/nokia-9-camera-samples/official/gsmarena_015.jpg&idNews=35690# I am also wondering whether they can push the minimum ISO to ISO64 or 60 or 50, to get just a little more headroom. You could probably do reasearch and find out someone else who shares this viewpoint. And claim that my thought is not original. I completely agree. The Nokia 9 is a very drastic step from incremental changes or improvements in smartphone photography. The photos looked ALIVE. Even more than those from Leica Lenses. They have have such an amazing 3D effect about them. Like this photo for instance: https://m.gsmarena.com/showpic2.php3?sImg=news/19/02/nokia-9-camera-samples/official/gsmarena_010.jpg&idNews=35690
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