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  1. sanveer

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    I hope they introduce a few flavours of compressed RAW on the GH6. And that they announce it before the end of the year.
  2. Which means the sensor does Full 108MP at 30fps. Which is impressive. Hopefully they have some insane HDR modes and much better detail and sharper image. Also, I hope the higher of the dual ISOs is pretty high (ISO3200?), so that the low light is impressive. Smartphones have been getting better, but the 12MP sensors was boring everyone. Hopefully 27MP photos from this 108MP sensor are truly amazing, maybe even worthy of being printed into some nice large sizes.
  3. Aaah ok. Thanks. After that curious and shocking Sadaawi incident, everything that seems too good to be true, makes me suspicious. 😂
  4. Samsung seems to have Finally revealed details of its latest 108MP sensor. The Pixel size is 0.8um (luckily), so the sensor is a 1/1.33" sensor, and it also seems to have some tricks for better lowlight photography including atleast dual ISO. I am guessing Samsung will disclose more details of the sensor in installments and hopefully we see a lot of newer sensor technologies in this. "In bright environments, the Smart-ISO, a mechanism that intelligently selects the level of amplifier gains according to the illumination of the environment for optimal light-to-electric signal conversion, switches to a low ISO to improve pixel saturation and produce vivid photographs. The mechanism uses a high ISO in darker settings that helps reduce noise, resulting in clearer pictures." It also does 6k video (I was hoping it does 8k, but most systems may not be able to process that much data). "For advanced filming, the HMX supports video recording without losses in field-of-view at resolutions up to 6K (6016 x 3384) 30-frames-per-second (fps)." https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-takes-mobile-photography-to-the-next-level-with-industrys-first-108mp-image-sensor-for-smartphones
  5. The site itself seems to not have any literature outlining the product (either they forgot to upload this or I am missing something wrt to navigating the site). Right now, this seems highly suspect. Can this site even be trusted?
  6. A huge portion of the world is living on fake news. They would believe anything and anyone, regardless of the startling evidence to the contrary. They've become zombies, and you probably couldn't change their mind, if you tried.
  7. The 6k sensor seems to have low dynamic range for a modern APS-C sensor. Plus if the body is made of that curious reinforced carbon composite, it would require some kind of SmallRig kind of rigging to ensure the large EF lenses don't exert too much pressure on the body. The Pocket 4k seems to offer low light advantage over the Pocket 6k. Though, at base ISO, the Pocket 6k has just a hair (0.3?) Stop advantage in dynamic range at base ISO. The 6k camera is almost double the price of the 4k, and should offer some seriously substantial advantages over the 4k, atleast on paper. I am guessing, therefore, that some future firmware updates will add some more tricks to the 6k camera. The 6k Camera also does 21.2 megapixel photos, which could be great when you need a camera for photo.
  8. @BTM_Pix wow. I thought the GX85 only has 2 flaws, one being the absence of a mic (and headphone) input, and the other is the Viewfinder not having the swivel design of the GX Series.
  9. sanveer

    New use of 8K

    I saw this yesterday ir the day before. Apart from the background, it completely change slighting, like a proper gaffer. It's almost like getting rid of many departments or merging them into one super large one. I wonder how bright this projection is.
  10. Just to solve the mystery of the moire, someone with the S1 should shoot something where you're guaranteed jumping or dancing moire (like pin stripes or pocket fences). That should put the debate to rest.
  11. I guess more competition is always good. And DJI seems to have some superb drones. They have many things going for them. They just need to fine tune everything, improve customer service, and ensure that they listen to customers and extensively test the product before it hits the market. They could put some of the best quality FF sensors into this, have superb IBIS and heat dissipation management, and use the extra saved spaces for much better processing. Hopefully a FF camera with some great firsts.
  12. It's HILARIOUS !!! I am not sure whether it highlights the STUPIDITY or CORRUPTION in the IP Infrastructure in the United States, but RED were awarded Patent for the phrase "Video Camera", for a supposed claimed invention. I think this is worse than a Banana Republic 😳 I believe this needs to be Investigated and the officers and all members of the Pantent Office who Granted this Patent, who be charged with Serious Patent Abuse, as well as Fraud and Misrepresentstion under Penal Law. I am surprised RED didn't Patent God or things related to God. It's Beyond ludicrous. Read Paras 7 and 8.
  13. I have always felt that film lighting, divides light fixtures into too many different types, forcing you to buy one for each kind of requirement, with no great cross usage success across different fixtures. So whether you require something with a 10-15°beam angle or something that is 120°, or whether you require some soft ambient kind of light or something that replaces a hars light light an HMI, you are stuck with the idea of having to pick up multiple fixtures, as per your needs. The problem with most LEDs, as well as most lights, is that because they have such low power output, they don't have a great beam angle, and you can use the lights only for on camera work or small spaces. Here is where the Apurture 300d Mark ii comes in. It has many features that its previous iteration as well as other lights on the market have, namely the ability to lower brightness all the way to 1%, control beam angle, battery powering options and have attachments for controlling final output. What it has that its competitors don't, is that it has all these and some more, and the brightness is almost blinding at peak brightness, especially with its new modifiers, in all but the soft box fixture mode. All this at a reasonable $1100 (I personally wish it was $999 instead), making it a viable option for lower budget indies. I saw this video and I think we may have finally arrived at that point where one light may actually replace many types of lights. What do you guys think?
  14. Is there some way to procure a copy of this contract, that is in restraint of trade?
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