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  1. sanveer

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    My short wish list: 1. Atleast a stop more Dynamic Range than the GH5 (so 14 stops or more). 2. Better VLog (with atleast 1 stop more dynamic range on it). 3. Usable Low light upto ISO12800 4. PDAF (which I feel may be a 50:50 and Panasonic may not wanna ditch DFD so soon). 5. The new Mount should add something. Not really sure what, apart from short flange distance. 6. Colour science seems pretty spot on with the GH5s, so that colour science. 7. Have the option for a Proxy Recording at 720p or lower for reference and faster turn around. Some extras. 8. 14-bit RAW with codec that can be really pushed in post. 9. Dual articulation screen like on the Fuji ( @Andrew Reid and. @Mattias Burling know the model no 😁). I would want a larger screen, but it would be a buyer drain on battery. 10. The fps for photos would solely depend on what the resolution of the sensor is. So it could be from 7 to 20 fps (with continuous autofocus). 11. The Hasselblad X1D is very similar in size to the GH5, so I don't think it could get much larger in size. But a lower power B&W top display like on the G9 would be nice. 12. Not sure they will be able to stuff an IBIS in that mount (if it's the Leica one), and if they Do, it could be as terrible as on the Sony cameras. That why I hope the mount is larger. Also a multi scan mode like on the JVC LS3000 though for adapting smaller lenses. 13. Maybe a Sony + Panasonic mix of ETC and FF and APS-C crop like the A7iii (and other cams), when one needs more reach for video or photo without changing lenses. 14. That new Sony EVF with 120fps OLED Viewfinder (ECX339A OLED). 15. Vastly improved electronic shutter. The new Fuji XT3 seem to have a really improved one.
  2. sanveer

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    I didn't even believe this till recently. And now in 3 days we will hear about a Full Frame Panasonic camera with some serious Video and Photo capabilities. Wow
  3. sanveer

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    Thanks for sharing this. I had read a few articles on cineform earlier, but that 11Stops dynamic range seemed much. Then I did a bit of an online search and apparently the DJI Phantom 4 (not Pro), which shared a similar sized sensor (1/2.3") is rated for 11.8 stops of dynamic range ( https://www.dxomark.com/dji-phantom-4-review-lofty-ambitions ). So I am guessing that may be possible for RAW photos at the very lowest ISO. I also noticed that the GoPro footage doesn't make the sky unusually blue, like most smartphone footage does nowadays.
  4. sanveer

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    I guess after YouTube Reduced revenues for Youtubers/ Vloggers by 10-20 TIMES, they are just happy with whatever freebies they get for new product launches including free flight, stay and a few cameras thrown in. I don't blame them. It's like a millionaire suddenly making $50000-100000 a year from a million just a few months ago. This is what the GoPro 7 should have ideally focussed on, apart from their stabilization (which wasn't too bad in 30p mode in their previous model, TBO😞 1. Make Improvements in low light. With a combination of faster lens and probably larger sensor. 2. Someone mentioned that the GoPro does 11 stops in Protune. That actually seems like a very high figure for such a tiny camera, especially considering it probably doesn't do 11 stops in stills mode. Maybe it does 11 stops in HDR. But certainly not in video. 3. Bitrate is still a paltry 78Mb/s in 4K. While it does it in H.265/ HEVC, the video was still very jaggedy and pixelated. Maybe they should target 100mbps with a firmware update. 4. For last 2-3 generations they don't seem to have changed the sensor. It's like they regurgitating stuff now. Because everyone else isn't really pushing them too much, in things apart from price, they've been complacent for the longest. Considering how amazing Sony's tiny sensors are, it strange they (and most other action and small cam makers) aren't doing more. They could have made this with 2 (or 3) cameras, to have zoom options or better low light.
  5. sanveer

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    Wow. Sounds pretty amazing. Are the dynamic range numbers in the GoPro documentation. I saw a few videos, and the sound seems to have been improved noticeably. The bitrate still seems low (especially for a cam with a lot of moving background). Maybe they should have a few more bitrate options.
  6. sanveer

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    I remember seeing a comparison video between the iPhone X and the GoPro6, and the dynamic range difference (apart from stabilization), was pretty huge. I wish that has been improved. Many Sony Sensor have HDR and 30fps+ full sensor readout. It's only a matter of faster processing and better algorithms and small sensor cameras can be vastly improved. I saw videos of the GP7 and they seem yo have fixed that muddy sound of the in-built mics too. So I guess they're improving.
  7. sanveer

    GoPro Hero 7 with Hypersmooth stabilization

    Is stabilization the only major improvement to the GoPro7 Black (apart from live streaming at 720p)?
  8. sanveer

    Legal side of making a movie

    Yes. And that's why shorts should be made in the lowest possible budget (without sounding or looking crap). It is indeed difficult to sell short films.
  9. sanveer

    Ideas for the camera industry

    Alan Roberts highlighted a Fundamental Flaw with the entire industry. Namely, that even if you're a spotboy for the BBC or any of the big names in the industry, your findings or observations are irrefutable by anyone, almost like being engraved in stone. It also applies to Newsshooter.com. They and Alan Roberts tested the dynamic range of the GH5s, and the difference is 4 Whole Stops. Either one, or both parties are on something. I would wanna have some of it, but it may make me like them. I encounter many of these self consumed fuddy duddies in the various industries that I work in. The only way to deal with them, is to drive them completely mad, till such time, as they shoot themselves in the foot. Again, and again. One has to make an effort for the world to realise how ludicrously overrated and exalted they are. And one mustn't be kind with them. It's for their own good. It's helping them retire with dignity. Before they become inconsequential.
  10. sanveer

    The new Blackmagic RAW Codec

    My comment got Deleted, so I am posting it again. I thought I was the only lunatic wanting this across a plethora of devices (Mavic 2 Pro, Smartphone, MILCs etc), but after reading comments on YouTube and on blogs, that appears to be the consensus among quite a few people. The fact that bitrates on this aren't way off those on H.264 8-bit 4-2-0 codecs, that aren't in the same league (especially on camera like the Fuji XT-3 that have bitrates upto 400 Mb/s internally). I guess many people aren't too happy about 8-bit 4-2-0 on an ILC, especially considering its limitations for post work. And ProRes needs a replacement.
  11. sanveer

    Fuji X-T3 has 4K60P and 10 bit

    I am not sure why Camera manufacturers cannot have a camera screen that incorporates both tilt up and down, as well as the fully articulated, in a single hinge incorporating a hybrid bracket. I am sure it pretty easily doable.
  12. sanveer

    The new Blackmagic RAW Codec

    Among a host of hundreds of other features. You could also get simulated ISO and other effects. The sheer number of features and ease of use makes it amazing. I wish Samsung (apart from DJI on the Mavic 2 Pro), would put it on the next S Series smartphone.
  13. sanveer

    The new Blackmagic RAW Codec

    Oh ok. Yes, soon I guess. "Best of all, there are no hidden licenses or ongoing fees. Blackmagic RAW has been designed to provide the industry with an open, elegant and standardized high quality image format that can be used across products and in customer workflows absolutely free!" I want atleast the 12:1 RAW on the Mavic 2 Pro. I think it should be able to handle it. Plus the footage would look INSANE.
  14. sanveer

    My new music video showreel!

    @Oliver Daniel very impressive showreel. I am envious and also makes me realise how lazy I am becoming. I need to do more work. Music Videos are especially, something else (David Finches would prove this). Great work.
  15. sanveer

    The new Blackmagic RAW Codec

    Hahaha. Who is they? Blackmagic or these Vloggers?