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  1. If the majority agrees we could move to Telegram. We could have moderators and could post things similar to what we post and discuss here. Maybe as an ode to a great forum that all of us enjoyed for close to a decade.
  2. Interesting. I am wondering whether larger LCD would have been a better idea. Or using that money for mini XLR and better heat management, and cost cutting perhaps. Since the new sensor and redesigned body for the 10-bit video is going to already push the costs substantially. Plus the new sensor, and 9ther features.
  3. Whoa. That's over 4k resolution on a tiny EVF. I wonder what the refresh rate would be? Edit: I saw that its dots, not pixels. 4 dors pake for a single pixel. So yeah, much lesser but still almost double of what's presently in the best ILC EVFs available right now.
  4. There are trolls everywhere. Sometimes I feel like throwing people of off buildings. I just make fun of them, grab a cold beer and laugh off the madness. Covid is also pushing us harder than usual, I guess. Btw, your youtube channel is a great initiative. You should add more videos, and more often, if possible. They could include more than just reviews.
  5. sanveer

    Audio Recorders?

    It now gets upto 20 hours of life from 4 x AA batteries. If it has so many inputs, could monitoring have been made easier? Maybe that's on the app(s)?
  6. Is there any proof you've done any manner of filmmaking, professional or otherwise?
  7. Dynamic range is how much information you can See in the shadows and highlights. All of that may not be usable in post, and depending upon signal to rise ration, it could vary greatly. Exposure latitude is how much of that, you can further push in post, without degrading the image enough, to make it unusable. It has got to do the sensor, and more importantly, the codec bit depth. Like a 14-bit codec would always be a (little) better than a 12-bit one, a 12-bit one would be better than a 10-bit one etc. I am guessing the arrangement if middle grey would also govern the latitude, and whether the highlights are better protected or shadow information. Sensor size, to some extent would also govern how much of latitude is available in the final image. Please correct me if I an wrong.
  8. Remember the infamous Michael Woodford case, of him Exposing the over US$1.7 billion in scam money, involving fake auditing and sequestering money (euphemism for illegal wire transfers to Cayman Islands among other places), at Olympus. It appears, that Olympus probably never recovered from that, because when the scan was exposed, they had to isolated one of their 3 businesses. So it was probably prudent to let their Camera Imaging business bite the bullet. Maybe Olympus was ust a sinking ship. It may have merely been a question of when.
  9. The IBIS may be common or similar for most Japanese companies, including the one in Fuji (which had similar tech, but smaller sized components, since it sports larger sensors). I am guessing Olympus may have bene licensing it to some of them. True. Though Olympus has Full Frame lens patents, which they could have used for the L-Mount Alliance. Except, perhaps, they would have to figure which lenses would be covered by Sigma and which by Olympus (?).
  10. I initially thought its Sony. But while Panasonic has 10-bit video and No PDAF, Olympus had PDAF and No 10-bit video. Which makes me suddenly wonder, whether its Sony putting those restrictions or Panasonic and Olympus, themselves. Fuji has 10-bit video, but its 4-2-0, though it isn't as big a difference as one would imagine. And everyone else using Sony Sensors seems to have External 10-bit video, including Sony themselves. About the Sale of the Imaging Division, I am curious why Olympus wants to sell it, to be set up as a completely new entity, unless it plans to further sell it or allow such prospects. It's at an MoU stage, right now, so a miracle could still save Plympus. Though a company would want to buy into M43, if it offered something above other ILCs, and a roadmap for noticeable further improvements and innovations. I am also guessing that Olympus may want to only sell their division to a Japanese company. I am suddenly wondering Panasonic's M43 division would also announce something equally shocking, sooner than later?
  11. The question is, how will Panasonic handle this, considering that a lot of technologies are actually Olympus technologies in the whole M43 ecosystem? Also, should M43 users and buyers suddenly be more conscious, now that development on the part of Olympus has stopped? Also, why suddenly now, since Olympus Imaging had been in losses for a while for while (3 consecutive years, as the statement says)? Hopefully a lot of questions are finally answered regarding why sensors haven't been refreshed in a while, why Olympus didn't get 10-bit video, why Olympus didn't join the L-Mount Alliance and many others.
  12. No word on autofocus. So its neither Contrast-based nor PDAF, in terms of confirmation. Though another G-Series camera, released with such urgency, would mean that it may highlight the roadmap for Panasonic for something (new sensor or new autofocus or some important new technology, that should eventually spill into the majority of Panasonic ILCs?).
  13. True. Even Phantom Cameras have a Rolling Shutter, with a Global Shutter switch. The dynamic range loss, low light issues and the image degradation must be pretty substantial.
  14. You have no idea about the concept of ownership and management of a company (or any other organisation). I wasn't making fun of Red or anyone there. I was making fun of the name thrower. The one who claimed that one has 'to be close to the owner to even get on the list'.
  15. Are you sure it's not Jeffrey Epstein instead of James Jannard here, that you're talking about??? I am guessing you and Jannard are on buddy nicknames. Elena and Johny, perhaps?
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