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  1. Looks very mobile video like, regardless of the super expensive lenses and very large lighting setup (and reflectors) used.
  2. Interesting argument and I agree with you. Dolby seems to have very little penetration, and only seems to be encouraged by corporates that take something in return to promote propreitory and semi monopolistic standards. Maybe there is a sweet spot between sensor size and computational photography, where images have enough detail, and (non artifical) sharpness to make them look good on large monitors, TVs and screens. With the right algorithms, dynamic range, lowlight and other things can be compensated for/improved substantially on smaller sensors. But there is this strange so
  3. Why do you think Apple chose the 10-bit Dolby Vision over the 10-bit HDR10+? Do you think they've improved their video quality further? Slightly more dynamic range and maybe multi frame 10-bit? Apple seems to be be hiding some features and some tricks of the processor too. Maybe they will announce them later or they were trying to make all the phones appear similar (instead of actually 2 completely different generations of smartphones, based on camera alone).
  4. Regardless of all the advantages the GH5s has over the GH5, because of the lack of IBIS, low MP count and a few other factors, it is, at best, a very limited audience camera, since it isn't a hybrid. So, in many ways the number of GH5s cameras Panasonic sells, would have been a small proportion of that of the GH5. The same thing appears to be happening with the new Panasonic DC-BGH1. It seems, too, to be targetted at a very small audience, regardless of its shooting capabilities. I am not sure how that could be a good thing. Unless this is meant to replace many small budget cameras that s
  5. Fair enough. Except perhaps the BMP4k seems more like what you were looking for. If its screen could rotate a little, it would be near perfect.
  6. IBIS and Cinematic Footsge have almost nothing to do with each other. The whackos at top gear used a camera with IBIS and then used it for shots in a car where they probably did terrain that was probably inundated with stones and pebbles and the microjitters sent the camera into a tizzy. I am guessing even OIS lenses must have produced some sort of warped wobble (though way less prominent than IBIS), and the footage needed some stabilization in post, regardless. IMHO all IBIS should have locking mechanisms for the stabilization and the amount of stabilization needs more precise control.
  7. Actually it appears to be a broadcast camera, with a few filmmaking skills (new VLog L with 1 stop higher dynamic range) thrown in. Also missing IBIS? I am guessing they're going after the Top Gear crowd that caused the blunder of the GH5s in the first place?
  8. We pure videographers are a small minority. Panasonic had the opportunity with the GH2, G7, GX85 (even with the missing mic jack), G85, GH5, G9 etc. I felt its marketing wasn't right. And in many markets, its distribution too. There is nothing wrong with M43 as a system or its cameras. Except a few oversized cameras, prices seeming high especially after the A7ii release, lack of 14-bit RAW photos, and user perception issues. Panasonic could have easily addressed these. It still can. The new GH5s' based sensor camera looks pretty niche. Mostly for broadcast at a good price. Maybe even Indi
  9. His journey and how the whole GH1 and GH2 actually started the Low budget Indie Film movement (not the 5Dii, since it was pretty prohibitively priced for then). Some of Andrew's GH2 videos actually drew me to pick up one myself (the 12800ISO hack was one of them).
  10. True. They figured, until Sony agrees to make them another sensor (IF it is being designed), they could squeeze a little.mote juice out of the GH5s sensor, and sell without investing a farthing more on sensor design. In many ways, it's great, especially since the sensor is pretty capable. Yes. Panasonic will try and focus only on sales. They could probably sell everything they can. They'll probably throw in discounts on ACs and washing machines, with new Panasonic ILCs. I don't even mind. I would rather they do this, than go down like Olympus.
  11. I've always been curious about this. I was hoping the 32-bit DAC on the LG smartphones is also used for recording limitless dynamic range audio recording, instead of only for only playback. Having a smart device recording 32-bit would be fantastic. Or having a recording the size of the Zoom H1/Tascam DR 10l would be great too. It could help make recording a lot more exciting.
  12. Hahaha. I hope you're wrong. Though Panasonic seems to have tattooed DFD into their hearts and brains. It appears they don't wanna move away from it, anytime soon.
  13. Between the previous VLog L and the Full VLog. It's apparently increased Dynamic Range by 1 stop, which is what everyone was saying the GH5s' sensor is capable of. 13 Stops. The autofocus also seems to have something different from DFD (which I am guessing has some sort of ToF/Laser autofocus module to circumvent the Sony Imaging's Monopoly). HDMI is full sized, and it has fast enough Type-C usb. Looking pretty impressive, if you ask me. Autofocus, ergonomics and price seem to be the questions left, for now.
  14. Actually $2000. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1442842-REG/z_cam_e1503_e2_professional_4k_cinematic.html From online reviews the ZCams seem to have issues with fixed pattern noise, reliability and after sales. So they aren't without their issues. Also, their 16stops WDR seems to be some out of their hat figure.
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