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  1. I didn't mention anything or anyone here. I was merely reminiscing about a very eminent grandfather-grandson filmmaker duo, who are also famous polymaths and who haven't apparently gotten their due. Has it become a crime to remember great filmmakers?
  2. Why does it appear that the great Ebrahim Saadawi is among us ... 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Seems pretty stellar. Dynamic Range should be tested and also whether it has heating issues in warmer environments. Also all other 24MP sensor makers need to improve their sensor tech. This had some superb rolling shutter.
  4. I know what you mean. At one point of time, a lotta TV series (especially low budget food, and travel and living kinda), were shot on the 5D. And the majority of the time they were not in focus. It just looked unnecessarily soft and terribly blurry. P.S.: Hope someone creates a speedbooster for the RF mount. Those could make it look wild on M43 cameras
  5. If Panasonic paid him $1 Million, he would. Also, I may be wrong, but its difficult to really judge the image unless one sees it on a much bigger screen, that had great HDR. On a smartphone screen it's pretty useless. On smaller monitors too, it's pretty difficult to judge.
  6. Panasonic basically leap flogged all the Netflix Certified Cameras 😎 They NEED to sell these in the Truckloads to Influencers, Film School Students and Low Budget Filmmakers. Hope their Marketing gets it right this time. Hopefully they don't shoot a video on the Alexa35 and pass it off as the GH7 😉 Great time for M43
  7. There's a certain charm and thrill to a super low budget short film, that absolutely no large budget feature can match.
  8. They can just make an external recorder for the GH7, which simultaneously records multiple flavours of RAW, with a built-in battery. Having such a contraption below the camera is great since other things can be out above. Though a rig within the new YAGH avatar would be great. They don't need a sound recorder because the Panasonic DMV-XLR1 does a great job, expect that's it's been replaced by better mics and preamps for 32-bit recording or stays the same, while the 32-but magic happens internally within the GH7?
  9. The Single Most important thing, "has Gerald been invited or Not?" On a more serious note, I feel Panasonic can squeeze out another 1/2 of dynamic range (from the G9ii) by tweaking the VLog, improving heat management and improving the Sensor coating further. That's 11.8 (G9ii) + 0.5 stops. That Full Frame territory. A few flavours of ProRes, BRAW and RAW wouldn't be too bad. They could shrink that horrible YAGH attachment that they made for the GH4, to about 1/3rd it's size, and have external multiple flavour RAW in the recorder.
  10. sanveer

    Lumix S9

    That's probably very common in all camera and smartphone promos. It may have to do with the AD Agencies and Panasonic's advertising division just be stupid, disorganized and lazy, instead of anything else. Contrary to us assuming that the Great Gerald has dented Panasonic's image and given them a bad name, cause they didn't send a Rolls-Royce and a private jet to receive him, people seem to calling him out and others like him, who've suddenly become self appointed demi-Gods. On youtube, influencers are shameless deleting comments, but on regular forums and sites where it's discussed, the discussions actually highlight the problem quite succinctly. https://petapixel.com/2024/05/28/panasonic-reacts-to-controversy-concerning-its-lumix-s9-event/ These two guys have highlighted all issues with Panasonic. Which is a pretty long list, according to them. But there is a certain dignity and maturity to their review and criticism. Something obviously lacking in some others. https://petapixel.com/2024/05/22/panasonic-s9-initial-review-small-pretty-and-confusing/
  11. "Dialing in the color science and optimizing the dynamic range on the sensor is still very much a process we are dialing in. There are two modes for the sensor, one is 12-bit and the other is a 16-bit ClearHDR as Sony calls it, which is Dual Gain Output ( like Arri sensors / fairchild sensors used in Blackmagic ) it's this mode that has quite a bit of configurability and some further tuning. Most of the footage shown in this video is from the standard 12-bit mode." Wow. Sounds quite promising. Would love to see some footage from the 16-bit video. I am guessing it may have impressive exposure latitude. The video in this clip has crushed blacks and blown out highlights. So adding a stop or 2 more may be a welcome change.
  12. This is hilarious. Some Moral High Ground Fable was Woven by some guy named Gerald, whose sulking cause he didn't get invited to a launch party, and people have started bashing the whole world. This is ludicrous. If he doesn't get invited to the Academy Awards next year, he'll probably have an absolute meltdown.
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