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  1. Wouldn't the Sony be suddenly much cleaner at ISO 12800, so it may be a good idea to shoot it at 12800 and use an ND perhaps? Or is is it that most ISO levels in between the dual native ISOs are all noisy? Plus the Sony also has that famous Sony colour (or a version of it). Would love to see a comparison between the Sony, along with Canon (R6) and Panasonic (S5), at all ISOs from 320 to 25600, perhaps.
  2. From Panasonic's Official Press Release: "Providing 4:2:2 10-bit DCI 4K/60p recording capability, the LUMIX GH6 achieves unlimited video recording when the camera is used under the certified operating temperature. It is reliable enough to record continuous footage for a desired duration. It also provides a 10-bit 4K 120p High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Frame Rate (VFR) for high resolution slow/quick motion video. Moreover, the GH6 records 10-bit 5.7K 60p video by taking full advantage of the newly developed Micro Four Thirds sensor." I shared the photos of literature of the
  3. That's absolutely terrible news. He posted a very short last video, and I was trying to get his contact information. I used to love his reviews. He was brilliant and brilliantly witty. Can't imagine anyone else who was an advocate of the M43 ecosystem, like him. Panasonic and Olympus owe him a thank you note, in the least.
  4. Theoretically, if anyone does 12-bit RAW, with a colour correction, or something else baked into the codec, it should not quality as RAW, when compression ratios are con concerned. Even if most manufacturers have their own version of RAW, with varying colours. Or If, there is an element of partial de-bayering within the camera itself, no matter how minor. I feel Panasonic can CIRCUMVENT this shady Red Patent (reminds me of the stories regarding how how hundreds of Tesla's patents were stolen and registered as someone else's, back in the day), by having uncompressed RAW ou
  5. Why not for video. The sensor documentation seems go mention photo only, as does the lack of any specific video frame rate. OCL in the 2×2 configuration is usually when the sensor is a higher resolution one, and the Quad Bayer/ TetraCell type CFA literally merges colour pixel information, merging 4 pixels onto one. Here the sensor is 20MP. Why would they wanna reduce the resolution. Unless the difference in autofocus performance accuracy between conventional on-chip lended and ones in the 2x2 configuration is so tiny, that the faster processing (,perhaps), of the 2x2 OCL is pre
  6. The sensor does 120fps at Full Res, 12-bit, which would be great for both Photography as well as for Shooting RAW video. "Each pixel readout method deployment for the specific mode (1) Normal, (2) Phase difference, (3) Single pixel, (4) HDR ◆ H driver, V driver and serial communication circuit on chip ◆ 10 bits / 12 bits A/D converter on chip ◆ 14 lane (8 lane + 6 lane) SLVS-EC output ◆ R, G, B primary color mosaic filters on chip (Quad Bayer structure)." I am not sure what this HDR in (4) is supposed to imply? Will it have better HDR, and perhaps something on the lines of what's on
  7. Not sure. I am guessing that laser autofocus or some other autofocus assist, to put it at-par with PDAF may be employed.
  8. The effectiveness of LIDAR has been questioned, with the contention that laser and other sensors can pretty much replace its, and beat it in many scenarios.
  9. It would need a 1/10th size focus module of the one that is the one which manufacturers are making, as an addition on the camera via the hotshoe.
  10. I edited the pic. Looks slightly smaller than a GH5 (?)
  11. Next Generation (smartphone level) Laser autofocus assist?
  12. I find the world less insane outside of the Google-FB-Twitter Universe. I have been planning to get a feature phone for the longest, and perhaps use it on weekends. Even Apple isn't really safe. That was the breaching point in all HK and other protests. If they can do it for one government or organisation, they could do it for anyone. And Google keeps you locked into an ecosystem where all major functions (search, OS, maps, video/youtube etc), is owned and controlled but the same company. I have noticed maps keep tracking you, even when you switch off GPS and disable the mobile data. Als
  13. Wow. That was pretty intense. In a great way. We're now gonna face racism, or sexism or reverse something else.
  14. 1. Maybe because there are 3 broad pro/prosumer camera, namely Hybrid, ENG and Cinema. There is obviously a slight overlapping, here and there, between the 3 (or hot swapping), thanks to better designs and hybrids (like the C70 and S1H), they still have many people swearing by one design over the other. 2. More ergonomic cameras should, ideally, also be smaller, and thus lesser bragging rights. For both the client and for anyone else who may be lurking around. And the whole Brain box so promoted by RED, has ensured many other players follow atlesst some model that has one. But RED's mode
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