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  1. I find the world less insane outside of the Google-FB-Twitter Universe. I have been planning to get a feature phone for the longest, and perhaps use it on weekends. Even Apple isn't really safe. That was the breaching point in all HK and other protests. If they can do it for one government or organisation, they could do it for anyone. And Google keeps you locked into an ecosystem where all major functions (search, OS, maps, video/youtube etc), is owned and controlled but the same company. I have noticed maps keep tracking you, even when you switch off GPS and disable the mobile data. Als
  2. Wow. That was pretty intense. In a great way. We're now gonna face racism, or sexism or reverse something else.
  3. 1. Maybe because there are 3 broad pro/prosumer camera, namely Hybrid, ENG and Cinema. There is obviously a slight overlapping, here and there, between the 3 (or hot swapping), thanks to better designs and hybrids (like the C70 and S1H), they still have many people swearing by one design over the other. 2. More ergonomic cameras should, ideally, also be smaller, and thus lesser bragging rights. For both the client and for anyone else who may be lurking around. And the whole Brain box so promoted by RED, has ensured many other players follow atlesst some model that has one. But RED's mode
  4. I read somewhere that early reviewers have to sign some sort of agreement regarding reviewing the new processors, in the various computers. Hopefully, independent buyers will be able to help with actual usage experince and issue, instead of ones by people who've been given free laptops or early access, in exchange for lack of completely transparent reviews.
  5. Hahaha. This is like Andrew quarterly rant. But, entertaining, regardless.
  6. We may have to start using FCP, again. DaVinci was getting addictive
  7. Interesting. Would love to try the new MacBook Air. I may test it before I actually get one. I haven't used a Mac in the longest. I used to hate Word and Excel on it. For video and photo editing it's pretty neat. The Air is priced pretty well, for the apparent performance. Would also love to see some independent reviews before taking a call.
  8. Interesting. Since it uses bluetooth for the time code sync, I am guessing that other (cheaper) standards may be open as possible timecode sync alternatives(?), as long as Zoom allows it (either open source or vendor agreements?). Isn't this the product you're talking about for syncing. I am curious, don't newer bluetooth standards matter for faster and more accurate sync (and 5.0 also allows for 2 devices to be operated, simultaneously), or it's just the first frame (or first few, as multiple timecode messages, with the necessary information?), and then the last (or last few) to c
  9. Hahaha. Good one. I always find those clickbait expensive cinema camera vs iBoss comparisons videos so delusional. This one screws all of those, and some more.
  10. I guess more information on the SoC will slowly start trickling in, and we'll know specs and performance figures. I am guessing their graphics processing should be enough for most tasks too. I personally want a huge tablet (18 inch?) on which desktop grade editing would be possible. Retina means it's a fancy name for not even giving customers 1080p and covering it with wordplay. That was smart, but dishonest.
  11. Oh ok. I am guessing that it probably implies that it has a smartphone setup, instead of a laptop or desktop type, in terms of s processor. It's an SoC, instead of merely a processor. One cannot really change the RAM on a smartphone. I obviously could be wrong, but, Apple usually exaggerates things. Their Retina display was like 720p, when many smartphones were offering QHD and more. So they're probably just selling smartphones SoCs like they invented the wheel.
  12. Interesting. Was this in the presentation? ARM designs the cores. They also have designs for the (multi core) processor function, but which is limited to connectivity architecture and instructions (DynamIQ vs big.LITTLE for example). So SoC designers (such as Samsung, Qualcom, Apple, Mediatek etc) actually mix and Max combinations of ARM processors, laying them within the processor, based upon the budget, power and processing requirements, product which is made for etc. Most of the engineers figure out what the best combination of cores and instruction for the job is, the size
  13. I agree. @IronFilm will give us some insights we may have missed. I do with it had a fint little LCD. It makes me worried about battery life or some other things one needs to check. Probably which track is being played back or something else.
  14. If its based on the ARM design (most likely the Cortex X1, with another lower re-deisgned core), theoretically Snapdragon and Exynos should be able to pull off high end laptop processors too (if they can record 8k, in compressed H.264/H.265) on smartphones, their processors already seem capable enough). Nice that processors are getting smaller and a lot kroe efficient. Also, the monopoly of over pricing processors is wearing off. Hopefully Snapdragon and Exynos join the race, sooner than later.
  15. Yes. Wireless can be a problem in when one doesn't expect it to (RF and dropouts mostly). The Tascam are also great with backup track recorded at –6/–12 dB. But this obviously doesn't need a backup. And the price is pretty good for what it offers. Only wish it had a tiny LCD for atleast checking the battery or other things.
  16. It's also competition to the Tentacle Sync TRACK E Pocket Audio Recorder with Timecode Support, since they both have 32-bit and time code. But the Tentacle at $349 is a lot more expensive.
  17. F2 FIELD RECORDER & LAVALIER MIC 32-BIT FLOAT TECHNOLOGY IN OUR SMALLEST, LIGHTEST RECORDER EVER BUILT FOR BIG THINGS For podcasters, videographers, bloggers, journalists and more, the F2 is the perfect audio solution for creators on the move. *F2 is available with or without Bluetooth AUDIO ON AUTOPILOT The F2 features 32-bit float recording technology, allowing you to record the loudest audio signals without worrying about clipping. It will also record the quietest signals in beautiful detail. And the best part is you don’t have to worry abo
  18. Congrats. If one doesn't have a very effective team, filmmaking is usually a very difficult job. Especially for Independent Filmmakers, on much smaller budgets. Congrats on making it this far.
  19. Looks very mobile video like, regardless of the super expensive lenses and very large lighting setup (and reflectors) used.
  20. Interesting argument and I agree with you. Dolby seems to have very little penetration, and only seems to be encouraged by corporates that take something in return to promote propreitory and semi monopolistic standards. Maybe there is a sweet spot between sensor size and computational photography, where images have enough detail, and (non artifical) sharpness to make them look good on large monitors, TVs and screens. With the right algorithms, dynamic range, lowlight and other things can be compensated for/improved substantially on smaller sensors. But there is this strange so
  21. Why do you think Apple chose the 10-bit Dolby Vision over the 10-bit HDR10+? Do you think they've improved their video quality further? Slightly more dynamic range and maybe multi frame 10-bit? Apple seems to be be hiding some features and some tricks of the processor too. Maybe they will announce them later or they were trying to make all the phones appear similar (instead of actually 2 completely different generations of smartphones, based on camera alone).
  22. Regardless of all the advantages the GH5s has over the GH5, because of the lack of IBIS, low MP count and a few other factors, it is, at best, a very limited audience camera, since it isn't a hybrid. So, in many ways the number of GH5s cameras Panasonic sells, would have been a small proportion of that of the GH5. The same thing appears to be happening with the new Panasonic DC-BGH1. It seems, too, to be targetted at a very small audience, regardless of its shooting capabilities. I am not sure how that could be a good thing. Unless this is meant to replace many small budget cameras that s
  23. Fair enough. Except perhaps the BMP4k seems more like what you were looking for. If its screen could rotate a little, it would be near perfect.
  24. IBIS and Cinematic Footsge have almost nothing to do with each other. The whackos at top gear used a camera with IBIS and then used it for shots in a car where they probably did terrain that was probably inundated with stones and pebbles and the microjitters sent the camera into a tizzy. I am guessing even OIS lenses must have produced some sort of warped wobble (though way less prominent than IBIS), and the footage needed some stabilization in post, regardless. IMHO all IBIS should have locking mechanisms for the stabilization and the amount of stabilization needs more precise control.
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