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    Olympus OM-1

    I noticed that from the pics online too. The OM-1 seems quite promising, though it could have done with a CfastCF Express Type cards (much higher buffer?), higher video bitrates, 4k at 120fps, a faster mechanical shutter, and a $1999 price tag to capture a larger market(?)
  2. "Latitude Dynamic Range Boost ON: 13+ stops (V-Log) Dynamic Range Boost OFF: 12+ stops (V-Log)Still Image Recording file formatJPEG (DCF, Exif 2.31), RAWAspect ratio4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1File size (Pixels)4:3: 5776x4336(L) / 4096x3072(M) / 2944x2208(S) / 11552x8672(XL) / 8192x6144(LL)3:2: 5776x3848(L) / 4096x2728(M) / 2944x1960(S) / 11552x7696(XL) / 8192x5464(LL)16:9: 5776x3248(L) / 4096x2304(M) / 2944x1656(S) / 11552x6496(XL) / 8192x4608(LL)1:1: 4336x4336(L) / 3072x3072(M) / 2208x2208(S) / 8672x8672(XL) / 6144x6144(LL)Image qualityRAW / RAW+Fine / RAW+Standard / Fine / StandardColor spacesRGB, AdobeRGBMotion Picture Recording file formatMOV: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVC, Apple ProResMP4: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVCAudio formatMOV: LPCM (2ch 48kHz/24-bit, 96kHz/24-bit) (4ch 48kHz/24-bit, 96kHz/24-bit)MP4: AAC (2ch 48kHz/16-bit)System frequency59.94Hz / 50.00Hz / 24.00HzImage area of videoFull / Pixel by PixelViewfinder TypeOLED Live View FinderPixelsApprox. 3.68 million dots Dynamic Range Boost ON / OFF ISO sensitivityStill image:[Normal]: Auto / 50 (Extended ISO) / 100-25600[V-Log]: Auto / 125 (Extended ISO) / 250-12800Motion picture:[Normal]:Dynamic Range Boost OFF (Base ISO 100): Auto / 50 (Extended ISO) / 100-12800Dynamic Range Boost ON (Creative Video Mode) (Base ISO 800): Auto / 800-12800[V-Log]:Dynamic Range Boost OFF (Base ISO 250): Auto / 125 (Extended ISO) / 250-12800Dynamic Range Boost ON (Creative Video Mode) (Base ISO 2000): Auto / 2000-12800[Hybrid Log Gamma]:Dynamic Range Boost OFF (Base ISO 250): Auto / 250-12800Dynamic Range Boost ON (Creative Video Mode) (Base ISO 2000): Auto / 2000-12800 (Standardoutput sensitivity)" Curious to know how effective the dynamic range boost would be.
  3. I saw the video again. Data rate doesn't seem to be mentioned in English numbers (unless it was in Japanese). At 6:39 or so he shows the ProRes recording option on the menu.
  4. The accompanying video by the japanese guy outlined a lot of the specs. I don't remember whether it had a frame of the ProRes though.
  5. I didn't realise the full specs were already shared. Seems quite promising. I am curious about the autofocus, the dynamic range and low light improvements.
  6. Your be glad to know that 14 stops is the theoretical limitation of a senior's dynamic range, because of the lens flare. So everyone claiming 17 stops, are just gassing. Without exceptional lens coatings on on all lenses of the various lens elements, it is apparently impossible to breach the 14 stops limit. "Camera DR is often limited by flare light, which is stray light in the image, primarily caused by reflections between lens elements." https://www.imatest.com/2019/07/making-dynamic-range-measurements-robust-against-flare-light/#:~:text=Introduction,by reflections between lens elements. That organic sensor was apparently a gas-guzzler/ battery leech, and the advantage of the organic sensor was mostly imaginary BS ala the Emperor's New Clothes. If anything the Blackmagic 12k is superb for what it does. It does 12k and 8k, and many other resolutions, many with no crop. If Panasonic did their homework well, they could have picked that sensor and tweak the circuit for improving things, for 8k. They were too busy chasing their imaginary organic sensor (Samsung btw has some interesting paper on an organic sensor, which seemed more promising, though not sure what happened to it).
  7. Didn't they suspend their Twitter account. Some over-reaction by corporations, who weren't too happy with leaks(?)
  8. On M43 rumours there are murmurs of the OM having the 20MP 120fps sensor with 2 stops improvement in low light, and the GH6 apparently slated for a 25MP sensor (for the 5.7k).
  9. Because it Theoretically Doubles the Pixel Size via a viz signal strength (actually doubles the pixel area).
  10. 🤣 Unlikely. Not likely either. Which is sad, cause Samsung and Sony both presented papers on Triple Gain sensors (for smaller sensors, I guess), and if Panasonic wanted they could have made the most of the tech, for a M43 sensors. I thought it was established that the resolution advantage is mostly blurred after a certain point, and better noise, lenses etc mostly blur the lines. Steve Yedlin's and hundreds of other presentation on resolution go into the exaggerated claims and why after a point why it doesn't matter. Arri's discussion on it seems quite interesting. https://www.newsshooter.com/2015/08/14/arri-managing-director-franz-kraus-talks-about-resolution-hdr-and-the-arri-65/ Mist interesting of all, Sony presented its stacked CMOS image sensor technology with 2-Layer Transistor Pixel, widening Dynamic Range and Reduces Noise by approximately Doubling Saturation Signal Level (since surface area isn't being wasted, because the photo diode pixel transistor are in the same level (so only 50% area is used for the photo diode). Theoretically this should sensor at the same pixel seem much better in detail and dynamic range. The question would be, by how much. https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/e/news/2021/2021121601.html More than anything else I am curious why nobody feels the Blackmagic 12k Camera No Crop Resolutions is a big deal. Especially for its price point, shooting 12k at 60p 8k and 4k at 120fps, Without Cropping or Changing Your Field of View. Wonder why nobody seems to have gone that path.
  11. The GH6 is such a minor upgrade in most ways, that, it's 'a GH5 with the weaknesses remedied'. That's good enough, even if solely improves dynamic range and Autofocus.
  12. I sometimes feel that the GH5 was was 90% already there, and only a few minor improvement would keep it relevant for another half decade. 5.7k should have been complete 6k, at 60p. 4k at 120fps. Dynamic Range improvements. Usable video ISO 6400 PDAF comparable to that on Sony and Canon cameras Having much better AR coating across all lenses and on the sensor, should help improve dynamic range. Full Vlog Make it a Netflix Certified Camera 😎 One last, extra, would be to work with Topaz Labs to have upressing to 8k video and Photos at 40-60MP, purely by software upressing. This should make to compare to the 8k Cameras and the 50+MP Cameras.
  13. Actually many manufacturers have been wanting to get out of China since the beginning of 2020. The Pandemic and the whole expansionism contributed big time to it. The Japanese Government even paid businesses billions of yen to move out of China (https://www.bloombergquint.com/global-economics/japan-to-pay-at-least-536-million-for-companies-to-leave-china). I believe many other countries with manufacturing in China did too, and many large ones left are contemplating too. The environment for manufacturing has been losing its advantage for a while now, and the whole friction with its Asian neighbours, was probably the last nail.in the coffin (surprisingly, not Covid or the terrible lockdown so much). Apple seems to be one of the few ones, that has been able to retain much (not all) of its advantage. It pays higher wages than before, but their other sweat shop practices, apparently haven't gone. They paid enormous sums apparently including the majority as political money, to continue running their sweat shops. https://9to5mac.com/2021/12/07/apple-china-iphone-pledge/
  14. Seems quite average. The image seemed way too flary, and the movement is dull.
  15. What device did you get to test it on? I hope they list the devices it works best on (stability, more frame rate options etc). Btw, I read a rumour that the new Samsung 22 Ultra is going to shoot RAW. If it shoots raw video, that would be superb. It already does 10-bit upressed to 12-bit HDR for photos, so I hope its 12-bit RAW video. Not sure why smartphone makers are already supporting RAW. If their cameras can do 10-bit 4-2-0 already, and 8k (8-bit?), I am sure they have the bandwidth and the processing power. Any even get that rubbish Camera2API on devices, with its limiting features.
  16. Wow, the image looks great. I wanna try it. Am just a little hesitant, like with trying out the various hacks on the GH2. I'm sure thus is going to be great. I have a spare smartphone. Maybe I use it.on that one.
  17. Interesting screenshots. The RAW has no burnt-out highlights and the rolloff is also very ... organic. From a distance it may seem to have less detail, but, that is only unnecessary sharpening in the regular screenshot. The RAW video should look even better with some more grading and sharpening, I am guessing. I noticed that, in the 2nd pic, the store signboard has absolutely no detail in the regular pic, whereas in the RAW, its visible.
  18. Hahaha. I love it. I didn't even use the subtitle track, and I still got it, all thanks to the good visuals and references. IMHO, if you just work on the pacing (building it up slowly, to a crescendo), the grade (little more faded or washed out) and the soundtrack (more build up, with a heartbeat or its equivalent, as reference), this could easily be of a masterpiece. Great homage.
  19. So sorry to hear of your loss @Danilo Del Tufo. May his soul rest in peace.
  20. This is Pretty Neat. Unfortunately, since the Sony IMX377 and other 1/2.3" sensors, most smartphone sensors have abandoned 12-bit, for photo or video (Staggered HDR sensors do 12-bit HDR for photos instead). So, this is limited to 10-bit video for now. But, the video quality looks pretty stellar. Unprocessed and I am guessing the highlight and shadow recovery maybe pretty decent. It apparently does 10-bit 4-2-2 (most smartphones that do 10-bit video, have 4-2-0). (The new Snapdragon and MediaTek SoCs talk about 18-bit imaging, which I am guessing may be some crazy HDR, upressing bit-depth, though that may solely be limited to photos). This RAW video does look pretty neat, and doesn't look over sharpened or over processed like most smartphone footage.
  21. Curiously the fixed pattern noise, that appears static across frames is something I noticed in one of stars wars films (one of the 2 last ones). I thought it was a bad case of adding film grain, after shooting on a digital camera. Also, strangely, it was during one of the daytime shots, and not low light ones, like Sony explains in their reasoning doe not including PDAF.
  22. That's why Panasonic isn't including PDAF in any of its cameras 😂
  23. The price seems unnecessary, and the 2nd camera is a poor gimmick. Its quality is pretty bad. Unless its sole purpose was illegal aerial surveillance, as alleged by certain people in the US government (is already being done, by way of illegal data sharing). For that, perhaps, its good enough. Also, the sensor does Full Res at only 50fps, which seems like a slower readout than even the GH5, or is it due to processing limitations? It's better than the 1inch sensor, mostly in low light. But, that may be more, due to the fact that both cameras have an f2.8 lens and the one with the smaller pixel will obviously be worse in low light.
  24. I saw a few reviews citing overheating issues in most 4k settings. Plus the body gets noticeably hot, to the point if being uncomfortable. Would be interesting to see some people burn themselves, wearing this to their chest. The paid or clickbait ones obviously didn't notice, or didn't care to be honest. Btw, EU regulations have prevented having dual heat levels for switching off, so its going to shoot for much lesser in Europe, by default. Not sure what DJI was thinking, creating something with such terrible heat management issues. And, winter is just around the corner. In the summer, this is definitely going to burn someone.
  25. Andrew, you do a great job with the site, and with anything that takes so much of one's time, effort and spirit, it is important to give yourself a little break, whenever you feel it's getting much. I will suggest doing things that you havent done, not because you can't do them, but either you believed these things fo be very difficult, or you weren't sure how to pursue them. I was personally planning to run a traiathoin last year, despite never even having a run a marathon or half marathon in my life. I went out one day to test how much I can run, with absolutely zilch practice, and I ran about 7.5kms, with no prior preparation. I wasn't exhausted, but I didn't run more, cause I didn't wanna become that guy who randomly dies, cause he decided to break some distance record, at his very first attempt. I am very comfortable at cycling even though I haven't done in over a decade, and my swimming is extremely slow and I had terrible buoyancy until, recently, when I discovered yoga. But, I see a lotta people with different physical handicaps, and extremely high level of mental power, and I realise, if I push myself, and be a little consistent, I should be able to pull it off. 2020 was all about about being broken down, by everything around. 2021, is about being crazy, and doing things you've never done before. Screw the formalities, just do things you want to, and care a fuck about anyone, including your self doubt, telling you, you can't.
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