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  1. In fact, I always used AWB until a shot that I've taken on a trip - with a GX85, by the way. It was climbing the stairs in the center atrium of the British Museum in London with a gimbal. Even more strange, the atrium is completely flooded with sun light from the ceiling, which in theory should have caused no troubles with AWB. Don't know if the camera picked the warmer tones of the surrounding walls, but from the bottom to the top of the stairs the white balance shifted back and forth around 5 times, ruining the shot. Still forget almost all the times to lock the white balance while filming (I'm an amateur, after all), but this case changed my mind about AWB - now I almost only film my daughter inside home, and with my X-S10 sometime I noticed some AWB shifting too.
  2. For waveform, I guess that you mean histogram.
  3. Looks like it does 30fps in RAW, but with one of the newer lossy raw compression modes.
  4. My curiosity is who is making this sensor. The readout speeds are insane. Video rolling shutter rates 8K/30/24~14.3ms 4K/30/24 oversampled (from 8K)~14.3ms 4K/120/60 subsampled~7.8ms
  5. I was talking about the GX9, not G9. And I second the @BTM_Pix suggestion to use it hack to use Cinelike-D in the GX85, used it a lot when I had mine - grading it with Leeming Lut resulted in amazing footage. Look for a free Android app called Gmonitor to activate Cinelike-D using wifi.
  6. Indeed. I was talking in lower prices, Panasonic S1 line, Canon R5/6, Sony A7S III...always when people ask for internal NDs in this price range, the answer is "it is impossíble because the cameras are smaller than flagships and there is no room for an internal ND".
  7. If the additional 4k crop is not an issue, the GX9 is even better than the GX85, in my opinion. Got on used from a friend , interested in the 12-60 zoom kit lens, the plan was to sell the body and keep the lens, but instead the GX85 body was sold. Better color science, tilting EVF and dedicated focus switch (both things that I've missed from the old GX7), faster operation and a little better menu, better color from stills, better AF (for CDAF standards).
  8. One more thing that DJI got a lot of manufacturers on the wrong foot: built in NDs. Lot of others lying saying "we did not put internal NDs because there is no room for it" - meaning "if you want internal NDs, pay a lot more". DJI inserted internal NDs in a minuscule camera with a VERY shallow mount. Liars exposed. Lots of outside the box thinking in this camera.
  9. With the exchange rate, import taxes and "Apple Brasil tax" here, the top M1 Max costs the same as an (big) SUV...
  10. It is out. CineD have a hands-on. https://www.cined.com/dji-ronin-4d-review-this-is-the-ultimate-stabilized-camera/
  11. Exactly the shot that I've saw. Loved the colors.
  12. Just remember that the payload is not very high.
  13. If someone have a VEEEEERY low budget for a motorized slider (and a small camera), I have this gizmo and it works well: https://www.amazon.com/Kingjoy-Motorized-Electric-Photography-Smartphone/dp/B073XNVFZQ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  14. Holy shit, this still looks great.
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