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  1. I'm using the Galaxy S one or two generations behind the latest model (S9, currently). Good (very good sometimes) for mundane photos, good performance for other uses, often cheaper and MUCH better than the latest Galaxy A or simpler models.
  2. Screen type - never undestood why Fuji made the (almost) best solution for the LCD hinge in the XT-100 and never used it again. I prefer tilt screens too, but undestand the use cases for a flip screen, and the XT-100 have a hinge that pleased both camps. But if I got a Fuji and liked it, for sure will have a second body - always like to have a backup, or have one set for stills and another for video, when possible / convenient. Probably will get both, but for a hybrid start still think that the X-S10 will be better, because of easier switching between stills and video on the fly. And
  3. Never used FCP (Windows user here), and when I've tried Warp Stabilizer in Premiere never got decent results. I will switch to Resolve and will try its stabilizer.
  4. Yeah, this one with the 18-55 or the 16-80 probably will be my start (always liked the 18-55 but I've got use to the 24mm eq. in my trips. XT-3: yeah, could be another option. But it have two usability-ish issues: no IBIS (I know that the 18-55 OIS is very good, but IBIS stills works better in video) and go back and forth between stills and video (I remember that it was one of your complaints about it). And for hybrid use, PASM dials are better than the usual Fujifilm dials (terrific for stills, not so much for video). The XS-10 even have separated meus for still and video. Grip: yea
  5. I think this one is not intended to be a professional camera, as the XT-30. Of course it could give you professional results, but is not the target group. Their target is me, I guess - amateur / enthusiasts. My current cameras are a Panasonic GX9 and a Olympus E-M10 MK III. Thinking about leaving it because allt he signings that the m43 ship is sinking - or, at least, became a niche. Also, use my cameras both for movies and stills. Have zero interest in full frame ones, because I like to travel light, and (with few exceptions, as the Sigma 45mm 2.8 L-mount and the Rokinon primes for
  6. About size, Fujirumors already posted a "size preview" of the camera, made by one of its sources: Smaller than Xt-4, bigger than the XT30. Also the controls are different from usual Fuji, with a PASM dial. "Top Plate According to our sources, the Fujifilm X-S10 top plate will have 3 dials, of which 2 will be unmarked and one will be a PSAM dial (more or less like they are on the super-discounted Fujifilm X-T200). So, there won’t be any top LCD, like there is on the Fujifilm X-H1. This might explain also why Fujifilm decided to call it X-S10 and not X-H10 (or
  7. For me (personal use only), is almost the camera that I'm waiting for ages to Fuji doing - just preferred a rangefinder body. 4k60 would be good, but (for me) is not a deal breaker. Time limit, yes - 10 min is ok most of the time, but when shooting concerts I need a little more time for some songs (already had troubles with the LX100 with 10 min). 30 min would be awesome, 20 min would be enough, 15 min still kind of a stretch.
  8. Did not see anythong different in AF. "Dedicated lens control" probably is because is supports a LANC control, and "Deep Learning" is a fancy name for subject recognition. Bet it is still DFD.
  9. Maybe not, considering that Z-Cam could be forced to stop their production very soon because it uses HiSilicon chips.
  10. Oh, boy, Curitiba post center is slow as hell to release goods... (I lived there - in Curitiba, not in the post office - for 20 years)
  11. B&H C70 page is up - 5499 body only. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1595392-REG/canon_eos_c70_cinema_camera.html
  12. Remember that the Panasonic's DFD only works with Panasonic lenses. With Olympus lenses, it falls back to usual contrast detection. (It is the kind of thing that undermined the m43 system "alliance", and I suspect that they will do the sma with L-mount...)
  13. It would be great. But probably will be flooded by lawsuits from the reviewers cited (with eventual financial backing from the companies).
  14. Could be, but it is in line with all the last Panasonic "signs": - When asked about GH6 and MFT, they said "are studying how to make best of format", "evaluating possibilities", and talk about high frame rate and telephoto. Always vague information; - In another interview, they said that "have the intention in transforming the L-mount in a video standard"; - Then Nikkei published a rumor that Panasonic is planning a "structural reform" on the Lumix business; - Then Panasonic releases the S5, which looks like a GH5, much more than the rest of the line. Since everybody look
  15. Whether this info is real or not, depends on how much you trust the site, but this is very bad news (and kind of confirms what I was feeling): https://www.43rumors.com/will-panasonic-transform-their-mft-product-line-to-focus-on-vloggers/ "I got this from a very reliable source: They will change strategy here. MFT will focus on the V-Logging segment. They don’t see a huge market for a GH6 anymore as most people are moving to Full Frame. So the upcoming GH6 may be more a “Pro Grade” G100. It’s more of an upgraded GH5 in a new body with enhanced mobile integration. Or to make it
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