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  1. Great post. I like how you linked the Alexa and early DSLR/Mirrorless cameras to the pursuit of a filmic image. With @DaveAltizer ‘s recent return to the 1DC and this post, I wonder if you have any interest in writing a 10 years later review on some of the original cameras that paved the way to the pursuit of that elusive filmic look and how they hold up today? Although outdated, I think the mjpeg codec adds a special meatiness to the IQ of some the earlier cameras... your hacked GH1 videos come to mind as a perfect example and it would be interesting to see how you would use these camera today. With the prices of the 1DC and C100 steadily declining, I must admit I’m tempted to give one or the other a try.
  2. How do you like the E2? Also, have you heard anything about the E2C’s availability?
  3. mercer


    Do you have any graded video frames or info about the lens... why you like it... is it parfocal...?
  4. mercer

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    With the FCPX issue, could a workaround involve using Resolve as a color corrector (LUT utility) and then transcoding the “LogC” files to ProRes for an FCPX import?
  5. Thanks for the update but where can you preorder the e2c? I can’t find it anywhere.
  6. mercer


    Yeah, it is definitely relative but the weight without the added benefit of image stabilization makes it a little impractical for me. But as you suggested, it’s really 3 primes in one, so the convenience factor is a definite plus. Right now, I’m only looking for the Samyang 24mm 1.4 we’ve spoken about in the past while I sell off a bunch of unneeded glass. Then I’m going to reevaluate what I have left, and what I need based on upcoming projects, including the Samyang and see if there’s anything else I can get rid of... Then... I may look into replacing all of my 28mm lenses with the Nikkor 28mm 1.4. That has been a dream lens of mine but a little too pricey for my meager skills. But if it’s my only 28mm, it may be doable. My ultimate goal is to have a small EF set and then a few of my favorite primes of varying focal lengths with the ultimate goal of 10 lenses or less. I’d love it if I was the type of person that could get by with a Sigma zoom and a prime but I just don’t know how realistic that is.
  7. mercer


    The locations in my film are in some ways characters in and of themselves, so I’d rather not divulge the specific locations. I’m sure you understand.
  8. mercer


    I didn’t even realize how many jewels were in my backyard until I started searching for locations. Now I find an interesting place almost every time I go out to shoot. Thanks, nature helped me out here as this was nothing more than some saturation added. In the summer months, storms roll in and out of these small bayside communities and the cloud formations are amazing. One of my favorite aspects of ML Raw is how it renders skies. I sometimes wish for a little easier of a workflow but at the end of the day, I cannot deny the image benefits of 14 bit uncompressed Raw. Even 720p ML Raw has some special image qualities to it... 1080p is really more than enough for me... with Anamorphic, 2.5K is possible with the normal build and the experimental builds up to 3.5K looks pretty amazing. I think I’ll test it this summer.
  9. mercer


    @BTM_Pix that 7artisans looks great. If I ever get back into mirrorless, I’m definitely buying the 35mm 1.2. I’d love to see them release a fast 16 or 20mm. I’ve contemplated that Sigma zoom for a while now and if the price was a little cheaper, I’d give it a go but as is, it’s just too big and heavy. I’ve also read that the 24-105 f/4 zoom is great considering the boring, utility aspects of that focal range of zooms. But paired together, they could make a good two lens set up... the 24-105mm for run and gun daylight and the 24-35mm when you have a little more time.
  10. mercer


    Thanks zero! I was pleasantly surprised by that lens and I still love my 5D3 but I must admit, it is tough sometimes... I am not that great of a colorist and sometimes I think a GH5 or X-T3 would be a lot easier to get that sharp, modern look. I’ve never measured it, but the 5D3 with ML Raw seems to have 11-12 stops which is usually more than enough for my needs. As you know, the biggest issue is chroma noise in the shadows but with a faster lens and one of those MX-9 Aputure lights, it’s not horrendous for a run and gun, handheld set up... and usually with a little crushing of the blacks, the chroma noise will disappear. But yes dynamic range is not why you would choose this camera. Btw I still watch your “Wolf...” ML Raw film on occasion... and it holds up beautifully. That location is a little beach on the Delaware Bay in southern New Jersey. It’s a tiny, old fishing village with tattered remains of piers and docks. People still live their but the commercial aspect of the village is just a ruins of memory. I posted a frame or two from this location before... The last one is obviously in the winter but you can see how desolate the location is from the opposite angle. To stay on topic, that last one was shot with an old Minolta MC 35mm 1.8. I bought it with the mount modified to EF but the focus ring is jammed at 3-4 feet so until I get it fixed, I can only shoot close ups with it... awesome lens though.
  11. mercer


    Here’s a shot from the Nikkor 28mm f/2. It’s the older non-ai version. I can’t stress enough how much I love wide angle close ups. I’ve been spending some time trying to find the best 50mm but I think I should be on the lookout for a great 28mm. Any suggestions?
  12. Or have her fall in love and screw her first cousin.
  13. Yup, I bought my Samyang 50mm from them and if anything they undersold it in their description. It was my first purchase from them and it was a great experience.
  14. mercer


    I have a plastic fantastic coming in the mail today... the Canon 24-85mm 3.5-4.5. I paid less than $60 for it. I’m hoping it matches well with my Canon 28mm 1.8 for a two lens set up. The flickr samples look pretty good, has anyone ever used it?
  15. mercer


    I checked the file and it seems to be a bird. Here’s a lighter grade from the same shot... It’s higher in the clouds now. I wish this lens was a touch cheaper... I really do like how it renders.
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