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  1. Mind blowing Canon executive interview

    The 5D Mark IV is a professional photography camera that shoots video, not a video camera. Just because Panasonic gives those features on a camera doesn’t mean every brand has to or needs to. Sony and Panasonic serves their other industries with their camera lines. Sony shows what their sensors are capable of in their cameras. Panasonic introduces HLG/HDR to create a market for their TV features. All of these companies have agendas, people just have blinders on when it is the company who manufactures the camera they enjoy the most. Most likely, the only reason Canon even put 4K in the M50, is to entice smart phone users who are looking for an interchangeable lens camera. But they surely won’t give all of their top of the line features to one of their entry level cameras... Especially when they have the 7D Mark III and 90D release on the horizon... no camera manufacturer does that. To add, we’re hanging out in a prosumer/consumer, photographers world here. To evaluate these camera releases solely on video features is an exercise in futility.
  2. Mind blowing Canon executive interview

    Yes in 1080p but I assume there may be an overheating issue with DPAF in 4K on such a small camera. Probably why there is a 4K video crop as well.
  3. Mind blowing Canon executive interview

    C’mon now Jon, Panasonic doesn’t even give the all-i 1080p to any of their sub $1000 cameras. All companies have product tiers with more features in the higher tiered products. The 5D4 is nearly two years old with the older processor. And to many, mjpeg is a solid codec that editing programs can cut like butter. Some of my favorite Panasonic videos were shot in mjpeg with the GH1/GH2 hacks. I don’t really care what cameras people use. In fact, I love the competition these companies have. It only helps us. But this notion that Canon isn’t innovating or they’re holding back is ridiculous. They’re the first company to have fully manual video mode, first 4K DSLR, first 4K 60p DSLR, first company with usable video AF, first company to put a Log Profile in a DSLR... etc...
  4. Future Proof with the Current Crop

    You could always do the old mini dv trick of stacking the same shot on two different video tracks. A B&W video track of the same clip with a lower opacity can beef up the image a touch.
  5. Gh4 GH5s 4k log ProRes LT

    No, a GH5 cannot record 4K ProRes. So, you would either need a 4K recorder or a higher end camera like one of the BlackMagic Ursa cameras.
  6. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    Great samples. And very good points, Jon. Although it should be mentioned that those videos were shot by professionals, with professional crews, using professional lenses, and professional level support gear, corrected and graded by a professional colorists, with a professional production staff to put all of the elements together. Those guys, with their resources, would make a t2i look amazing. With that being said, the GH5 and GH5s are amazing cameras and would be for double the price. And I don’t see anyone arguing this with you.
  7. New Kinefinity Mavo and MavoLF announced

    Seems interesting. I wish Kinefinity would come out with a pocket camera. If it were cheap enough, I’d definitely give it a try... and maybe a direct competitor for BM would give them a kick in the ass to develop a pocket 2 or lowering the price of the original.
  8. Lenses

    Cheap Nikon Series E 50mm 1.8...
  9. Canon 5D mark iii RAW video 2018

    128 will give you about 25min
  10. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    Well that was the guy who hacked the GH2... I assume he has some contacts? As deezid said, the 6K anamorphic mode seems to have less in camera sharpening... so with a good downscale, you can probably get some cinematic 2K/3K. Now I only shoot 1920x810 2:35 on my 5D3, so I agree 1080p is usually more than enough. But with the GH5... the softer 6K anamorphic with IBIS is definitely a selling point that the more expensive GH5s cannot do.
  11. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    It’s literally the 3rd comment down from the top of the page linked. It very well may be BS but Vitally may have some insider knowledge. Either way, always a pleasure. I was making a joke about the GH5s not getting IBIS due to that Amazon show needing a couple of crash cams...
  12. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    Sorry it was personal view... https://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/18330/panasonic-gh5s-gh5-s-4k-video-edition/p14
  13. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    I think it was on 43rumors... supposedly they got substantially less pre orders than they projected. I assume if it’s true (it probably isn’t) the reduction will be closer to the 15% number. But yeah, if it is true... 40% off... I need a crash cam too...
  14. Canon M50 vs Samsung NX500 vs NX30

    Sorry, didn’t realize you already have an NX500. I didn’t own a native lens when I owned mine, so honestly I didn’t even realize it had PDAF... I probably wouldn’t have used it anyway at the time. With that being said, the 4K AF on the M50 does not look that good... don’t know if that is a dealbreaker for you. Rolling shutter doesn’t look that great either and I don’t remember there being any issues with RS on the NX500. So if you need really clean 4K with PDAF quality AF, the M50 isn’t probably for you. If you can get by with good 1080p and the best AF in the industry, then maybe it’s worth it.
  15. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    Have you compared the 6K anamorphic mode from the GH5 to the 4K of the s? Any discernible differences in IQ?