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  1. Shit... I have none of those things. How much does skill cost? My mistake, sorry.
  2. mercer

    The D-Mount project

    Here’s the link to the site... https://www.back-bone.ca/rx0-mod/ If you have the company supply the camera and perform the mod, it’s $1399 for the RX0ii. If you already have the camera and just buy the DIY kit, it’s $399. Here’s a how to video for the RX0 DIY mod... This is the instructional video for the RX0ii mod... And here’s their promo video with some footage... The c-mount to d-mount adapter makes up the difference... I suppose since the mount width of d-mount lenses are so small, the adapter is inset into the camera. The video I posted above was shot with D-Mount lenses... so I assume they know what lenses they shot with.
  3. You're right, which is even worse, but I just picked a round number. Yeah... nobody shoots 24p...
  4. Yeah, the 90D is only showing 25p and 30p as well... Canon is nuts if they actually think they can sell a $1000 camera and not have 24p.
  5. mercer

    The D-Mount project

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Ribcage Mod but it’s a kit you can buy to change out the stock lens on your GoPro to accept M12/C Mount/D Mount lenses. Here’s an instruction video for the GoPro 3... They also make kits for the Yi4K+ and even a kit that adds a Micro 4/3 mount to the Sony RX0. If you’re not mechanically inclined, the company will do the mod for you on a brand new camera they have in stock. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for awhile since I have a slew of old D Mount lenses and C Mount lenses. If the RX0 kit/mod wasn’t so expensive, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Here’s a video on their website from a GoPro with D Mount lenses... I can’t believe how sharp those old, Kern-Paillard D-Mount lenses are. I have a mint set of them collecting dust in my closet... maybe I’ll pick up a modded Hero 4 or 5 to give them a little go.
  6. Shijan makes them. Really great stuff. If the BMMCC was going to be my main camera, I’d probably invest in the entire kit. Btw, he’s also the filmmaker behind the awesome boxer film you embedded in your original post.
  7. I haven’t watched it yet either but here’s my guess... the Alexa’s 2K looks better than the BM’s 6K and whatever the Red Raven shoots at. Ok, I just watched the first couple minutes and became quickly bored when I saw that he wasn’t even using the same lens on each camera.
  8. Native ISO is 800 on the Pocket and Micro and it has been highly recommended to only shoot at that ISO.
  9. Please don’t advertise you’re an American, it makes the rest of us look bad. Hahaha... just kidding. I’m almost convinced Skip77 (and possibly ZachGoodwin2) are alter egos of somebody on this site having a laugh.
  10. mercer


    Thanks, Kye! I appreciate that. I know how important the details of an image means to you so I hold your opinion with high regard. Btw, I think it may be all of the above but it looks like my 5 lens collection just turned into 6... damn.
  11. mercer


    As I’m sure everybody knows by now, at the end of the shooting days, for my film, I get my lead actor to hang out a little while so I can test out a lens. I’m trying to have a lens or two for every one of my favorite focal lengths. The other day, after we filmed a scene, I wanted to give the Samyang 50mm 1.4 another chance and I’m glad I did. As BTM said a dozen times, Samyang lenses really pull more than their weight...
  12. I don’t know about that, but I get your point. The dynamic range is pretty great in that short.
  13. Cool, let us know how long the charge lasts powering the camera and monitor. I have the Ikan VL35 monitor for mine because I wanted to keep the set up as small as possible but if you’re getting good run times with the Focus, it may be worth the bigger monitor. How is the Micro HDMI Port on the Focus? Is it a flimsy connection?
  14. @crevice thanks for posting this. I recently bought my second Micro. I still prefer ML Raw but it’s great to have a camera to use all of these SD cards with again. That French short film with the boy in car blows my mind every time I see it. The DR is great and the color grading is spot on. If someone told me that was shot on an Alexa, I would have believed them. If I could get my Micro footage to look that good, I may keep the Micro. As of now, I’m not so sure...
  15. Yeah, it is definitely interesting. The fact that they’re using the RF mount makes you wonder if they are licensing DPAF along with the mount from Canon. And if so, why would Canon want a competitor, in that price bracket, to have their two greatest tech accomplishments in the past 10 years? I’ll probably be laughed off the forum for saying this but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Canon is the first company to offer internal Raw in one of their mirrorless cameras... so maybe it was some type of swap... RF mount and DPAF for compressed Raw.
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