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  1. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @Kelly thanks for the update and the research and tests. We’re actually using similar lenses. I also have the Canon 35mm f2 (beast of a lens... so sharp) but I have the 24-70mm f4 instead of the 105 (The IS is rock steady on that lens) with the neck strap method I can get pretty steady footage. I’m thinking of getting the 100mm f/2.8 IS L lens next and maybe the 70-300mm, if I ever need some reach, to complete the set. I have a few Takumars, both 35s, and I even have one of the old Auto-Takumar 35mm F3.5. I love the vintage look of Takumars, even though I haven’t had the chance to test them on the 5D3 yet. Instead of Zeiss, I have half a set of Nikkors, I’ve been building for a while. The 35mm 1.4 is a dream lens... great for well lit night exteriors with practical lights in frame... the blooming haze is gorgeous. But I have been toying with the idea of trying those Zeiss ZF/ZE lenses. A brand new 85mm 1.4 was on eBay last night for $500... I almost hit buy it now a half a dozen times before someone else took the decision away from me. I just bought my 5D3 six months ago after testing just about every brand of camera for a year. I don’t think I had any of them for more than a month. I still get urges to shoot in 4K, but then I get those Raw MLV files into the computer and think... what more do I need than this.
  2. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    @Kelly looks great. Love that last shot. What lens(es) did you use? And do you have a link to the trailer? Edit: sorry saw you posted the trailer in the other section. I look forward to seeing it. What Takumar lenses do you have? I just picked up a 35mm f2 for a song. And I am searching for a good priced 85mm 1.8 because I’ve heard such great things.
  3. I’ve had both of those cameras and the FZ2500 is well worth the extra money for what you get. If you don’t mind used or grey market, it can be had for well below $1000. For handheld, run and gun, no budget filmmaking, it’s one of the best cameras on the market.
  4. Yup, the issues are almost irrelevant at this stage. I truly believe that the bases of the political parties could be swayed to believe anything their party decides to be behind. And then they unleash the base to be furious and irrational on their behalf. So easily, in America, the Republicans could have a stake in fixing climate change due to their history of conservation and Teddy Roosevelt’s Republican Party. So easily, the Democrats, with their belief in bigger government could be against a woman’s right to choose. The parties align themselves with issues and they expect their flock to rabidly fall into line. Unfortunately, most people are such sheep that they would rather root for their team than acknowledge both sides of an issue. And in this instance, it’s not about acknowledging if climate change is real or not, it’s about how far can we afford to go and how quickly without effing up the world economy.
  5. With the regular ML Raw, not the experimental builds, I got 10-20 seconds of recording without any issue. It’s not full 1080p though.
  6. I’ve been watching a friend of a friend’s short films this morning that were shot on a 70D with original Canon FW and they are great, never once did the IQ, or lack of, get in the way of the story or quality of filmmaking skill.
  7. I decided a while ago that for short narrative films, there isn’t a better option, unless you want to go the BlackMagic Pocket/Micro route, but even then the FF sensor of the 5D3 and the native lenses with OIS wins, IMO. With that being said, I’d hate to discourage younger, newer filmmakers from going out and making a movie if they want to but cannot afford a 5D3. For me the best option is the 5D3. If you have a smaller budget, then there are a lot of options. The idea that you need Raw or 4K to shoot a good narrative short film is pushed by people that lack creativity. The best advice is to buy the best camera you can afford, learn how to use it and make the best film you can with the resources you have.
  8. One Camera - For Life?

    I am sooo tempted to buy an a7s for its amazing lowlight 1080p and then some external 4K ProRes. But it’s still a few hundred away from a must buy for me. When I can get a like new one for $1000 or less, I’m on it. With that being said, I would stick with my 5D3, unless I could afford a C200 or an Alexa Mini. I’ve also been really impressed with a lot of the LS300 footage I’ve been seeing lately. I’m just waiting for an indie film to use that camera. I can’t believe nobody has yet. A friend of mine sent me this link and it looks amazing...
  9. One Camera - For Life?

    I think people are overthinking this fun hypothetical exercise. I believe the point is... if tech stopped now and we were left with what is available now, then what would people choose based on what is on the market now.
  10. Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Why not just set the camera to be at 180 Degree shutter angle instead and then you’ll never have to change it?
  11. More love for the Sony A6500?

    Dude, just retire from all camera and color testing and shoot a feature film with whatever you just did there. I keep saying a modern day Mean Streets with your visuals would be awesome and this 80s film look is phenomenal!!! PM me the special sauce though. What iso did you shoot that at?
  12. Nikon D850 vs everything

    @Andrew Reid how’s the 1080p?
  13. More love for the Sony A6500?

    Wicked, I can’t wait to see. Do you just call up models and see if they’re available, or did you already have a shoot planned?
  14. More love for the Sony A6500?

    I had the a6500 last year until I got an overheating warning in 40 degree Fahrenheit weather. The camera never shut off, but it scared me so I returned it for a credit... that credit gave me the boost to save up for the 5D3... So I have a soft spot for the a6500 on multiple levels. As far as CineLikeD... I wouldn’t shoot with any other profile on a Panasonic. The perfect bump in DR and with the underexposure, as @kidzrevil mentioned, the color looks great to me.
  15. More love for the Sony A6500?

    C’mon you gotta at least try sLog3. I know there are reports of banding issues but I would think that may be limited comsidering you shoot in the city and get very limited open sky shots. The color and detail is insane in sLog3. Honestly, I was kinda hoping your due diligence with testing cameras’ capabilities would crack the sLog3 on the a6500 and tempt me to buy another one eventually.