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  1. Say Your Goodbyes to V-Log Lite and Cinelike D

    @jase it looks pretty good, but I kinda miss that trademark color/look you used to get with your GX80.
  2. @wolf33d the 7D Mark iii will be out in the spring and you can have 4K and DPAF and you’ll be happy. And supposedly CLog Hell the 5D Mark IV’s 1080p is pretty clean up to 60p.
  3. What will a mirrorless camera be like in 2023?

    Honestly, it’s like that now. If you search GH5 on Vimeo, everything looks pretty good, but the ones that truly stand out, visually, are from the usual suspects that make any and every camera they pick up look good. But any of the creators will excel if they go out and make good content. The next huge indie film will be shot in 4K by some kid on his new 90D and the DPAF focus pulls will look like a Hollywood AC racked the focus. The tech is already there for what your envisioning it’ll just take a naive, but creative kid to go out and do it and not sit on forums like I do and talk about it. At this point the only real necessity is an upgrade in internal audio. Once these cameras have good preamps with a 3.5mm jack, the whole package is complete. The only camera I’ve used in the past five years that has decent internal audio is the RX10ii. And if Canon (or Panasonic or Sony, or whoever) fixes that, any kid with an idea can get a Rebel for Christmas and shoot a movie by the New Year... Hell I should do that this year with an 80D... Crap, it has shitty preamps... oh well, maybe next year.
  4. Funny you mention that, for the hell of it, I tried importing a CDNG clip I made with Raw Magic and it did import the file... every single still.
  5. @EthanAlexander I updated to High Sierra before I updated FCPX. I was tempted to try it without updating to High Sierra, though. One issue I did have is that one of my libraries that I normally have saved to an external drive, saved to my computer’s hard drive instead. Not sure why it happened. It was just my color test library so I ended up deleting it because it wouldn’t let me move it back to my hard drive and it took up too much space on my laptop. I assume it was a user error and when prompted to update my library I didn’t notice it wanted to save it to my MacBook. However, I never had an issue with any other update...
  6. Haha... because I didn’t realize there was such a thing. Thanks. Found it... obviously. Okay this is better than the inspector method, but I still think it would be better as an option in the color tab.
  7. Updated... Holy Crap... it runs so smooth. The color tab is so good now. I’ve been using the color board for a while, but I had to jump back and forth between the Color Board, Colorista IV and Color Finale and now there really is no need to... Everything can be done in the color tab. Since I’ve never used the Hue/Saturation curves in Resolve or Colorista, this is something I need to learn more about. However, I don’t love the way they implemented LUTS... going into Inspector first seems like an unnecessary step that could have been a subset of the color tab and I don’t like that you can’t control the strength of the LUT, but at least they have made it insanely simple to import LUTS. Again, if FCPX could just import CDNG files, then I would be completely satisfied.
  8. That good? Great to know, maybe I’ll update everything today. Now if only FCPX would work with CDNG files, I could delete Resolve from my computer.
  9. Fuji X-H1: new APSC video oriented camera

    There’s a line from the classic baseball film, Bull Durham. In this particular scene, the veteran player on the team, Kevin Costner, is trying to convince the up and coming pitcher, Tim Robbins, that he needs to take his talent more seriously. Tim Robbins replies... “I have a Porsche with a Quadraphonic Blaupunkt.” Kevin Costner calmly states... “You don’t need a Quadraphonic Blaupunkt, you need a curve ball.” So as much as I see the positives in the GH5 and am constantly surprised by how many damn features the camera has... I wouldn’t need half of them, or more. If I was going to shoot small sensor, I’d rather shoot with some form of S16 digital sensor... be it with a BlackMagic or with a 1” sensor bridge camera. So everybody has different needs and wants.
  10. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    Good to know, thanks.
  11. Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    @Raafi Rivero wow, that looks amazing. I love the color. And the ISO performance is impressive, to say the least. I look forward to some exterior shots. Congratulation on the new camera... that was a patient wait.
  12. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    Is h.265 any faster to process now than it was a few years ago? When I had the NX500, it would take forever to transcode the footage to ProRes in EditReady. Converting ML Raw from MLV to CDNG to ProRes is a faster process than transferring h.265 to ProRes was. Also, OT question, but is there a 1080p anamorphic mode in the GH5?
  13. If the low mp sensor is true and the 10bit 60p... maybe there will be a permanent price reduction of the GH5... which means lower open box models as well. Hell at $1599, the current open box price is pretty damn good but I’ll happily take $1299. I’ve been looking for an all-i 1080p camera for a while... maybe I’ll get my wish after all.
  14. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    Plus UHD may be 10bit all-i. And perhaps 1080p all-i up to 120p.
  15. "The Middle Path" A ***** **** Short

    @Liszon yeah but that’s a better 60p spec than the EVA1... which is pretty unbelievable really.