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  1. That top shot is gorgeous and a perfect example of a thick image. I've dismissed upgrading from my 5D3 ML Raw due to the color depth it provides. The FP is the first camera that has me curious about an upgrade. I'd love to see a comparison between the 5D3 ML Raw vs Sigma FP vs D16.
  2. C100 Mark II - 4K sensor downscaled to 1080p in camera - small file sizes that most computers can edit - good AF. Here's a short film I watched recently and it looks clean and detailed to me...
  3. No worries. I apologize if I was being over sensitive. Actually, my best friend of 30 years died of complications of Covid-19. He was a filmmaker in the middle of pitching a film to Netflix when he contracted Covid, and he was also a film critic for Pop Matters. So honestly, when I read these arguments about stupid cameras, I kinda laugh it off now and wish I never got involved in those arguments in the past. Do I think 12K is silly... yes... but I'm still happy with my 1080p raw... so obviously I'm not the target consumer for this camera. I'm still trying to figure out what fil
  4. @Geoff CB that was a mean spirited down vote to @hijodeibn 's comment. I feel I have always been very supportive of most people's endeavors on this site. I'm sorry if my presence offends you. Don't worry, I have no intention to keep posting. Just saying HI!
  5. Hey, it's actually a fun little lens, if you're not chasing speed. I used it at 5.6 for run and gun when I needed to get inconspicuous, quick shots in public to kinda match with my 28mm 1.8. I shoot on a 5D3 with ML Raw, so I only have one-touch AF, but it seemed pretty fast and relatively quiet. Honestly, I don't remember how the breathing was, but most USM lenses, I've used, tend to breathe a little. There wasn't any quirks of note. It vignetted a touch on the wide end. I tend to like lenses with character... hence the 28mm 1.8 and it's curvature, but the 24-85mm seemed a little fl
  6. Blackmagic are the crack dealers of the camera industry... have a taste of 4K BRaw at $1299... oh you like that... try this 6K BRaw for $2499... wait... since you're such a good customer... you can have it for $1999... Next thing you know, wedding videographers will be tweaking all over the dance floor... dreaming about how much they could crop into a 12K image to properly capture the snot from the bride's nose in a glorious 8K delivery...
  7. Thanks, but just a guest appearance. Haha. The R5 seems cool, but what do I have to do to get 2K FF raw with DPAF and IBIS?! I have hope for the 5D5.
  8. "Christmas in July" ... fire sale for the P4K? I'm fairly certain my next camera purchase will be the Sigma FP, but a P4K for $650 might sway me.
  9. @Andrew Reid Aside from running and growing your site, and presence within the community, what are your goals as a filmmaker?
  10. With that said, I will now bow out of this discussion. I apologize if I offended anyone. To anyone who questions my character or what resides in my heart... look inward. I truly hope that everyone in this discussion and forum are healthy and happy. If I'm allowed to continue to post on this forum, I look forward to sharing the exploits of my filmmaking and lens obsession. Truly, Glenn Mercer
  11. I'm not dodging shit. I provided a link that disputed the claim. US officials and representatives from CureVac dispute that the bid or inquiry ever occurred. Both entities have stated that any vaccine created would be shared with the world. And do you really think that Germany, or any other country that is in possession of a vaccine, wouldn't use up the physical supplies of the vaccine for their own citizens first? I assume most civilized countries will share the formula.
  12. Honestly, what would be the point? If I responded with this link... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.snopes.com/news/2020/03/17/trump-poach-coronavirus-vaccine/amp/ Would it really change anything or move the discussion forward with any ounce of civility? People believe what they want to believe. We are ALL hypocrites and live in an insular world. I am surrounded by a lot of anti-Trump people, I was hoping that a discussion, during rough times, could bridge a gap in civil and social discourse since we are all being attacked by a common enemy. If this virus cannot bring hum
  13. How am I his cheerleader?! I have stated I support the President, as I supported his predecessor. I think the phrases support and supporter are getting confused here. You guys are acting like I attend his rallies. With that said, treating Trump like he is Hitler reincarnate is pretty effing stupid.
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