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  1. Nikon pretty much perfected film bodies back in the late 70s with the FM/FE, and their successors, and the F3, so to see a FF digital go back to those body styles is really exciting for me. If the Zf had a split micro prism viewfinder function, it could be the perfect shooting experience. I was intending on being a late R5 adopter and then go all in with the RF mount, but this release from Nikon is making me second guess.
  2. This camera isn't really designed for video users, but I think it could have been an excellent platform for them to offer their Nikon Raw at 1080p.
  3. Nice camera. It looks like an F3 minus the red stripe. The top control layout is a dream. When/if this camera drops closer to $1200, I'm a buyer.
  4. mercer

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    I read a lot of this post and here are my two cents... cool camera... too expensive... too big/ugly. I briefly used a GH6 and although it was rather utilitarian and not small... the body felt good in the hands and the dual hinged screen was amazing. The extra depth for the fan, didn't seem awkward. The only qualm I had with the camera, which was big, was noise in the midtones. I wish I had more time with the camera because I think there may have been a work around if I kept testing, but unfortunately I just didn't have the time to dissect it. I may give it another go because having internal ProRes and amazing IBIS was such a great combo for my needs... It felt like the closest thing to a Cinecorder (another term coined by @BTM_Pix ) since my time with the FZ2500. The GH6, in my opinion, is the most underrated camera to come out in the past few years. The G9ii seems cool too... when the price drops.
  5. Interesting announcement. I'm glad BM removed the "Pocket" moniker. I'd like to believe they're working on the true successor to the only "Pocket" camera they've made... but I doubt it. As @BTM_Pix has already said... Sigma did that for them. I guess I'll be the resident contrarian and say that I don't think the Leica L mount was a smart move. They probably won't be able to fit internal NDs when they use this mount and will concoct some type of adapter with built in VND instead. I had the Fotodiox version for my FP and it was horrible. It created a gross, smudgy veil across the frame with even the slightest of ND. At first I thought it was due to me using a wide angle lens, but nope, it was there with a 50mm as well. Shame too because the version I had for M43, years ago, worked great. Obviously, I understand that the L Mount opens up a lot more lens options. If anyone has read my posts over the past 8 years, you know I have a lens addiction, so mirrorless mounts are great so I can dust off my Minolta MD, Canon FD, and with some cameras, I can even use my c-mount lenses. That said, even with EF, there are still a lot of lenses available, but more importantly, to me, when adapting lenses, the EF mount adds the flange distance needed on the body and not on the adapter... And with that said, I understand that BM is dealing with a tweener market... part of their customer base wants to adapt any lens under the sun... the Leica L mount gives them that... and another portion want to use new lenses... the EF mount doesn't offer that anymore (another reason why I thought Canon made a mistake ditching EF) but the Leica L mount does. Also the lack of ProRes is just imbecilic. And with ALL that said... I'm sure it will be a great camera and have a lovely image, and I'm sure there are other Swiss Army features that it offers that will benefit a lot of folks... I'm just not one of them... Blackmagic... if you're reading this... go back to your roots and give us a tiny S16 sensor, 4K camera with a built in monitor and acceptable battery life... your entire ethos was to bring small, affordable cinema tools to the masses. For me... I already own 2, full frame, cameras that shoot raw video and at that price point, although respectable, I'd rather pony up an extra thousand and get an R5C for Canon Raw, DPAF and a better Cinema platform... or $500 for an R5 for Canon Raw, DPAF and IBIS. Easy choice.
  6. Anyway... Nice work, Brian. The sound of a lawn mower going over branches brings back many memories of my childhood. I liked the quality and can really see the raw look, especially in your dog's hair. Since I've exclusively shot raw video for years, I'm curious to hear how the post process is? I could see this being a great B-cam when I need to go incognito. Did you use the gyro function?
  7. I'm confused as well... as someone who posts test shots, I understand what it's like to put yourself out there on a public forum. So I applaud anyone on this forum that is willing to share. Since you post a lot of shots from your camera(s) of the week, I'd think you may have the same reservations and extend the same courtesy. Truth is, I loved everything about Brian's post and despise almost everything about your reply... It's a shame that with all of your money, you can't seem to afford common courtesy and manners.
  8. Sony cameras have always overheated. I think it might be considered a feature at this point But I hear Panasonic's next camera is going to have a defrost setting for raw video and a popcorn button. Jiffy Pop in beautiful 6K anamorphic.
  9. Nice work! If you ever see an FZ300 for a good price, buy it. I think you'd like it.
  10. I believe BRaw is only open standard for software programs, not for use inside cameras. I think, if I'm remembering correctly. But yes, at the end of the day, I'm just talking out of my ass... what do I know. I still think it was a bad idea for Canon to abandon EF when they went mirrorless. And then if they feel like they had to, I thought they should have revived the FD mount.
  11. Although I think it's unlikely, Panasonic might want to purchase Blackmagic's camera division just for BRaw. Just as Red has patents on internal, compressed raw, I'm sure Canon and Blackmagic have patented their versions as well. I assume there are only so many ways you can compress an internal, raw image, and there may not be too much room left for Panasonic to develop their version. And since Panasonic's cinema division is in a dire need of an upgrade, purchasing Blackmagic's "pocket" ecosystem could make sense... But again, I think it's unlikely. I'm gonna bet this is just a rumor. The link to the L-Mount Rumor website even looks suspect... or should I say the lack of info in the linked article. I mean, why would Blackmagic want to share internal BRaw, their biggest, and only, feature with Panasonic, Sigma and Leica just for a lens mount? This isn't 2013-2018 when Blackmagic had zero competition in the low end cinema camera market. A full frame camera will put them in direct competition with the R5, FX3, Z8, R3, Z9, FX6, and still have to worry about Red Komodo, Canon C70 and C300. With that said, I assume BM wouldn't release a FF Pocket, more than likely it would be an updated Ursa, so that puts them in a different price bracket than any of Panasonic's current products.
  12. But there isn't a lot of glass from original and third parties. That's the problem. And since it's a mirrorless mount with a shorter flange distance than EF, the ability to implement internal NDs will be a bit more difficult. I suppose BM can get into the lens adapter business and produce adapters that have some kind of internal ND system.
  13. Yeah, this makes no sense whatsoever. In a lot of ways, Blackmagic and Panasonic are each other's biggest competitor, so why would they want to share a lens mount? It's not like there are a plethora of lenses in the L-Mount catalog to benefit BM and why would Panasonic want to give their L-Mount customers a reason to easily buy into BM cameras? Unless Panasonic is purchasing BM's camera department.
  14. As someone who loves shooting raw video, on FF, I don't think I could give up anything I currently have, but my dream camera would be an uncompressed raw 2K/4K camera with IBIS.
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