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  1. Me neither. I think both of the products are relatively new as of the date of this post. The 350 fits my budget/needs though. Someone in the comment section of that video claimed the 500 was little more than a stop brighter than the 350 but who knows. I think I might just go for it. I just don't want to be wrong if the godox/nanlite is a better bet. Talk me out of it man..
  2. Apparently they changed the design of the 350 by combining those units, so it isn’t AS cumbersome in theory. I do hear you though. I mostly intended to run it from walls. I appreciate the reduced power draw and running temps LEDs bring
  3. Hey there So I’m personally deciding between a few units, the Nanlite included. Adorama has their new Clar 350 with supposedly quieter fans (in contrast to the 300w model) listed at $450. I also have a deal for a lightly used Godox VL300 for $540 after tax/shipping. I was about to order the Godox before I saw the Nanlite and Clar. Now I’m leaning towards the Clar. The power unit setup seems similar to the aputure 600d pro, but I may be mistaken. I really only care for the bare bulb output, color accuracy, and fan noise. Opinions?
  4. I'm also excited for the D750 price drops. It's hard to believe it came out in 2014, it's still a very capable stills camera. I actually missed the timecode out bit. That actually is very interesting..
  5. I'm surprised to read you state that about the 1DC. Was the image just not doing it for you? Did you enjoy 5D3 RAW more? I believe Canon works for those that just want an image "that just works" without thinking of the 8bit limitations. I guess you could argue the same for Nikon video since D810/D750. I see it like this: Panny/Oly/Fuji/Sony mirrorless video can def render images that are staggering for the money. It's fun times for the enthusiast avoiding the cost of entry for cinema realm equipment and workflow. But unless you are consistently nailing your exposure and color, m
  6. If you aren't shooting for autofocus settings, or need 10bit or 4k24/60, both newer cameras can't warrant the upgrade until after you've made investments in other areas you mentioned. I'd imagine light and glass will go a long way with the D750. It's too bulletproof of a camera even for full HD. Expose and record externally though FHD recorders are cheap.. Nail that exposure for now and dress your set, then buy a beefy cinema camera later even better than the options named here! Or even Panasonics full frame offerings coming up! I vote light, audio, and set first. A
  7. I think it will turn more heads once it gets raytracing and bug fixes. It has great potential, the developer has tons of cool content showcasing previs work on his IG
  8. Those stops y'all are debating over are going to fall apart fast in any real attempt to recover highlights/shadows, let alone gamut remapping and color pushing. The science is there to make it possible (Canon does well enough to with 8 bit in C series, d750 was nice enough) but as long as they're dropped in these heavily compressed mirrorless codecs...you might as well keep that noise floor crushed to blacks imo. Trade color for stretched thin DR? On you
  9. Are you sure they were taking stills? Not video?
  10. I actually have both of those issues, exactly as described. I'm assuming you're using nx lenses as well? Have you tried with any manual or adapted lenses? Why does color tint drift when white balance is set to Kelvin values? Why exposure drift on manual? The camera wants to do it's own thing lol This is a dead system, I don't blame you for immediately moving to a more reliable, supported system for professional work you can't afford to screw up. But it would be nice to fix, nx1 and it's S lenses are still pretty unique and relevant today. You know there's a nx subforum rig
  11. I got the 4/3 panaleica 14-50mm f2.8-3.5 OIS with adapter on my bmpcc, for $300. Not quite LX100 spec but the lens peaked my interest, I was curious when I heard about the "leica rendering" and great IQ for a zoom. No speed booster glass in the way, super sharp, and OIS for my pocket via 4/3 adapter electronics, at least no more micro jitters Cons: it's big and heavy for m43 system, autofocus is useless, and the OIS is pretty dated in performance especially for video use. Otherwise...yeah. leica rendering indeed. Just good glass. Cheers
  12. This is awesome work BTM, seriously nice job. It makes using the gx85 and lx100 more attractive to shoot with, being my choice for compact size cams with the bmpcc. Pocket-sized latitude for the grade! Can someone confirm if CineV settings also aren't working properly on lx100?
  13. Oh yeah, if you're cool with hacks, the best option IQ wise, imo 5d mkiii RAW 10bit 60p Wedding example
  14. My recommendations, as others have already stated: d750 - the body is dropping in price, keep an eye out for a deal. Full frame, super DR and color edge over a7s, but soft 1080p. nx1 - jack up the bitrate with the hack, invest in Luca's speed booster, and keep that ISO as low as possible...you have a excellent 120p performer. Best 120p full frame for the price (maybe the only). Great color and sharpness, lackluster DR and strange highlight/black levels when grading if you ever miss your mark on exposure. a7s - keep it in crop mode and speedboost. Best low light, great sharpness,
  15. To be honest, my sights are currently on the XT-2 and fuji ecosystem, so I'm curious to know the same as OP
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