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  1. Sorry I meant Venice II From: https://www.xdcam-user.com/2021/11/sony-launches-venice-ii/
  2. Advertising aside, this series is really interesting to get info on the choices of the various DOPs https://pro.sony/en_GB/cinematography/cinematography-tips/scene-deconstruction-homepage
  3. Does Sony A1 (IMX610AQL) use same senor of Venice?
  4. Yes. From some BTS photos it seems they even went lighter than that https://www.provideocoalition.com/did-the-creator-use-the-sony-fx3-as-an-a-camera/
  5. I would have the box/brain with some assignable function buttons and then more fine/direct controls on the optional handle. On Hassemblad the handle is completely separate from the body. I imagine a control handle which becomes part of the body itself. P.S. In my design team I would add a Lego engineer 😉
  6. I would take the industrial design team and lock them in a room with: - A Hassemblad 907X 50C kit - An Insta360 One RS kit - An old Zenza Bronica with grip. Essentially I would want a camera consisting of: A squared brain with buttons, inputs and outputs, and a minimal display (like a ZCam or the front one of a GoPro) that would allow me to configure the machine. A high-resolution 3.5 inches display module to attach to the rear that can rotate as we are used to on a GH5. I am not talking about an external monitor but a module that adheres to the butt of the brain and forms a complete body capable of controlling and configuring it like an integrated display. The whole thing a parallelepiped like an FX3. A Hassemblad-style handle/grip complete with controls and wheels to add to the brain and get the ergonomics of a current camera. Throw in an adapter with ND. Put the pieces together and you have a complete camera suitable for photo and video. If you just use the brain you have a komodo/zcam/BS1H style stuff that you can configure as a cinema rig. add display and handle and you get a complete camera. Hassemblad 907X 5C has everything (but the touch display is built-in) P.S. Choose which piece costs 2K 🙂
  7. Sony FX3, Atlas Mercury and P+S Technik Evolution Lenses (source: IMDB) recorded on a Ninja V. other bits here: https://www.provideocoalition.com/did-the-creator-use-the-sony-fx3-as-an-a-camera/ From trailer it seems all the movie has a extensive VFX work. From what I understand in my ignorance: - the camera is the least of the costs in a large production/blockbuster. - It is not the camera that makes the look of the film but the lenses. - In a big production, where a serious DOP can afford to give vent to his fantasies about lighting, the technical characteristics of a camera are less important. Ultimately, if Fraser/Edwards chose this camera, it is more because of their fixation on being minimalist as pointed out in the opening article. About minimalism.... I still remember in 2009 when Howard Hall first took an IMAX camera underwater for the documentary Under the Sea. Minimalist to the point 🤣
  8. This seems to me to be a very lucid analysis. I imagine Lumix executives reading this article secretly in the restroom.
  9. Davide DB

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    I agree but quoting the last excerpt from Nikkei article, they are speaking of a different segment: Finepix, Cyber-shot they are real point & shot camera. Just look at Sony: RX100 VII suggested retail price: 1300€ ZV-1 II suggested retail price 1000€ ZV-E10 (ILC) suggested retail price: 800€ (here we are in the GM range) The above are not P&S camera and in that segment that Panasonic left a whole market to its competitor. And thinking to Andrew's post it's the format/size where M43 should be king.
  10. Davide DB

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    I agree with you except for the LX10 and LX100. They are not cameras that fall into the category that can be replaced by a smarphone. There is the whole audience of Youtubers/vloggers and both Sony and Canon have recently dropped machines aimed at this group of users. Basically a compact with perfect AF and good microphones. Speaking of my niche: Sony has sold tons of RX100s (seven generations) widely used as compact solutions for underwater shooting. Panasonic proved that both the LX10 and 100 were far superior for underwater use but then they became obsolete and left completely the market to Sony and Olympus. There are a lot of people who still use them with great satisfaction and would welcome an updated version that also competes with the newly released Olympus TG7 (another best-selling camera). In short, it is true that smartphones have eaten a chunk of the market but there are niches where there is still great demand for more specialized tools. Do all these users who buy action cams die with gopros or should they go straight to an R5C?
  11. Davide DB

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    If the goal is to renovate all the cameras.... They started with the FF line. They probably were not ready for the flagship so they started with the entry level S5 model (perhaps the best selling). They revamped the older flagship G9. In my opinion even if they had started with the GH6 the result would not have changed in terms of total destruction of sales of the other models. Following this logic, the next step could be: - a new PDAF machine in the rangefinder line (GX80 etc.) OR even in the smallest line, LX10 or LX100. - new SH1x II flagships with PDAF
  12. Davide DB

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    I completely agree with Andrew. On the appropriateness of firing on the ambulance given its influence, I do not comment. If Panasonic's policy is focused on saving money, what will be the next camera? A GH7 with the body of an S1H? An S1HII eith the same S1H ? Finally a GX80II ? I can't believe they decided to rationalize camera bodies in this way. Maybe they fired everyone in the industrial design department? Of course with this speed, when they complete the cycle we will have a Sony A7SV a Sony A2 a Nikon Z11. Let's be clear, the speed with which Sony churns out new machines is evil but Panasonic's business policy is truly a mystery.
  13. Davide DB

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    It seems to me a suicide decision. It is bad enough that cameras receive fw updates, let alone hw. It would be the first time in history. I simply believe that the sensor is a derivative of that of the GH6 and the marketing sells itself that they are identical. But the devil is in the details. I've read too that they have the same sensor but who is the source? I guess it's just a PR statement. Nobody disassembled it.
  14. Davide DB

    Panasonic G9 mk2

    It's simply not possible thay are the same sensor. A modern PDAF sensor ha specialized pixels on it. It's not something you are adding later. Only old real DSRL had the space to implement PDAF out of the sensor. If G9II and GH6 have the same image It means that the G9II sensor is a derivation of the GH6 sensor but it's a completely different one. So I think I'll pass the mic to Harry Callaghan https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/124306/confusion-about-the-principle-of-on-sensor-pdaf-technique
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