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  1. Just picked up the SliderPlus Pro Compact last tuesday. Game changer. Never coming off my tripod
  2. I wonder what is all going to be going in the new P4K firmware update..
  3. What do you all think? For the price, I know I will try it. https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/surprise-this-is-the-new-sirui-50mm-f1-8-133x-anamorphot-lens-for-sony-e-fuji-x-and-mft/
  4. I did that one time too while interviewing people at my work. I was so pissed at myself!
  5. Yea i did - BMD-709 with Sat Map - didn’t go Alexa color, just LogC
  6. Hey man, no need to be rude about it. Nothing that can not be adjusted in a secondary, or even left if it serves the look. Either way, your LUT appears good. I will pick up when it is available.
  7. My Linear conversion looks different than yours..?
  8. In the live broadcast, Grant mentioned new features coming to the P4K via firmware update soon. Does anyone know what those features in detail? Or when the update is coming? All of this news of the 6K totally overshadowed his entire talk on the new 4K stuff. Thanks!
  9. Did you decode as Linear first? I find this benefits all camera and technical LUT's, so maybe send me 1-2 second raw file lets put it to the test. Can't debunk based on no evidence
  10. I do the CST in Resolve of Linear-LogC and that has given me the best highlight roll-off ever. Not a single LUT i have tried has gotten close.
  11. Not really. There are many many owners of BMD systems on this forum. I've been using BMD stuff for a long time and never a failure.
  12. Doesn't look like the 4K's page has been updated to say anything about anamorphic
  13. Holy Sploosh. That EVF and Anamorphic mode.... id lose it.
  14. Wow!! I need that look. Was the Helios or MIR Speedboosted?
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