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  1. Question. My Fuji 35mm has an outer diameter under 40mm and is 35mm crop f2. Would the Anamorphot40 Compact work on that? And would the AF still work?
  2. Actually editing a project right now with filmconvert! I love it!! After the FilmConvert i always still do an LogC conversion, and I like what it does to the roll-off
  3. I thought that was changed with a firmware update?
  4. Those look cool! Would be cool if there was a Sony E mount to FX speedbooster so I could get the FF view
  5. 400MBps UHD on both Heat was not a factor. The camera (XT3) directly next to it ran for 15 mins longer (filled the card, non-heat) Have not swapped them in a while, so i do not recall if there has been a change. I will test this afternoon.
  6. I have actually been having some issues with one of my XT3's. So I do alot of local band filming in town, and last night had a gig for an album releae party. One cam on my Ronin other camera on my Rhino off to the side. Ronin cam had UHSII 300mb/s cards in them, Rhino cam had UHS1 95mbs cards in there. The Ronin had 40mins of rec time, and the Rhino had 30. Band plays for 29 minutes. Ronin cam did great, love it, and I walk over to the Rhino and see it say it has 8mins of recording time avaliable. Sure enough I get home and it just stopped recording entirely about 22 minutes in. No battery issue, obviously the cards were not filled.. and this is the 3rd time this has happened on a gig. Any ideas?
  7. While I do not own a GH5, but an XT3 with HLG, I do not use HLG in low-light, or ever. FLog usually has enough data for low-light, but I would recommend you use a non-log profile. Cine-D would be my pick. When I shoot in lower light I always switch over to one of the Provia modes.
  8. I have actually used Flog in low-light with success and failed at HLG - HLG got UGLY in low light. FLog did not. Plus having the 10BIt already means you dont have to overexpose your log footage... I have done test after test and FLog is still superior
  9. Hello everyone! Been looking around quite a bit to see what is the best/most affordable (trying to balance that) adapter to go anamorphic on this lens. My 44-4 is Speedboosted so my XT3 has the full frame view. In alot of my research I keep finding people who are faking it with filters and mods to the lens, but nothing "true" anamorphic. What would be the best add-on package for this?
  10. Yes the 16-55 was more natural to me.
  11. For me, I used both side by side and ended up with the 16-55mm. The 18 was good and the AF was quick. I found it quicker and more natural-looking? if that makes sense. Almost like a skilled person with a follow focus. I also use the Ronin-S, there is no direct compatibility between them, but the Ronin is OK. Looking back, I probably would have bought something else.
  12. Super weird. Never experienced that before. I will dig in.
  13. Hey, I just re-exported it and when reimported into another project I had no issues.
  14. Sounds great. In the meantime with the GHa LUT work with my X-T3 footage as it is? Anything I have to do to make it work?
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