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  1. I picked up a Zeiss Distagon 25f2 T* and it does not have very much focus breathing at all - added some gears and im happy.
  2. eBay link please~ Also -My examples.. they are named after the F-stop of course - so much character and vibe wide open!!! Stopped down to F4(-ish because the XL does weird math on my P4K) its sharp and gorgeous.
  3. This one is next! Got the lens today. So doing tests in a bit~
  4. Awesome! By chance you have a few sample clips/screengrabs sitting around? Can't find a whole lot of good examples on this guy
  5. EF - I shoot on a P4K w XL and an XT3 w a Fringer
  6. Hey guys! Got a stupid good deal on Zeiss Distagon 35 f2 T* i’m getting it next week. $300 Anyone used this? Comments concerns i should know about? I already have FF gears that will fit but just wanting everyone’s experience with them. Either way, I plan on sharing usage over with my photo camera too.
  7. Hey team, hope everyone’s day is going good. I am working on a project with a band right now, and i want to integrate my friend who is a much better editor than me. However he does not use Davinci, but using PrPro right now. What is the best way for an easy hand off? I have a drive full of BRAW. Do i make a database? Do i grade the whole raw files and then just give him the ProRes? I’d like to finish in Davinci, and he does have the free version. How can I send him the project and then he sends it back edited? Sorry for seemly dumb question, I am just new to collaboratio
  8. Hey guys! Diving into anamorphic this next few weeks and I think I have finally settled on what i’m gunna do. Rapido’s Full Package C. I use a BMPCC4K with the .64 speedbooster with my Helios and Mir1b. (100% sure the MIR wont work, but i got it for free so hey!) Full Package C includes: Schneider Super Cinelux 2X Anamorphic Lens FVD-16A FMJ-16 V3 full clamp Step down ring/ Step up ring 1/4-20 foot support Rear Metal Jacket (RMJ) Will all of this work with the new 2.8k mode and get me a clean and sharp 2.4:1 delivery? Just trying to avoid as much vign
  9. I wish! I really wanted to, but never spotted one. I also missed the Aurora's, as the sun only set for about 2 hours when I was there. Thanks Andrew!
  10. Hi guys. This won't be a gear-related post, but more of just a thread to show you something important to me. This summer was rough. Fiance left, both parents got cancer, lost my grandparents and that is just the tip of the iceberg. So in July, i left. I packed a duffle and booked a studio apartment outside Reyjkavik for a week. Of course, I took my BMPCC4K. This is not so much a gear "look at how good my shots and coloring are" (kinda) but more I just wanted to share this place with everyone.. even if it is just a little slice. For the grade, I converted BMDFilm to Linear, CST to Log
  11. Just picked up the SliderPlus Pro Compact last tuesday. Game changer. Never coming off my tripod
  12. I wonder what is all going to be going in the new P4K firmware update..
  13. What do you all think? For the price, I know I will try it. https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/surprise-this-is-the-new-sirui-50mm-f1-8-133x-anamorphot-lens-for-sony-e-fuji-x-and-mft/
  14. I did that one time too while interviewing people at my work. I was so pissed at myself!
  15. Yea i did - BMD-709 with Sat Map - didn’t go Alexa color, just LogC
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