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  1. Only 4k ... they go nowhere ... out that it is already old
  2. Ehhhhh No.... We in Italy do not call ourselves by a nickname ... In Italy it is a crime ... as more or less in the rest of Europe ... Luckily you said so ... I would never have expressed myself calling you by a bird name ...
  3. If you want a cinema look, ibis is not necessary ... It might be a joke, but a certain movement of the camera is due to its high weight !!!
  4. Here you have to earn at least 35,000 euros to have a net salary as a worker ... the average taxes are 48% I think that in Greece they have a lot of state debt to pay...
  5. It seems inferior to the Zcam line (S6 \ F6 \ F8) ... more in line with Pocket ... if it goes very well and costs very little it could be successful ...
  6. I can't wait to see this multi aspect sensor ... finally ...
  7. you have narrowly intended my post .. when he was he was instead generallized ... that is: do not confuse things that although similar (very similar) but not the same ...ok
  8. It would not seem true that it mounts the same sensor as the c300mk3 ... Canon makes many sensors ... Arri's magic is in the electronics and the firmware behind the sensor !!!
  9. Panavision is out of the survey, considering that that is not priced...
  10. my opinion is that it might actually be relevant to say that: Canon C70 / 100 are entry level camcorders, as they are Fs5 by Sony, Eva for Panasonic etc ... (for videomaker) Then below (for price) we have cameras ... Canon r5, A7 series from Sony, SH or gh from Panasonic ... (they take photos and also record videos) The only two exceptions are precisely Black Magic Design and Zcam. (for what the Pocket does at that price really ...everyone he should have one in his bag ...) So I think the Low Budget professional world is something more than the aforementioned camcorders and cameras ...
  11. in my opinion, Gh1 and Gh2 with hacks they were the turning point for everyone....that's history.... I still have my little gh2 with drithwood... what do you remember ...
  12. I agree for Canon Fans ... It will be interesting to know the numbers, excluding large companies and renters, how many amateurs will buy adapters and new lenses, along with this new camera ... and I'm afraid in the end I have seen this script...
  13. In my opinion, the price is high ... for most potential buyers...
  14. ironfilm...you would be much better off without a beard ... you would attract a lot more audience !!!
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