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  1. will the F6 be using the same/similar sensor as the Mavo LF?
  2. If I wanted save money on lights, I would only need to spend 30K on a full frame cine camera? Deal!
  3. Dave mentioned the crop mode being 1.8x...compared to the stills crop (which is 1.6x). The EOS R can shoot 1080 in full frame mode.
  4. Interesting that they shot a decent amount with a 90° shutter. There are a few Steadicam scenes where it seems more noticeable. Great BTS
  5. Biggest problem for me was the compression; Sky Now made it look crap tbh! Should look gorgeous on blu ray though...
  6. Yeah they should have attached an Alexa to the operators head. Brilliant 😂
  7. @tekeela have you considered this setup? half the price of the sirui setup...
  8. This prototype image was posted on the fb group... Not much info but hopefully we see a few more third party options!
  9. Have you got a link for that? Cheers
  10. Again... We don't even have a release date for the Raw update.
  11. But the Z6 cannot shoot 10 bit internally. So it costs quite a bit more than 2k for that.
  12. He's no longer active on this forum...
  13. The Art of Photography uses the copilot... Looks like the best option atm for iPad/Luma fusion
  14. Do you have a link for the workaround? Really interested in that aha!
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