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  1. Cheers @mercer We had the xeens in pl mount and samyangs in ef... I believe we had a matched set for both: 14, 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135? Two Ursa Mini 4.6k's PL & EF. In terms of build quality the xeens are far superior; easier for focusing as well with no play in PL mount. I believe that if you can get a really good set of samyangs, they match really well in terms of sharpness and character etc. The xeens are ever slightly warmer and I would assume there is less variance in quality control.. (24mm especially). I love the 85 and 135mm lenses especially, and found little difference between the samyang and xeen versions. In terms of image quality. I mentioned before that the 24mm samyang has bad quality control and our version struggled below a t5.6 and had poor flare control. For me, in terms of overall image quality the xeens have better quality control and maybe slightly different coatings? I just wish they released a 28mm; it is my favourite focal length for most scenarios on super 35/apsc. (Sorry for blabbering on)
  2. These a few frame grabs from a short I did last year... used a set of Xeens and Samyangs, they matched very well - only a slight difference in warmth between the two sets.
  3. They're still as relevant imo, nothing comes close in value for money in the budget cine market. *The 24mm is the worst lens imo, due to the quality control! If you have a good one it's great but a bad one is literally unusable until t4-t5.6... The 85mm is the golden child of their lineup tho for sure! * Veydra were good but they seem to have dissolved? Although Meike's new lenses seem similar? Canon EF mount is always a bonus as well. I believe that's before tax price? Still a great deal for 6 lenses and case!
  4. Looks like Metabones will be releasing new speedboosters, specifically for the pocket 4k. There will be new Pocket 4k Speed Boosters® with new optics specifically optimized for the unique characteristics of the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. We will disclose details in a separate announcement. Each Speed Booster® is designed specifically for the filter stack of the sensor. The existing Speed Booster® XL 0.64x and Speed Booster® ULTRA 0.71x have excellent optical properties on JVC, Olympus and Panasonic cameras but the forthcoming Pocket 4K Speed Boosters will work only on Blackmagic cameras. Looks like they've gone back on what they originally said regarding specific adapters for the camera... https://www.metabones.com/article/of/BlackmagicPocketCinemaCamera_4K?fbclid=IwAR32Ck9ztExd8rXzKVwiRe0kaBuLSOY8sb9yIPHMY8D6hftGCWbgxQf26zY
  5. They still want to send it back to Bloom. Good lord.
  6. MFT only I believe. Focus direction. Original mockup showed Nikon style.
  7. From the E2 FB group. Lens will also be parfocal. Interesting! MFT mount
  8. yeah, I was hoping for around $1000 if I'm being honest. For the spec tho, it's reasonable in comparison! Hopefully we see a few more companies releasing evfs that aren't ZACTUO expensive.
  9. The EVF is now available for preorder. https://suikui.myshopify.com/collections/monitor-on-camera-field/products/oeye-3g-led-evf-3g-sdi-4k-hdmi-support-for-red-blackmagic-z-cam-e2-sony-canon-panasonic?fbclid=IwAR3ty-yJes1mrr1GLMdmtbajVmCFkI-teNscFVJWeYDAxK45ZEGobVNH8RI
  10. Looks like they'll be releasing it in MFT mount! Have to commend their approach; especially in regards to taking consumer feedback onboard! Fair play to Z Cam 😁
  11. Messaged portkeys yesterday; the price is slightly higher than I expected, though still considerably cheaper than Zacuto's offerings... (price is officially annnounced next week) Zacuto have just announced their rebranded JTZ Khameleon EVF and it has a retail of 1950 USD.
  12. AlexTrinder96


    Great stuff @BTM_Pix love both the 85 and 135 from Samyang! So underrated!
  13. We will introduce a 0.7” 1080p #oled EVF#, portkeys OEYE-3G in NAB, with 4KHDMI in and out, 3GSDi in and out, brightness waveform, 3DLUT..., all-aluminum body, diopter. NAB also publishes price . 😎
  14. Portkeys will be announcing an EVF at NAB! Oled 0.7 inch with sdi and hdmi... Hopefully at a reasonable price
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