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  1. Okay, so 6k doesn't use full sensor readout? Makes sense.
  2. So is every other resolution oversampled? Using the full sensor? 8K, 6K, 4K etc?
  3. This camera is obviously not marketed towards everyone. I don't know why so many people get hysterical over not needing 12k, 8k etc... They (and many other companies) still have so many great affordable options out there. The false rumours have nothing to do with Black magic. Pure speculation...
  4. Most people want MFT for the flexibility. I and many others would want the MFT mount, so we could use lenses that are made in mirrorless mounts (x mount, e mount, mtf etc) from companies like Meike, Fujinon, SLR Magic etc... the majority of these lenses tend to all be made for super 35/FF while also available in a MTF mount...allowing them to cover the full sensor, unlike the majority of Panasonic and Olympus lenses. There's also many different focal reducers readily available. As I stated earlier, the two Fujinon MK lenses would go nicely on a super 35 Blackmagic camera!
  5. Yeah definitely don't expect it to happen. Would love a mft mount on super 35 as it's such a versatile option!
  6. Would love the 6k sensor in a micro style body with mft mount option. (Like z cam). That paired with the Fujinon MK zooms would be lovely.
  7. I mentioned that the GVM RGB lights that I owned were unusable in Tungsten mode. They are now releasing mark ii variants of their rgb lights that now have dedicate tungsten leds. ArtVideo Productions has some great in depth videos on their lights.
  8. You could've at least quoted or linked where you copied this information from... https://cinematography.com/index.php?/topic/51973-dynamic-range-vs-latitude/
  9. Nanlite have just announced a BICOLOUR version of the Forza 60. Also they are releasing a Forza 200 - bridging the gap between the 60 and 300!
  10. Legendary screen writer/director Paul Schrader updated his book 'Transcendal Style' a few years ago. Would recommend looking up the book and his opinions on slow cinema etc... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2018/05/paul-schrader-non-narrative-film-diagram-lynch-kiarostami-ozu-1201966364/amp/ Sometimes the academic discourse around this genre can be more enticing than the films themselves. (Bela Tarr comes to mind)
  11. Would highly recommend to anyone interested. Read Tarkosvky's Sculpting in time. It hurts your head at first but once you start to comprehend it, the way you see film as a form of art will be forever changed. Fantastic book from the master of pure cinema.
  12. Fully agree. Both films are fantastic! I really like how they use many real life workers and first time actors in uncut gems/good time. Adds to the rawness! Will be interesting to see what they do next, as they've just signed a deal with hbo for the next few years.
  13. I agree that it's not the easiest film to watch. Many films that are categorised as slow cinema are not Friday night flicks as such haha. You have to be in right frame of mind. You can see in this and his first feature (Kalli Blues) that Bi Gan is influenced by Tarkosvky! Have you seen any films by Tsai Ming Lain, Jia Zhangke, Pedro Costa etc? They also create films within the realm of slow cinema. Is it possible that trailer sold you something it's not? When you say Broll? Do you mean flashbacks? The narrative is meant to be incoherent throughout the first half! I would
  14. I have owned 4 GVM lights. Sent 2 back and sold the other two. The problem with all their RGB panels is that the bi colour mode is useless. Anything except 5600k is so far off it's ridiculous. You can see a few videos on YT that highlight the problem. Unfortunately you almost always get what you pay for... The 50rs does have a decent output and the RGB is pretty good... Not as saturated as more expensive lights or using gels, but it gets the job done. Again tho, the fact it is unusable in bi colour mode really takes away from the other capabilities. Neweer also have very simil
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