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  1. Nothing wrong with using intentional natural light. It can sometimes produce amazing results. But in your reference to dynamic range, I do think it matters how those stops are utilised. For example, on an overcast grey day - using LOG on some cameras may spread the exposure too thinly - whereas one might prefer to use a standard gamma to accomplish a “juicier” looking image. The image will most certainly look thinner in poor lighting conditions as there’s less information captured by each pixel. Not in all situations but it’s certainly a big factor.
  2. This is definitely a thing, and I feel a lot of this is actually to do with exposure and post colour management. The trouble is, a lot of those using cheaper mirrorless cameras shoot stuff in really poor lighting conditions, which obviously stretches the information captured into obscene brittleness. It matters to pump up those pixels with a high quality of light - ensuring you have juicer, healthier pixels to play with. I’ve even seen some people “light” with their A7S ISO. Great feature for certain needs, but it’s not a light and the image will certainly feel thinner. Image
  3. Another first impression..... I need to test in several conditions, but I’m sure the WB seems slightly off. I balance on a grey card, but then the skin looks too cool etc. This was a problem in previous Sony cameras, so I hope this is user error. There is definitely a tint of yellow in SLOG3. Also, all the codecs besides All-I are uneditable with proxies on my iMac. I’m going to update my Mac to the latest anyway, and I’ll be recording into ProRes on the Ninja besides 4k100. But for the time being, it’s very sluggish with the native H264 / H265 codecs.
  4. It could possibly sit on the hot shoe of a hand grip on the right of a cage, like Smallrig and Tilta do. I get what you mean, when I shoot audio it’s normally locked off so the adapter position isn’t a huge concern. But would like to see how it could look on a cage with the Ninja V
  5. Yes thank you. I can see your rig is entirely different how I have my cameras (off the sticks, compact and simple), I'm just concerned the adapter will get in the way of the Ninja V or make it cumbersome handheld.
  6. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve pre-ordered one. It looks absolutely perfect for my usage case. Image looks stunning. A7SIII isn’t going anywhere though. It will be a key asset for a lot of shoots.
  7. Do you have the XLR-KM3 thingy? Bloody expensive add-on. Also wondering if it looks daft on a mirrorless camera. I’m fine with Ninja V bigger, but not much more than that. Defeats the purpose.
  8. Cheers. No I haven’t I’m afraid, I don’t know anyone with those cameras. I can assure you this EVF is ridiculous. That’s something the C70 doesn’t have, although from what I can see the C70 has a better feel to the image. Canon have given me a brain tumour caused by camera choice psychosis with its XLR’s and ND filters. Thank you Canon.
  9. More first impressions... - The 4k100fps is excellent. To have this feature in 10bit, in 1.1x full frame, in a camera this small is fantastic. Makes the EVA1’s downsampled 2k100fps look like mush. - The extended ISO at 100 in SLOG3 certainly limits the DR, certainly in the highlights. I wouldn’t recommend it, only if you are desperate. - Active Stabilisation works a treat. Tried a “gimbal shot” and did a fair job with stabilisation. - Footage doesn’t look overly sharp with a ProMist 1/4. Recommended. As the image itself is really very clinical. - Colour is
  10. I’ve not looked it up yet, but sounds like the right answer.
  11. My camera lets me do it. I am baffled.
  12. Got the A7SIII as wanted a small body that could do 4k120 10bit with high calibre AF tracking for gimbal work, and more. Coming from the EVA1 and GH5. No footage yet to show. Haven’t used it on a job yet but I’ve took it for a casual spin in the park. Is the hype real? Not sure yet. Need more time. Some observations: 1. The body is very very light. The buttons are nice to press. The screen is a little thin. The menu button is in the wrong place. The grip is far better than before. It’s much bigger. 2. The EVF is insane. Never seen an EVF that clear and sharp,
  13. R5 8k RAW video? Marketing. It worked a treat. Also, bringing the Canon name back onto major motion picture sets. 8K RAW crash cam? Great press for Canon. BRAW is incredible technology and more people will adapt it in time. However, most shoots in this segment will ask for ProRes or the nearest thing (XAVC-I on the FS7 / FX9). RAW would be a “nice to have” on the C70, just like it is with the A7SIII. I agree with that. I have the A7SIII in my hands now and I’m wondering if I’ve spent my money incorrectly.
  14. I don’t understand some of the negativity I’m seeing with the C70. It looks like a fantastic concept and will serve many people very very well. People who want RAW from this aren’t understanding it’s purpose. At least in the UK - documentary, corporate, music videos, brand promos.... 99% shot with 8bit or 10bit codecs.
  15. *FOR SALE* - Panasonic EVA1 Kit £3999 - Like New! I'm having to sell a bunch of gear, and sadly I have to let my EVA1 go! Includes: Camera Body. 3 x batteries and charger. Satchler Dr. Bag. Strap and instruction manual. It's been serviced in the last year, with the updated side handle (that doesn't jiggle) and the latest firmware, so the condition is top notch! Filmed music videos and brand videos with Video Ink Ltd and Mighty Hero Video Agency alongside the GH5 (I am the co-founder of both companies). Price is a generous £3999 + shi
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