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  1. Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    It's no where near the "wallet bomb explosion" that RED cams are with their accessories though. I nearly got a RED once. Super excited, I added it up afterwards, and immediately thought "f*** that!" Kinefinity offer good value for money. The grip seems necessary, but can't comment on it's usability never having used it. AJA Con was dead on arrival. Used that CMV crappy sensor, had 8 stops of DR, it was huge, needed a recorder for the special stuff and didn't have a screen. Yes - if a GH6s had RAW and 10bit across all their frame rates, that would be it. Sort of. Might be.
  2. Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    I've been interested in Kinefinity since the Kine Mini 4k. I saw a commercial shot on the camera and I was astounded at the quality. Then the Terra 6k came, which on paper, seemed like the ideal cinema camera. I'm glad to see the Terra 4k now has a UK distributor! (hooray!) Philip Bloom is a huge asset to push the camera into more hands. Couldn't care less if he's being paid or not. The Kinefinity community are often very positive about the cameras. I think I might try and demo one p.s a lot of people are nervous about buying from a small and little known company, but did you know Kinefinity is actually under the umbrella of a huge, global Chinese aerospace company (specialising in cameras?). Can't remember the name....
  3. Is FCPX still trash?

    Glad to hear it. I felt the same when I went from FCP7 to FCPX. The entire design threw me way off! ...but then i realised it all made perfect sense. FCPX is nothing like Premiere, it's a new way of "driving the machine" so to say, and that's why it's so damn awesome! A few handy things: 1. Chromatic by Coremelt is a great colour grading plugin. Color Finale by CGC has lost it's relevancy since FCPX updated to 10.4 with new tools (it has much less features than Chromatic), although you can export your own LUTS with both plugins. Coremelt's other plugins like SliceX and TrackX are also awesome (Mocha tech). 2. Pixel Film Studios has the biggest library in the world of FCPX plugins. Lots of them are crap but there's plenty of gems to be found. 3. Crumplepop Finisher is voodoo. Astonishing sharpening plugin. p.s I have been back to try Premiere. It felt like I'd travelled back in time. Tried DaVinci for editing too - this was a better experience. But not FCPX better (minus colour grading tools obviously).
  4. Is FCPX still trash?

    @Andrew Reid, I don't know how many times I've recommended for you to ditch Premiere and go FCPX. I've been using FCPX since the very first version, and because it was so different, I couldn't even put two clips together. But I persisted. To this day, I'd say FCPX has been the greatest creative decision I've ever made. Editing is more enjoyable, it's faster, it's seamless, it's a time saver. You have to regard that FCPX is not Premiere and does everything it can not to be like Premiere. It's a totally different machine. You don't try and drive a car like you would a motorcycle! When you learn to use it fluidly, your head starts shaking in utter shame of the people who trash it day in, day out. Their loss. To me, Premiere feels like a dinosaur with broken legs. It's still editing the "old way". FCPX was an ambition ahead of it's time, and now has matured into what I think is the best editing program today. Persist with it, learn it, and I'm certain you will love it.
  5. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    Yep, this is the problem. I love full frame. I love DPAF. I love cameras that are great in lowlight. I love great hybrids. Yesterday, I was hired to do some content for a new sports product. In the end, did more stills than video! (with a GH5!) I'm being really strict with new purchases - I willingly get another model / different camera / tool if it's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. The GH5 is doing it's job very well for the moment.
  6. Casey Strikes Again.

    The guy in this video is right by what he says, however there's something missing from his argument. Most gear talk and hype and all that is a waste of time and a huge distraction from the actual purpose of doing, yet there are times when camera A could offer dramatically better results than camera B with the desired job it fulfils. Some people are just really unsure, because choosing the right camera as a beginner, is overwhelming and daunting. The main message though, he's absolutely right. Yesterday i filmed a studio shoot, and straight away I realised i didn't have enough lighting, and I started adding new lights into my virtual shopping basket in my head. But i had to work with it, used the knowledge I had with lighting and cameras and delivered a decent result. With Casey, I'm not an avid follower but I enjoyed this particular video very much. The editing was clever and the message came through strongly. @webrunner5 - I think the "new topic" is justified as it's a topic that offers great discussion and debate.
  7. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    On the A6500 with MC-11, the Sigma ART's work well from what I remember - I'll give them another go as I've been using a Sony lens the past year for gimbal autofocus. I don't have any Canon EF's, just Sigma ART's and manual EF lenses. I wouldn't be too interested in the A7R line usually, however I'm being asked more and more to bundles photography with video these days. If the video autofocus performance is up there - that's a huge asset. Might rent it and give it a whirl. Thing is, I've been putting the GH5 on a pedestal and really invested my time and money into making it sing. So I guess my fear is hurting that really focused process. For stills, I do prefer Canon. They're not mirrorless, however the images look so satisfying in comparison to the "emptier" Sony /Panasonic image rendering. DECISIONS.
  8. Very quick try of Panasonic G9... It's nice, but...

    This. I've took on the GH5 more than I have with any other camera. I look at other models and really, really think whether it's completely necessary to buy. You have to separate the urge from the logic of making the right purchase. Everyone here will admit that camera porn gets in the way. Your regular camera purchases are justified as you run a blog, sell guides and colour profiles. For the rest of us - it's best to get to know the camera you have for a substantial amount of time, learn grading, learn composition, learn lighting, learn how to inspire GREAT ideas.
  9. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    Awesome! I also have the Sigma MC-11 adapter. How does the autofocus perform in stills with the Mc-11 adapter? Are there any greyed out AF options when using this adapter with photo or video?
  10. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    Just a few months ago I had an FS5 and Shogun Inferno with RAW update. The kit was great however I didn't't really enjoy using it. So I ditched it and went GH5, and I find the quality of my work has improved due to the creative liberation and portability you get from it. If I did get any of these cameras, I'd probably go C200. Got Sigma ART lenses, Canon colour and DPAF = win! Not at all on the list though. Depends on what I'm doing.
  11. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    I had the 24-70mm F4 and I didn't like it at all. It's very sharp but the fly by wire focus sucks and the image aesthetic is pretty boring. The body of the lens isn't the strongest either. Kinda reminds me of the Lumix 12-35mm on a GH camera. SHARP AND BORING! Onto the camera, I've been 90% GH5 in the last few months yet still use an A6500 on a gimbal because of the AF. Rarely use the A7SII at the mo. I find the A7RIII interesting as a hybrid - the AF is a huge plus for gimbals work plus mega resolution stills. It's just the damn lenses and the reliability that I'm not convinced with. Got EF and M43 glass, too much to get E-mount as well. (i want ALL the glass!!) Cameras are so bloody distracting.
  12. GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    @Sage, just bought your LUTS after seeing all these examples, looks like a no brainer. I'll let you know how I get on
  13. “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

    Well I could, however I think I'l be reaching to the original GH5 for IBIS - I actually own ZERO I.S lenses! (one of my fave's being the Olympus 40-150mm 2.8). One of the reasons I dumped the FS5 is because some of my shots from 50mm had an annoying ugly-style handheld jitter here and there, regardless of my steady hand. So IBIS happened. Having a GH5S would fill a gap (lowlight), although most of my shoots are controlled. Another body would really be for multi-cam reasons. Great lowlight is a bonus, however the main pull of the GH5S is the better quality image via much smoother looking highlight rolloff. Its awesome what they've done. As it stands, in the most logical non-emotive sense, I think a 2nd GH5 body would be a better fit.
  14. “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

    Really enjoyed your short @Neumann Films, loved the robot and the retro style intro. A lot of the shots certainly demonstrated improved highlight roll off and the “motion cadence” felt a little more film like. Maybe it was the aesthetic through that lens you were using. The glass does have some effect to the look of motion, I feel. I’m with you on the grading, especially the shots with the scientist guy. Onto the camera itself - many of us are annoyed st the lack of IBIS, but Panasonic have created a mini cinema machine that costs very little. Amazing really. Will I get it? I’m not sure, I don’t think I need it. I would miss IBIS hugely, and it is definitely a sticking point to lose one of the GH5’s defining features.
  15. “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

    http://www.techradar.com/news/the-lumix-gh5s-is-panasonics-most-video-focused-camera-yet No mention of IBIS on this “ahead of schedule” report....