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  1. I only ever post camera news if it’s interesting. I love the underdog. Anyway, looks like Z cam are out to make an impact.
  2. I really like the image and the high frame rates look compelling - but I was put off the previous model because it was very heavy. I'd really love to see a version of this camera where they've seriously reduced the weight.
  3. I think they deserve to be called “nincompoops” for their decisions. If Canon made a Porsche: ”We’re bringing the Porsche to the masses! Due to business reasons though, you can’t steer right, only left. Also a full tank lasts 2 minutes at 20mph. We felt this was ideal for these users.” It’s a shame as their imaging and reliability is top notch. Do Canon want to completely OWN the growing video market too? “Yes we do! As the 5D mk II was so popular, we’re going to release it in a new updated body with a few more MP for the next 20 years!”
  4. I don't usually get annoyed about cameras, but this is beyond ridiculous now. I think if you primarily shoot video, then forget about Canon. At every single price point, overall the competition offers far more attractive packages. There's always some baffling omission or lack of compulsory features that ruin every release.... "New 4k full frame but you can't use our class leading DPAF in the best video mode! The 4k isn't full frame either. The price is very low but the lenses are twice the price! Wanna buy?" Rant over. Where's my Panasonic? 😉
  5. I have a need for a small Vlogging style and stills camera with an EF mount, and I was interested until I saw this: No DPAF in 4k. Again and again, Canon leave out great features that really SHOULD be included and break the deal. People seem to be celebrating this model but to me, it's the same old crippled Canon. I feel Fujifilm are fast becoming the go-to option in this market (with an aggressive X-T30 release) and with the expectations of the XH-2, I feel they will be the closest ever to the perfect hybrid. Who would of thought it would be Fuji!!?
  6. The Panasonic S1 is great news for Panasonic video shooters. It means the GH6 is likely going to be killer. However, I think this “perfect storm” for the ultimate hybrid is going to come from the brand we thought would be least likely to do it: Fuji, with the X-H2.
  7. The S1 is looking strong with the future firmware update, with the really special stuff saved for the GH6. Please let the AF be good. The EVA1 just got 4k 60p 10 bit HEVC, so I'm guessing the S1 will have HEVC too (without the 10 bit 60p).
  8. These specs are doing the rounds on Facebook. Apparently came from a website who posted the article then removed it. If true, it confirms they are leaving the fancier video specs to the GH6 and GH6s.
  9. The EVA1 has just received a firmware update giving it 10 bit 4k/60fps in HEVC. I'm hoping this is because the S1 and S1R has it, and giving it the EVA1 brings it in line. I do actually have a gut feeling it may disappoint somewhere for video because they need to keep the future of GH attractive. Maybe it won't have VLOG or something (like Sony left out Slog in the A9 and Canon Clog in the 1DX II).
  10. Is that directed at me? If so, I’m not sure what you mean by (with “S” : D) in your post.
  11. Thank you. What about it is awesome? Not fishing for compliments, just how people would describe it (I’m collecting some “keywords” for promotion. But to answer the OP... I’m not sure I “like” my own style. It’s just what comes out. When I create, I seek to make an eye-catching distinction. By that, I mean something interesting to look at. Something exciting. That may come out as a combination of things. I learnt by messing around with house hold lights, getting a subject and seeing how interesting I could make it. It could be a teddy bear, my dog, my brother or a garden. I’d keep changing angles, perspectives, movements. Then I’d put it in the edit as mess with the footage. Especially aesthetic. How interesting could I possibly make it? I think this experimentation moulds my work now. Whatever happened in that process so early on has certainly shaped my creative thinking.... I don’t know what that style is though. I just do it and it happens.
  12. Most people say they come to me for my style. I don’t even know what that style is, I’m trying to find out. Anyone kind enough to tell me? www.videoink.co.uk
  13. I’ve not got the hang of mine yet either. I liked how the Zhiyun Crane V1 moved so smoothly with my movements and I can’t replicate it yet with the Ronin-S. Still putting it down to user error. Surely.... On topic.... Are gimbals cinematic? If they serve the story, then yes. Why the hell not?
  14. Wow what a disappointment for video! I do have to disagree with some commenters here tough, I don’t think M43 is going anywhere anytime soon. The GH5, 2 years on, still hasn’t been beat. The GH6 will likely set the world on fire again. The Z cam E2 and BMPCC4k are powerhouses. It’s a really great format that just seems to be getting better, very quickly.
  15. To me, cinematic means the feeling or experience you have when watching a theatrical release film. There’s too many elements to list as to what makes an image cinematic - lighting, composition, story etc. Generally, I think the Youtubers attempts at “cinematic” is more “stylised videography”. There’s an enhancement and focus on camera movement, grading, maybe lighting that gives a more captivating viewing experience, but not quite “cinematic” as such. Then again, like “filmic”, these are just words. Is the content compelling enough to sit through? That’s what matters. If the answer is yes, it’s job well done. “Cinematic” or not.
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