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  1. Haha, I only use 25p or frame rates conformed to 25p. This model looks like a useful little gadget for 25p users BUT: 1. Will we be able to use DPAF in 4k? 2. Does 4k have a crippled bitrate? If Canon delivers on the above 2 points, and the price is right - this could be a helpful addition for my upcoming social media and personal stuff.
  2. Interesting. I speculate this.... Apple wants to sell a shit load of Mac Pro’s by putting the power of ProRes RAW and FCPX at the core of pro workflow. So they want more pro cameras with ProRes RAW capability. RED have said “you can’t” so Apple have said “erm...we will”, as Apple wants the pro market, no matter what. Just for fun of speculation, I hope Apple get ProRes RAW clear, more cameras shoot with it, RED make their cameras more affordable (Komodo?) and Apple allows RED to use ProRes RAW as part of the deal. For what it’s worth, the RED image is awesome and REDcode is awesome - so I hope it’s a case of “everybody wins”, whatever happens.
  3. I agree with @Mattias Burling, this doesn’t really “sell” the quality of the camera. In fact, the entire footage page they published doesn’t either. Could easily be filmed with a GH5 and I wouldn’t notice. This is mostly down to the filmmakers though and not the camera, however it’s clear that the gulf between camera quality is much less and pretty much every new release doesn’t have that “special sauce” to differentiate them enough. I like Blackmagic but they should go to a modular ZCAM box design. The poor battery, fixed screen and odd shape make it a no-go for me. This would be an absolute no brainer if you could just pull it out the box and shoot without having to bolt on a few bricks to make it work reliably. Lots of options these days - but also in these days I’m thinking far less about my cameras choices than ever.
  4. Looks like a direct response to the rapid development of the Z cam cameras. Shame they couldn’t get to 4K 100/120fps. But RAW 6k 60fps for that price is hard to sniff at.
  5. @Andrew Reid, swallow the Adobe muscle memory and just get to grips with FCPX or Resolve. Both are far better, more intuitive and reliable than Premiere. I'm an FCPX guy, and when going back to Premiere now, it feels like I'm trying to edit with a relic. Move on!
  6. I'm ambitiously attempting to put together a very accomplished filmmaking kit together that you can fit inside one of those hard, wheeled cases . It's to facilitate a new service I'm working on. The strategy is to be very mobile / portable but offering very high quality with a great range of tools. Thought it would be fun to share with you guys. Can it be done? This is what I want to fit inside one hard case with wheels - and it needs to be as lightweight as possible 🤣: 1. Hybrid Mirrorless Camera 2. Two to three lenses covering wide to telephoto. 3. 5 inch monitor 4. Slider 5. Gimbal 6. Compact Tripod 7. Three lights with stands 8. Headphones 9. Shotgun Mic 10. Wireless Audio Transmitter / Receiver + Lav. 11. (if Mirrorless Camera has crap preamps) Audio Recorder. 11. Lens Filters (Variable ND etc) 12. SD cards 13. Cleaning Kit. 14. Batteries / Chargers. How would you create yours? Can you get all of this in just one case?
  7. I agree. The only way I’d challenge that is for gimbal use. When I used Sony AF for gimbals, my shots were 99% pin sharp, even at very shallow DOF on telephoto. Now I use Panasonic in MF, and my shots are at around 85% reliability. I could always do with that extra 14%. Also, I think the creative possibilities on a gimbal are far greater with reliable AF compared to MF. As for AF handheld or tripod? Never use it.
  8. Looked at the files, looks very much like the EVA1. I’d say the EVA1 motion looks a little nicer but there’s not much between them.
  9. Not surprising for a photo-centric camera. Not sure of all the 8k talk. Very unlikely that will happen in an A7 soon. No one wants it or needs it, or can barely edit it. I think the A7SIII will come this fall with 4k60 (8bit), higher MP. Up to 4k30 10bit external. That kinda thing. The one thing they have going for these models is the video AF. Incredible. Everything else is beaten by Panasonic. Just need Panasonic to sort out that grey area. It’s the only missing thing now, with eND. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to shoot great stuff on the A7RIV, no doubt.
  10. Great news. Still compelled to learn how this camera really differentiates from the S1H. The 6k mode is rather niche as the major difference.
  11. Oliver Daniel

    Sigma FP

    Nice idea, but on the surface I think there’s better options now and most likely in the very near future. It will have to sport a remarkable picture to be competitive. Well done to Sigma though for getting their fingers into the camera side.
  12. Bummer that it’s a physical thing. Is this an anti-piracy tactic? I just don’t get the logic of providing this non-digital - surely it costs more to print them all up and post them? Yep, bargain grey import indeed - still worth it if you’re not VAT registered. They are legit as I’ve had a few lenses from them.
  13. Awesome. This website is selling the S1 + 24-105mm for £2349.00. Temptation....
  14. Well this camera has become even more interesting. I do kinda fear that it may put my EVA1 in the dust bin though!
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