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  1. Oliver Daniel

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    You’ll smile when you read this. After a brain spasm of a meeting today - the choice has been made and has gone ahead. It’s the EVA1, GH5S and GH5. The Atomos Sumo will join the EVA1. (@Sage will love this). We also need to update our gimbal. At the moment it’s a toss up between the Ronin-S and Tilta G2X? Tough. After all is said and done, I’m going to cry for week as I’ll be living on instant noodles and cheap biscuits for a while! 🤣
  2. Oliver Daniel

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    Used the FS7 a lot. The image is thicker and still better than most in its price range, nearly 4 years later. Astonishing. Certainly a contender - just the bulk on my grip and motion equipment! EVA1 and GH5 with Sage look = awesome. I haven’t dismissed this. The crop of the EVA1 HFR bothers me though. Plus gimbal AF isn’t the most reliable. Ursa Mini Pro - used it today on a multi cam shoot. Incredible image but for handheld work, it’s like holding a tank. Mini it’s not. Awesome for studio work on sticks. FS5 II and co.... safest and “best” all rounder. Biggest issue is the FS5 II is a bit out of date without the external option. A7 cams (so far) not 10bit. Kinefinity Mavo. Probably looking the most impressive but unproven and the most expensive option. Certainly the most desired, but will there really be much of a noticeable difference for clients? Is it worth the hard fought extra effort for what could be for (possibly) very little extra value? Plus HFR modes are very cropped. Important factors really: 1. A-camera must be lightweight and work with my current gear (like Edelkeone Motion Kit). 2. A-camera will 90% of the time be hooked up to a large monitor, off camera. 3. A-camera must have very high quality HFR (client demand). 4. A-camera must have very high detail, clarity and dynamic range. 5. B-cameras must be great for gimbals (great AF desired). 6. B-cameras have decent HFR options. 7. B-cameras have decent stills capability. 8. All cameras work easy together in a workflow.
  3. Oliver Daniel

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    Yep, just waiting in my car now for others to arrive for a shoot. It’s Saturday morning. What am I doing here? 🤪 In all honestly, my new setup will most likely be all Sony - regardless of how much I personally desire the Mavo setup. Sometimes it’s worth exploring a bit of mania. Only thing that bugs me a bit on the FS5, is when recording internally, it’s way behind all the others. Nothing is ever perfect.
  4. Oliver Daniel

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    I lost my mind years ago getting into video. It's a completely insane profession. I can't quite remember why I'm doing it. I might just get all of them, maybe RED Monstro and a Venice too. 🤨 Or maybe I'll stick with an iPhone and Osmo Mobile 2. Ultimately, it's down to image quality.
  5. Oliver Daniel

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    Haha, don't be, every year is rock bottom and sky high - never in between. Although what i'm about to say might be completely contradictory..... I'm actually now seriously considering being extra more patient and going for the Kinefinity Mavo as A cam and the BMPCC 4k as B-cam (I have cheeky pre-orders down for both). My reason? I'm positioning my work more higher end than it is now, and emotively, I much much much prefer the images these cameras (will) produce. Also, now I'm having to re-purpose everything on social, I've found the true power of not making them look like shit online is down-converting from higher resolutions (as a lot of my work is shot higher than 50fps and slowed down). Also having to constantly insanely crop and zoom for picky clients. So I may just work more jobs, save some more cash, be patient and go for it.
  6. Oliver Daniel

    Sony a7 III discussion

    GH5 is hard to beat really. It’s a unique camera that can film almost anything you throw at it. The emotive part is missing for me though on the GH5. When I use or see great full frame footage, I feel tingly. I don’t quite tingle with the GH5, even on the XL SB. I don’t think weak Sony colour is a thing anymore. You’ve proved that with your Sony profiles and arguably, I’d say the FS5 II in Venice edges the C200 for colour. General viewers just think “4K is better”, even if it perceives to have little difference to 1080. Up until 2016, I barely got asked about recording in 4K. Now it’s one of the first thing EVERYONE asks. So for Dave, yeah 4k is a plus because “4k is better”, isn’t it? 🤪
  7. Oliver Daniel

    Sony a7 III discussion

    The ability to crop and reframe without it looking like s**t. Also “future proofing”, so when 4K is the normal viewing standard, his older work still has that 4K option for viewers.
  8. Oliver Daniel

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Thanks. Yes, I have more of an emotional connection with the full frame aesthetic and how lenses with interesting bokeh resolve. Hopefully as an unexpected surprise, the A7S III could possibly have 10bit HDMI out to the Ninja V. That would be awesome. Cant knock the GH5 cams for what they do though. I’ve had a blast with it, so it makes my final kit choice a head scratcher. Still, the combo of FS5II, A7S III, A7 III and A6700 to cover every possible scenario is edging it. I’m happy to wait it out to see how the upcoming cameras end up.
  9. Oliver Daniel

    Sony a7 III discussion

    For what reasons are you using the A7 III more? Curious to know as I’m deciding whether to go all Panasonic or all Sony for my new venture.
  10. Oliver Daniel

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    Wish I could do reviews but I struggle to find the time. Also not sure if I could offer anything unique as this area is pretty oversaturated as it is. When the upgrade arrives, I’ll let you know my views at least.
  11. Oliver Daniel

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    The problem I've found with a lot of these reviews is that some people using the system haven't made the simple "trouble shooting" adjustments when a problem arises. At first, my slides were very jumpy but I fixed it with a simple tightening of the screw in the slide module. The system isn't perfect but they deliver really astonishing results, if you put patience and creativity into your shots.
  12. Oliver Daniel

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    Yes and the app has been re-worked, looks far better and much less cluttered. This company make some of the best and most interesting gadgets for filmmaking in the world. I want every product they have! 🤪
  13. Oliver Daniel

    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    Haha yeah, I've always said that these camera choice dilemmas do get in the way of the real purpose we're all imaging nuts, however when the images you produce are part of a business model which feeds your family and pays your rent, you do have to make the right choice (I haven't before and my product quality dived!). If I was shooting stuff for pleasure and fun, I'd just stick with a Sony A7 III, some mid-range lenses and a Zhiyun Crane for everything. Actually, I'm off to Greece at the end of the month for a holiday, and I'm perfectly happy taking the A6500 and the shitty kit lens. It's a fine setup for what I need it for.
  14. Oliver Daniel

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    Actually just saw I get a Free Upgrade to this - phew!
  15. Oliver Daniel

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    I have the Motion Kit which was released last year, and it's a really, really awesome piece of kit. The major difference with this one is the laser targeting, as on the current Head Module you use the app to adjust focus on the object and you "record" the position and focus. They do make it look so easy on the promo! Once you get used to it, it's easy to use the settings however to get the right shot requires intricacy and patience. Their kit is expensive, but it's the right price for the target market as the shots really do stand out compared to boring old tripod pans.