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  1. Hi Oliver,

    I'm in exactly the same position you were a few months ago. Looking to buy a big brother for my GH5 and after reading and watching hundreds of videos and articles, I'm thinking the EVA1 is the right cam for me. I want to do predominantly run and gun doc shooting, but the GH5, no matter what you do, will always have that 'reality TV look' rather than the soft cinematic feel I'm in search of. It has been a close run thing though, the Canon C200 is obviously a great cam, but from everything I've read, despite the screen and lack of EVF, the EVA1 just shades it, particularly because I already have the GH5. And I'd love the Terra 4K but it's too much of an unknown quantity and seems better for aspiring filmmakers rather than run and gun doc producing. What I wanted to know is whether you are happy with your decision? And whether, if you could go back and do it again, you'd still buy the EVA1? Any info greatly appreciated as for me this is a monumental decision.


  2. Oliver Daniel

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    This is a tough video to start with the EVA1. Lots of my HFR footage is very noisy. Also noticed that shooting at native 2500 is very noisy too. Here’s a grab from a 4k scene:
  3. Oliver Daniel

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    Some more observations.... 1. The noise in 2.8k sensor mode for 2K 120fps in VLOG is crazy! Could be user error though as I didn’t black balance. Will test more. 2. Footage feels much smoother and distinct compared to GH5. Colours suddenly look a lot more dull on GH5. Saying that, the GH5 holds its own. 3. White balance temp response seems off. Different to GH5 results in same situation. Maybe user error. Test more. 4. Think you must use the garbage LCD to operate playback. Hope I’m being dumb and there is a manual way. The LCD doesn’t deserve to be on this camera in any way. I’m knee deep editing the project and will share once released!
  4. I'm selling my Sony A6500, including Ravpower Dual USB charger, 2 batteries, strap and USB cable. Price £550. The item is in good condition and I've experienced zero problems. There's a very faint small scratch on the LCD and also a couple of marks on the top of the body from general wear and tear. It's been used for videography, mostly on a Zhiyun Crane. Great for very light setups. Item located in Manchester UK. I accept Paypal only and will ship to Europe. PM if interested. Many Thanks
  5. Oliver Daniel

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    I got the SWIT 55C and it’s working great. Just don’t drop it. 😉 Will be looking for EVF combos later in the year. I’ll share a bit more from the EVA soon, early days but looking good. P.s extra observation, the EIS is sorta ok. Crops a little bit. If you’re used to IBIS, it’s garbage. Tested it on some general shots, wobble wobble wobble (hello warp stabiliser, we meet again!!) Anyone know of an awesome monopod which isn’t a complete pain in the ass?
  6. Oliver Daniel

    Z Cam E2 will have ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FPS in 4K??

    Yes every case. The best camera is the one that suits you. Z cam have an advantage (which they should really market heavily) that their camera is very customisable to users needs and it’s very versatile. GH5/S is a very highly quality “all in one” pick up and shoot with expanded professional options. Stills too! BMPCC4k for exceptional quality at a low price, more niche and specialised. No camera is better than the other here, but will be better or worse for different situations and shooters. For me, I simply can’t replace the GH5 for how it serves my work. Using the BMPCC4k or ZCam instead could be problematic, but for others, a revelation.
  7. Oliver Daniel

    Z Cam E2 will have ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FPS in 4K??

    Depends on what you shoot. Besides image quality, the GH5S has it’s advantages over the BM. The argument should be more to do with whether a camera is “best suited” to a particular shooter. Based on the everyday shooter, the Alexa 65 is the worst modern camera ever.
  8. Oliver Daniel

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    When you realise this camera is really 95% a RAW shooting camera with big amounts of data - it’s a fine line between being really stupid or a genius, on the basis you buy one. I didnt get it and it’s just not as versatile as the EVA1. I like the image better on the C200, but sometimes, logic needs to come before your emotions.
  9. Oliver Daniel

    Z Cam E2 will have ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FPS in 4K??

    I had one on pre-order, and although having never used it - I didn’t go through with the order. This is mostly to do with battery life. I know there are workarounds but I don’t see much point buying a camera with this form factor, just to throw another brick on it. Also I see the screen as a valid issue. If you know that you regularly need to tilt your screen - then the BM isn’t going to work as you’d want. The Z cam is a cool design as it allows you to “create your own camera”. A lot of people who like customisation will welcome that. The BM image is lovely and will be a massive hit for crash cams on big productions. As an indie tool it hits the right spot however as a workhorse, I think the GH5S is a better option.
  10. Oliver Daniel

    Z Cam E2 will have ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FPS in 4K??

    Not worth arguing about, it’s only cameras! 😎 I’ve followed them closely and they indeeed have a GS version on the brink of release - but 1-inch. They camera will very very soon have ProRes - some tester models have it and sone people have even hacked it. They are also looking at RAW. They are putting a lot of effort into the camera and it looks solid. The problem for Z Cam is that not enough people are taking them seriously. The marketing could do with a lot of work. If you’ve got a bit of spare budget lying around, I’d take a punt.
  11. Oliver Daniel

    Edelkrone HeadPLUS

    I do have the upgrade but not used it yet. The previous one worked really well and only had a couple of minor issues. Overall it was awesome. I started with the first one but didn’t really get to grips with it. Looking to use the new one extensively in the new year.
  12. Oliver Daniel

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    Can’t give an opinion of the C200 due to experience. From what I’ve seen I’d say I prefer the C200 image but not much to go off. I want clients to think I’m incredible so EVA1 it is! 🤪 GH5s on the “probable list” if needed. That’s why I didn’t get it. Really needed that “middle” codec.
  13. Oliver Daniel

    My quick EVA1 mini review

    Recently got the EVA1 because it’s Christmas and cameras rule the world. Took it out for a spin first time on a major project in Amsterdam and Iceland. My entire kit was a right heavy bugger to carry around, silly me. GH5 came too. But will it service my creativity / ability or is this just a symptom of the camera “want, need” sickness? BRIEF GOOD THINGS - Body is nice overall. I’d look twice 😉 - 4k image is super lovely. I could marry it. - 2K 120fps better than competing cameras. Doesn’t look like an infected toe. - Codecs. Lots. Same as GH5. Woo. Party! BRIEF BAD THINGS - The LCD makes a good mirror. As a monitor? Get a hammer and smash it. - Switching sensor modes and HFR could make you feel unwell quickly. Slow. - The hand grip moves a bit when locked. Makes you sigh a lot and say “f*****g hell” under your breath. - More user error, but I had my IBIS hands on while shooting. Sort of forgot I’d be back to wobble club. Overall, it was robust and performed well. Images look lovely. Matches GH5 nicely. Looking forward to shooting more and not throwing it in the bin. Extra note - I used the new SWIT 55C as the Monitor which I also want to marry. Great deal! Here’s a photo from the shoot....
  14. It’s highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely you’ll get those kind of specs in the A7SIII. I think it will look like: - 4k 60fps (10bit external) - Better lowlight, battery, EVF etc - PDAF - Higher MP - One surprise (like a 4k 120fps burst mode)
  15. Oliver Daniel

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I've had the same issue, the LUT preview on the GH5 shows a lot of weird banding and blotchy colours. I stick with the Panasonic one instead for that. Applying the LUT in post though is a different story 😉