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  1. There should be an EOSHD lighting challenge. Light an indoor scene with a budget of $30 or something. @Andrew Reid? Look great. Lots of these type of lights on the market now. Great to have so many options but many headaches when making that choice!
  2. Yeah, seen those. Never knew anything about Godox until recently. They have just released a “silent” video light actually. Interested in Nanlite Forza (they have 60, 300, 500). The 60 is super small and can be powered from batteries.
  3. Yeah, I’d never use these as my daylight / tungsten source. I remember getting some cheap LEDs as they were like “sick green” in daylight mode! So these cheapos, maybe as something to use a dash of colour and fun in areas of the image. On the more expensive side, loving the look of the Luxli Taiko.
  4. I was a complete amateur in... when was it.... 2007? I use ARRI 650w classics still and they get expectedly hot but no other issues. My Chinese ones were like fireworks!
  5. When I started out, I had barely any budget for lights and bought 3 X 800w redheads for £120. They sparked when I plugged them in, burnt my hands and melted all my gels in like 2 minutes. But they played a huge role regardless. Since I’ve only had pretty expensive lights... Dedolight, Kino Flo and Lupolux to name a few. But as I’m now on the search for a very portable setup, couldn’t resist seeing what’s super dirt cheap and actually decent for a bit of fun. Cane across a brand called GVM (rather humorously called Great Video Maker). They make RGB Panels (like the 50RS) for hardly any money and only seeing very positive reviews. Tempted to try one for a laugh. What other dirt cheap lights do you use that are actually good?
  6. Oliver Daniel

    RED Komodo

    That’s a bit sad. Some RED owners unfortunately act like they are part of some elitist cult. On the whole they don’t take criticism lightly. It’s the audience that counts, not the damn camera. Although they’ve created a weird vibe about it recently, Komodo is interesting for sure.
  7. Awesome. Im seriously considering getting one almost maxed out as I want the flexibility. Thinking of plugging it into a GPU and external monitor for desktop but not done my research. How is it as a machine? Someone told me it has “thermal issues.”
  8. Is bad rolling shutter going to be that facepalm moment for the R5? There’s got to be a serious flaw somewhere. Im going to predict in 8K that it’s bad and in 4k it will be acceptable. Roll on July. p.s how’s the XT4 IBIS? Still warpy?
  9. Video is very hard for so many reasons, especially when there’s a load of elements involved. It’s a gruelling and exhausting experience. In all honesty I’ve grown quite tired of the larger setups, sometimes it feels like you’re training to move houses rather than create art. Saying that, it depends on the subject matter. If I’m totally engrossed in the subject, I don’t feel the pain as much. Overall I’ll be focusing on smaller setups with less stress and more control. With gear, I’m looking to completely overhaul my gear and go smaller on everything. I’m going to sell most of what I have and replace them with smaller and lighter versions of stuff I only need. For what it’s worth, it depends what you do. How Christopher Nolan shoots for 16 hours a day for 7 months solid is beyond me. But some people are built and made for that. Then there’s others who just like to get a kick out of filming cats, trees, flowers and buildings in 8K RAW. As long as you’re happy, doesn’t matter. Do what’s right for you.
  10. $4k would be groundbreaking. I really hope they pull this off. Also, do you know how well regular EF lenses work with DPAF on RF mount? In particular, Sigma ART? RF lenses are super expensive! Think the 70-200 may be worth it but not sure about the rest.
  11. Not looked into them a great deal (Quasar). Looking for around 4 tubes, synchronised. Good output. What’s your setup? Heard lots of good things about Nanlite’s range, especially the Forza range. They lack gobo support like Aputure though, it’s something I want in my new kit. Looking for portable battery powered stuff - powerful key lights, soft lights, some with RGB, some not. Ability to use modifiers. Like a complete ecosystem of lights without too much footprint and weight. I’m looking at a compromise between power and portability with everything I do, cameras to lights to grip. I want to be quicker and faster on set but with plenty of creative options.
  12. I’m hoping for a disruptive price. If this camera does what it says on the tin, I’m getting 2, and back to Canon I go.
  13. Lighting is coming along in very exciting ways, so I couldn’t resist dipping into more research. I came across a company I never knew about called Nanlite, who are in the same ballpark as Aputure but also have RGB LED tubes. Crazy high TLCI across the range at 98! Anybody used their products? The rest of the internet loves them. Cane across a budget Aputure called Godox too. Super affordable. Aputure themselves looking strong! Looking to build a new, quite portable and nimble lighting setup after Covid has buggered off. Thoughts? Experiences? I’m listening.
  14. Looks incredible. I think this is now the camera to challenge RED. Very future proof. Has absolutely everything besides IS. Most importantly, they’ve listened to users. Well done Kinefinity!
  15. Seen a lot of internet bashing on the R5 already. It won’t be perfect. Probable things: - 8k may have bad rolling shutter. - 8k may have a severe recording limit. - 4k120 may have aliasing, no audio and have a time limit. - All 4k modes only available in monochrome (ok joke). I don’t get the bashing though. We know 8k will have some compromises but who the hell needs it anyway? Assess it when it arrives, and if you feel it fits your needs, solves any current problems and enhances your creativity - win! I hope it’s a win. If it is, back to Canon I go after 7 years of abandonment.
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