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  1. Is there any way to adjust the color of the display? I've got one and the color is quite a lot warmer than what the camera LCD is seeing. Also the highlights seem a lot brighter and steeper than the camera monitor, makes it hard to judge the image.
  2. Oliver Daniel

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Looks like Resolve can now do as an editor what FCPX has been doing for years (with the Cut page).
  3. It’s an ok short, maybe a bit too “vanilla” for me but does the job. I did feel some of the skin tones were blown out and could have been handled better. The S1 looks clinically great - looking forward to seeing what Vlog brings (and whether I’ll add it to my current EVA1 and GH5 combo).
  4. I’ve just about coped with the battery life with the original Pocket and the A7SII on shoots before. However since using Panasonic’s and not having to worry is a huge boost. Also I do a lot of low angle shots and can’t always lie on the floor. That screen should tilt. Maybe next time. Panasonic. Never rigged a GH camera. Don’t need to. I feel it really negates the “Pocket” premise if you have to add on another brick for decent power. Think this is just a dream. I’m sure Atomos wants us all on those fancy HDR screens.
  5. Love the Blackmagic image but for me, their models come with serious negatives: BMP4k - no tilt screen, crap battery and the unnecessary need to rig for longer shoots. Ursa Mini G2 - just too big and heavy. Wish it was more MAVO or ZCam. I think there will be quite a wait for the ultimate BM camera designs. In terms of NAB, I’d love to see a Ninja Star size recorder to unlock ProRes RAW in all available frame rates.
  6. Now they are implementing RAW. This is getting even more interesting...
  7. The markets and purposes are different. The E2 range are production cameras, whereas the Sony’s are hybrids that do a bit of everything. The A7 developers won’t care about the E2 at all. Any camera is a hard sell for me at the moment as I have Panasonic’s like the EVA1. But it’s exciting to see a full frame camera a quarter the size of the EVA1 coming with even higher end features. 😎
  8. Wow, that pricing is aggressive! Would love to hear more about frame rates / codecs - expecting ProRes, H265, and RAW in some modes.
  9. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Most of us love the underdog - I hope they pull it off.
  10. I enjoy following Z-cam in their FB group - they seem to be the only company in the world who directly design cameras based almost exactly on what the user says they want (small form factor, ProRes, RAW, ND filters, HFR and so on) They announced 2 new full frame 8k and 6k models of their E2 on April Fools, but this has been confirmed by ZCAM as no joke. As some of you may know, I like to think of new or different cameras in a way that extends your creativity. ZCAM interest me because of their unique approach. What do you think of this news?
  11. I wondered what that pink muck was. You can also see it on the metal frame on the boot, the frame of the window and also very slightly between the stones on the floor. Whatever is going on there needs sorting out. I only expect this from a 1080p Canon DSLR! 😜 The S1 will be a compelling option when it gets the firmware update, especially for Panasonic owners like me with the EVA1 and GH5. The barrier is the lenses (why are new lenses so much more expensive these days?) and also the video AF (now I'm Panasonic I have to manual focus on a gimbal). Adapters are fine but we all know native is better! I do think the S1 isn't, on the surface, "spectacular" for video because of the expected GH6 - Panasonic will be saving the blockbuster video features for that model.
  12. Stock footage is notoriously expensive. The best deal you can get BY FAR is from Storyblocks.
  13. @Andrew Reid, in FCPX go to the Inspector window, click "Settings" in the bottom left drop down menu and change colour space to Rec2020. Bingo! Did a very quick colour correction in FCPX to show it works... the top one.
  14. I only ever post camera news if it’s interesting. I love the underdog. Anyway, looks like Z cam are out to make an impact.
  15. I really like the image and the high frame rates look compelling - but I was put off the previous model because it was very heavy. I'd really love to see a version of this camera where they've seriously reduced the weight.
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