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  1. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    That's some sexy ass kit! I'm bringing in the C200 to give it a go.....
  2. Oliver Daniel

    Great new additions to FCPX

    FCPX is an absolute monster compared ot what it used to be - people who still doubting it are starting to sound very silly! 😜
  3. Oliver Daniel

    What Do Y'all Think of The Kinefinity Mavo LF?

    I've never used a Mavo or any Kinefinity, however I'm a huge fan of the image and the concept. The product is unique and quite a marvel, despite what some people are saying here. If I had that kind of capital lying around and I could justify the investment, it would be a strong asset to have. If you wee looking to "upgrade", maybe a Fuji X-T3 or GH5 would be best for you.
  4. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    I know where you’re coming from. My wife had been shooting on her Canon 750d for a year (now 6D mk II). She specialises in newborns. I’m always astounded at the colours. The skin looks perfect. Always thought it beats the crap out of my Sony / Pana images! Fuji is the same. I get that same feeling. I can definitely get there with the GH5 or other Sony but like you say, there’s something missing you can get so easily from a Canon or Fuji image. Their motion is better too. I think this is the reason people get so infuriated with Canon. They WANT to shoot with one but the video features slam the door on most desires. Sayin’ that, I’m going to try the C200 and maybe I’ll find a new friend, and become an intolerable Canon fanboy! 🤪
  5. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    Thanks for sharing. Trying to way up if it's too much of "a pain in the ass" when there's other less painful solutions. Saw a video of someone using a Fujifilm X-T3 with Ninja V, that looks pretty nifty! I've heard that the Tilta G2X is a better fit for the C200 - wish i could just go somewhere and try all this stuff out! 🤣 Overall my needs have changed a bit. I'm in less need of extensive HFR and in more need of great colours, motion cadence and data rich files. Still using the GH5 more than anything else, it's a hard camera to beat for the price! No one is complaining. 😎
  6. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    @DBounce When using teh C200 with the Ronin-S / Glidegear - do you encounter any problems? Limitations?
  7. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    This is the reason why my interest peaked in the C200. The overall feel of the image seems another level in comparison. There's an extra sauce in there. The EVA1 is still on my radar, it's an awesome camera. Just exploring the C200 from being astounded with the quality of the files. It's the Canon RAW Light storage which seems a bit scary once you do the math!
  8. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    I did / still sort of have an EVA1 on order but there are stock problems with the vendor i was getting a deal from, but I'm exploring the C200 as those files are like gold! Thank you. How does the 2k 10 bit hold up? What support arm do you use for the Ronin-S?
  9. Oliver Daniel

    I might get the C200

    So I've just experienced working with images from the C200.... absolutely stunned! So stunned that I'm considering getting one. Who has experience with it? @DBounce? My main reservations... Cfast2 card costs. Storage costs when shooting raw. Anyone got any pointers here?
  10. Personally I'm seeing a huge difference between 10 bit and 8bit. The implementation on certain cameras may need some questioning, however when implemented well it's night and day. The true value of 10 bit is when I'm pushing the files around in grading, 10 bit is usually much smoother, has much less artefacts and has more tonal variety. The image quality difference comes after grading. It's so apparent that I don't use 8bit that much anymore. There's more at play with this example (codecs, sensors), but 10 bit GH5 vs 8bit A6500 is no contest. The GH5 image pulls around nicely, looks smooth and thick, whereas the A6500 image will get easily blotchy, blocky and the colours are sometimes smeary. Correcting white balance on the GH5 is easy, on the A6500 you might as well not bother. Dynamic range is better on the A6500, this is where I wish the GH5 would improve.
  11. Oliver Daniel

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    It's a paid product and it wouldn't be fair on @Sage to share his product around freely, you can grab it here.
  12. Oliver Daniel

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Found this on YouTube, nice to hear the voice of the project. @Sage, I will admittedly say that since using GHa, I’ve ditched every other LUT I’ve bought and stopped using those made by myself. The conversion turns the GH5 into almost a different camera, it’s just simply beautiful work. The EVA1 and GH5S is on the way to cement my Panasonic production trio. Worth trying the conversion on these too, and sharing the results?
  13. Oliver Daniel

    Vimeo alternatives

  14. Oliver Daniel

    DJI X5R (4K RAW) + Osmo + Inspire 1... anybody else with the same idea?

    Even though I slated it in my review, I did capture some great footage with it. The 4K RAW can look spectacular. Overall though it was too much of a pain. It’s only a device for people with an incredible amount of patience and willingness to put up with inconsistent reliability. Cinelight is trash. I suggest using the PC workflow or Cinelight could potentially send you to the Cuckoo’s Nest!
  15. Oliver Daniel

    DJI X5R (4K RAW) + Osmo + Inspire 1... anybody else with the same idea?

    It wasn’t just me, there’s a whole community of users on the FB group who shared very similar issues. I think most will have moved on by now. Haha yeah, if people couldn’t see you, they’d just assume you’d be on elbows and knees sucking dust from under your car seat. The concept is amazing and pulled me in, but it was a bit like buying a world class chocolate cake but then realising it tastes like salt and vinegar crisps. It would be cool if the actual concept you describe happened, but these things never completely do.