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  1. GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Awesome. I've used this on my previous 2 videos and I'm loving the results. Just something to think about @Sage.... ... I feel V-log can really hurt Variable Frame Rate footage, so I've been capturing it in Cine-V with the highlight /shadow curve on -2 / +2. In post, I've used a Cine-V to V-log conversion, then I've used your "Main" GHa conversion before any extra styling. It can look very clean and pleasing compared to shooting VFR in V-log. There's no room for error on exposure though! Wondered if you've thought about doing anything similar for your product range?
  2. New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5

    I'm known to be very fast at cutting music videos, had a lot of practice really. Plus I'd say FCPX was a huge influence - the multi-cam is brilliant, the Chromatic grading plugin is brilliant, the effects and plugin support is brilliant. People still dismissing this program need to grow up. Indeed. Just make stuff. Koko in London. I'm not sure I can share budget information on a forum. I could get in trouble. Jagermeister did sponsor yes. Glass mentioned above. I feel you in the vintage glass. Love using it, however they can be frustrating to use after prolonged use. Still vibe more off the images more though!
  3. New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5

    The post is just a demonstration of the GH5 being used for a music video. iPhones and GoPro's are very capable devices, but are certainly not the right tool for the job on this one! "Big guns" often require higher end cameras, but "lower" end tools have proven to be more than enough on many productions. The aesthetic I don't like isn't the GH5, there's a few lighting / grading tweaks I would of liked, maybe I'll replace the video with the tweaks given time, not that anybody would notice! Glad you got it! Bulk of the lighting was balanced via a lighting desk which controlled the entire stage, took a while to get it right for video use. The holograms were filmed against a Chromaflex on location, using Vinten Flowtech 75 tripod. (awesome gear!) The GH5 was shot in V-log, monitored using the standard Panasonic Rec.709 LUT. B-roll was Sony A6500 shooting in S-log 2, using the 18-105mm f4. The portable lighting was Aputure Lightstorm and Lupolux LED's. Lenses were Sigma 18-35mm, 50mm ART. A few Olympus 40-150mm f2.8. Stock footage and voices were supplied via the public domain. Edit, grade, and VFX all done in FCPX - using Chromatic for the grade (FAR FAR better than Color Finale). Gimbal was the Zhiyun Crane V1. I could of softened the sharpening a bit. But didn't. Woops. There was no budget for an Arri I'm afraid, plus a larger setup would have slowed down the process a lot. We didn't have a big crew, only 4-5 inc make up artist!
  4. New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5

    Cheers sir. I don't like everything about the aesthetic, however it's very liberating to be able to make great images with this camera. Plus the GH5 is good enough for the big guns. Arguing over which camera is best these days isn't even worth the debate.
  5. The video was shot with a single GH5 (with a little A6500 in there) in 10 hours, edited, graded and effects done in 4 days (by me). The new album (last I heard) was at No.7 in the official UK chart. I'm a big fan of what Panasonic has done with this camera. That said, the shining star of this video is the band.
  6. GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Awesome! Got a release date yet?
  7. I hate big cameras

    I've been using FS700 / F55 / FS7 / FS5 + Atomos for years, but I started to feel your pain too, and I've only shot on mirrorless cameras since. I have no plans to buy a larger camera in future.
  8. GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I purchased the first version and I've used it often. Is this a free or paid update?
  9. Motion Cadence

    Well the Universal Records submission had IBIS footage. How incredible! Here's a screenshot from a recent submission, there's loads of stuff that fall under these categories but give you an idea:
  10. Motion Cadence

    @jonpais, I recently submitted a broadcast file via the Universal Records system and you have to pass numerous quality checks. One of them, is motion cadence. You can't submit a video that has 4:1 cadence, which has 4 progressive frame of video, and every 5th frame is a repeat of the 4th frame. (This is more to do with people using content shot at a lower frame rate (like 24fps), and converting it to 30fps incorrectly). They are preventing the video motion from looking unusual or low quality with this check. I'm in NO WAY WHATSOEVER a camera technician or scientist but I'll explain my understanding. Apart form the obvious frame rate / shutter speed / global shutter / codecs influence on motion cadence, all cameras capture and interpret frames differently. Some cameras may capture in a "false progressive" (interlaced frames which mimics progressive video), frame capture that is made up of some progressive frames or some interlaced, or cameras that have a truly progressive frame capture. Now there's motion blur. Motion cadence on modern TV's is destroyed because they are defaulted to a special motion setting (like TruMotion), which manufactures say makes the images look clearer and smoother. The setting when turned "On" makes the image feel like there's a bunch of new frames thrown in, eradicating motion blur and giving us the dreaded "soap opera effect". With all of this considered, an attractive, cinematic motion cadence is the ability to capture full progressive frames smoothly with intricate motion blur (as long as your frame rate is half your shutter and if it's global then BONUS!). To do this, you must start with the right codec first (the best of which, to my experience, is uncompressed RAW converted to ProRes). It's no coincidence that expensive cinema cameras (and BM cams) have this motion cadence (very high shutter readout, RAW and ProRes, high bit rate) and consumer cameras do not at all (besides the 5D Mk 3 Magic Lantern). An external factor I find is the lens. A lens with electronic contacts with I.S and all that jazz, usually overly sharp and contrasty, hurt motion cadence. I feel it's because they heighten the "electronic" factors (sharpening, aliasing, moire, noise, jittery look). Lenses with a smooth rendering, regarded "creamy", very often manual glass and high T-stop really smooths out the motion of the image and hides the electronic factors that make our images digital looking. So in a nutshell, for beautiful motion cadence, shoot in RAW at 24p and 1/48s with a very fast rolling shutter /global shutter, with manual "proper" cine lenses and finish in ProRes. Come think of it, I now find my post pointless, as I thought we all knew that anyway!!
  11. The M43 Cinema - 3 Way Battle

    I'm loving this M43 revolution... Got the GH5 (not the S). Pre-ordered the Pocket 4k. Will try out this E2 thing. The dawn of not having to spend more than £2000 on a professional level camera, ever again, is here. (more budget on lenses and lights then!)
  12. Recording Great Audio with cameras like the GH5

    Haha yes, you missed the bit where I said I don't use the Zoom H4n. I have one, But don't use it. It's old. And cheap. To give more clarity, I'm trying to get clean sound recording straight into the GH5, either via a Saramonic Transmittor with lav mic.... and/or a Rode NTG-1 straight into camera. Then setting up the levels properly for a basic interview scenario. I can do it fine with the FS7 - just the GH5 scenario that sucks. But I want to make it work as I've seen it done. Thanks @fuzzynormal for your unorthodox methods.
  13. Recording Great Audio with cameras like the GH5

    @IronFilm, what's your take on this? (not recording with a Zoom btw) On the premise you give me great sound capture advice, I will help you acquire superpowers beyond your wildest dreams.
  14. Recording Great Audio with cameras like the GH5

    Thank you all for the advice. @IronFilm, I've had the Zoom H4n since I created my first DSLR kit. Still got it. Never use it. The difficulty I have is the conflicting advice about setting audio levels, like gain and volume.... "Never go over 0db... use -6db as your peak.... don't go below -12db....use -9db as your sweet spot" blah blah. So I do this and the audio will be a nice volume but "hissssssssss".... Then I'll set a lower gain and the "hisssssssss" will be gone but the volume is very quiet. So overall, in general, what is the critical "must do" of audio recording settings for clear, simple recorded audio? p.s The audio i've recorded on an FS7 seems ok, but on the GH5 it's a piece of shit. What the beef am i doing wrong?
  15. Z Cam E2 Cinematic Camera is US$33,880!

    I and some other peeps exchanged a few messages with Jason Zhang on Facebook, in the Facebook group - he said: 4k 120fps for sure. The continuous autofocus testing is going really well and is "state of the art". They will add RAW once the more important things are finalised. Seems the company want to break the with this camera. Will it add up? We'll see eh.