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  1. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    Bit of a "yawn" release for video shooters. Also I don't think the A7SIII will get 10 bit. I'd expect full 120fps in 1080p, 4k 60p and better autofocus.
  2. Panasonic GH5 - Quick Mini Review

    Sometimes there's very limited dynamic range to capture in a scene where Vlog would fall apart - doesn't happen often. I see myself using Vlog about 90% of the time (I did just pluck that percentage out of thin air but it sounds right). I'm working on a bunch of Vlog LUTs at the moment - may release them as a pack soon. Just lots of work. I think the peaking is fine and works better than the FS5, A6500 etc. If the depth of field is deep, it's certainly handy setting peaking to an Fn button as those coloured dots fill the entire image! Awesome. Olympus lenses I have - the 40-150mm, the 8mm fisheye and 60mm Macro. The 40-150mm is a stunning lens - it gets ridiculous using Ex. Tele Conv. Love this one and peaks my interest in also using a GH5 for stills.
  3. Panasonic GH5 - Quick Mini Review

    Hello. I'll maker this short but informative. Firstly, I sold my FS5 Raw setup - took a big risk, got a GH5 to replace it. The reason was mostly down to portability. Recently shot an entire paid music video with the GH5 and some stuff on the A6500. I'd never used the GH5 before - it practically just came out the box. Shot in Vlog L. Had an awesome experience. Main Pros IBIS. Much better than the A6500. Invaluable. Speedbooster XL gives a very different look to typical M43. Sigma ART's + XL = win! 1080p 10bit modes are fantastic. Made the A6500 in 1080p look fuzzy and blurry. Body design is one of the best I've experienced. Battery grip definitely gives a steadier feel to handling and definitely gives a higher impression to the client. Big impact. VlogL is fairly easy to get into (coming from Slog). Colours are accurate and lovely when graded. Custom white balance is very quick and easy. Menu system is pretty nice, especially the My Menu bit. Way better than the A6500. Small and powerful enough to put straight onto the Zhiyun Crane and Edelkrone Motion Kit. Battery life is decent (but nowhere near as good as the GH3 - which was ridiculous). EVF nice and large. Again much better than the A6500. Full Size HDMI. Yep. Main Cons (I'm being picky here) CineD skintones - finding it hard to get it where I want. Looks very odd off the bat. I need to work more on this as V-log isn't always the best profile to use. Photo Style options are very lean (compared to Sony). Not a massive deal, but would be nice to have more options. Autofocus is essential for my gimbal stuff. A6500 is excellent here. GH5 before V2 firmware is not. Hopefully this is reliable now. Dynamic range is a bit less and steeper in the rolloff than what I'm used to. Again, need to mess round with things to get it smoother in the grade. I think the record button is in the wrong place. I just use the shutter button anyway. Overall An absolutely outstanding piece of kit. I've only used the camera for one shoot, but using this camera has already made a big impression and is already serving my creative choices to a greater level than the FS5 did. I've not updated the firmware yet, but what Panasonic have give us is an incredibly valuable tool with almost very single feature you could ever ask for, or actually need. With a great emphasis on online video distribution, and video being consumed on smart devices - if that's how you're playing it, I would say you would never need another camera for a very long time. If the Autofocus is reliable in V2, it would relegate my A6500 to just a carry around camera. Got to say, I'm incredibly pleased and looking forward to shooting more. (see below for quick VlogL grade).
  4. Released! 4 Panasonic Firmwares; GH5, GH4, and two lenses

    I actually think the 1080p 50/60p 10bit mode is better than the 4k 50/60p mode. The extra resolution in 4k isn't significant enough.
  5. More love for the Sony A6500?

  6. New YouTubers and bloggers, who to follow...

    This guy gets a lot of stick (probably for his young age) from the NoFilmSchool trolls and facebook camera police, but I have to say he brings up much more interesting knowledge and talks much more wisdom than the majority of other camera / filmmaking Youtubers. Simon Cade of DSLRguide: https://www.youtube.com/user/DSLRguide The channel has these qualities: Doesn't talk very much at all about camera specs and new gear, more what you do with what you've got. Gives his own insights into his thought processes and inspirations. Gives well illustrated creative and technical tips to his "beginners / enthusiast" target audience. Doesn't bullshit and is very open about the purpose of his Youtube channel. Very genuine and authentic fell to his content. and many more..... He also still films on a t3i / 600d - and does a bloody great job of using it for his Vlogs. He raises the point that he doesn't need another camera yet and would rather spend the money on other areas of his filmmaking.
  7. You've all probably experienced / noticed this, but it's something that really hits a bone. Modern TV's come defaulted with some horrible setting, sometimes called "True Motion" or "Smooth Motion" - making everything look like it's being broadcast at a high frame rate - sometimes I perceive it as high as the look of continuous 120fps. Most fictional TV series and anything cinematic suddenly looks like a soap opera or behind the scenes video. Everything looks cheap. Certainly with a lot of TV going for the cinematic, progressive feel - this really doesn't make any sense. For instance, I went round to a friends, he was watching The Walking Dead. Without knowing this, I assumed he was watching some cheap nasty Z-movie DVD from a bargain bucket. He said it was The Walking Dead. I was thinking, why is it playing at 50fps? He had no idea what I was complaining about. I turned off the crappy motion setting, and bingo, it locked great! Dramatically far better. Afterwards, he said "Oh yeah!", it does look better. Another friend of mine started showing his parents my videos on his TV. I had to stop him because his TV's "motion" settings made the frames look so fast, that it really cheapened the look and feel of the videos, like they were shot on a home video camera. Of course, I changed the setting. It's happened over and over, that I've now become the rather cringey "TV settings genius" in my family / friend circle. The thing is, most people have no idea and are watching TV at these horrible settings and don't care. So, content creators, who are trying so hard to reach that high end, cinematic feel may arguably be wasting their time, as the look and quality is just thrown out of the bin? Do you think it's a problem? What are your thoughts?
  8. First Footage From EVA1

    No worries, it's an opinion based on an average launch film. I can't remember what I said about the Ursa Mini 4.6 (a camera that has a brilliant image). I'd say now that it's slightly less organic than the original BM cams - but i think that's got something to do with the higher resolution making it look a bit more "real". Back to the EVA1 - I've always wanted Panasonic to bring this out. I'm sure it will be an awesome cam. I've very unscientifically analysed with my tired eyes that the launch film displays an in-between GH5 to Varicam interpolation / cadence / whatever it's called. Expected right?
  9. First Footage From EVA1

    Looks like the camera is capable of nice skintones - it certainly doesn't have the lovely Varicam motion cadence going on, which is expected at this price range. I'm a bit disappointed that the filmmaker overexposed some parts and the apparent roll off sometimes seemed a bit harsh. In that respect it's so hard to judge the quality of the camera from just a small little video on Youtube. It's good to see some better shots being pulled off in these launch films - 99% of other camera launch films are that poor, I don't know why they bother releasing them.
  10. Sony's new full frame CineAlta camera is announced: VENICE

    Typical Sony Skin Tones Grading Session: 1. Pull towards magenta. 2. Pull back to green. 3. Pull a bit more back to magenta. 4. A little nudge towards green. 5. Slight more magenta. 6. Increment of green. 7. Too magenta, or too green? 8. Arrgh sod it, looks good enough. The A6500 has the best skin tones at the lower end. FS7 and F55 and barely any different. The issue I've found is mostly the suspect white balance on Sony consumer cameras. Doesn't work as expected. This causes crap looking footage uploaded to Vimeo. On the VENICE, it looks like if you press button on it, a building nearby will explode.
  11. Shooting 5K on the Panasonic GH5 with the new 'Open Gate' mode

    Panasonic GH5 delivered... V-Log on the way.... Only had a brief 5 minutes handling the camera - this thing feels incredible in the hand. Threw on the Olympus 40-150mm 2.8 (which is also an incredible lens), IBIS is great at 150mm. Looking forward to trying out all this groovy stuff on the way.....
  12. Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware

    My tracking info says "warehouse in the UK". It all arrived within a week, sparkly and new as advertised. I highly recommend them, as the savings for non-VAT registered shooters is immense. I'm VAT registered, and I buy from them as I still save regardless!
  13. Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware

    E-Infinity. The price of stuff on that site is incredible. For instance, the Olympus zoom I got is around £1200 in stores like WEX - whereas I bought it for £639. Had zero issues with them. It seems there's no VAT included on the product, and even then, it's still cheaper when you compare prices when it's excluded.
  14. Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware

    Well this sounds bloody fantastic. Just this week I sold my FS5 + Inferno and ordered a GH5, which cost £1319 brand new. I also got the Olympus 45-150 2.8 Pro for £639 brand new, along with some specialised lenses (macro, fisheye etc). Bought a Sandisk UHS-II to test out, very expensive cards. Anything cheaper that works? I really really really want to do some anamorphic stuff, Im a big fan of the look however I've never done it, and I'm not too sure how to enter it nice and smoothly. (I'm not into big rig stuff and too much messing around with workarounds). Anyway really excited. Lots of GH5 videos coming this way!
  15. LOL Canon... C200 Codec "Upgrade" details announced

    Canon are very frustrating. Their feature choices between models are so trivial. So intricately, and purposefully strategised to the point of almost complete bafflement. The 1DX II doesn't have C-Log. The 5D IV does. The C300II has 10 bit 422, and crippled high frame rates. The C200 has RAW, has 4k60p and non-cropped 120fps. But doesn't have a 10bit codec. The XC10 has 422. The C200 doesn't. The C300 MK I does, which is 6 years old. You could go on forever. Canon should just combine the C200 and C300 II together and sell that. Now that would be a blockbuster! But they won't. At the end of the day, it is just cameras, with specs and buttons and other stuff. We're actually lucky to have so many options in order to tell good stories. But still....