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  1. I only watched 1st half of the Portugal game as was playing football last night but they seemed in total control, was surprised to hear they needed a bit of luck at the end to win. I still see them and Germany as the strongest teams, with France and Spain just behind. Am English but feel we are not street wise enough to actually win a tournament. Portugal are a strange mix for me, they have my 3 least favourite players as far as sportsmanship and ego are concerned - Pepe, Ronaldo and Fernandes, but also 2 I love watching - Bernardo Silva and the young Vitinha, a future star. My favourite Portuguese player was Rui Costa, have always loved midfielders. England are too naive defensively to win a tournament I think, we lack the game management skills of the stronger teams - and we have maybe too many good attacking players to squeeze them all into a team where they are playing in their best positions. But hopefully we will get better as the tournament progresses I wish your Portuguese team all the best, a Portugal England final would be surprising but amazing, just don't let it go to penalties, our biggest achilles heel
  2. Z6iii is £2699 in the UK, that's 3193 Euros - harsh Can get the Z8 for £2840 from Panamoz - grey market but comes with a 3 year UK warranty that they will actually honour
  3. Panasonic S5ii has line level too. Nonetheless this z6 looks to be another great camera from Nikon
  4. Better than nothing but this camera deserves more than a token gesture on the back a la C100 from however many years ago. Maybe the new Black Magic evf will work with it But at the price they're asking this camera really should have a decent quality evf included that you can place where you need it
  5. Hmm no evf, this seems to be a worrying modern trend. Other than that I'm sure it'll be great
  6. I find the R5 disappointing for DR in video mode, apparently the R5c has a little more. I think the reason none of Canon's mirrorless have Clog 2 is because they don't have the DR to make use of it Yes the C70 has RF mount but criminally doesn't have an EVF which for my way of shooting is too important a feature to leave out I would be happy with apsc too although Canon don't seem to be interested in creating any decent apsc lenses for RF
  7. I thought you were all about 60p, 5diii is only any good at 24/25p Have been using the R5 recently and the DR in video is a long way below the DR in stills, I use Panasonic S5ii when DR is likely to be an issue especially in the shadows - there is something strange going on with the R5 and R6 in the shadows, as though it is cut off prematurely For an allrounder video camera with internal ND, audio etc there are some great deals on Canon C500ii at the moment, would get my vote although wish it was RF mount For a stills and video camera the Nikon Z9, Z8 looks hard to beat
  8. Take a look at Amaran and Smallrig
  9. Yes I remember this - Macgregor a very talented film maker was quite active on DVXuser back in the day
  10. All well considered points it's just that as you say I think the z8/z9 is the latest and greatest regarding image quality and would be excited to use it - the R5c image to me looks very similar to the R6 I was using a while back, nice but kind of Canon vanilla - more of a sideways step. Anyway they both shoot lovely footage so can't really go wrong either way
  11. Hey I'm only reporting my friends frustrations - but I do think it is a bit ridiculous that they don't have Clog2 on the R5c it is supposed to be part of the Cinema line and would make matching to their other cinema cameras a lot easier. I have no scientific proof but imagine the reason they don't have Clog2 in the R5c is because it doesn't have the DR to utilise it fully. Maybe they could create a Clog2 lite like Panasonic did with GH5 and Vlog
  12. There may well be ways of wringing out a bit more DR with the R5c but I have a friend who has C500ii and R5c and their main complaint with the R5c other than battery life is having to use Clog3 to match both and so never using the C500ii to its full potential. Said he tried RAW but was a lot of hassle and needed lots of NR which slowed rendering down hugely, and still the image on the R5c was not quite there with latitude. I realise this is only one person and anecdotal but for them RAW is not practical. Probably fine if you're working on your own with the one camera, have no time constraints, lots of memory cards and don't have to hand footage over. Kind of put me off though.
  13. From what I’ve seen I think the Z8 and Z9 have the best image and colour separation of all the mirrorlerss cameras, there is something special going on there, the R5c just looks like all the other Canon mirrorless, nice image but lacking a bit in DR and slightly noisier. The sensor tech just seems a bit less cutting edge. Canon have always struggled transferring the DR from still into video on their mirrorless cameras. A real shame as it is there in the rest of the Cinema line from the C70 upwards For me with the IBIS too the Nikon’s are the clear winner. Their lenses also look like they are better suited to video especially if you use AF being almost silent. I always had trouble finding fast affordable Canon lenses that weren’t noisy
  14. ade towell

    new cam

    Sorry posted at the same time. I always try and buy lenses etc 2nd hand so yes new prices will be much higher. I think whichever camera you choose will be great there isn't that much between them all. Just feel that the S5ii is the best deal at the moment and size and weight wise it is about right if you plan to use long zoom lenses handheld. And that IBIS is amazing
  15. ade towell

    new cam

    As I said before I got mine for £100 used, no idea what it goes for now or in your country/EU. I got it because it opens up all the cheap used Canon EF lenses there are and as I say they behave just as well as the Panasonic lenses at least for AF. One great thing about the PAnasonic lenses is that they are pretty much silent when using AF It is definitely a larger system than the Fuji and I am a big Fuji fan - used the XT3 for a long time, but the AF on the S5ii is much better than it was on the XT3 which I couldn't trust enough to use in a working environment. FUji AF may have improved since then though, worth finding out if AF is important to you
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