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  1. There are loads of l mount adaptors, BTM_Pix linked to some ages ago. See if I can find the post
  2. the AF actually looks good enough for my occasional needs but some people seem to completely rely on it. The colour, IBIS and dynamic range take this camera way above the rest for me, would be nice to see footage with some old glass, anyone come across any?
  3. I think it has the best image of all the mirrorless cameras I've ever seen, can't wait to see what full v-log brings. AF for video is its only real weakness but for me that's not a big deal - it is more important that it has great IBIS, handheld with my Canon fd lenses will be lovely
  4. I wonder what Canon can bring to a pro model to be competitive, presuming it will have a much higher price than the EOS-R and the rest of the market? The Canon main selling points over the years in my opinion have been the colour, AF and lenses... The EOS-R does have nice Canon colour but in my opinion Panasonic S1 and the XT3 have now surpassed them Their AF is no longer a clear market leader - Sony look like they are overtaking them They have relied on their huge ef and efs lens range that people already own but this is a new mount and so this is no longer such a great selling point - they are giving away the adaptor with the camera now but as you say most people will hang onto their ef lenses The DR and RS and crop is way behind the competition at the moment as are their video specs - I'm not convinced they have good enough sensor tech to get that back. It feels like they are being left behind. I would love to be wrong because I have a lot of Canon lenses and a couple of their cameras and if they they could create a decent stills and video hybrid camera I would buy it even if it was a bit more expensive than the competition. But I don't think they really care about the video side in their stills cameras, and I have little faith in them turning it round and so think I'm going to sell all my Canon stuff, just not sure whether to go Panasonic or Fuji at the moment
  5. In the 1080p crop mode on the EOS-R how is the RS, is it similar to the 4k or pretty good like I presume the 1080p full frame is? Can you use ef-s lenses in this mode? Also can you use ef-s lenses on the 4k full frame to reduce the crop?
  6. Have you got any footage you can share with us Zeng, you mentioned creating alexa luts earlier in this thread I think
  7. Ah that's not so good, if I do go with the S1 I would get the vlog anyway but yes that's a peculiar one
  8. No they are all in business to make money obviously, and Panasonic has said the S1 is aimed more at photographers, the GH5 being a true video stills hybrid, and the v-log is paid option for those who are more serious about video, like with the 5d mk4. My frustration with Canon is they take this segmentation to the next level, I've spent years waiting for them to offer a decent stills camera to go with my c100 and they just drip feed you tiny morsels year after year. That they haven't got decent 4k in their mirrorless 'full frame' camera in 2019 seems ridiculous to me. The c100 was the last great value camera Canon have created in my view, but now I am being asked for 4k more and more, so I need to go with a company that supports that without having to jump up to the price of the cine cameras C200, C300 mk2. Am going to try and embrace the smaller size of the mirrorless world and use my SD mix pre-d for audio. The nd adaptor is the best thing about the EOS-r for me, but it is a bit expensive considering you can't use it on native lenses. Hope Panasonic bring out something similar that works natively Sorry if this thread has gone a bit off topic...
  9. The S1 is the only full frame mirrorless camera to offer 4k 60p, funny how it is being criticised for offering it - i doubt it is segmentation that is holding it back, more a technical limit same as the Eos-r can only do 4k 25p with a 1.8 crop and horrible RS and disappointing DR. Panasonic tend to try and cram as much as they can into their cameras, but Canon not so much - they are the masters at segmentation, you just have to pay 1dx mk2 prices to get 4k60p, but then they won't also give you c-log...
  10. Camera seems to tick all of my boxes and I really like this fellas style. It does look huge in his tiny hands but it sounds like they haven't compromised on ergonomics, build quality or the IBIS and from all accounts it is a great camera to hold and use. Really need to get my hands on one to try, local photo stores don't hold it in stock here, have to order it which is a bit of a pain and isn't going to help them sell any Don't personally see what the problem is with its size, with full frame lenses you want a camera with a bit of heft - the Sony A7 is way too small, lenses seem to dangle off it (and the IBIS is rubbish) - to me the Canon 5d is a great ergonomic camera for taking photos with (not so much for video cause of the lack of EVF - I like to look through the viewfinder), and no one complains about its weight - the Panasonic S1 and 24-105 lens is lighter than Canon 5d with 24-105
  11. I'm not missing the fact that £2100 is a lot to spend on essentially a hd hybrid in 2019 when all the other cameras offer decent 4k. It's not like 4k hasn't been available for many years on other cameras, Canon seems way behind on this, RS and DR. Tis a bummer cause I've got a lot of Canon lenses but I think I'm going to sell them, and the good old C100 and finally free myself from the constant disappointment of waiting for Canon to get their arse into gear
  12. Good post - and I'd argue the Pany S1 and Fuji Xt3 have nicer colour, and the evf on the S1 is by all accounts class leading. All the recent cameras have their quirks but the Canon to me is the most galling Ha have got a Blackbird stabiliser gathering dust somewhere... Am not a fan of excessive unmotivated gimbal and slider (and drone while we're at it) shots in general - prefer classic handheld or tripod aesthetic
  13. I get it for use on a gimbal but am not a fan, they're so overused and mechanical looking they kind of bug me these days. Ha sorry am going to be 50 in a few weeks, can you tell...
  14. How did any of you lot manage in film production a few years ago, AF has only just become semi reliable? You all talk like you can't work without it? I'd say the RS is another major issue with the Eos-r - I've tried it and it is very noticeable and no you don't have to whip pan to see it. I had the Sony a6300 and I don't want to have to be so limited in how I move a camera again
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