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  1. For really reliable AF you are stuck with either Sony or Canon. The Sony A7s3 is 3 or 4 times the price of what you already have and in my eyes doesn't have as nice an image of either the pocket 4k or Fuji. Sony A73 is cheaper but limited to 8 bit and similar quality to the a6500 you had Canon R6 is cheaper but still way above the cost of your current cameras and has overheating issues in 4k and again I prefer the image from what you already have. I have had success using the Fuji XT3 with gimbal whilst using AF but that is only a small amount of the time, I don't rely on AF like y
  2. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    My friend has the RF f2 85mm and 35mm f1.8 - they are both surprisingly noisy, why are so many of Canon's decent lenses even the new ones so horribly loud when focusing? The only quiet ones I've used are the relatively slow ef-s zooms. Fuji and Sony both have some pretty much silent fast lenses. For all Canon's excellent AF the noise from their lenses is quite disappointing and distracting when in use
  3. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    Ah ok thanks that's a shame on both counts - the 8 bit flog on the Fuji is really nice to have when I need it, I use Resolve with a few years old Windows pc so always transcode for 10bit h265. Maybe the R5 will be worth the extra if c-log3 does happen, DR is important to me and looks like the RS is also much better than the R6.
  4. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    Thanks for the feedback, I imagine the 10 bit is a pig to edit without a state of the art computer or by transcoding, at times I may want to bypass this for speed with long form stuff - can you use c-log in 8 bit? A pity they aren't utilising all the DR the camera has with c-log 2 & 3, I hear rumours of it coming in firmware update but I've learnt never to presume anything with these camera companies
  5. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    What is the hd quality like on the R6 - I keep reading conflicting reports on how usable it is? Would be looking preferablyat how it is in full frame mode. At times I would need to be able to rely on the camera all day so wouldn't want to risk the 4k overheating. If the HD is C100 type quality then I could deal with the overheating and average DR, if it's closer to good old Canon dslr HD then I'm not interested. We have a lot of Canon lenses at work and it would be nice to use them a bit more rather than me always bringing my Fuji in for video stuff
  6. I think all the Japanese companies produce great cameras that create nice looking modern digital video. Nothing wrong with that but it is what it is. To get something that looks a little less clinical and dare I say it film like you need to look at Black Magic or if you have the budget Arri (and RED to some extent). There are a few exceptions such as the Sony F35 but that was a hugely expensive production camera in its day
  7. I had a play with a friends Canon R6 with the new Canon Rf 35mm 1.8 and was really surprised by how noisy it was when focusing on auto - I would have thought if it was designed for video this would be high up the list of design requests. Is what I found with Canon is that for all their great auto focus, the only lenses that didn't make horrible motor noise in AF were the really slow ef-s STM zooms. The Fuji and Sony cameras I've used have some nice fast silent AF lenses, are there any fast ones with Canon I don't know about
  8. This looks better than anything I've seen from the A7s3, promising
  9. No evf again - this is a big annoyance for me personally and I hate that this seems to be the way of the smaller video/cine cameras - C70 has the same omission (although so did the larger Sony fx9, fs7 - those tacked on loupes don't really count). If it has the same image as the fx9 then it could still be an interesting camera, but if it looks like the A7s3 then no thanks, especially if you can't turn NR off
  10. In my world a few people are using them as a gimbal/b-camera but nobody is willing to risk using it as their main camera.
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