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  1. make the screen flippable and cut the 30 minute limit too please
  2. fuji xt3 if you can stretch that far. oh sorry didn't read the whole thread if you absolutely need IBIS then one of the Panasonics. Otherwise xt3 with I.S. lens is hard to beat
  3. The terrible RS is very disappointing, it made the Eos-r useless for my needs and was hoping the 1DX3 tech might make it's way to an Rf mirrorless. Not interested anymore
  4. am curious why you need full frame - (and I think there is a bit of a crop anyway, 1.3ish?)
  5. yes is full frame 60p 4k worth that much to you, particularly when you don't get the Af and have to use a big lump of a camera with no evf, flip screen, internal nd, xlr audio, waveform etc
  6. I wonder how many of these will be bought purely for video. I would hate to have to go back to using a dslr for video
  7. Well played Canon they finally seem to be awaking from their slumber. Not interested in this specific camera as it's far too big and unwieldly for my style of handheld video, with no evf or flippable screen - but a smaller more agile Rf version with similar specs would possibly convince me to come back from Fuji
  8. Hey the 2 unicorns of the mirrorless camera world - Sony A7s3 and now Nikon Z6 with raw both finally revealed in the same week. Must be nearly xmas... Looking forward to seeing the full potential of the Z6 now, with prices they're going for, if you don't mind bolting on the Ninja this could be a great combination
  9. Good thorough review - interesting to see it copes considerably better than the Canon c500mk2 with dynamic range when pushing over and under exposure using internal Sony XAVC and Canon's XFAVC respectively. Wonder how the internal raw on the Canon compares? Also the AF on the Sony seemed to kick in and track a lot earlier than on the Canon. Be good to see some more thorough testing between these 2 cameras
  10. That's great news regarding the AF, hopefully it will be at least as good as it was on the video side before they ballsed it up in firmware 3
  11. That's interesting, the 2 people I know with C200s both have said its face tracking AF is not to be trusted on a professional shoot and they use object tracking instead. They were both disappointed the C200 AF didn't work as well as it did on the 1dxmk2 and 5d4. Hopefully the EOS-r is as good as the dslr's
  12. me too - this and the AF issues are all that make the XT3 the perfect hybrid for me (oh yeah IBIS would also be nice in the next iteration...)
  13. Downloaded the original ProRes files available on this Vimeo link - wow the colour straight out of camera, detail from downsampling 6k to 4k, and amazingly clean lowlight at 12800 iso - this camera looks much closer to Venice than it does FS7. Really beautiful footage, unless you need raw this camera is going to be hard to beat
  14. Yes thought I read you were thinking of 'upgrading' to an Eos-r. Sounds like a downgrade to me, the Xt3 is a special little camera, punches way above its weight
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