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  1. fuji xt-3 used are going very cheap at the moment, amazing video and photos, pick up the excellent 18-55 and a prime or 2 and you're set
  2. You really are a clown, or are you trolling... hard to tell with the amount of crap you constantly come out with
  3. From the looks of it the DR on the 1DXmk3 is a bit less than the Panasonic S1H which was measured at 12.7 stops DR by Cinema 5d. This was using 10 bit log on the Panasonic compared to RAW on the Canon - will be interesting to see if the upcoming RAW update will increase the S1H's DR even more
  4. ade towell

    Fuji X-T4

    Sorry bad terminology, so there's no drop in quality when using it say in 4k 25p?
  5. ade towell

    Fuji X-T4

    Wondering if the 1.29 crop you are able to turn on for all modes is a digital zoom or if there is no quality hit from filming normal aps-c? Be a useful tele extension for all lenses if so
  6. ade towell

    Fuji X-T4

    yes no motor noise on the f2 primes or 18-55mm or 16-55mm or 55-200mm. There may well be others I haven't tried...
  7. http://redirect.viglink.com/?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_158948319373013&key=8bcacfaa034c0b4a66a6e2547b5154f2&libId=ka756zak01000axm000DAfsiapj86&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dvxuser.com%2FV6%2Fshowthread.php%3F366672-Canon-R5-Announced-with-8k%2Fpage25&v=1&out=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.canonwatch.com%2F&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dvxuser.com%2FV6%2Fsearch.php%3Fsearchid%3D22790698&title=Canon R5 Announced with 8k - Page 25&txt=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.canonwatch.com%2F It's only a rumour but the R5 has been listed at the equivalent of over $6k on an Australian retail site That price doesn't surprise me but a lot of folk here seem to suggest it was going to be about $4k. Seems like it could be quite a camera but wonder who here would still get it if it was indeed $6k?
  8. All sounds about right, a shame as not interested in an 8 bit camera and I'm not willing to pay the premium for a stills camera with a RAW feature I don't really want when I can get a proper video camera used for about the same price. Is a bit like the C200 conundrum for me, 8 bit is not enough, RAW too much for my needs, just give me a decent 10 bit. Will stick with the Fuji XT3
  9. ade towell

    Fuji X-T4

    Thanks for all the feedback - really hope this is something Fuji can fix in firmware. Am still loving the XT3 and it looks amazing with my old Canon fd lenses, just would love to be able to use them handheld without always having to add mass to the camera to reduce shake. It's a want rather than a need though, not a great time to be thinking of new camera investment Have seen the warping thing on ultra wide lenses even with the GH5 which has great IBIS, I wonder how wide you have to go before it starts appearing on the xt4? IBIS is not so important on really wide lenses
  10. Unfortunately the only mode I found RS acceptable on the eos-r was full frame HD but the image was closer to the soft Canon mush of their old dslrs than it was to the lovely detailed C100. Used C100s are still a great camera if you don't need 4k
  11. When I tried the Eos-r the higher quality HD had bad RS like the cropped 4k did. Very disappointing. As you say hopefully the days of crap Canon hybrids is over
  12. I think I'd make a lot more use of RAW if it did it in 4k though. Haven't been keeping up, will the R6 be more tailored to 4k?
  13. What about price? It's interesting the P4k seems to be the camera mentioned a few times here being replaced by the R5 - depending on the price you can get 3 maybe 4 of the P4k to one R5. They're not in the same price bracket not even close. Same with P6K. I'm not sure when R5 Is due out but I'd imagine it's going to be a long time before film and video production gets back to any kind of normal. Are people really going to be in a position to invest in a camera so much more expensive than what they're currently using? Or is it going to be a time for consolidation and just trying to get by on what you have?
  14. Blimey I come back a few days later and you are still arguing with yourself pretty much - not being funny but you seem to have gone down a rabbit hole and killed whatever interest I had in this thread. Anyway sorry to interrupt, as you were...
  15. Colour is subjective (I actually prefer Panasonic colour science since EVA, S1 etc), the rest of these you're just guessing, IBIS and DR of the S1, SH1 are going to be hard to beat. Hope you're right as progress benefits all of us but your Canon love in and trashing of the BM Pocket is a little OTT
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