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  1. I've got Fuji X-t4 with spare battery, 16-80mm f4 plus 35mm f2 and Smallrig cage with Hdmi clamp I am thinking of selling for £1750 if you're interested. Was f going to put it up in the marketplace. Am in the UK though...
  2. Yes sorry it was a somewhat rhetorical question - I realise it is subjective and people have different tolerances to noise but when these figures are thrown around that are so far from what is practical and useable maybe there needs to be a universal scientific way of testing (and an agreed level of noise as a base line) otherwise it is just completely meaningless and misleading
  3. Am just relaying what I read from some Canon users. On these crazy DR claims (Canon aren't the only ones), when does this becomes false advertising? I start to lose respect for companies when they spin these figures, at some point they should be made accountable. If Arri has 14 stops of useable DR and the market leader (Arri don't feel the need to mislead), how do the others get away with their false claims?
  4. 20 plus stops of DR claims makes me laugh, reminds me of RED marketing - but are these going to be RF or EF mount? CAnon has definitely been busy of late though not sure how present C300 III and C500 II owners will feel so soon after their pretty major investment, there has been grumbling of lack of firmware updates compared with FX9, hope Canon doesn't leave these folk out in the cold...
  5. I've only used the S1 but yes from what I can see it holds a few advantages to the S5 other than size. IBIS is supposedly better, full size hdmi is priceless, the new firmware takes it close to the S1H, those with an S5 may be able to tell you what is better on the smaller model. With vlog upgrade I have to say the S1 image is hard to beat, DR and colour both are amazing
  6. I think a lot comes down to what do you actually mean by affordable? I saw that as best value for money and so I would say the Fuji X-t3 gives you the best image for the price - they are going for under £600 used here, the Panasonic S1 and Fuji X-t4 you can find for about £1000 and then the S5 which is newer about £1400 used. They are all amazing cameras and represent great value with added features at different price points And as mentioned if you are happy with HD then the Canon C100 used is also a lot of camera for little money
  7. Used Fuji X-t3, absolute bargain
  8. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    Ok from what I can find out the R5 doesn't have this problem and it's yet another bit of cheap crippling from Canon. This R6 is going back there's just too many gotchas for shooting video, I would prefer to use my Fuji's - the AF is the only real plus for the R6 (and lowlight) but if I can't touch control AF when using a monitor then its useless to me. The tracking AF on the Fuji is actually pretty good and works with external monitor hooked up like every other camera should. The R6 is a nice stills camera I'll give it that. Unfortunately the R5 is just too expensive for my intended use
  9. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    If I have the small camera and big screen icon enabled in HDMI display menu I get this message... "Card recording not supported. Device connected via HDMI is used instead of camera for menu display and image playback" I can only record with just the big screen icon enabled which turns off the cameras touch screen. So annoying From what you say the R5 doesn't have this limitation but Video Hummus said it did, am slightly confused or am I misreading what one of you is saying?
  10. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    Interesting, does the LCD screen stay on - with the R6 if I have the cameras LCD and external screen on then I can't record to the cameras card. With just the external screen on the cameras LCD is not turned on and doesn't seem to respond to touch. Was hoping to be able to use the touchscreen for AF purposes mainly, tracking etc
  11. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    Thanks for the info as you say it is well documented but what I can't find out is if you are able to turn to FHD mode once it has overheated in 4k or do you have to wait 30 mins to start again in any mode?
  12. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    Bummer, I hate Canon some times, seems like more petty segmentation to me, they always find a way of kicking you in the knackers just when you start warming to a camera
  13. ade towell

    R5 vs R6

    That's a little disconcerting what sort of temperature were you filming at, inside or out? Have been testing the R6 and one major irritant for me is that I can't use the cameras touch screen and record internally when I have an external monitor hooked up. Really shitty thing to do, is this the same with the R5?
  14. All good points. My little grumble about DR mainly comes from being spoilt on the X-t3 and even more so the Panasonic S1 which seems to have quite a bit more DR than the R6 I am testing. I realise the R5 has Raw and clog3 and was trying to ascertain how much difference that would make. It's not the end of the world, is just a little disappointing to go backwards a bit in DR, you get used to a certain way of shooting. I don't want a c70 or even a Sony A7s3/fx3 for that matter, I'm looking for a decent hybrid that shoots solid 10 bit video and nice stills on the ef lenses we have lying arou
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