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  1. also from four days ago on Fstoppers -- Moza Air 2 raving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3C0fw_8kAc Need a proper comparison. I handled the Weebill Lab, Air 2, and the Crane 3 at B&H a bit more than a week ago. I loved the feeling of the Lab and it's compactness in hand. The Crane 3 was heavier in-the-hand but the ergo's were even better, I thought. Worth an additional $300 over the Air 2 -- I'm doubtful.
  2. Interesting. Yeah, the BH reviews seem to be all over the place. Makes me wonder if the Crane 3 would be the way to go, but then significantly more money. The Moza Air 2 lists several Fujifilm cameras, including the X-T2 but not yet the X-T3, as "supported". I've reached out to see what exactly is supported and if X-T3 firmware is on the way. With such app-dependent interfaces, how can both of these companies produce such terrible apps?!
  3. @mojo43 Thanks for this review. Really appreciate how straightforward and "non-hype" you are. As you mentioned, most youtube "review" content is pretty unbearable. I am interested in this gimbal for my X-T3 and Fuji primes for a project in the next few months. Seems ideal for size/weight (although the Moza Air 2, etc. would also be effective obviously). This would be my first serious use of a gimbal in video production. Mostly panning and crane shots, not a lot of following thru spaces. Curious if you have used the subject tracking at all? Whether a person of a static object that you are moving around? Panning/tilting? Thanks.
  4. Can you link to this? Curious.
  5. That's MUCH better than what I have experienced after extended recording with my X-T2. Thanks much! I'd suggest to everyone to keep an eye on it but hopefully the X-T3's new processor, etc is more efficient and keeps the sensor cooler. Good start. My only frame of reference is this short video. Seems rather smooth to me as he is moving throughout spaces but I do notice the stepping when he does the slider work. Is this inline with what you are seeing? I'd be pleased but I'm coming from an X-T2 which for me was so bad, I did not use Auto-ISO in video at all. But you are coming from systems which you describe as performing much better.
  6. I understand and appreciate your intentions. I'd say any dark surface. Even better would be to put the lens cap on and take a photo at a normal shutter speed, i.e. not in Aperture Priority which might result in a three-minute exposure. Thanks much! Appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for mentioning this. Question: have you noticed any hot pixels in the footage? Specifically, could you shoot several RAW images after some longer session recording video and see if any are showing up in the stills? This became so bad with my X-T2 that I had the sensor replaced (under warranty) which yielded some improvement. I've read of others needing to do the same - Zed Pro Media documented their issue, for example. Curious. Thanks.
  8. @Emanuel I would be very interested in your review if you touched upon the ability to lessen/strengthen the stabilization effect, if that is a possibility and how effective it is. Often when I stabilize in post, I knock the effect down to between 20-30% to "take the edge off" w/o creating that floating feel.
  9. @Attila Bakos @eyesuncloudedphoto I'm wondering about video usage and hot pixels - pretty terrible when I've bouncing between photo and video during an event with my X-T2: after some amount of 4k shooting, I will start having numerous hot pixels in my RAW files, which only become worse as the event goes on. I've not heard that complaint from folks with the X=H1. Also, everyone, sorry if there are already links earlier in this thread, but... Could anyone share some 4k H.265 clips (preferably Flog but Eterna is great too) in the 20 - 60 second range? 24p or 60p. Higher bitrates would be great. Dropbox link? I'd love to get a feel for some of the footage but mostly curious about editing performance of the H.265 with my system, the possible need to transcode, etc. Thank-you!
  10. These forums are descending into uselessness. Snarky, forum-fueled narcissism, unthoughtful. I come to these spaces to glean insight from smart, experienced people. That has been the case (and often still can be) here and in other venues, but typically once we are more than three pages into any given thread, the loathsome : generous ratio is not good.
  11. @Attila Bakos Hello! I just made a donation to you at colorizer.net and thanks for creating this LUTS. Is there any consideration still to make a flat Eterna LUT? I just find the backed in contrast of Fuji's Eterna LUT too severe as a starting point but I do think the color is beautiful. Curious. Still shooting with my X-T2.
  12. What do the last ten posts actually add... to anything meaningful?
  13. I don't think it's a nitpick. I was expecting to shoot F-Log with the exposure tools and / using a monitoring LUT with my SmallHD Focus. Buh-mer.
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