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  1. Anyone have any updates on this lens they would like to share? Particularly as a video lens? I've got the 24-105/4 but would be glad to use something more compact/lighter for a day of hand-held video work. I really don't need the extra 4mm at the wide end. Also curious about the character (if any) of the lens. I find moderns glass a bit sterile but do like the 35mm & 65mm DG DN's pretty nice on my S1 for video. (Also considering tracking down a Tokina 28-70 ATX Pro but certainly noting saved in terms of weight there. Would be more for aesthetic character of the image...)
  2. Firmware 1.6 has just been released: https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index4.html Improved autofocus, gain, 4k xfer over wifi, other bits...
  3. @ParkerThose grabs look fantastic. What are you using for lensing for the S1 in these shoots?
  4. Could you say a bit about how you anticipate the add-on modules will work with this AFX module as they are developed? Do they literally "add on" to this initial component for greater functionality, i.e. eye AF? Thanks much. This is a really exciting development! I am also a Panny S1 shooter and this could really be the component to address that camera's AF inconsistency.
  5. Just don't cry more than your client. Also not for me to do, but I appreciate seeing this work since it is about as "high-stakes" for a videographer as it gets. So @omega1978, could you say a bit about how it performs for you? Are you using manual focus or autofocus and how is the latter working in these changing situations? Is the camera limiting you and how? How do you have it set up (are you doing photo and video or strictly video)? etc. All this could be helpful for event shooters in general, which I am from time to time. Also, on the current topic, have you noticed moire in your filming?
  6. I'd not say that moire is anything that I have noticed shooting mostly at 4k/24p FF and a little bit of cropped 4k60. Interviews later this month. I'll be sure to try out fabrics and patterns beforehand myself.
  7. Really glad to hear this impression re. Super35. I've been selling of a tone of un-/ under-used kit to streamline and fund this transition to the S1. The 18-35 almost went, but considering that 4k/60 is an APS-C crop, I decided to keep it to preserve the option. Haven't grabbed an MC21 yet since I would only do it for this combo. Perhaps imminent. Willing to post a little footage? Some 4k/24 as well? Thanks.
  8. Walter H

    S1 Anyone?

    edit: more or less answering my own question. Seems there is no way to de-couple settings as I hoped. Will rely upon setting up the custom modes for video as needed.
  9. Walter H

    S1 Anyone?

    Is the S1 able to "decouple" shutter speed, ISO, etc. settings when switching between photo and video modes ala the X-T3 or Nikon Z's? I've been searching the menus & online but I'm not finding any mention. Really hoping there is a selection to be made that when I turn to video on the mode dial, it reverts to the previous video settings rather than the last photo settings. (keeping the Vlog image thread about the Vlog image.)
  10. I also "pestered" @Sage in the other thread. Dunno if they appreciate it or not but I do think a growing number of video-oriented folks are going to pick up this camera, whether they also work with the GH series or as a stand-alone.
  11. I am also picking up my S1 later today. Glad and nervous - big shift. (And a return to Panasonic after a bunch of years away with Canon and Fuji.) Looking around for VLog exposure guides (other than what is available for the GH5/-s) and happened upon this - https://na.panasonic.com/ns/253602_V-Log_Excerpt.pdf - which may not be anything new for many on this thread, but might be helpful for others. It was for me - some good reminders. Curious about sharpening Vlog shots vs. the same shots in CineD or Flat - needed?
  12. @Sage As a very new Panasonic S1 owner and being extremely impressed by the image you have created, I'm piling on with others who have said they would be very interested in applying this to the S1. Thanks, and I will follow this thread.
  13. @Skip77 You are not trying to help. You are jerking your ego with an argument, soapboxing, being disparaging to others, and dragging all of us thru it. That's my experience of your presence and intention anyway. So how about F*CK OFF this thread and give users who either own or are genuinely interested in the camera the opportunity to share and work with one another to get the most out of the tool. Minimally, I will ignore you and I suggest others not reply or quote you unless you are posting something constructive.
  14. Everybody knows about the AF compromises already. This sort of comment has been made hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the internet including this site. That's not what we are talking about here.
  15. Walter H

    S1 Anyone?

    What are people's experiences with fw 1.2? (I've seen the one youtube review.) How's C-AF performance? Also particularly interested in the near/far prioritization and if that helps hold a subject and lessen pulsing...
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