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  1. I noticed a bug today with the new firmware update for the Metabones Ultra SB EF. The touch AF is absolutely horrible on the Sigma 18-35mm in BRAW. But, switch it over to any flavor of ProRes and it’s pretty decent. Along those same lines, the same lens setup works horribly with the Bluetooth+ app’s manual focus slider in BRAW, but is perfect in ProRes.
  2. Even more than 2 years after release the best GH5 replacement is... another GH5 There's no other camera that ticks all the boxes of the GH5. Some cameras like the XT-3 come close, but they're all missing something: IBIS or 10 bit or flip screen or EVF or good battery life or XLR adapter, etc. It has it all. Just my take.
  3. What @Anaconda_ was saying, and what my experience has been as well, is that the camera does NOT corrupt the file when the battery dies. Rather, it successfully closes out the file before shutting down.
  4. How about the Canon XF400? Much smaller than the XF305 and has the latest specs.
  5. This has happened to me way too many times and it stressed me out beyond words. We've got TSA Pre-check here in the States that avoids this situation. Well worth the investment.
  6. I was very fortunate to be one of the first in the U.S. to get one so I can't really say if it was worth the wait. I can say that it is an absolutely wonderful camera to work with. The image is spectacular at basically any setting, even ProRes LT. The interface is very intuitive and the combination of touchscreen and physical controls feels just right. I keep mine pretty built up actually. This was always going to be my "cinema" camera. I use several GH bodies for my photo/video work; they typically stay stripped down. I feel this camera needs a little help to reach the level of usability I need. At the most stripped down, I keep it in the SmallRig full cage with the Metabones XL bolted on and a tripod plate attached.
  7. Yes 128GB 95MB/s ones. UHD ProRes HQ no problem. You can even do raw 4:1.
  8. Shit. Thanks for the heads up. I updated last night but did no testing. Looks like my MB is getting unmounted for the time being.
  9. IBIS is great until you get lens flares dancing around a seemingly stable shot. I'm happy to own several cameras with it and a few without it.
  10. Well, you've sorta answered your own question by listing the OG Pocket's shortcomings... but it is still an amazing little camera capable of producing a beautiful image. The Pocket4K gives you up to 4K60p, 1080p120, raw video up to 4:1 compression, better audio preamps and connections, much better screen, and Gen 4 color science (if you like that). Under the same conditions (controlled lighting and battery solution), I'd take the Pocket4K every time. And one thing that probably doesn't need said, but I'll say it anyways. Even with controlled lighting, shooting with a great low light camera means you have freedom of exposure and DoF. You can maybe shoot something at f/5.6 for the DoF you want rather than being forced into an f/2.8 lens with the OG Pocket's limited ISO range. You might only need to rent an Aputure 120d versus a 300d. Etc.
  11. Completely agree. Personally, I think a sexier design and the help of an influencer or two would have skyrocketed this camera's success.
  12. I shot an interview last night with the Pocket 4K and GH5s in Film mode and HLG respectively. They match pretty well after only a few minutes in Premiere tweaking them. I'm excited to see the difference that Resolve will make.
  13. Looks awesome! I ended up getting the 8sinn half cage right at launch. I wonder if certain Tilta accessories like the sunhood and SSD holder will be compatible. It looks like a standard 1/4" mount.
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