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  1. Tom Antos has posted his review of the 6K. He's definitely the Youtuber who's done the most work for a Pocket 6K review thus far. Pretty comprehensive.
  2. The new BMPCC4k speedbooster is indeed sharper, but the regular one is still very high performing. I've seen no credible complaints about the performance of the Ultra .71 on the BMPCC4k until the new one came out for people to compare it against. Again, my own experience is that every one of my lenses has become sharper with the MB on my cameras. YMMV.
  3. Thank you. I've found that the two main detractors of speedboosters either have never used one or have used an inferior one. My Metabones improves every lens I put it on.
  4. Agreed. I think they just chose the "Pocket" name for marketing purposes. The BMPCC sold the most units by far and really helped adopt people over to Resolve, which is their whole plan anyways.
  5. Theoretically, you'd get a very similar image yes. One difference could be in noise level. The slightly larger sensor should have better performance at any given ISO, but the difference between m43 and s35 really isn't that big.
  6. Completely agree here. Against my better judgement I chose to use my P4K instead of my usual GH5s on a run and gun shoot yesterday. By the time I rigged it up to match basic usability features like battery life and articulating screen of the GH5s, the P4K was a bit cumbersome. People have different tolerances for such things, but I'd much rather have the tiny, nimble GH5s for shoots like this from now on. Still, it was a good test of the P4K for this kind of shoot. I still love it for narrative and interviews.
  7. Cool! I didn’t realize I’d get anything but happy to have them.
  8. I just got a notification from UPS that I’m getting a package from JVC tomorrow. I definitely didn’t order anything but I did complete the survey. Anyone else getting something?
  9. Honestly, I think it's because many BM users are whiny and entitled. Announcements would get hyped up beyond reason and ultimately people would be underwhelmed by the actual improvements. Look at what happened with some of the GH5 AF improvement announcements: people jumped the gun and starting declaring that it would be Canon Dual Pixel level performance immediately, only to be disappointed when the firmware was actually released. Better to just surprise people. I say this as a BM user and lover.
  10. Same here! Other monitors are cheaper, but the Focus ticks all the major boxes to make it ideal for me. The micro HDMI kinda sucks for certain rig configurations of mine, but I'm happy to work around that for all the other benefits.
  11. They did something very similar to this with the GH5 launch. Had a first look with limited information in late 2016 then had a more complete unveiling in early 2017 and released very shortly thereafter. The difference is that back then all we were expected is an update to the GH4. This S1H release seems to have way more at stake with a much more crowded field of competitors.
  12. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Ansso-Battery-Supply-Aviation-Connector/dp/B07MZLRKRN/ You can mount it directly to a cage or put it on a rail block. I prefer to use V Mount at this point though. If I'm going to rig the camera up, I prefer to have tons of juice.
  13. I'm with you, Shirozina. I've yet to see a single clear example of this in either my own footage or anyone else's. For a problem that is apparently so obvious, no one has been able to demonstrate it dead to rights at anything less than like 600% zoom.
  14. Has anyone actually proven this to be useful in practice? I remember when the GH4 (or maybe NX1) first came out a bunch of people were talking about how amazing it will be to oversample the 4K into wonderful HD with a greater bit depth and color space. I expected to see all sorts of amazing footage coming from the added image quality. But, I never actually saw anyone doing it. Is this all theoretical?
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