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  1. Lol I'm there with you! It would be absolute madness to make this mistake again, but...
  2. Panasonic didn't even give the flagship GH6 this kind of treatment, so I highly doubt it is a G9ii. With all the little hints combined I really think it's either a new camera release with truly improved autofocus OR an autofocus module for existing cameras OR both 🙂
  3. Upfront quote, quick, easy, & insured, but less $$$: MPB or KEH Slower quote, easy, & insured, less $$$: Adorama More work, more money: Facebook groups, Fredmiranda.com Ebay is a dice roll. You get the most exposure so things will probably sell quickly, but the fees often diminish your profits. Plus, there is always risk of fraud and other bullcrap there.
  4. $999 for a C100 M2 is a very good price. For livestreams and convention circuit work it is an incredible value for that money. FS5 comes with its own headaches. To each their own.,
  5. It's definitely in impulse-buy territory now. I never would have imagined that happening 6 years ago when I was shooting with it daily. Coincidentally, Adorama had a good condition C100Mii in their ebay store for $999 two days ago that I foolishly didn't jump on.
  6. Sony's breathing compensation, at least for now, only works with some of their more expensive G and G Master lenses–no third party lens support as of yet. That could be a deal breaker for some.
  7. This is a large reason I like the DJI wireless mic. I can have the wireless signal embedded in my video files, but the transmitter is constantly recording even while the camera isn't recording. So, I'll always have audio. It's been a manageable setup for my small 2-3 minute doco shoots. I can see it getting very unwieldy on longer pieces. It doesn't replace a timecode setup, but functionally speaking it accomplishes some of the same goals.
  8. I have a Tascam DR-10L and love it within its limitations. Lately, the kit I've used for almost everything is the DJI Wireless Mic. Two transmitters and one receiver, onboard recording, mic jack for lavs, good reception, great battery life, charging case, excellent user interface. I really ticks all the boxes for me as a solo run and gun shooter.
  9. Have you seen the sequel, Out There, yet?? I liked it, but WNUF is definitely my favorite of the two.
  10. I'm also enjoying some early Simpson's Treehouse of Horror and Are You Afraid of the Dark? to relive some childhood trauma lol. I HIGHLY recommend the director's cut of Doctor Sleep since you're a Shining fan. It somehow is a great sequel to both the movie and the book. Three movies I watch every Halloween are WNUF Halloween Special, Trick r Treat, and The Guest. All worth checking out for something new.
  11. I agree with most of your points, but this one right here is precisely why this camera is very exciting for many people. Pretty remarkable camera for the price—a worthy upgrade for many APS-C Sony shooters, a great B cam for FF Sony shooters, and most importantly a gateway camera to get people into the Sony product pipeline all the way up to Venice.
  12. I'm super intrigued by it. I'm a hybrid A7siii and A7iv shooter. They both serve their specific needs really well with plenty of overlap in the middle to make them a great pairing. For $1,800, this FX30 really makes a strong case as a solid C camera or even a B or A camera in certain situations. Sports videographers will flock to this for the extra reach you get with 4K120.
  13. Thinking of you and your family during this impossibly difficult time. Cancer is a most cruel thief of good in this world. There are no words to comfort, only time. Your post is a beautiful tribute to someone I've never known, but now feel I have one small glimpse into. Take care of yourself, Andrew.
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