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  1. Yeah the system is cumbersome to say the least, but here in Sweden we got the vlog activation code online. I’m selling because it’s simply too big of a camera for what I do.
  2. It sure does. Hands down the best image I've seen out of a mirrorless. But I'm about to sell the camera despite this fact
  3. I don't know, but I have yet to see any moiré or aliasing on my S1, even on difficult fabric and when shooting in 4k 60p. I think that's the reason why most people don't talk about this to be honest, since it's no more prevalent than on my X-T3 or Z6. I am however shooting with a tiffen black pro mist but I doubt that would negate or cover up a severe issue with aforementioned problems.
  4. I’m on the verge of getting an em1 mark II second hand, could someone here who owns it please tell how the continuous autofocus performs in video with firmware 3.0. I know how the xt3, the a7r3 and the z6 works in comparison. The few tests I’ve managed to find on YouTube seem a bit inconclusive. So is it on par with the z6 (in good lighting) and is the face detection sticky or does it tend to hunt/drift?
  5. Simon Young

    S1 Anyone?

    V-LOG colors looking good. Youtube-compression makes it hard to judge the codec though.
  6. Simon Young

    S1 Anyone?

    I own the S1 and the x-t3 and the latter surely feels like a toy in comparison (I used to own the a7riii too and while I loved the output when it came to photos I never managed to warm to the wonky colors and ergonomics on the video side). I really like the S1 and can only agree with what is written above. I use it with M-mount voigtlanders so I’m not really concerned with the sub par autofocus. I’m extremely excited about the 10bit internal vlog and pairing it with @Sage‘s Alexa lut. Thinking about switching my x-t3 to a GH5s but I think I love the Fuji too much. With regards to size: my Fuji paired with the 23mm f1.4 is taking up just as much space in my bag as the s1 with the Voigtländer 40mm f1.2. The Panasonic setup is a lot heavier though.
  7. Apparently we will be able to use our iPads as a "second" screen to our Macbooks. I wonder how that will work out w/r/t latency, compatibility etc. Could be a potentially be very useful...
  8. I hear you @BTM_Pix with regards to the WD wireless pro, I haven't tried it but have heard that it's very slow. I got the DJI Boss that plugs directly into the USB-C and that works fin speedwise,, but it's so infuriatingly dumb that you can't save files directly to it from the iPad.
  9. Yup. I wonder how they will handle 10-bit h264 and h265 files, they have been a bit wobbly in the past.
  10. I have been thoroghly enjoying fast editing with Lumafusion on my iPad Pro 2018. As we already know, it handles multiple 4K tracks with ease, making the editing part of the project a breeze, compared to the sluggish performance from Premiere in particular. File managment is however, as we also already know, a fucking nightmare on the current OS. Hopefully this will be rectified with the upcoming new iPad OS (Apple is however flaky as usual about it). But if external storage will work properly with this update I really feel the iPad Pro is becoming a very good option when it comes to creating on the fly, with minimal hassle. As a journalist I see many benefits from a fast and light weight option like this on the field, when speed and quick turnaround is key. What do you guys think? And here's hoping Lumafusion adds waveforms and scopes ASAP. https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/06/03/apple-supplements-ios-13-with-new-tablet-specific-ipad-os-branch
  11. @DBounce @Castorp Clearly fake. And why on earth would they release an aps-c camera now? We all know about the D5 and the 1dxII and you’re right, they have better autofocus and lenses if BIF photography is your thing. But the S1 is every bit as well built and murders them in video. And has an IBIS that is second to none w/r/t full frame sensors.
  12. The S1 with the Voigtländer 40mm f1.2 M-mount is a match made in heaven.
  13. I picked one up, only using it with manual Voigtlander glass, and having owned the a7rIII and the Nikon Z6, I really agree that it’s got the beat looking video of the bunch. The cine v profile with contrast dialed down is simply beautiful, especially skin tones 😻 Really pissed though that they still don’t let you punch in to focus while filming and that the wave forms from the GH-series are gone.
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