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  1. I wonder if Sony will put S-Cinetone in the A7sIII/H or if they’ll just release a new version of the already weird colors, keeping the tradition of non consistency alive. This matters much more than 8K raw imho.
  2. The fact that this beautifully designed and engineered camera doesn’t overheat thanks to it’s clever use of a heatsink puts many other manufacturers to shame. They should thus take notice and pay their respects to this simple yet extremely elegant solution. It makes me even want to buy a Sigma fp just to support the company, even though I don’t really need the camera.
  3. That shortfilm is second to none compared to every ”branding video” I’ve seen made with cameras in this price range. Really impressive.
  4. They also fixed the flickering blacks with this firmware.
  5. It seems Sigma fixed the flickering issue with the 2.0 firmware. Nikon should take notice.
  6. Very sad news this, I have fond memories of my long gone E-M10ii. A dream camera would have been the GH5S sensor in a E-M1iii body with IBIS, 10bit internal, 4K 60p and the PDAF of Olympus.
  7. I see people are getting excited about the new leaks on the R6, myself included, but until someone tells me how that camera will suffer from less rolling shutter in 4K than the dreadful one on display with the 1dxiii, color me doubtful.
  8. So they finally fixed the overheating? I take it you’re shooting in 4k? The irony in solving the heat issues but still leaving out picture profiles...
  9. I never noticed any flickering on my Z6 but I always shot in flat or z-log. Is it possible to provoke the effect even when shooting internal 8-bit?
  10. Of course but then you lose DPAF. And who shoots at 50/60p more than at 24/25p? I would really prefer it if it was the other way around. Interestingly the M6ii and the 90d with it’s binned and soft 4k has very low rolling shutter, which is promising for the R5 if they choose that route instead of downsampling. I have high hopes for the rumored M5ii with IBIS, I don’t mind having soft 4K. But we all have our preferences, good rolling shutter performance is next to good colors and reliability what is most important to me. Chacun son goût.
  11. Wolfcrow tested out the 1dxIII extensively on a job and praises many things, but rolling shutter performance in 5,5k raw is not one of them. It’s really bad (which makes me cautious about both the R5 and R6) But the image is as expected gorgeous. https://wolfcrow.com/canon-1d-x-mark-iii-real-world-review-for-video-and-cinematography/
  12. Stop trolling and leave Ebrahim. You think that is even remotely relevant as an image quality comparison? Full VLOG 10bit internal is something the 8bit Sonys with their shitty s-log won’t even come close to regarding color and dr.
  13. Wholeheartedly agreeing about the S1. Owned it for a couple of months, sold it because I was a bit of a cunt with regards to the autofocus, but no other full frame mirrorless I’ve had or tried offer the same tank like build quality and gorgeous output. A gem of a camera for sure.
  14. Simon Young

    Fuji X-T4

    Unfortunately no. I sold mine because of this, but I really miss it though. And I know some people aren’t even bothered by this, but just like you I found it too annoying to live with. Hopefully this gets remedied on the mark ii. And I really wish Nikon would release their compact primes already.
  15. @DEFI63 Génial. Encore un français qui refuse de s’exprimer dans la langue toute a fait dominatrice de ce forum. Et non, le R5 n’arrive pas le 16 mai. Ils se sont trompés dans la traduction du site allemand.
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