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  1. Kinsons seems to be a very sympathetic fellow, encouraging proper tests of DR and in this interview he really stresses the dual gain conversion of this sensor - which is frankly amazing. A global shutter with dual gain conversion is unheard of before.
  2. 5K global shutter, dual gain sensor and "the best dynamic range out of all their cameras". Shipping in October. People are already whining about the price of 3999 dollars ("ITS NOT FULL FRAME"). This is why we can't have nice things and I fear this might sell very badly of course. https://www.newsshooter.com/2023/09/16/z-cam-e2-m5g-global-shutter-cinema-camera/
  3. Is there a chance you could share the original 5K raw files?
  4. Prores HQ looks way better, especially in nlog on the Z8 and the Z9. When you shoot in h265 there's a disgusting amount of internal noise reduction going on no matter what profile you're in and it's not possible to switch it off.
  5. @Andrew ReidI have a brand spanking new S5ii here in Stockholm, with the 24mm f1.8 and the 50mm f1.8 Panasonic primes. Would trade it for your Z9 in a heartbeat 😄
  6. Yup, if it's confined to the normal profiles this is a complete non issue as far as I'm concerned.
  7. There's some fuzz in other forums about the S5ii using a new algorithm that seems to smooth skin texture a bit too much. As far as I've seen in the comments this seems to be happening in "normal" picture profiles. Have you noticed a difference in Vlog with regards to this, @hyalinejim? Thank you by the way for the footage and info, really impressed by the s35 quality too, where the rolling shutter seems to be very well controlled.
  8. If it truly is downsampling 6K to 1080p and shoots 10bit 4K 24/25p without overheating it’s an instabuy. Everything is forgiven except their vile decision to not support third party lens makers
  9. I would get a Z9 mostly because of the incredible S-lens line-up. Beautiful lenses all of them - barely any focus breathing, weather sealed, fast accurate and silent autofocus and beautiful rendering. The Z 35mm f1.8 and Canon RF 35mm f1.8 are miles apart. And the Z 24-70 f2.8 is quite possibly the best 24-70 ever made.
  10. Sad to see Canon play us like this. Sold my R5 a long time ago and lost a chunk of money. This dude has measured the temperature of the outside of the camera when recording with the new firmware. It seems to stabilize to around 102 degrees Fahrenheit around 60 minutes and then stay there in 4KHQ. I wonder if the sensor gets noisier with these temperatures sustained. Have you noticed anything Andrew?
  11. Simon Young

    Olympus OM-1

    Excited to see that @Andrew Reid picked up an OM-1. Is there still a vast difference with regards to detail between the 4K UHD and the C4K modes? All the samples I've seen seem a bit mushy. Great colors and great IBIS, but concerned about resolution and digital sharpness.
  12. Simon Young

    Olympus OM-1

    It's a real shame they didn't test the DCI 4K option. In both the EM1iii and the EM1ii this is clearly the best option, with significantly more detail than the UHD readout.
  13. Too Too bad they seem to have fucked it all up once again 🤭
  14. Simon Young

    The Aesthetic

    @kye You’re the guy who wrote that the “new” canons have “clay like skin”? That statement alone kind of disqualifies you from any serious color science debate, no matter how many lengthy posts you write with images from high end productions shot on high res (lol) pro cinema cameras.
  15. People whining about some sort of clay like skin tones with the new Canon codecs/sensors have too much time on their hands, what are you even talking about? I owned the R5 and it was impeccable as a stills camera, but it certainly had it short comings in the video department - but skin tones and colors are as per usual outstanding, even with the 10bit h265 codec. The whole Alexa worshipping is getting ridiculous and if you really want that but can’t afford it, buy the a7siii and Emotive colors - only 1 percent would know the difference.
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