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  1. I find these specs utterly laughable: 8k raw? 4k120? hahahahahah Oh, they posted some clarifications: 8K @ 30fps RAW As suggested on Twitter by a reader, this could perhaps be a timelapse feature. Things get messed up in translation and excitement. [email protected] & [email protected] It’s possible that the video features such as this could come with a heavy crop to get the heat down.
  2. Simon Young

    Fuji X-T4

    I think its really down to heat managment. Lots of tests out there show that the xt30 for example overheats rather quickly, even when recording externally
  3. Simon Young

    Fuji X-T4

    I love you androidlad! I truly hope we won’t have to expect overheating issues.
  4. Simon Young

    Fuji X-T4

    The guy running Fujirumors has however stated that his sources adamantly denies that the X-H2 has been scrapped. It will be released, according to them. I really don't like the rumor sites but Fujirumors usually gets it quite right.
  5. I wonder what that “optical variable low pass filter” could be on the A7m4
  6. Such a joke that the Parasite wasn’t nominated in this category.
  7. Videographers in the field on assignment pretty much all over the world of course.
  8. Agreed, but where i work (national broadcaster) photographers in the field almost exclusivele use the gh5 and now the s-h1. Apart from codecs and the xlr-adapter you wanna know why @jagnje? IBIS.
  9. If Fujifilm indeed has implemented IBIS in the X-T4 as the rumors suggest, and it doesn't overheat or has terrible rolling shutter, it will be the best fast turnaround documentary camera to date, I believe.
  10. Yo @androidlad what is the third secret camera? Is it the X-H2? https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x100v-and-fujifilm-x-t4-registered-and-announcements-on-february-4/
  11. Just put the a7iii in full cinema mode and it will look awesome straight out of camera. It’s hidden in the menus.
  12. Are you trolling? Because you are asking for a camera that hardly exists. You want clean ISO at 12800 for stills and video and with great continuous autofocus. The only camera that would suit you is the A9 or A9ii, but then the colors are wonky and you won’t get the picture profiles. The Z6 is great in low light with regards to both video and still (I own one) but it’s far from good enough to continually track focus in low light scenarios with erratic subjects.
  13. @tomastancredi I think you should consider the Canon 90D. It’s really robust, doesn’t overheat (Gordon Laing ran 6 4K clips in a row, three hours, without problems, whereas the M6ii could only manage 40 minutes before shutting down) and lots of cheap lenses are available. The battery life is also really solid. I tried the M6ii and really liked the image out of it, the 4k looks very cinematic and it’s possible to sharpen it nicely, but I didn’t particularly like it from a stills perspective.
  14. I have used the XT3 and the Z6 extensively and even though I ended up selling the former I still miss it for the sheer video quality it puts out. I think it definitely has the Z6 beat in that regard, the image is simply more pleasing, especially in 10bit, and the rolling shutter in 4K is less noticeable than on the Nikon. But then again I kept the Z6, and it’s a much nicer stills camera, better past 3200 iso, feels a lot more robust in the hands, easier to switch between video and stills, has very useable autofocus and a very good IBIS. I’ve kept some Fuji glass though...
  15. I hope I got a bad apple but I think it might be the camera itself. But purely as a small video tool I thought it felt great. Please report back with your thoughts! @Inazuma
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