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  1. Please don’t post that kind of horrible scam here. Juan Melara already proved it, but unfortunately he has taken the video down. He used to give away a better version of the “Linny LUT” for free. https://*banned URL*/2018/01/lut-smash-showdown-colorist-reverse-engineers-607-linny-lut-free
  2. I would imagine the overheating is because they want to use the higher fram rate modes.
  3. @Geoff CB Yeah, I totally agree - the output of that 8-bit file from the Z6 is nothing short of amazing, but I still got rid of my camera because of the viewfinder delay in 4k and the lack of exposure tools. The weird flickering in the shadows when shooting 10-bit N-log is also a problem they still haven't fixed. But if the Z6ii manages to sort all of these things I might get it.
  4. "I got less time on S35 in 4K50P than FF 4K50p (20min vs 30min), FF 4K50p/60p is not oversampled." @ntblowz I was thinking about s35 24/25p, which doesn't overheat.
  5. From all the testing I’ve seen on YouTube (which is a lot) the R5’s oversampled aps-c mode in 4K is very good indeed, and doesn’t seem to overheat. This should also be something worth considering with regards to the R5, especially if you tend to shoot on longer lenses. Unfortunately my R5 is yet to be delivered but I feel this crop mode might turn out to be the mode I’ll use the most.
  6. Canon’s appalling behavior with regards to the customer not withstanding, can anybody say something about the oversampled s35 crop mode of the R5? Does it truly not overheat? How’s the rolling shutter performance? And is the low light better than the 4K binned/line skipped mess?
  7. If Olympus could somehow implement 10bit internal, cap the bitrate at 200mbps and fix the annoying 4gb split files I would purchase the E-m1iii in a heartbeat.
  8. In the behind the scenes video also published today Brandon Li specifically states he shot the whole project in the standard picture profile - hence not the greatest display of the camera's dynamic range capabilities.
  9. Thank you for your concern but I’ve managed to make the 8bit s-log from previous Sonys look just fine in DaVinci so I’m not really worried. If you can’t get a decent image out of the a7siii I don’t think the camera is to blame. I suggest you get an Alexa LF and be done with it.
  10. Word. I’m buying this camera for sure. And I agree we need to see more testing with regards to overheating: what cards are they using, temperature outside, codec (I hear the h265 runs hotter) and so on. But I’m confident it will run just fine at 4K 24p All-I.
  11. This . If they deliver a very solid 4K 10bit 24/25p with good autofocus and s-cinetone I’m getting one for sure. And the rumors about extremely low rolling shutter makes it even more tempting.
  12. It’s also interesting that DPReview says the rolling shutter on the R6 seems to be really well controlled while cinema 5d says its “horrendous”...
  13. If this camera is as good as the rumors with regards to low rolling shutter, good af, no overheating and S-cinetone it’s going to be massive hit. I’m for sure getting one ASAP.
  14. I hope you have better intel this time than before (lex Fujifilm XT4) “Luke”. And if you’re so well informed, any news on IBIS and S-Cinetone?
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