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  1. I use with my Z6 an adapted 50mm 1.8G via FTZ, along with the new 24-70 f4, and I found the stabilization quite good with the 50, when compared with the 24-70. I have yet to further test it, but I think that 3 axis is better than 0. Also, given the rather new Nikon's propensity to give more features through firmware updates, we can hope for future enhancements. I'm also curious to see how it will work with the adapters from Kipon and Techart, as I have got an eye on Canon long lenses (like the 200f2.8 and 400 f5.6). What are those MF glasses you are thinking about ? Since the last time we talk in the lenses forum post, I have expanded my "interesting lenses to buy" list somewhere near the infinity 😄. I did not buy any lens given all the new opportunities appearing with the soon to be released adapters. So, why not add 1 or 2 more items on that list ahah !
  2. As I am learning Resolve, here is a still grab. It is just a test, nothing serious, after having tweaked the wheels to check how the flat profile responses. Shot with the 24-70s, handheld with the help of high winds 😄 Oh, btw, exiting news these days : a speedmaster 50 f0.95 for z mount is coming, as well as new samyang lenses and techart adapters (Sony to Z, and canon to Z) are soon to be announced.
  3. Aaaah sorry, I have read you comment too quickly ! I have yet to try the 24-70 with ibis in sport mode, but so far it is working better with the 50 1.8G. Good news, as I do not see any difference except from less wobbles and jitters.
  4. Yes, correct, no ibis on the xt2, but I relied on the 18-55 OIS to add a bit of stab. From what I remember, the distortion auto-correction was incriminated in a lot of forum speculations. But, as you wrote, it may be something running in the background. Concerning the z6, I have just read on dvxuser a guy who seems to get rid of the wobbling by setting IBIS to "sport". I'm gonna test this today with the 24-70. I'm testing right now with the 50 1.8g adapted via ftz, and it seems to be less jittery/jumpy, but I will confirm that later buy reviewing on my computer.
  5. @androidlad Do you have an idea why a potential issue would only appear at certain ISOs (I ask because of your technical knowledge I'm always amazed with ! )
  6. It must be my limited English skills, but why use "sterile digital look", thus giving a pejorative tint ?! I have always enjoyed your tests, but since you circled back to canon, I feel you are quite negative toward other stuff, including stuff you have tested and liked recently. If I recall, each of those cameras you have tested the last months (quite a lot !) , received a high "score" in your posts : gh5s, xt3, z6... Of course, you compare them to your C200, but every time, when the cameras were in your hands since several days, you were nothing but positively surprise by the quality. I might be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprise if in the next months, you try a panasonic S1, a future A7siii, a Xh2, and jump from one camera to another, the newest erasing the qualities you have found in the previous. I don't want to critic, or sound like and ass, but it's my feeling, reading you on a lot of posts. Concerning the cinematic aspect of the imagery, and the Canon special sauce attached to it, seriously, the only camera that match this so called magic, to me, is the 1DC (5d iii ML raw excluded !). But my tastes and my eyes must be crap ; I'm open to that conclusion ! The image out of a 1Dxii is seriously good, with a "je ne sais quoi" (yeah, the only words I can write without making a mistake 😄 ), that you may called organic, but not close to the 1DC. In fact, we can argue that Canon got a special mojo, given by the motion cadence or whatever technical stuff, but I've seen a massive amount of shitty video shot with Canon, 5div, 1dxii etc. I have also watch beautiful cinematic footages shot on a GH5, which seems, for some persons, to be the opposite of Canon in cinematic, organic etc. terms. I'm a newbie in video, but not in photo, and I can say that we ear the same from old photo snobs, that describe the Canon mojo as the pinnacle of image quality, thus throwing away everything else. Too bad, nowadays, the majority of photos and videos are ruined by presets sold buy the instagram influencers and luts by youtube stars, so, whatever magic those cameras got, it will be crushed 😄
  7. Did you try the flicker reduction option, just to compare ?
  8. Thanks for these wise words ! All I can say is that I'm really satisfied with my z6, as it is, although conscious and irritared by some quirks (like every camera eh ?). At first, I wanted to later buy a bmpcc4k, or even a 5d iii + ml for the raw capabilitie and more cinematic/narrative stuff. If adding a ninja v with the future firmware update will bring me close or not too far from to the 2 aforementioned cameras, in terms of imagery, I'll be more than happy. In that case, the ninja v would only be added for specific shots, more planned, with more stuff around, thus the "bulk" generated being completely invisible.
  9. Agree, exatly my thoughts. They give us that, while everybody express, one more time, its disappointment concerning canon newest release... Announcing a lot of lenses and disappointed cameras may appears relevant for some... But for me, the firmware updates announced by Nikon, the existing Nikkor lenses lineup, the coming adapted possibilites (the sony to Z, canon ef to z, leica etc.) plus the new S lenses are more than what I need, thus highly relevant !
  10. Ah, that's interesting thanks ! I was sure about the distortion correction, because it was supposed to be the case on the Fuji XT2, and the Z6 wobbles is extremely similar. But your tests point to the ibis, I guess. To be sure we talk about the same phenomena : by wobbles, we talk about a sort of distortion, like a shift in the corners, not just "shaking" ? On my Fuji, it sometimes appeared on the entire frame, while with the Z6, it seems to only concern the corners. So, again, fingers crossed for the FW update 😄
  11. So far, it has only annoyed me at wide angle (at 24mm with the new 24-70 f4), as I explained earlier. It is the same behavior as with my XT2 + 18-55 ois and 50-140, and seems to be linked to the distortion auto-correction. I've posted a link to the dvxuser forum where someone found the same conclusions. I easily get rid of it with DV Resolve, by using a minimal amount of stabilization (and a tiny crop most of the time). It really works well. With my adapted 50mm 1.8G, it does not appear, which points to a messy distortion auto-correction. At around 70mm, it is quite jittery, when I can't manage to remain steady (for example, when it was really cold with a lot of wind and snow). Again, 30s into Resolve and it rocks (at least, I'm satisfied with it). Otherwise, for static shots with steady hands, it is incredible. Quite similar, if not better, than what I managed to obtain with the Fuji 50-140. Yes, there are a lot of small annoyances, and photographylife has summarized them (I agree with almost the entire list !) but none of them have really prevented me from shooting accordingly to my will. I too hope for the firmware update to improve things. I will soon buy a telephoto for distant landscape and wildlife, so I'll let you know how the ibis work !
  12. Ah, must be quite convenient to see the things you do not understand as "troll" ! I have owned a GH4, Fujis XE2, XT1, XT2 XT3 (briefly), and various dslr from Nikon and Canon. I maintain my feeling concerning the XT3, especially compared to the rest. I'm OK if you see that as trolling, but it won't affect the reality that me and others have encountered. Plus, everybody agrees this little guy is a beast.... just some concerns about build quality, nothing else.
  13. The stills side also need to be taken in account for hybrid shooters. Already got a z6 and wanted to later add a Bmpcc4k, I'm gonna wait to see what is coming from Nikon as firmware additions !
  14. Yes, that's exactly what I thought when I wrote "I'm not saying it is deliberate, but more a kind of opportunity to make the camera live a long and evolving life !". My rather limited English bridle my capacity to express what I think 😄 I too need to update my software !!
  15. Maybe, after all, they've decided to fully copy fuji concerning firmware updates policy ! On XT2 and Xpro2, we've seen a lot of big improvements (4k addition on xpro2 if I recall, F-log + 120fps on Xt2...). So, you launch a product, not fully developed at its highest capacity, and you make it become better and better with updates (I'm not saying it is deliberate, but more a kind of opportunity to make the camera live a long and evolving life !). Given the atomos claims in the above videos, and the Nikon decision to play the updates game, a lot of good stuff could happen (at least, I hope for that 😄 )
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