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  1. So, it's over... Just finished the last episode. I won't spoil, and in fact I find it hard to make a judgment. I have to think about it but, despite being really unsatisfied with how they wrote the end, it may be my favorite episode of this season (or should I say my least disappointment). I think the fact that Peter Dinklage is a lot present, with, as always, impressive acting, may be the reason... But now, just have to wait for the next book ! I heard that new tv series are in production, one of them taking place in the ancient times of GOT. Anybody has information ?
  2. Personal ? Man, you started accusing me of seeing the sky falling etc. when I was just pointing facts. You say sh*t and I try to answer logically... This post was readable since the beginning : you can even browse back to my several joyful messages of hands-on and first experiences. But you don't care, your blindness only see that I dared to point 1 or 2 minor facts that, in your view, equals to attack your sort of worshiped god camera. Go check them, I got quite some likes by others because I gave my really positive feelings concerning this camera. The rest is in your awful way of translating everybody's post. And then, you came out of nowhere, attacking everybody that dared to argue something and question the camera. Yes, I used an hyperbola and exaggerating concerning the prices, as you probably do in the everyday life, like, when you can't lift something : "oh, it must weighs a ton"... Then I've provided you some links, that you ignore and give me back links on ebay.com to illustrate that ; while explaining that it is just annoying me for my selling... I never pulled a conclusion out of that, saying the sky is collapsing, as you are implying. I live in France, and buy locally. WTF you want me to do with ebay in the USA ? Even with ebay.fr, which can be tough to deal with, when you can use established forum and selling platforms that are used by quite a lot of persons on a daily basis (27 000 000 ads for the second link, right now), like the ones I provided you links. So, I response to you absolutely illogical and disturbing non stop writings. Don't bring the stupid last word argument. Go browse back and check every time you've attacked everybody, defending for whatever ill reasons a camera nobody destroyed. Put that in head : I like Nikon, always had, even if it went through shit situations (D600, D750, D800...). I loved my Z6 too. Have to sell it. Prices are falling here quite quickly with evidences. There is nothing bad in that, just annoyances for sellers. The rest, you pull it out of your imagination. Plus, I provided some sort of hands-on mini reviews, with extra positive feeling. Where are yours ? Can you do that, or can you only defend it by attacking Sony, Canon and Panasonic ? Let the post start again, for people that want to learn stuff about this camera. We need users, not a ready to jump paladin.
  3. Either you are mentally ill and your paranoïa is altering your judgment and brain functions, or your love affair/carnal passion with the z6 distort your capacity to process information and makes you attacking even the person who said they love too your "precious" half... I answered you with facts. Period. And, again, it is not because I point reality with facts, with links, and I open your eyes concerning nikon recents failures, that I am a Nikon hater. You behavior is seriously disturbing. So, you won't read, again, but it will be my last try, after that... it will be like arguing with a flat earther or chemtrails believer : - I loved my z6, better than my D90, D600/610, D7200 and 750. - For stills, I prefer Nikon than Canon or Fuji that I tried - Prices of z6 are quickly falling : you asked me links, I gave it to you (and you ignore it cause it does not serve you false version of reality) - I just point that cause I have to sell mine with regrets, and it is annoying. Where in that I show a sign of feeling the sky is falling ? - You will answer for the 526th time : "but Sony and panasonic blablabla" - Earth is sadly not flat
  4. At first I thought "Oh please, someone help me...". Then, I was laughing. Seriously, this is my last answer to you. Here are two links. Sorry, I won't browse every selling places. I'm a also in 2 facebook Nikon selling group. What I said is what I see on a daily basis on many selling places, as I'm trying to sell mine since 2 weeks. The first one is on a famous French forum : https://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/AchatsVentes/Photo-Audio-Video/nikon-nissin-di700a-sujet_721010_1.htm Z6 + 24-70S + XQD 64gb + a second original battery, bought on the 5th of January. The guy sold it 2070€ two weeks ago (in its ad, he initially proposed 2150€ with a flash NISSIN DI700A). The body is in perfect condition with only 789 clicks. You can google translate it. Yes, the FTZ is not present, but as it now sells almost for free in kit... On amazon.fr, the Z6 + FTZ was, some days ago, less expensive (slightly) than the Z6 BODY ONLY. Now, there is only a 50€ difference between both (in favor of the body only). Another one : https://www.leboncoin.fr/image_son/1614925861.htm/ Z6 + 24-70 + XQD 64gb. Never opened. 2000€ Do I ask you why you, again, bring on the table both the GH5 and the EOS-R ? No, I won't, have enough lost my time. Enjoy your Z6 but, do yourself a favor : take gear and brand less seriously...
  5. Yes, sorry, I was bit exaggerating with "half". But here are some numbers (roughly) : the brand new kit z6 + ftz + 24-70 was somewhere between 2800/3000€ , depending on the shop, at the beginning of December. 5 months later, you can find it used, in "like new" condition, for below 2000€ (but mostly around 2000/2100€). Plus, there is right now rebates that pull down those prices. I find it to be quite a quick fall. If I remember well, Andrew wrote in an article that he got troubles selling its Z7, even by cutting a lot the price. Anyway, it is really good for buyers 😄 !
  6. I was thinking the same... Not talking about Microsoft hegemony over the pc world ahah. Just my feelings and opinion, but: given all the tentacular monster companies from the US that live on "spying", collecting data, selling them etc. (not talking about that : https://www.expressvpn.com/blog/8-ways-the-nsa-spies-on-you/ plus, should we talk about Snowden ? ) and all the disastrous implications for the future... seeing all this mess as a government action to protect consumers and security, is, to me , as surprising as buying trump's idea that by massively arming people it would prevent mass murdering...
  7. You should try to understand more what people write, and wait a minute or two before answering. Or maybe I was not clear. But, anyway... Look, allow me to auto quote myself : I loved the camera, period. I have just reacted to the link talking about the potential issue (what Nikon and you name "service advisory"). The fact that you don't know about the d600 disaster tells a lot about your lack of knowledge concerning Nikon recent history tinted of fails (and greatness like the D850) If you had possessed a born dead D600, a 3 times recalled (yes you read it : 3 f*cking recalls !!!!!) D750, you would understand. So, I do not freak out, it's just a natural reaction to Nikon's poor launching of cameras. Plus, as I wrote above, I checked on Nikon's website and my unit is not concerns. There is a website for us customers, in order to check if you have to send your potential defective camera. So I used it, and it is OK for me, period. Then, because I know Nikon and am equipped with their cameras since a long time, I just question if this kind of "service advisory" could impact sales and resale value. I would keep it if I could. But I am an amateur, and having car troubles , I face difficulties to transport myself to my joyful 9to5. As I wouldn't want to handicap myself in the rat-race (irony of course), I have to sell something to help to pay the cost. Anyway, enjoy your z6 (and don't forget to check for service advisory 😄 ) !
  8. Yes I agree. Truly a great camera, and I maintain all the good and long things I wrote about it some months ago. I'm just sad and annoyed to have to get rid of it because of $$ reasons... The 24-70 f4 alone is a sufficient reason to jump on the ship. Well, being soon camera less, I will have lots of great choices when I will have enough money again to find a new camera.
  9. Why are you so harsh with everybody questionning Nikon here ? Seriously, do something... some weeks ago, you were liking my post and we were both "defending" the z6 by arguing with others here. Why are you always answering like we had insulted your family ?! And why bringing on Sony ? Man, your 2 sides vision of the camera world "good nikon / bad sony" and your constant attacks are really disturbing.. go treat yourself seriously. For the record, I had Nikon D90, D600/D610,D5200, D7200, and Z6. You wanna compare ? Oh, and I can add my girlfriend's D750 and apsc bodies... Wanna talk about the d600 plague ? Nah ? Because mine got concerned. Wanna talk about D750 ? Nah ? Our got recall 2 times. It may be one of the most recalled camera I think, and for really bad reason... Wanna talk about the D800 ? Stop acting like Nikon were totally white, perfect and opposed as everything else. I can sell you my D600 if you want. Perfect for a filmic look with lots of BIG grains everywhere ! And cost less than a point and shoot now. Or take my Z6 ? It is alsmot brand new and has lost 50% of its value. Just stick to the fact, it will maybe elevate you a little. Go browse this post to read my extremly positive feeling and hands on the Z6. Because this is still true and relevant. And it will help you understand that I am not the dark force of Sony... crap, it may even be the second time I write "Sony" on this forum... why the hell did you bring that ? Aaah your behavior is as annoying and painful to bear as the last season of Games of Thrones. YIKES.
  10. I'm currently trying to sell my Z6 for financial reasons. The 24-70 f4S sold in 2days, but the Z6 + FTZ is impossible to sell : large amount of bodies already on the used market, and for really low prices. I just checked and my unit is fortunately not concerns by the recall but, seriously, it will make the resell harder... D600-gate may still be in the memories 😄 My last time Nikon, really...
  11. ahaha this petition is more epic than the new season itself ! https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers Almost 600 000 signatures.... when cnn shared it 7h ago, it was at 300 000... I read that the showrunners will write the next start wars. I hope they will have some books to follow 😄
  12. But The Expanse not only depicts "a vast underclass of exploited low class ignorant people". It also talks about Mars, a highly technologically advanced civilization, that once dreamed of transforming Mars into a Earthy like place. We can also see research stations etc. We even see what you describe, or sort of, with the biggest ship ever made, built to send people colonize distant unknown worlds. ; this one was not built to be loaded with "useless" people . "Belters" or colonies as you describe, are, as I see it, only workforce. They live a shit life at the end of the solar system in order to exploit the resources for the others. I don't see them a "settlement", in the way, as you said, the elites could make. I'm not sure that in reality, the elites would hasten to leave a life on Earth to live in mostly "hard to imagine life" places as we can see in the serie. I'll soon start the books, and I can't wait to see how the show differs from it !
  13. SPOILER : Samwell Tarly killed more people than the Golden Company. They really lost me when they started to write by themselves without following the book anymore. I felt it like a cards castle collapse : everything was rushed, unlikely, too easy. I couldn't enjoy the episodes anymore, as I was constantly obsess by the non-stop mess. Season 7 was, to me, really painful to watch, given all the things that had been built since episode 1 some years ago. But these season is really really worse. 8 seasons that are supposed to lead to next Sunday episode that, given what we've got since 5 weeks, should be utterly disappointing. Can't wait to pass to something else, like the next season of Dark (awesome German serie) or The Expanse... ... and still wait for the next book of George RR 😄
  14. Fallacious arguments and bias party ! Someone here appropriated too much Schopenhauer's "Art of being right"... Mixing up facts and opinions, putting forward the "free thinking" and "independent thought" argument, bringing on the "fear" and political correctness that one bravely overcomes to tell the truth, and wish more "sheeps" could access this level of "awareness"... Congrats. Flat earthers and trendy conspiracy theorists use exactly the same mechanism...
  15. Oh, sure you are not... Your non-stop peremptorily assertions and fallacious arguments is not "trolling" ; this is "Jonpaiing" in cow-boy style. I understand why you are constantly fighting with a lot of other members. Seriously, you've made this thread awful to read. I'm out.
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