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  1. I watched this the other day, haven't tried it myself yet.. but I wish Blackmagic or at least @CaptainHook would come up with a solution that didn't impact skin so much.. I'd have thought the developers of Davinci Resolve could implement a fix within their own software for their own camera..?
  2. @anonimYou have the most valuable opinion when selecting what you need for your own images 🙂
  3. They do differ in favour of the Arri for sure, but my thoughts in posting were that the differences are smaller than I imagined they would be, considering the saving.
  4. Braw 3:1 holds up well on this guy's comparison..
  5. Might be worth posting this in the bmpcc4k thread 🙂
  6. I have an account but no joy with the link here, unfortunately.. Edit: maybe you could just tell me the search terms or cable name/code - thanks
  7. Thanks @thephoenix but that link is not working for me..
  8. Interesting, I like the idea of button operation.. will check out prices.. 🤔
  9. This looks great thanks @BTM_Pix Can anybody recommend a cheap android device with a decent screen and Bluetooth LE to use this on, thanks
  10. I was thinking about trying to mount my Contax C/Y lenses to the BMPCC 0.58 Nikon speedbooster, has anyone adapted to the speedbosters via the nikon route? There seems to be a few adaptor alternatives? looking at this for example.. here
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