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  1. Might be worth posting this in the bmpcc4k thread 🙂
  2. I have an account but no joy with the link here, unfortunately.. Edit: maybe you could just tell me the search terms or cable name/code - thanks
  3. Thanks @thephoenix but that link is not working for me..
  4. Interesting, I like the idea of button operation.. will check out prices.. 🤔
  5. This looks great thanks @BTM_Pix Can anybody recommend a cheap android device with a decent screen and Bluetooth LE to use this on, thanks
  6. I was thinking about trying to mount my Contax C/Y lenses to the BMPCC 0.58 Nikon speedbooster, has anyone adapted to the speedbosters via the nikon route? There seems to be a few adaptor alternatives? looking at this for example.. here
  7. Hi @Sage I bought this some time ago and have read this thread and others around the web but with all of the additional tips and advice given for specific problem solving, by you and others (often going into detail discussion in the threads used for discussion) I find myself overwhelmed by all of the instructions for using it.. Not sure if I am alone in feeling the need for a video walk-through or alternative screen-grabbed instructions? It probably stems from me being a very visual learner and all of the written comments / instructions tipping me into overload, so having paid out for something that looks really impressive and useful, I am unfortunately struggling to engage with it. There seems to be others requesting tutorials and help around the place too.. sorry if this is just my ineptitude.. can you help please? Are there plans for this in the future.. I am patient, and I know the creation of tutorial resources can take a whole lot of time and energy, so if these are planned I am happy to wait, thanks.
  8. This Youtube channel has a bunch of videos using the sigmas (18-35 + 50-100) + SB on the P4K.
  9. Nice low light test.. not sure of the settings or lenses though.
  10. @Ian Edward Weir Nice footage, thanks for sharing this, I have been looking for something to work with the baby hypergonar 1.75x, also interested if the ProtoDNA works with the Kowa 2x, it is a little unclear from your write up? Thank you 🙂
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