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  1. GH5 - New firmware 2.5 1. Improved compatibility with the Panasonic LEICA DG VARIO-SUMMILUX 10-25mm / F1.7 ASPH. (H-X1025) digital interchangeable lens. • Smooth aperture control is available during video recording. • [Aperture Ring Increment] has been added with which users can choose the control method of the aperture ring from [SMOOTH] or [1/3EV] in photo shooting. 2. Improved compatibility with the Panasonic Remote Shutter DMW-RS2. • The video REC switch on the Remote Shutter can be disabled in the camera’s custom menu. https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index.html
  2. Depends what you are looking for.. Roland CS-10EM's record binaural ambience from in ear mics.
  3. If any6ne was looking for a €150 GH2 - here
  4. @yiomo the link isn't working for me.
  5. @majoraxis Might be worth asking for the tech specs of the video on the Blackmagic forum?
  6. matthere

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    It's also quite funny, way to much seriousness around here
  7. Isn't this going to be the camera Panasonic said in October they were going to start producing? "The Japanese electronics company revealed the organic sensor to the world in February this year, but has now announced that it will begin production on a camera system capable of shooting 8K video. Currently called the AK-SHB 810, it will be the world’s first camera to incorporate an organic sensor and, according to Panasonic, will be a compact, box-type, multipurpose camera" here Techradar.
  8. Rumours seem to suggest this is from the LUMIX (consumer/prosumer brand) department.. but again.. time will tell.
  9. I watched this the other day, haven't tried it myself yet.. but I wish Blackmagic or at least @CaptainHook would come up with a solution that didn't impact skin so much.. I'd have thought the developers of Davinci Resolve could implement a fix within their own software for their own camera..?
  10. @anonimYou have the most valuable opinion when selecting what you need for your own images 🙂
  11. They do differ in favour of the Arri for sure, but my thoughts in posting were that the differences are smaller than I imagined they would be, considering the saving.
  12. Braw 3:1 holds up well on this guy's comparison..
  13. Might be worth posting this in the bmpcc4k thread 🙂
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