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  1. 1080p ALl-i is much better than the 5dmkii/iii It's not raw, but it's very usable.
  2. Beautiful colors as expected. But doesn't have that 1dc mojo. Something about the video form that camera man. I cant explian it.
  3. Canon left the DSLR vid game for 10 years with no innovation and now they are about to hit with a bang like they never left.
  4. Hmm, Those specs are wild. I will be surprised if canon jump to 8k on a mirrorless at this time in their lifecycle. 4K-120 will be welcomed. The codec must be biscuit to run both 8K & 4K120fps imo. Well I believe it when I see it.
  5. If yall wanna walk around with a dinosaur egg with an integrated sensor, good for you.. Count me out.
  6. Dont really see the issue with Rollin shutter tbh. Easy work arounds. The 1dc had bad rolling shutter but was still used in high end producition
  7. Canon as blown its competitors away with this one. You can't come with the crippled talk now. You either pay up or keep it moving. This camera isn't for everyone. That internal Raw is a game changer. Not sure what the issue with file size is. Thats what you get dealing with raw. Canon color + 1DC filmic mojo + log with RAW on a dslr format is insane. I wouldn't be buying this, as this is out of my price range, but I will definitely be loaning this for a few shoots.
  8. You were never going to buy it regardless
  9. I am probably one of the people that didnt mind mjpeg. Complemented the 1dc very well
  10. I found the ipb to be quite jittery in motion and the All-I had a buttery motion to the eye. The All-I is easier to edit too. It reminds me of the mjpeg in character. Could have been a frame rate setting issue, but those additional MBs make a hell of a difference from my experience.
  11. Battery life isnt as bad on the eos rp as people make out. I used to own it. Got a f mixture of stills and video for a days shoot . I sold our in the end and went for the R . I could have kept it if not for it lacking ALL-I
  12. Beginning to get the feel of this camera. It's a beast. Something I am going to avoid doing moving forward, is watching alot of these cameras reviews from these so called experts. Nothing beats your experience with a cam. For me, this camera is the best bang for £. I hate rigging cameras , unless necessary. I have kept my setup light. LP batteries and Lens with a hot shoe handle. The images below are from a shoot I dod recently. Set up: 1080p pro res Hq 24, 60 and 120 Tamron 24-75mm 2.8 Iso: 800 and 1000 Shot in film Graded in fcp x No lighting setup, just the fluorescent bulbs from the gym. When with the green tint for the look. I am a canon fan boy so, I want my colours to be rich and pop. This camera is shockingly better than I expected
  13. ?The camera is still not idiot proof with these benefits. Had a friend working as my camera OP, and I kept reviewing each shots and adjusting the camera for him. Still requires a bit of a skill Interesting, I havent actually used raw. Just Pro-res 422 HQ. That's why I mentioned the iso. The 1080 I shot recently is just as good as the 4K to the eye. I will eventually start toying BRAW. I i am a straight to FCPX type of shooter. Preference of UI over davinci
  14. Thats a super impressive update. Been very impressed with the BMP4K. I am still shooting at 1080p 60fps with it.(Quick workflow) I think it's the best bang for the buck at the price. I am still trying to work out it's sweet spot. But I think its between 400-640 iso. Thats where I have had the best results. This update pumps some more sellby date into this cam.
  15. All this is meh. Just give me an affordable camera that shoots good. Not interested in all this politics. Doubt any of this revelation will stop red fan boys staning on.
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