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  1. Is there still an appeal for ML hacking? I just feel like alot of cameras have caught up. Although no dslr is shooting raw at the moment but the margin in trade off is getting shorter. Not sure what people are really looking for in canon cameras these days. There message as been clear from day. You either shoot on the C line for video or DSLR for pics
  2. It's the way the game goes man. 😕
  3. YO!!!] Wont mind this two on my 4k. I will void my warranty for this
  4. In the right hands, the rest is history.
  5. Yeah, I agree that no camera can be future proof. But, some cameras do stand the test of time at least for a 5-10 year period. Red, c100s and co. Within the last 5-7 years, we can agree that the following are now dead in the water. Ursa , UM4k UM4.6K, Micro. Personally, I like the pocket 4k. That was the camera I always wanted the first BMCC to be and with a few firmware upgrades there is soo much potential for improvement rather than a new system in such a short space of time. I use a viltrox speed reducer and the Tamron 24-70 2.8 with my pocket 4k. No rigs, just body and battery and it's so convenient
  6. This is dope. However, I think this is way too soon and I worry that they could make the 4k obsolete very soon. Even though I haven't owned it longer than 7 months. Is this the pattern they are rolling with. They are knocking cameras out way too soon for my liking. Bare in mind the 4k was suppose to be future proof. Anyhoo looking at the image I cant really see a significant improvement. I have fallen in love with the 4K and I think it's a gem as long as you shoot within it's sweet spot. Personally this is meh. I can't see the appeal for an upgrade but having an EF MOUNT is very ideal .
  7. #gamechanger Yeah I have heard that buzz word so many times. The camera just like the phone game as peaked. Other than a few innovative features. Focus improvement and what not, It's nothing new to see here.
  8. Tools in the right hands always does wonders. Regardless of the cam
  9. Spot on. There is a reason why every time I attend an event (wedding , conference, sports etc) most of the camera men are using a canon. There is a reason why many organisationuse the C_line for docs... There is a reason why majority of the bloggers on YouTube use a canon. Sometimes doing the basic so well is key. I have said it before, their market isn't the video pixel peepers and spec sheet ambassadors.
  10. Guys, even if the camera had magic lantern raw features it won't make a significant difference to their sales. This is just a sign of the times we are living in. Smartphones cameras and so many alternative options available in the camera market.
  11. Not mine, But see colors and detail . Oh hand held and all
  12. Did they mention a pre xmas release date?
  13. Something In between the UM4.6K and the Production 4k. This is what the UM4Ki image should have been like . Personally, I like it. This image ticks both boxes, Doc look, Film look and its more versatile
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