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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the displayed available recording time in all the 8K modes has been reduced from 20 mins max to 15 mins max with the new firmware? It may just be a display issue, but when I power up the camera after it has been off all night and look at the available recording time in any of the 8k modes, before I shoot any video or photos, it shows me 15 mins rather than the 20 mins it used to show when you power it up fresh. Not sure if the recording time is actually reduced or not, but it is disconcerting. I doubt it would just be my camera. It has to be affecting others. No other resolutions have changed, 4k/120 shows approx 7 1/2 mins as always, 4k/60 shows approx 30 mins as always, only 8k modes now show 15 instead of 20 mins. -Roger Uzun
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