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  1. Sorry I could not edit my post anymore. These are the example I was talking about : Kepler 138 shot on the S1H Lockdown Lullaby shot on the S1H Insensible shot on the S1H A ProRes Raw test on the S1H :
  2. Best option would be a second Panasonic S5 but if you don't have the budget yeah the g9 is a good option. Only thing that bothers me is having two different lens mounts, except if you plan on exclusively use EF lenses for example and use EF adapters on each cameras (a speedbooster on the g9 and the regular Sigma MC-21 on the S5).
  3. I don't seem to finid any topic on this camera on this forum? I find it quite interesting as it seems to be a modular video camera like the Z-cam form factor, with a micro 4/3 sensor, and all the bells and whistles Panasonic usually give us in their cameras. More info on the leaked specs : https://www.43rumors.com/more-leaked-panasonic-dc-bgh1-cine-mft-camcorder-specs/
  4. I succeded but the colors are weird ! how do you get the standard colors? I tried every matrix method and it's sill very weird.
  5. I downladed it but it can't seem to open the RAW files from the Panasonic S5?! How do you guys do it?
  6. Link shared by Nokishita on Twitter : https://filmvideoandvirtualreality.com/major-and-it-is-major-new-canon-release/
  7. I made some simple and informal tests today with my little 5 year old kid running and monkeying around, and I was pleasantly surprised by the S5. Nowhere near my S1h, very different, in a positive way. The AF box sticks to people and faces waaaaaaaay better, and the pulsing didn't showed its ugly face in all the footage I shot today. I was very impressed and it seemed to me like night and day compared to the S1H or the GX80 that I own ! Of course, I really need to make some other tests but for now in video i'm really impressed, for personal and family things, I would definitely use AFC. For
  8. Same for me it has arrived today. Tomorrow i'll make some tests to see what this little beast can output but so far first impressions are extremely good. Seems as well built as my S1H. Very comfortable in hand and so happy about the weight and size. I'ts going to be my daily camera, as well as my b-cam for shoots. I have a shooting on Wednesday (a small narrative web ad for an app) that I planned to shoot on one camera but I'm tempted to throw the S5 on set to take some additional coverage... Just to see how well it matches with its big brother.
  9. Same for me here in France, I just received the cinfirmation mail that it will be delivered to me tomorrow. Just in time for some projects coming !
  10. I love the rich colors that you can get with prores raw. S1H + ProRes RAW is a super combo !
  11. Had the RX1 RII and yes it is much more exciting than this one (for photography, as it's another kind of camera). I really don't get how could we get excited by this Sony A7c at this price point. Cause to me the real problem is the price. If it were sold at 1500$ max that would be ok. But not at this insane price.
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