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  1. Didn't know about those adapters. Very interesting !
  2. Everything is fine when looking at the specs. Let's see the AF reliability. if it is good, then.... Might be an interesting camera to consider.
  3. According to 43rumors : Ok so we can basically say goodbye to the pdaf technology... 5 times faster than GH5, it litterally means nothing. They had similar claims when they introduced the Panasonic s5. How can they be that stubborn, especially for a video centric camera? It's the only thing that prevented them to rule the video centric mirrorless game. Another missed opportunity if it appears to be true (rated FT4).
  4. Prices are insane (GH6 + 10-20 1.7 + 25-50 1.7). But the fact that you have to submit a short piece without sound is quite strange.
  5. I personnally bought a Pocket 6K Pro since a few weeks and I'm very happy with it. I alredy have a Sony a7sIII, and wanted another camera but not another hybrid or mirrorless camera, I wanted a dedicated cinema camera. I was torn between the fx6 (cause it's the perfect match with the Sony a7sIII), and the Canon c70 (cause I liked the small form factor and everything it offers). But when making my plans and comparisons, besides AF and battery life (though it's very manageable), the pocket 6k Pro ticked all the boxes for me, my style of shooting and the projetcs I usually work on (music videos and corporate). So as the price is lower than the two others I gave it a try (knowing that I previously owned a Pocket 4K for 5 months but I was doing mostly photo gigs at that time so I sold it but now I only shoot video). I can't regret at all. IQ is amazing, it has that depth that lacks in my Sony a7sIII footage (thought it's really good too). I can match the 2 cameras very easily without too much hassle, and they're very complimentary. One for more crafted visuals, more controlled shots, the other for run and gun situations, gimbal and shootings where AF is a must. For the price, this camera is such an incredible tool to make beautiful images. The Sony Fs7 is a workhorse, and has been since its release for a majority of filmmakers. But I think the Pocket 6K pro is more future proof, more versatile due to its small form factor and the price makes it a no brainer to me. BUT.... It all comes down to what you shoot on a daily basis and what do you expect from the camera you plan to buy.
  6. And why don't you consider the Canon C70? - Quite similar Pocket 6K Pro form factor - New future proof mount - Good (if not excellent) DPAF - Good dynamic range thanks to the DGO - Records to cheap SD cards - Good batteries that last very long and lot of cheap third party battery brands - More versatile than the two you look for IMO
  7. So nothing really new. We don't have any big surprise coming from Panasonic. Maybe the next infos about the GH6 will worth it but for what we know now it seems just to keep up with the competition.
  8. I noticed very minor pulsing sometimes but not disturbing at all even for paid jobs. It's nowhere near as what my Panasonic S1H and S5 did when it comes to pulsing. Those were great cameras but yeah I felt the need for AF in a lot of shootings.
  9. Yep the first batch might have some issues but some of them are not hardware issues so fixed with the latest firmware update. I personally tested mine the past couple of days and didn't have any issue whatsoever.
  10. No I've received mine since a few days. They can be found in different online stores.
  11. I finally went back to Rode wireless Go but the newer version, as I left them in the first place last year because I needed dual transmitters. Now that they have this I'm all in, because I'v never encountered any problems with the first version of the Wireless Go. And now that they included the ability to record a safety track in case you encounter some dropouts, I think this is the best way to go for the budget and the skills I have. Maybe if you have the budget (just a little more than the Synco products that I would never recommend to anyone), go Rode.
  12. I stand with ironFIlm on that one. I encountered the same issues with audio dropouts again on a mini doc and I decided to send them again, and forget about this brand, forever !!
  13. Is it for some scouting? Some tests before shooting? What camera is it? Minimalist crew her with just Chloé Zhao and her cinematographer ! 😄
  14. Really Panasonic is so frustrating. They would have fixed the shitty AF and makes real marketing strategies, they would own the video mirrorless market right now. But they don't want to change their DFD focusing tech and they are so lame at marketing themselves and their products. My S1H was a true workhorse and so close to a perfect camera. But I really felt the need for a reliable AF even though I am used to manual focus. it just makes life easier now that I switched to Sony a7SIII. Panasonic should really wake up.
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