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  1. Yes to me this is the most cinematic piece we have so far shot on the S1H (though the sci fi short is not bad).
  2. No info yet. More to be revealed in 3 weeks at IBC. They didn't use the "Prores" word so maybe it's another Raw format.
  3. RAW is a reality : https://www.atomos.com/press-releases/atomos-panasonic-lumix
  4. Prores Raw announced!! That was quick. Not so cool for Z6 owners though as the upgrade is free here 😂 https://www.atomos.com/press-releases/atomos-panasonic-lumix OK this is without a doubt my next camera. I'm going to sell my A7III, keep my Ninja V and voilà!
  5. I found this video quite interesting. Not a proper review, more of a user feedback :
  6. So they are the only brand that don't know how to properly regulate the sensor temperature, as all other brands offers 24p 😂
  7. That's exactly why I jumped off from the Canon ship few years ago. I'm sick of all those little things to protect their upper models. I mean you can do it in a sense, but when every other brand do offers 24p, you really have to have no shame...
  8. I really think buying this one. Actually I will test it in Paris at the Salon de la Photo (a big photo based event that takes place every year in Paris) and if I'm hooked I really think I will buy it ! That and a good selections of manual primes like the FD lenses will be fine as the focus Sony peaking is good enough (better than my Fuji X100s). Can't wait to try it out !
  9. Personnaly I find the OM-D very good for its video ability. The image is crisp and sharp, the only problem I found is some compression artifacts if you make some fast pans with some details areas such as foliages, bushes, etc. The lack of 25p/24p for european users is also very annoying. But apart from that I really love to shoot with it for my own souvenirs, not for professional work, but as Timetowastetime said, it is for amateur videography, so I can't help but sayin' it's a good camera. And the huge factor to consider is the imprseeive IBIS stabilization, I never saw anything like this on any camera I've owned. Some footage I shot yesterday to give you an idea of the quality of the Olympus OM-D : https://vimeo.com/53678345.
  10. [quote name='TC' timestamp='1343102009' post='14393'] It has some plus points: small size, APS-C sensor (not a smaller format). That's about it. The best thing I can say is that it is not as bad as I thought it would be. I have absolutely no intention of buying one. There will be a market for it, but not at the price they are asking. A quick skim of the forums suggest the reaction is overwhelmingly negative. Canon's 18MP APS-C sensor was good in 2009 and I think they have made some minor improvements since then, but the latest sensors from Sony absolutely destroy it. The future does not look bright for Canon. [/quote] I think Canon have in stores what they need to drastically improve the video mode and the sensor of their cameras, but they will show it only if their sales go down. But even I'm a little bit disappointed by Canon, people who already shoot on EOS for their projects and are happy with the end result, and/or those that invested massivley in EF lenses will find this product really interesting as a 2nd or 3rd camera, with same picture profile, same video quality (and so same moire and aliasing), and maybe even a Magic Lantern hack in few months... That is really interesting for them to have the same video quality of the main camera but in a really smaller package. Actually, the more I think about this camera, the more I think the biggest drawback is the price.
  11. [quote name='tttulio' timestamp='1342988894' post='14316'] It is a work in progress but Canon got the basics spot on. It is better to start with the cheaper model and grow from there. APS-C is obvious choice, bundling with a pancake rather than a dark zoom for instant gratification. No AVDHD movie wrapping, YES!!! Standard hot shoe mount ( unlike Sony ), even the main switch photo/video, perfect. Lert's just hope the video quality is adequate and more models will be added soon. [/quote] Yes on the photographic point of view, it feels like a perfect tiny DSLR, but video mode has none improvement !
  12. Here are probably the final specs : http://www.canonrumors.com/2012/07/canon-eos-m-specs/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+canonrumors%2Frss+%28Canon+Rumors%29&utm_content=FaceBook. Nothing to see for a serious or enthusiast videographer here... Same sensor as always, same codec as always, same issues as always ( probably moire and jello ), no 1080p 50 as always, Canon's same goodies... Nothing improved over the EOS DSLR in video mode. Seems like Canon is following now, let's wait for Panasonic and Sony to blow our mind with their next models. I'm pretty sure the GH3 will be THE real indie cinema camera... So disapointed about Canon...
  13. Here's a complete review : [url="http://www.slrclub.com/bbs/vx2.php?id=slr_review&page=1&divpage=1&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=282"]http://www.slrclub.c...desc=asc&no=282[/url], in japanese unfortunately but with a lot of pictures and tests in front of charts and in real world... This camera is really appealing me... Size matters but in the tiniest way ;)
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