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  1. I said good SHOTS, not shorts.... It's just a little short film, nothing spectacular but I do find there are some good images. Yeah the skintones are not as good on Canon on Panasonic S1H, but I find the DR quite good in some of the shots.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. Why stay or plan to buy a brand that don't really might what we need, a brand that have a record of having intentionnally crippled a lot of their products (all the companies do the same to protect their upper lines of products, just not the way Canon did it every time)? Panasonic for years has delivered. Sony is finally listening again, even thought they're more conservative than Panasonic. i can't understand why would we support a company like Canon which don't give a shit about us, indie filmmakers !
  3. Sometimes i want to sell my S1H because of its AF that's not on par with the offeringd of the competition. But then I think about my needs and realize I don't shoot sports, i don't shoot fast action, i usually shoot interviews, corporate, docs, and i'd love to go more tow fictional kind of shoot (narrative). And i tell myself why would I need another camera for those controlled environments i'm shooting in? Panasonic bodies are so reliable, but hey they're not as trendy as all those cameras from Canon ans Sony that all the bloggers show. That's a shame. The AF is a lame excuse to me. I rather have a reliable camera, a workhorse with not so good continuous af than an unreliable camera with fast blazing af.
  4. Some good shots and DR seems pretty good : The making of is here (french but you can activate the automatic translation) :
  5. The lenses in the link from @Super8 link refer to Nikon DSLR lenses and not Z-mount.
  6. I really hope a Panasonic EVA 2 comes by the end of the year or next year. If they imrpove their autofocus, and put an L mount on it it would be a great camera since the EVA 1 is already really good.
  7. I stumbled upon thins incredibly good video that truly highlights the S1H capability to produce gorgeous cinematic images when paired with good lenses and good operator skills : Skin tones are very good, overall image shines in my opinion.
  8. The S1H is weather sealed, doesn't overheat, and is suitable for high quality capture.
  9. I paid around 2900 € for a brand new S1H. The 24-70 f2.8 S Pro I paid 1750€ brand new, with a promotional 500€ cashback from Panasonic France it cost me 1250 euros, so I paid half the price (the price of the Sigma 24-70 2.8 actually) !! It's a little retailer in Paris that doubles as the official repair center for Panasonic and Tamron. Sometimes they have some brand new refurbished products. They resell them with 2 years warranty and a discount price.
  10. https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/news/yes-sony-a7s-iii-overheats-sometimes-even-faster-than-canon-eos-r5
  11. I really don't think Panasonic is behind except for AF. They offer 6k,better ergonomics, ProRes RAW as well, better exposure tools, better weather sealing, better heat management, better reliability, the best screen implementation, better photography camera than the Sony a7sIII (at least a better resolution that's helpful for stills), really good color science, timecode, better IBIS, 4K DCI, anamorphic modes, etc. I think it's on par with the Sony offering. What makes one stronger is a weakness for the other and vice versa. People really tend to make Panasonic look worst than they actually are.
  12. Depends on your computer. I have a good machine and it edits the h265 files from the S1H quite easily, not choppy at all but the fans can go wild sometimes. So not a problem for me but sometimes on bigger shoots I use an atomos Ninja V so it's easier to edit cause of the ProRes files. You should download some S1H h265 files to play with and do your own conclusions.
  13. This camera is so underrated. Besides the continuous AF that's not as good as the competition it offers everything. Yeah the 4k60p is cropped... Of course it can not do 4k120p.... But it works. Never let you down, offers stellar image quality and really good color science, doubles as a professional photographic tool, has all the features for professional video (waveform, spot luminance for vlog, the choice to put your lens in linear or non linear focusing, and so on). It offers 6k and ProRes RAW. It's a workhorse. Very underrated.
  14. Hey guys do you know if this is an international camera (PAL version in all te models)? I had an A7III but can't remember if it was the case. I would like to know for the A7sIII.
  15. I feel your comments so much. I'm always looking for new technology that could help me when I shoot. I'm so into new gear, new releases, new AF tech, etc. But after looking at all that I often take a step back, then open my eyes on what gear I have. And when I look at the Panasonic S1H, i really feel that Panasonic was the only one to give us everything we wanted. A true professional workhorse. As i am writing this message i'm on my way home from 2 shooting days. The Panasonic never disappointed once. Not only in the last 2 days but since I've purchased it late February for a bargain price. I'm really happy with it, it has everything that I want although i'd love to have a better AF. But as you said, once Panasonic releases its 3 f1. 8 primes by autumn, i will be all good. I will buy another underappreciated camera to use those primes too : Sigma FP. It's basically a Blackmagic Pocket 4k FF. I'm so happy with my S1H!
  16. I have a shooting planned this weekend and maybe tuesday to try it out, really excited to see what I can do with this prores raw footage. I watched some videos on YouTube to see what others come up with and I do find this video really beautiful (colors, cinematic image, dynamic range) :
  17. It's not bad at all, actually it's the best camera i've ever had for video besides dedicated professional video cameras, i just sometimes would love to have a better video AF. I mean, when I see the latest iterations of the Sony and Canon mirrorless, it makes me even more confident that the S1H is a great and reliable camera! Still sometimes i'd love to have some reliable AF in video. And better lens options, but this will come. For now i'm just a distant observant. My S1H serves me well.
  18. Anf rom today, the ProRes RAW firmware is finally available !! What a great day
  19. Look this video at about 10:45... So yeah it overheats severely in sunlight, in outdoors and all. about 20/25mn and then shuts up. I may keep my S1H for now.
  20. You're right about Nikon. But Panasonic gave us a lot more than we thought without protecting that much their cinema camera line of products (EVA-1 mainly) : Varicam color science, 6K, 4k60 (cropped but hey at least it's in there), Full V-Log, best implementation of tiltable screen ever, internal fan to cool down the sensor and internal circuits, dual iso, one of the best IBIS, ProRes RAW, dual card slot, timecode, so many things that made it the first ever and the only mirrorless camera to fullfill the Netflix requierements (wether it means something or not I am not into this debate). I really think that of all the brands Panasonic has always been the one to push the envelope while the others are resting until they're kind of forced to innovate. The only thing now for Panasonic is to change their damn autofocus system ! Otherwise they would be the king of the video centric mirrorless hill !
  21. I NEVER heard my fan start up in my S1H, it's that reliable. And I use it as my main camera everyday. I sometimes complain about the size of it, or the weight, oand most often the lack of good AF, but I rather have a big chunky camera with an AF that's not as good as competitors, but still be able to shoot anytime and everytime I want, under any climatic conditions without having to bring some cooler to put the camera in every hour for 20mn. What a fucking joke !!
  22. Seriously to me it's not possible to pay this price and pay again just to ensure that I don't have to worry about the reliability of the camera. I mean, the price of the camera body + price of the CF express cards (or the atomos ninja V and a bunch of SSD) + price of the cage + price of this Tilta cooling system, we getting close to the 6000/6500 euros I think... This is insane to me. No reliability (needs more tests but for now it's very clear that there is a big problem about it), not practical at all (oops I shot more than 5mn let's take this Tilta fan out of my bag and attach it to the cam in order to cool it down a bit), and pricey with all thoses things just to be sure that it won't overheat too much (Ninja V + 2 1TB SSD + this FANkenstein from Tilta). Canon hit themselves really really hard with this overheating case.
  23. I personnally hope for 3500 euros. 4000 is the same price of the S1H, but this one shoots 6k, doubles the resolution for really good stills and so is a real stills/video hybrid camera. To me the 3500 euros price tag would have been very nice. 4000 euros yes it's a bit much.
  24. I think it will cost as much as the S1H according to th latest rumors.
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