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  1. So nothing really new. We don't have any big surprise coming from Panasonic. Maybe the next infos about the GH6 will worth it but for what we know now it seems just to keep up with the competition.
  2. I noticed very minor pulsing sometimes but not disturbing at all even for paid jobs. It's nowhere near as what my Panasonic S1H and S5 did when it comes to pulsing. Those were great cameras but yeah I felt the need for AF in a lot of shootings.
  3. Yep the first batch might have some issues but some of them are not hardware issues so fixed with the latest firmware update. I personally tested mine the past couple of days and didn't have any issue whatsoever.
  4. No I've received mine since a few days. They can be found in different online stores.
  5. I finally went back to Rode wireless Go but the newer version, as I left them in the first place last year because I needed dual transmitters. Now that they have this I'm all in, because I'v never encountered any problems with the first version of the Wireless Go. And now that they included the ability to record a safety track in case you encounter some dropouts, I think this is the best way to go for the budget and the skills I have. Maybe if you have the budget (just a little more than the Synco products that I would never recommend to anyone), go Rode.
  6. I stand with ironFIlm on that one. I encountered the same issues with audio dropouts again on a mini doc and I decided to send them again, and forget about this brand, forever !!
  7. Is it for some scouting? Some tests before shooting? What camera is it? Minimalist crew her with just Chloé Zhao and her cinematographer !
  8. Really Panasonic is so frustrating. They would have fixed the shitty AF and makes real marketing strategies, they would own the video mirrorless market right now. But they don't want to change their DFD focusing tech and they are so lame at marketing themselves and their products. My S1H was a true workhorse and so close to a perfect camera. But I really felt the need for a reliable AF even though I am used to manual focus. it just makes life easier now that I switched to Sony a7SIII. Panasonic should really wake up.
  9. This guy and a few others are actually really good I agree.
  10. if that is true i may be interested in it to complement my A7SIII, but they really need to includes all the cinema things I listed above (shutter angle, synchro scan, 4k dci and waveform).
  11. I am not disapointed at all that I've bought an A7sIII 3 weeks ago. I am happy to have the EVF, and I don't feel that I have something missing compared to the FX3 for my needs.
  12. What annoys me the most is how some youtbers in those reviews are already saying how this camera is the best mirrorless option for serious filmmaking. Cinema camera my ass ! The S1H is still the king of professional video centric mirrorless ! It has everything that this Sony FX3 doesn't have as a proper cinema camera : - 4K DCI (even 6K) - Anamorphic modes - Shutter angle - Synchro Scan - Possibility to import Luts in camera - waveform, etc. How those "reviewers" could forget how much the S1H is more suited to professional video shootings than this FX3 !
  13. Yeah I didn't even watch the "review" I posted above, those guys makes me sick.
  14. Usual suspects with their clickbait titles are out :
  15. So this is the CINEMA camera we've all waited for ! Shutter angle, 4K DCI, timecode, anamorphic modes, synchro scan, who cares about those shitty features when we have 18 tally lights around the body and that incredible grey color reminiscent of the Sony cinema line ! Oh and it says Cinema Line on the body itself, this is a testimony that this camera can actually be used to shoot real cinematic movies ! Waiting for the Netflix approval now ! Oh dear marketing people are well paid I hope. This camera is total BS.
  16. Exactly. I don't understand. Also this camera is planned to be sold 4700 euros, so priced higher than the A7SIII here in France. It needs to have some other things or it will be set much too high price wise IMHO.
  17. I've had a Rode Wireless Go that I sold cause I needed 2 emitters for 2 people interview. So i bought the G1 feom Synco and I was not that satisfied regarding the sound quality. As I mentioned there was some micro cuts that ruined the interviews and the audio quality was not that good compared to Rode. But on the other hand the newer synco models (Wmic TS) are of really good audio quality from the interviews I shot so far. I'd say on par with the Rode or even better.
  18. I personally bought the Synco G1 A2 and had micro cuts here and there throughout my recordings. I reached out to Synco and it seems some units are defective. I sent them back (30 days buyers return warranty on Amazon) and as their newer top model was upgraded I bought this one and now everything's working fine, no cut, no issue at all. I would not advice people to buy the G1 as I have had issues with them but the upper model is really nice ( https://www.amazon.fr/SYNCO-Emetteurs-Transmission-Compatible-Smartphone/dp/B08NV2V67Y/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=synco+ts&
  19. I know that but the screen implementation of the Panasonic S1h is allowing you every angle you want so i don't understand why every other video centric camera doesn't have it !
  20. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1seNLowOx9sZHaleOtWSISc2G5rW-CyzK Several new images in this Google Drive folder. i don't undrrstand why no competitor put the rear screen mechanism of the S1H ! I thought that the FX3 had it but unfortunately it seems that it doesn't feature this ! Such a good thing and one that I really miss from my S1H !
  21. All that? Personally the move to Sony from Panasonic didn't cost me anything because I rationalized my immediate needs : I sold two bodies (S5 and S1H) and lenses (24-70 S Pro, 20-60, Sigma 45mm) and bought only one for my immediate need (Sony A7sIII) and several lenses (Tamron 28-75, Sony 35mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.8) and I still have money left (I may buy the Tamron 17-28). As a second body I might buy later a Sony a7IV when it comes out mainly for photography and video backup. But that will be dependant of the jobs I'll have in the meantime. So far so good I'm more and more happier I have s
  22. Yes the Sony A7sIII does allow to punch in while recording.
  23. Ok I don't really see the value of this camera if the specs are genuinely confirmed as of now : it seems to be basically a Sony a7SIII in a different body. So no ND, same 3:2 screen on a video dedicated camera, etc. Despite the fan to prevent overheating and the EVF missing, it seems to be the same. What's the reason for buying this model over the A7sIII? For now I don't know. My initial excitement is going down after each rumor update.
  24. Yes to me it is less effective at stabilizing but as ther is no warp and jello effects it is more natural and with some used to it, I'm sure it can be very useful. I was thinking I would miss the Panasonic IBIS quite much than that actually. After my first tests I'm a lot more confident. It's just different, more natural.
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