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  1. Sony A7SIII definitely has 4K120 but it doesn't seem to be available in RAW nor in 10bit 422
  2. I think we should see it the other way. The S1H is bulky compared to the R5, but it'not that big compared to a Panasonic S1. Panasonic went for this big bodies design straight from the beginning with their S line. i think what the Panasonic rep said was that it would'nt have add a lot more bulk compared to what the actual size of the R5 is. And yes when you see the tiny Sigma FP, you see that built-in cooling system is very possible.
  3. Look at around 35mn they talk about the fans in the S1H and the fact that it won't overheat at all. And specifically at 38:10 they talk about Canon's assumption (without sayin' the name of course) that adding a fan make cameras more bulky. Funny.
  4. They didn't say it's missing. What they say is : "4K RAW output yes, but not sure if it supports 4K 120fps RAW output" and "Also, ONLY Up to 4k60 will be 10bit 4:2:2 internal" (source : Sonyalpharumors) So maybe 4K120p is there, but not possible to output it as a RAW signal via HDMI, and also maybe it's 8bit or 10bit 4:2:0?
  5. He also told in the 2 hours long video posted yesterday besides this one that the new firmware with clog 3 and other improvements should be out ib September. He was a Sony ambassador and left them to be a Canon ambassador a few weeks ago.
  6. I saw the 2 hours long live video he made to present the Canon eos R5 (french only) and he told people who were asking him about the DR that he graded the footage extremely contrasty, because he likes it this way with big crushed blacks and the waveform scope completely extended so a lot of the information is gone. I personally don't like this grading and it may be worse after the youtube compression but he told that the DR is there and that there is info in the highlights as well as the shadows before he did his extreme grading.
  7. Nice to see that some of the footage are available to download to play with. I thought people testing out the R5 weren't allowed to post footage... Anyway I'm gonna test it out right now !
  8. It seems more in late July, it seems. In 2 weeks from now we should be set.
  9. Exactly my thought. For video use, it is far more interesting than eos R5 and eos R6. I personally wait for this announcement and to know if I keep my S1H or go back to Sony now that they care about pro videographers (8 bit codec even in HDMI output, come on Sony !).
  10. I was just referring on what you said about weather sealing. You didn't mention the weight and size factors in your comment. So I was just saying that you can have a camera with a fan AND still have weather sealing. That's all.
  11. Not so much a joke... After I left canon for Sony a few years back, and getting tired of waiting for the 10bit 422 at least from an external recorder, i switched back to an EOS R, so I experienced Sony and Canon autofocus. Now I own an S1H and it feels like going back to the good old 5d MkII days where you had no choise of getting the focus manually. I was a bit scared to going back to ONLY manual focus, and frankly it's not that bad. it comes back naturally if you've been used to do it manually in the dslr days, and now I don't complain about it so much. Sometimes on a few occasions on a shoot with clients I may miss the focus a bit, and I need to do another take, but it is way less problematic than I thought. What strikes me with the S1h is the quality of the footage, the ergonomics, the unlimited recording with no overheating (I even never heard the fan start !), all the options etc. The drawbacks are lack of affordable native lens selection (but except for my 24-70 S Pro sometimes, I only shoot video with a 5 lenses Samyang cinema kit), and the continuous AF where it would have been of practical use sometimes). Not to say I'm not waiting for the Sony a7SIII announcement to make a definitive choice (because you have a very good choice of lenses AND a very good autofocus), but for now the Canon EOS R5 leaves me a bit cold. Happy with what my S1H produces.
  12. The S1H (that I personnally own) is weatherproofed and has a fan so it doesn't overheat. So Canon could have made this, but chose not to. And frankly even with this overheating "issue", I'm very interested in this camera, for 2 reasons : AF in video, and lens selection available (all RF + all EF lenses). 2 main problems with the Panasonic full frame cameras.
  13. Exactly my thought. I waited so long for these two companies to give us some professionnal features like Panasonic or even Fuji gave us (4k60p and 10bit 422 for example), so long that I ended up buying an S1H and 24-70 f2.8 for an incredible bargain price and I don't have any regret. Sure, i'll keep an eye on those products when they will be released, but I am so happy with what Panasonic has made. I already had GH1, GH2, GH3 and GX80, it's like coming home again after a Canon/Sony adventure ! I left Panasonic cause I wanted the full frame look, now they gave us exactly that, plus all their usual features for video. Let's wait and see, consumer will always be the clear winner in the end !
  14. Huge update for the Sigma FP, allowing a total of three RAW flavors, and a lot of other thinhs. Here the list of enhancements : https://www.sigma-global.com/en/download/cameras/firmware/
  15. https://www.slashgear.com/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-6k-price-change-atem-mini-streaming-24618169/ You should be happy then...
  16. Seems like the stills only crowd is upset eand crying : https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/news/canon-eos-r5-public-reaction-can-we-have-a-stills-camera-please When I read things like "All this video crap. If you want to shoot video- go buy a video camera" , well obviously they're not the target for this camera at all...
  17. Yep it is already there in the Canon EOS R
  18. Agree with you. Just looking at the c300 MkIII, which is even more interesting in my opinion than its big brother c500 mkII, with the no cropped high framerates, the incredible dual gain output, new sensor technolgy... Aside from the difference in sensor size and resolution, c300 is not crippled in any way, so much that on c500 users FB groups it makes people kind of upset. Canon made up their mind in 2020.
  19. I was curious too as I've tested ProRes raw on Premiere Pro beta, and didn't find any ISO or WB setting, like i was used to on other raw format. So i asked in a group in FB and somebody replied me this : "The reason you had to change those settings in older raw formats is because they were metadata contained in a sidecar file, referencing a folder of still frames for each clip. ProRes RAW is a single file with all the metadata contained inside it. So you adjust it using the same color controls as a regular video clip; like how you would for a raw still in Lightroom." To me it makes sense, anybody can confirm this?
  20. R6 will have my attention... I'll stick with my beloved S1H for now... The ProRes Raw firmware will help me wait on more infos to make any decision... Beautiful times to be a filmmaker (but strange times overall with this health crisis and lock down)...
  21. I honestly don't have a lot of faith in Canon for having a great dynamic range. They were always behind in sensor tech in their stills camera, even though their Cinema EOS line are quite good at it.
  22. I think a lot of promos are bad, I'd say 7 times out of 10. Every new camera that is released comes with a cheesy video with uninteresting story. Those two are not bad, but not awesome. i'd wait to see the full short from Sherif Mokbel though.
  23. Oh my god they made everything right this time. i'm just waiting for the dynamic range improvement over my Canon EOS R (not difficult) and if it comes close to my S1h, I might pull the trigger
  24. Actually I think there are only a few shots in ProRes RAW. But you have this video that was shot entirely in ProRes RAW : This one too (just a trailer shot bu Sherif Mokbel) :
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