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  1. I don't know why you wouldn't get the Tamron 17-35mm... Cheap and good and light!
  2. I doubt there will be a fix as the sensor is just hella noisy at high ISOs, which is why there's so much NR in the first place. In the PB video didn't he say that external raw bypasses the NR?
  3. scotchtape

    Sony A74

    Crossing fingers for 10 bit and decent codecs. I'm assuming screen will blackout when using HDMI output, and it will have micro HDMI, probably no unlimited recording. I'll take oversampling over 120p, maybe this will be a good b cam for a7siii
  4. A good image starts with good lighting. I did an outdoor interview with a 1/2 frost shower curtain for diffusion as a key light, and reflectors for fill/back light and it completely changed my mind about lighting. Image and skin tones looked amazing, colors looked great. I then realized why so many people's images look like poop. If you're talking about narrative as well, you need to pay attention to your set and color design. Not to mention you know, exposing properly and working within the limits of your camera. Without good light there's not too much you can do to save the image.
  5. If you read the post the context is scoffing at the idea that Canon is purposefully trying to "keep prices low" for your benefit. From the same company that has a cripple-timer? I think not. This is completely separate from the relative price in it's tier. It's literally the new ENTRY level c line, why wouldn't it be their cheapest c line in it's generation... (obviously not counting the older discounted models) Maybe if it was full frame it would be more of a deal but not at apsc level considering the crippled r5 or a7siii (half price, full frame, full coverage af, cheaper/more lens
  6. ... Wut? No wonder Canon is "winning". When your fans think they are trying to keep their products as cheap as possible Thanks for doing us a solid Canon I need to get some Canon fans to support me! I really do wonder what's going to happen with the FX6. What can sony cripple- no raw, no touch af (yuck), no 120 (bad move), maybe crappier codecs? It's hard when the FX9 already has some annoying compromises to the crop (aps-h essentially for "FF"4k). Not to mention the awful menus and giant $$$ backpack for raw. I wonder if they can ignore the c70 or if it's goi
  7. It's mini xlr input and the AF is 60% coverage with the SB (which is only guaranteed to work with 3 lenses right now). Still interesting though.
  8. Just watched the CVP video on this. Damn, looks really good. Wonder how the FX6 is going to fare, C70 is better than I thought, only thing that sucks for me is APS-C and no tamron style e-mount zooms (small and light weight). Gotta say Canon C-line is killing it this round, Sony Cine division fell asleep at the wheel. The hybrid division is the opposite, Canon cripple timer really screwed the R5 over whereas the A7SIII they really tried to make it a workhorse (except no oversampling That being said, Canon is certainly charging for their eco system so can't count Sony out,
  9. He does mention the noise issue towards the end, hopefully that gets sorted, looks pretty bad zoomed in (which is one of the use cases for 12K)
  10. Andrew most be loving this, everyone has forgiven Canon and forgot the r5 RIP consequences.
  11. That joystick looks like it's going to get knocked off within the first week
  12. Even though I'm probably getting this cam (not the first batch though), the resolving power makes me sad At the end of the day the speed vs the resolution wins in $$$ terms since 90% of people don't care if it's sharp or not and you'll end up watching a video on a phone. It's just easier to work with and you take a slight hit to IQ that only makes you cry but no one else. The NR is also next level sludge but it "works" so yay? I'd probably take the Canon image despite it's trash shadow recovery, but dat cripple timer and 30 minute limit... for $4K. It's too hard to work with t
  13. I think C is 4K, the rest, I don't know, nor would I expect to see a big difference between the two modes. 4K works for me!
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