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  1. I went mixpre3 (v1). Kinda wish I got mixpre6 instead because them you can do 2 boomed and 2 lavs. I wish the new version could send a signal with limiters engaged to camera while recording 32bit, but the signal flow doesn't allow that.
  2. If you haven't been following camera news there's basically two options, sony or canon. A7siii just works, but you really need to grade well (imo) to make it shine. I've been honing my skills and I like the results I am getting. My only gripe is that it is not bitingly sharp because it's not really oversampled, and the noise reduction is very aggressive and can't be turned off. However, it's definitely a money maker because no one (clients) cares and we are all still delivering for 1080p output half the time. It just works. Lots of choice for lenses. Great on gimbals. The canon r5 8k loo
  3. Ok, seeing how the price is only $300USD more or less all can be forgiven. I suppose they could always make "pro" versions later on if these see success, and get better reviews than the first generation.
  4. I've been using the ignore user feature for years, it's amazing for one's mental health!
  5. Welp, I'll wait a week to see if it bricks anyone's camera...
  6. TBH It's kind of dumb that it only records 7hrs uncompressed considering how cheap SD cards are for audio. Using an online calculator, a 24hr 44.1kHz 32-bit stereo file would be 30.5GB... so this basically has 10gb built in. 64gb microSD on amazon is anywhere from $8-$15, 32gb is like $5. I don't know the prices of integrated storage is but it couldn't add that much to the prices...
  7. Looks pretty interesting, not to be negative but it would be even better if you could control when the recording starts/stops and/or if you could use sd/microsd. On a longer shoot day you'll need to lug around a computer to offload the files to make sure you have space for uncompressed recording. Other than the lack of locking 3.5mm it looks like really good for a small system. Still looking forward to the deity transceiver as that does TC, hopefully they've been working on adding 32bit float recording to it though, as it would suck if it was 24bit only.
  8. S-cinetone being added to a7siii via firmware!!! Via SAR
  9. S-cinetone being added to a7siii via firmware!!!
  10. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/ca/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera Surprised no one has posted this yet! Looks interesting, main updates are the built in fixed NDs, tilt screen, Sony NP battery, optional battery grip and EVF. Pretty much giving the people what they wanted. Sadly not for people who can't live without AF, but from what I've seen I really like the footage from P6K.
  11. Yes the screen is flipped out, the entire point is so you can use it at different angles. Also helps with heat management. Even with tilt screens I extend the screen if possible because of thermals. Of course it does make it more vulnerable to damage, which is why you treat it carefully. That being said, I can't imagine a regular useage scenario with the gimbal on, where you would hit the screen on the motors. You would have to be at some really weird angle and at that point if you don't know gimbals might wig out it's user error. There are no rules. Keep it against the body if yo
  12. So the rumor mill says this is basically the a7siii... is everyone still excited?
  13. Well, I haven't fully tested the A7S3 yet but on my A73 I got the weird jumps frequently, which IMO is worse than the warpy corners. I see this in a lot of Sony footage posted when using IBIS and gimbal, so I know it's not just me.
  14. If you can use Adobe (I know, I know) Audition, the tools are actually pretty good as the EZ noob defaults are actually pretty good and get the job done for most things. noise reduction, normalize, multi-band compressor, and you're usually pretty good to go, as long as you have removed any weird artifacts.
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