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  1. I'm thinking if the AF is good with Tamron G2 zooms I'll just use those with adapter. I have the EF 70-200 II still, and the original Tamron 24-70mm VC G1. What I'm actually hoping Tamron does is make RF mount of their new E-mount zooms because they're so light and compact! I'm kinda disappointed with the distortion of the 70-180mm and the fact that it extends but I guess you can't have it all. Probably have to wait another year at least before Sigma and Tamron release any RF lenses. I find I almost never use the 70-200's because they're so damn heavy, but I used the panasonic 35-100mm all the time because it was so light.
  2. Canon should counter-troll Sony and push the announcement date after Sony, who moved theirs to after Canon. Imagine an infinite cycle.
  3. I've had a 400WH lithium battery I've been using for years. Works great for all sorts of lights.
  4. It works. I hate it and I refuse to click on baity videos, I can't stand it. I'll have to check this mic out, sounds interesting. I love my ride video micro, sounds so good for what it is.
  5. Forza has too much fan noise for me based on what I've seen online. Pricing is "ok" but not cheap with the current perma sale. The fan noise and the $300 wifi controller really annoy me. What are they thinking? That being said the actual light quality has always been very good, better than aputure. I did just buy a POS "chameleon" rbg led tube from, digital foto? Forgot the brand. CRI is trash so I'll just use it for rgb or hair light. Cheaper than nanlite pavotube but I'm slightly regretting it. $150usd for 2ft tube on AliExpress.
  6. Sl60w photometrics are very good for the price, almost untouchable. Good r9 scores too. Only downfall is the damn fan noise and thermal design. Since the heatsink is on the chip and points forward, there's nothing you can do about it, and since it's only 60w you need it in pretty close... I modded mine and the fan is as loud as a c300d ii. My experience with cheap lights is that the photometrics are usually quite poor, even if they have decent CRI it's usually gamed with very poor r9 and r12 scores. The falcon eyes / soonwell / godox flex led panels have excellent color scores but have gone up massively in price, however they were a decent deal when they first came out. Can still find the odd deal here and there and those are a steal for the quality of light! Just picked up a 2x2 150w godox flex with SB for 360usd, can't beat that price. Of course it's out of stock now. The no name flex panels are terrible.
  7. SL mark II probably has a fan but you can turn it off (I'm assuming)... a bit useless if you're trying to get max lux / dollar but any improvement is better than nothing. There's no way to run any of these COB chips without a fan unless you want a large heat sink which. Why don't they just use a better fan, it would cost them less than $10/unit... My modded SL200 is practically silent (of course thermal performance sucks now). I don't understand these light manufacturers at all... the fans would be so cheap at volume pricing. I just ordered a Godox VL300 to check it out. Waiting for that Aputure 600D to come out, but it will probably be stocked at the end of the year... I was torn between the Aputure 300D II, Forza 300/500. Went back to Godox because I can probably mod the fan if it's too loud and I can live with the slightly worse quality of light as I'll probably get one main "good" light and use the rest to supplement. I don't think Aputure is going to cut the price of 300D II. Their Sidus system is pretty dope and the PSU system is really nice, plus the light quality is decent. If I didn't need MOAR power I would have gotten 300D II over VL300, but since I'm planning on getting a bunch the $350 savings was more important. The Forzas... I feel like Nanlite thinks their light quality is better, so they don't need to do anything else. It is better, but the fan noise is stupid (at this budget and level), their +$250 for wifi control is ridiculous, and they can't be bothered to include a remote. Even though Forza 300 and VL300 are the same price right now (Forza 25% off sale) I went with Godox because of fan noise and control, plus the reflector output on VL300 is around 2/3 stop brighter. Also, thank you @AlexTrinder96 for posting that Viltrox Weeylite, it actually looks really good for the price, it's like a bi color 120D II for half the price! They did post the light metrics too, looks pretty amazing, not sure if it's fudged.
  8. 1DX II was actually pretty dope for video except for useability, saw lots of nice footage people posted using that cam. But it had 3? minute recording limit and the file sizes were huge, and the crop in 60fps. If they don't cripple it and fix those issues (time limit, codecs, crop) it would be a great cam.
  9. Officially RIP A7Siii. At least I still have 2 EF mount lenses left!
  10. Actual quality of light is important and you need a meter to test. The cheap flexible panels probably are the same, I had the fl3030b type, very poor rendering in the red channel.
  11. I don't know if it's still relevant but there used to be a plugin for ae called reel smart motion blur you can look into.
  12. My vote is that it is "bad" for video, but I still use mine for most of my work. Frequently I'll get the IBIS jolting the frame around, even when doing slow pans, trucks or circles. Stabilization in post works 90% of the time, but sometimes nothing can save you. I'm almost convinced my camera is defective but I see it in other people's footage too. It really is bad compared to Panasonic. That being said, the nightmare that is the Panasonic 35-100mm OIS is still somehow even worse (again, for video).
  13. I own 2. They mostly sit on the shelf and I use the a7iii most of the time.
  14. Remember all the gh5 "improvements"... I'll believe it when I see it.
  15. Based on their track record I give this a 5% chance of being anywhere close to Sony/Canon.
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