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  1. Me too. I assume you're using the F2.8 panny zooms, which is equivalent to F5.6 DOF even at F2.8 (FF). Much easier to keep things in focus at F5.6! I still prefer the FF look and if the A7III had 4K60P I would be using that a lot more (which I use for interviews). But I have to say the GH5 with the panny zooms has the weight advantage by far, just so easy to use and switch lenses.
  2. Hurray I picked what the polls said (more or less). G,C,B,E,D,F,H,A A is pretty bad IMO but I suppose you can color correct it.
  3. That is just how it is with Sony cams. Depending on the mode you get difference behaviours, nothing you can do about it (you can't get screen on with 4K recording etc)
  4. Yep, would have considered S1 except for the lacking AFC, 4k60p crop and hella expensive lenses not to mention paid firmware upgrades. It's very expensive to get into for unproven AFC and Ibis compared to bmpcc4k... If I'm going to pay premium for a system it better have premium features and results. The Ibis and colors look really good though. Sony Ibis is such trash and it's absolutely terrible with my 16-35gm/a7iii
  5. S1 looks great, but for the price the limitations really hurt. 4K60P is cropped and I think there's a time limit on it. Paid firmware updates... why... AF-C still on the fence about it, much better than GH5 but is it as good as Sony/Canon? Lens selection and price! Ouchy. Also those Sigma lenses don't have good video AF-C in the Sony versions, so I doubt they are going to be any better for the L-mount. I'm tempted, but I think I'll continue the eternal wait for the A7SIII. I'll take another look when the lens prices are in line with everyone else, they have 4K60 FF and the autofocus is proven.
  6. I just invested in a Mixpre-3 a few months ago. If this thing has a good headphone amp maybe I'll switch, NEVERGAIN! That would be amazing! Now if they would hurry up and do this for images as well, no more setting exposure... woo! I wonder how much the file sizes are affected.
  7. Those copies look like they have the same loud PSU. Is the new one bi color?
  8. It really is about the person behind the camera. Literally every other clip I've seen from the E2 looks pretty bad color wise / oversharp. PB makes it look decent but I have serious doubts about the color science being any good based on all the other clips.
  9. When it comes time to take them off it sucks
  10. The pearstone ones are like $10 and work great, get the high speed or whatever one's.
  11. I was quite excited when the rumor mill first started, but as more and more details came out I've almost lost all interest. For photography, I can't see many people jumping ship from the other three unless it's out of spite. Usually the price to switch isn't bad if you can sell off your old lenses, but the prices for these lenses are way too much, ridiculous even. Even worse than e-mount was and there is no F2.8 24-70 at launch! Not to mention the other two for a trinity. AND there are no used lenses / older lenses for you so you really have no choice (unless they announce some kind of magic adapter they've managed to keep secret). And then for video the fact that they decided to say it's focused more on photography combined with their history of "improved autofocus" that was a series of terrible lies with the GH5 doesn't give much confidence to this DFD working well at all. I love their test of shooting a dancer standing still as example of it "working". Wow no focus distance changes, great job /s Good luck to them.
  12. scotchtape

    DJI Ronin S

    Moza air 2 around 500 if you use the offer on eBay. At least that's what I got it for. I like that it's easy to adjust on the move and a tiny bit lighter. I'm keeping both for now, waiting to try GPS module for Ronin. If I didn't shoot from anything motorized I'd get the moza air 2 because it's faster to adjust with the built in screen and has many different modes available very quickly, not to mention cheaper and lighter. I do wish the grip was detachable as well as the focus wheel, and the mount for the lens support is stupidly small wtf. Also the sport mode shakes alot but I never use that mode. But overall very good for run and gun.
  13. You'd think they would want the top youtube results to be something other than a touristy clip and someone kicking a soccer ball around
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