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  1. I try to make sure I see the red dot first before getting on with it Sometimes I still mess up
  2. Gtx1080ti. I forgot the ram speed. Medium speed because threadripper wasn't playing nice with faster ram at the time.
  3. Wtf, "everyone" shoots 60p and drops it into 23.976 timeline for slomo and it works fine... I do it all the time, and I'm pretty sure everyone else does too... Im using 1 ssd for os and programs, 1 nvme for scratch, and 2 more nvme for source footage. When I built this machine (original threadripper, 64gb ram) I thought it would be smooth sailing for editing. I used the good stuff too. Nope. 4k thumbnails still take time to load and playback is not always smooth in resolve. I don't know where the bottle neck is but IMO if nothing has changed, the premium for nvme is not worth it over ssd. The only thing good about nvme is the number of drives I can have. I have 8 drives currently mounted. 3 ssd, 3 nvme, 2 HDD.
  4. Because it is all hearsay on the internet right now No point in buying anything until the reviews come in. That being said, if it's really good of course it will do well, I would switch too if it has AF in 4K60FF and everything else is up to snuff.
  5. No, my original post complained about Canon's long history of crippling their cameras and taking history as a guide, wondered what they will cripple on this camera (which is still in rumor phase). My second post I referenced the 1DXIII, maybe that was a poor choice, but do you need me to list the TXi series using the same sensor for half a decade, the missing 24P modes of EOS-M6, RP and 90D (which then magically appeared months later after that other not to be named user of this forum claimed Canon couldn't do it because reasons), the lack of 1080p24fps on several higher end cameras etc. Are you saying that Canon doesn't have a history of crippling cameras??? Are you serious?
  6. I didn't mention any of those things but ok. #triggeredcanonfan?
  7. How anyone can think that Canon will not cripple their cameras is beyond me. Even the 1DXIII has questionable PDAF in full frame modes, not to mention no IS in RAW and... NO 24P at launch... I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. My sessions are never very long so I just use the small NP-F 550. https://www.sounddevices.com/mixpre-3-mixpre-6-maxbatteryruntime/ Says 6W power consumption with 4x phantom and recording. So for Mixpre3, less than 5W. 2 NP-F 550s is 20WH so about 4-5h runtime. If you use the bigger 970s it's about 45WH each so, 90WH equals about 18h. In any case, feels like it runs for longer but I've never done a rundown test.
  9. I use the Sony NP-F sled... works great...
  10. Not to be negative but is there any way to get around the narrow FOV, for example the $10K Preston light ranger 2 have a FOV of 18 degrees and basically has a line that you can focus along, but that's it. I'm assuming a much more affordable system is not going to get around that. It's still very useful for interviews / narrative, but kinda useless for runandgun I was hoping to find a use for pocket 4K for me but I can't seem to find one I even bought a cage and 2 T5 drives. Not knocking the camera, just need AF
  11. Can't wait for mjpeg codec @800mbps, and 50mbps h.264 with no intermediates /s
  12. If you want a bcam then why not... But at this point who knows when it will actually be available... It's already been 2 years since it's expected release!
  13. "Use Timeline" works for me, I tried other settings and I don't think they're right, to be honest I don't know how to use that part, but "use timeline" works well. On the camera I just have Pro for the color mode, and Cine4 for gamma. The only other thing I changed was the knee to 80%. After a bunch of shooting I found that messing with any of the other settings wasn't helpful. Adjust exposure before the Arri LUT observing the where the skin tones start hitting the highlight curve (go too high and you will lose contrast in the skin). You might want to adjust gamma up as well because the LUT is quite contrasty. Basically the you want to put things where the LUT expects them to be otherwise everything will look weird. Then after the lut, you can boost exposure to "video" levels where everything is brighter for youtube etc. IF you boost exposure too much before the LUT you'll push everything into the highlight compression and lose contrast. The other part is after the LUT I do skin tone correction by isolating and using the hue adjustments.
  14. Even if it is priced high, still worth it for some of us for the AF and 4k60p ?
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