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  1. It's not bad. I thought I would like the aircross 2 more but the ronin-sc is more ergonomic for sure (but can balance and take less weight).
  2. I just pulled it out and did some quick testing in my room an nope, not going to cut if for me. It's just not smooth enough for my purposes. It's not awful in the sense that it can autofocus, but for my usage it's basically unusable footage since it's a bit jerky and pulses. If you're just doing vlogs and don't care, then it's fine, but I would hate to hand off anything to my client that has the classic AF stutter. Can it focus, sure, can it do it smoothly, sure, just not most of the time... Your shot was relatively wide, with what I'm assuming is an f2.8 lens, which translates to F4 at FF equiv, and no shallow depth of field, so not very challenging.
  3. I've changed to SLR magic - pretty much no color cast, and you can adjust the angle of polarization too. Check the videos. I'm happy with mine, until something better comes out!
  4. If you had read the thread you would have seen Sage mention that he prefers the NTG3 for indoors over the hyper cardiods, and then a bunch of other shotguns got mentioned.
  5. Surprised no one mentioned the Deity S-mic 2. V1 was poop but the 2 sounded pretty good from what I've heard, it runs hot and feels solid, sounds decent, priced well. Got mine used. The fur + foam takes off a bit too much of the high end, might want to replace that with something like Rode WS7.
  6. I have the CK93 and Audix SCX1-HC. Got both used, I think CK93 for $200ish and SCX-1 for like $240 or something. I am not a pro, but the audix sounds a bit fuller and I like it more. I also like it more in the comparisons I've heard online. From what I read, on axis it's pretty close to the schoeps. KM-185 sounds sweet too but always sells for $600.
  7. FFS I just bought one of these not too long ago.
  8. 🍿🍿🍿 A+ thread
  9. Me too. I assume you're using the F2.8 panny zooms, which is equivalent to F5.6 DOF even at F2.8 (FF). Much easier to keep things in focus at F5.6! I still prefer the FF look and if the A7III had 4K60P I would be using that a lot more (which I use for interviews). But I have to say the GH5 with the panny zooms has the weight advantage by far, just so easy to use and switch lenses.
  10. Hurray I picked what the polls said (more or less). G,C,B,E,D,F,H,A A is pretty bad IMO but I suppose you can color correct it.
  11. That is just how it is with Sony cams. Depending on the mode you get difference behaviours, nothing you can do about it (you can't get screen on with 4K recording etc)
  12. Yep, would have considered S1 except for the lacking AFC, 4k60p crop and hella expensive lenses not to mention paid firmware upgrades. It's very expensive to get into for unproven AFC and Ibis compared to bmpcc4k... If I'm going to pay premium for a system it better have premium features and results. The Ibis and colors look really good though. Sony Ibis is such trash and it's absolutely terrible with my 16-35gm/a7iii
  13. S1 looks great, but for the price the limitations really hurt. 4K60P is cropped and I think there's a time limit on it. Paid firmware updates... why... AF-C still on the fence about it, much better than GH5 but is it as good as Sony/Canon? Lens selection and price! Ouchy. Also those Sigma lenses don't have good video AF-C in the Sony versions, so I doubt they are going to be any better for the L-mount. I'm tempted, but I think I'll continue the eternal wait for the A7SIII. I'll take another look when the lens prices are in line with everyone else, they have 4K60 FF and the autofocus is proven.
  14. I just invested in a Mixpre-3 a few months ago. If this thing has a good headphone amp maybe I'll switch, NEVERGAIN! That would be amazing! Now if they would hurry up and do this for images as well, no more setting exposure... woo! I wonder how much the file sizes are affected.
  15. Those copies look like they have the same loud PSU. Is the new one bi color?
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