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  1. They sound convincing for the first few seconds then you can totally tell it's AI, it's like those stupid review videos on YT that are literally a voicebot reading promo text. This one sounded a bit better. I think if it improves more it will be a useful tool in adding voice overs, and I think it's a good thing if anything. Especially if you're making a video in a language that's not your first, or if you're not comfortable using your own voice, or even if you just don't want to put the time and effort into actually doing a VO. Another use case is in an interview clip if you need to have a voice over with the question that you didn't pick up, etc... could be really great.
  2. Return or try to remap it using the date trick.
  3. Clar 350 on sale for $399. Not sure about the fan noise on that one but looks like it could be a good alternative, I like the remote and the PSU looks ok. But there's 3 fans and a fan in the PSU so... good luck if you want to change anything. I'm sure next year there will be even better lights! But at these prices, fighting daylight has never been more accessible. I put 4x 300w through a full grid, getting around 11.5-12EV. Finally can light against windows!
  4. https://www.amazon.com/CRJ-2-Pin-Female-Adapter-2-Pack/dp/B083CRN5L6/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=crj+3+pin&qid=1623176603&sr=8-17 You'll have to learn by experience but DIY is an expensive hobby This "looks" like the right connector, but looks can be deceiving as many connectors look similar but are different sizes. This should work for 3 and 4 pin fans.
  5. Just did a quick recording test. At 6ft away using C300D II as baseline, hyper cardiod mic pointed directly at front of fan. Gain to my voice set at -12dB (standing next to light). In post raised levels by 30dB and used Audition's average RMS reading for the scanned selections and noted the difference. Also tested at 1ft. Of course the closer in you are, the larger the difference will be. 6ft /1ft FS300 Stock ~ +12dB/13.6dB 6ft/1ft FS300 Noctua 1300rpm ~ + 1.2dB/3.6dB So in real life, with your light anywhere from 3-9ft away, with the mic pointed away from it and much closer to subject, you probably won't add too much noise using the Noctua 1300 rpm fan (guessing less than 1dB). If you put the mic right next to the lights and closeup, then the F300 with the noctua is like 4dB louder. Gotta love the marketing for the FS300 "A real asset in sound-sensitive environments, the FS-300 employs fan cooling for quiet performance." ... 12dB louder than C300D II...
  6. You can do whatever you want for the connection, there's many ways to do it. You don't have to solder if you don't want to. If you don't already have supplies there's actually a cable you can buy on Amazon, crj 2 pin to 3 pin adapter for $8usd. Which you're paying for the convenience. Obviously only works with 3 pin fans.
  7. Fan came today. Non scientific testing since I can't get access to the temperature sensor (without more tools). Fan replaced with Noctua NF-P12 Redux 1300 Temperature delta: apprx +2 degrees C, fan noise comparable to Aputure C300D II, different characteristic. May be slightly louder, but much quieter than stock, negligible temperature increase. Lowering fan speed to around 1000rpm (guessing, using no name fan reducer) temperature delta up to 9C, a little bit less noise, not really worth it. Lowering fan speed to around 750rpm, temperature delta up to 19C, runs almost silent. I'm guessing if you ran it around 900rpm it could be very quiet and get you +12C I'm leaving it at 1300 for now. Might make a video later, planning on using 4x for 1200W!
  8. Pick any fan you want But why would you pick that fan? It's loud...
  9. Stock fan I searched online, couldn't find anything for the specific model. I'm guessing it's a 2000rpm fan? I am still waiting for the 1300rpm Noctua to come in next week. I tried a Noctua 1700rpm and that is also too loud, it's quieter than stock but still way too loud. The design of the light also doesn't seem to have any sound design at all, the heat sink adds a lot of woosh and turbulence, so there's only so much you can do (much like all the other cheap COBs). I will do a heat delta test, I'm willing to let it run a bit hotter as I'm in a cooler climate.
  10. With the capture card: Welcome to broken usb and hdmi ports, please enjoy your stay.
  11. Wanted: a partner that loves me as much as Panasonic loves DFD.
  12. Not sure, couldn't find the specs of the stock fan on Google. I ordered the grey 1300rpm noctua and will see how that goes, might have to bump up to 1700. The light doesn't display temperature so I'll have to figure out where to measure it, I'm assuming the metal part near the sensor should work.
  13. Thread on DVX also has all the details. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?370135-Nanlux-Evoke-1200-LED-Spot-Light
  14. Just got mine in the mail. Ran it for an hour and have already disassembled it Fan swap is relatively easy, I might make a video on it when more parts come in, I tried a Noctua 120mm 7 or 900 rpm and it doesn't push enough air. EZ to damage the male JST connector on the board though - more cosmetic than anything else. It's louder than my computer!
  15. Someone should compare the cheapies to the expensive units It's literally a piece of glass and a shroud, so if the glass is the same... Should get same results. I don't mind paying more for better quality, but for teleprompters it's hard for me to justify over $500, what else am I getting... I just "hacked" my cheap tmp500 into a poor man's eye direct, those are crazy prices!
  16. What is your budget? Free option: telepropmter app that uses your ipad, phone, or webcam. For teleprompters there are many designs that fit different sized display devices. Some only fit certain dimensions, so if you decide to use a larger screen one day you won't be able to use them anymore. This is dependent on the size of the beam splitter glass and the layout of the screen holder. There are many cheap designs that work perfectly well with a phone as the screen for under $60USD on AE. Also the ones that clip onto the top of a laptop to use with the webcam. For larger screens I suggest this one (planning on buying it, no experience with it yet): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002245363941.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5dd65146zh21oo&algo_pvid=2600be7e-7c46-4087-8591-13af97eb5a15&algo_expid=2600be7e-7c46-4087-8591-13af97eb5a15-0&btsid=0bb0624716214288223917590e8833&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ It fits larger screens, is cheap, and folds down. It's cheaper than the GlideGear TMP500 I bought, which only fits less than ipad pros and was more expensive, and at the time had worse build quality. I also have the recently released Neewer 12 inch teleprompter. It really only fits 10'' screens because of the glass size, if you want to use larger screens you have to tilt it up more and get the star wars scrolling text effect. If you want to see yourself you will need to use an external monitor, but to my knowledge there are no good programs that overlay the teleprompter on top of the video. There is one app on PC that does it using the webcam, but the developer was quite rude so I don't recommend it (not only because of the rudeness, but because it's wonky for dual screens). For the software, there are some good free options, but the best one's I've found are nanoteleprompter (android, paid), promptsmart pro (crossplatform, paid, demo available. really only good for voice recognition, for normal teleprompting it's very annoying to use). You can try https://telepromptermirror.com/voice-activated-teleprompter/ for free as well. Teleprompt.me is no longer free. Pixaero isn't bad either and it's free. On android, those all work with bluetooth controllers and have margin control. For controllers, the black one that comes free with many cheap teleprompters works very well for scrolling because it's very quiet. Some other controllers are very clicky and loud. If you are using a PC app, the paid joy2key program (only $7 or something) can remap controllers so you can use it with PC software.
  17. I think he means audio, I could be wrong. That would be cool.
  18. GH5 selling for $800USD where I'm around... and they hardly sell too.
  19. I've had that in my Amazon cart for a while 200P
  20. Nice, you should pick one up! Not on sale anywhere in NA that I can find (Amazon, BH, Adorama) or eBay or AE
  21. Where is it on sale? It just came out...
  22. I just picked up the Desview R6 for 5'' gimbal monitor and the Feelworld Lut7 pro for client monitor. FW Lut7 has pretty bad color rendering when compared to my ninja inferno, and the contrast is jacked and not adjustable. I regret this purchase, but at least I can use it in sunlight. Not to mention all the ports are in stupid places. Desview is passable but still not as good as the Atomos.
  23. Color calibration wise - I'm not sure either will be very good considering the terrible track record of Atomos screens and BMD's QC (latest is the 6K pro screen tint saga). Just look up atomos color cast or the reveiws on the $100 calibration cable... which can still leave two of the same units looking quite different. Having an SSD caddy might be more convenient than a USB-c drive seeing as how you now have to yet another thing up, connected by cable. If I was doing a lot of external recording I'd figure out the usb-c and monitor mounting situation first... No idea why they didn't go with SSD or NVME slots, would make life so much easier. Atomos is popular because quite frankly they had no competition for a while. I guess it's a niche space so that's why the cost to quality ratio isn't really there, there's just no reason to make a better product if you're the only game in town. I'm not saying they're terrible, I have a Ninja Inferno for monitoring and it's fine, it just could be better (like everything else in life). The $100 calibration cable really grinds everyone's gears though, so infuriating, especially when you buy a unit and it has an orange cast you can't adjust.
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