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  1. Hello, in my quest to find out how fcpx handles hvec 16-235 files vs. 0-255 ones, it seems that the luma spectrum is wider with the 0-255 setting. When you push the fcpx's auto color correction button, however, both files level up to the same range and to my eye, there aren't any differences in the resulting pictures. What does this tell us? 0-255 16-235 0-255 with auto color correction 16-235 with auto color correction
  2. Gear is still waiting to fulfill your creative dreams. Taking your offers now.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C0KYZc1t51Q89rllAroD_6BnxNetV5cJ/view A6600 spec sheet. It is 8bit, right? Do you think, there is any advantage compared to the A7iii in the video department, despite slightly better IBIS and no further crop on 4k30p?
  4. Hello @andrew-reid, thanks again for providing us with this guide and the Lut. I struggle a little bit adapting the guide to the current state of technical environment. Part of your setup is an input lut, used while converting from HVEC to Prores. Since fcpx supports mp5 natively for a while now, and there is no need for transcripting beforehand, I am asking myself how and where to apply the luts in this simplified workflow?
  5. Last chance here to vault yourself from NX zero to hero. From monday it's all been given to ebay.
  6. Seems like the a6500 successor is finally to be announced next week. Will be hard to beat in terms of AF.
  7. I am sorry for replying so late. I'd say for the whole bunch in Euro, it would be 2455. Regarding delivery to the US, I have no experience with that & I would have to check if there are any major obstacles how to handle the insurance, etc.
  8. If been using it with a 7'' Lilliyput 667GL that displays up to full HD. You can get used for about 30€. Works perfect even when you are shooting 4k, but as hugo_lennart pointed out, you lose some features present on the camera's lcd, such as focus highlightning and overexposure zebras.
  9. I guess, you install the original firmware (1.4.1) and overwrite the hacked one with it.
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