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  1. It was in daylight, I think the aperture was between 5.6 and 8. I thought that the focus/peaking is maybe not accurate, but there's nothing really in focus on the A7iv pics. Here is the set with raw files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f4mzk3guqmyhswj/AACOxMDpvfQ6VaNd_FBeTJk5a?dl=0
  2. All pics are like that, I employed focus peaking on both devices and used the same settings like apterture and shutter speed.
  3. In addition to my previous takes on my A7iv – at least when you own a lot of bread and butter vintage analogue lenses and like to shoot photos with them – you might be a little disappointed. I put the A7 and the A7iv side by side with the Minolta MD 28/2.8, 35/1.8 and the 50/1.7, and I am left with the impression that the old A7 produces noticeably better, i.e. more detailed results. I don't know the reason, maybe the newer sensor is less forgiving facing average quality glass, but this puzzles me quite a bit.
  4. What about this fella? 200 € seems reasonable for a start into phone raw. Seems to have a quite recent Snapdragon. Does anyone have experience with it? https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08Y8MDMF4/?coliid=I3AZGVYDI6P390&colid=35QJ5W1J5CG75&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  5. Here for some first impressions (I did not posses the A7iiI, some things might be familiar to you that are new to me). I can’t say anything substantial about the IQ just yet. But I’d like to share what I think about the overall handling in comparison. First of all, the package does not look like a Japanese gift at all, more like for a north korean showel. Strange for a product of this price. Maybe it is due to environmental considerations, but there was no label or explanation of sort. Weight and size: All seems more balanced, smaller and lighter than the nikon z6, although that might not be the case. The body gives a kind of hollow impression, which is not unpleasant. The feel of the buttons and dials: Cheapo. All feels like plastic parts from an 3D printer were stitched together afterwards without fitting to 100%. All dials and buttons give you a sort of resistance like they don’t want to be used. No comparison to the refined feel of superior material of an Z6 or the NX1. EVF is okay, but you always have to hit the center with your eye, otherwise it gets unsharp very quickly to the sides (like on the gx80). I tend to press my eye bone to the frame of the evf all the time, in order to get it right, and that starts to hurt after some time. LCD screen ist okay, but certainly not as brilliant as the one from the NX1 and it’s smaller than the Z6’s. It has a huge bezel, so why in the world is it not possible to make the screen a bit bigger as 3’’ ?. A digital camera is an optical tool in the end, and this one competes with smartphones to a certain extend, which offer a brilliant bright screen twice as big as the Sony A7IV’s one. It think, it is all a bit outdated, and it is a prospect of things to come. Maybe, it was not the best idea to design digital DSLRs on the basis of its analogue predecessors from the 60ties at all, which sported no LCD obviously. Maybe future cameras will have to look different. Menu is good, I had no problems with the one from A7 mark I though, but it is definitely a revelation compared to the classic NEX menus. Focus peaking implementation is great, you can switch it on and off easily and when it’s on, it doesn’t intrude too much in the picture (like it does on the z6). Button and dial assignment is straightforward as well, it’s a quick and easy affair. A great feature is that you can use the lcd screen as a touchpad for focusing while looking through the EVF. It works not as snappy as on the gx80, but it is definitely usable. In terms of heat, I can’t say anything, ( I shot 1 short piece outside without any problems) yet, but I noticed that the camera gets noticeably hot while charging the battery.
  6. I finally sold almost all my gear and pulled the trigger on the A7IV which is probably the most unreasonable option. Main reason, I guess, is the enjoyment I had with the first A7, which was just fun to hold and operate. Other than that, on the plus side, you have a flip out screen and 10bit. On the other side, you'll get a resolution bump that nobody needs – if, you would get an A7rIII for 600 $ less – at the the expense of comparably lackluster low light performance (deplorable) and rs. So, time to get convinced by practice.
  7. L-mount glasses are still a bit of an invest. I've watched a ton of videos on the S5, and my impression is that it has a bit of an unpleasant highlight roll off and from what If have seen does have a more videoish look SOOC, compared to the A7iii and A7c - which share the same sensor with the S5, I guess. On the other hand, at least here, prices for the body are far apart. New with cashback: S5 is € 1.390.- A7iii is at € 1.550.- A7iV is € 2800.- So opting for the A7IV over the 24mp sensor would really be a bold move – is it worth the up to € 1500 extra and considering that it might be outpaced sooner than the A7iii was in its time, by models with less rolling shutter and better stabilization.
  8. I fear, the AIV with '131 x 96 x 80 mm, 659 g' is no less bulky than the S5 (133 x 98 x 82 mm, 714 g). I loved the look of my Minolta lenses on the A7 m I, and I really hope, the A7IV would perform the same way, despite the higher resolution sensor. Ibis is certainly big plus for the S5, although the cropped in electronic IS on the Sony seems to narrow that a bit.
  9. lebigmac

    A7IV opinions

    Hey, what is your opinion of the A7IV? What do you think of it, in comparison to the S5, for instance, as a hybrid shooter with 10bit opportunities? The A7IV is 1600 € more than the S5 here + the prices for some L-Mount have come down. I saved all my dimes to jump on the 'next' A7 and skipping the A7iii, but now, I find it quite hefty priced compared to its peers. My main reasons to long for the next A7 were: - good low light performance - video specs that allow for post correction of white balance mismatches and decent highlight and shadow recovery - up to the task for five years or more I think, the A7iii might cover most of it as well, which is around 1200 € in mint condition. What do you think? Does anybody already own the A7IV?
  10. Hi bought a cheap used Z6 as a NX1 replacement - and sold it again. I got it in absolutely perfect condition for half of the price of a new A7III. I'd say, this is cheap. Keep in mind that the majority of Z6 buyers were decades-long Nikon buyers who made their first step into mirrorless. People who handle their cameras with care. And a lot of them are selling because they step up to a Z6II oder Z7II. + The build quality is excellent. I sold because of two reasons: 1. The body is unbalanced, the weight is concentrated on the opposite side of the grip. It's uncomfortable to hold for a longer period and it feels heavy and quite bulky on the long run. 2. It's not perfect with manual lenses: You can't toggle focus peaking with one press of a button, you'll need at least three. So, after a while, you just leave it on or off all the time. The over/under-exposure indicator does not work with manual lenses. You have to resort to the histogram The electronic horizon covers the whole center of the screen, in a way that you can't really tell what you are filming Video/lowlight quality is certainly very good. You can design and upload your own - even flat - picture profiles, and quite a lot experts say that you can grade it very well despite the 8bit in camera. So it is definitely a lot better as half as good as the A7III. For me, it was just not a great shooting experience. It's another story if you sit on a lot of Nikon glass, for me it was not convincing enough to buy more into the system.
  11. I grabbed an A7 for 400€ used and it is a wonderful camera, esp. when you're coming from m4/3. It fits perfectly in the hand, is really small and is incredibly lightweight, which puts it in front of the A7ii, to my eyes. Image quality is competitive today, I would say, except in low light. AF capability is good enough, if you're not after shooting greyhounds at the races. It's the perfect camera to take into the streets and for travel + if it gets lost it's not the and of the world. Gives wonderful results with old minolta lenses, as well.
  12. After a little more into the menu, one correction and more observations: - You can actually lock exposure properly, other than stated above. This one is set in the video tab of the menu (not in the general function buttons setting) - in the video tab you'll find a separate menu with the option to assign a few functions to some buttons. - In stills mode, there a several options for auto exposure: matrix (whole area), center weighted, spot and highlight weighted. In video mode, however, you are limited to: matrix, center weighted and highlight weighted, means, that there is no way to measure an specific area other than than the center. - You can attach an usb-cable to the camera and to the computer, and it is possible to drag files from the camera with it. The camera is not a proper USB drive on Nikon cameras, which means you can't put files on the camera card directly. This means, you'll definitely need an (cfexpress) card reader (which costs around another 60€) in order to update the camera with a new firmware. - You can charge the battery while it's inside the camera with the help of the usb-cable. But you'll need a really powerful usb charger for that (5V, 15W). My Ipad charger didnt work, for instance.
  13. Well, apart from the 4k60p option, my understanding is that there's not a big difference in video capabilities between mark I and II. Raw option is line skipped on both devices, I think.
  14. It's great to have a lively discussion here now and I would like to narrow it a bit down to the original purpose of this thread. This was, basically: Is the Z6 a good contender for making videos (in a 50% hybrid* usage scheme) considering the second hand price around 1000€ (in average 300€ below a used A7iii) ? I got virtually no feedback on video work experiences with the Z6 from the EOHD crowd, that's likely because - I assume - that very few of the professionals and enthusiasts on this forum have considered it at all. I bought it anyway, for a 1000€, and I'll continue to share my experiences here. Until this point, my impression is that this camera was not designed with videographers in mind, and it seems to be more of a marketing decision to promote it otherwise. But I'll see. I'd be happy to read more from others who owned it/could compare it. Moreover, it is worth discussing alternatives. Focus on budget, from what was mentiones here, I'd say: - S1 (1500 €) - very capable, but slightly out of price range and maybe too heavy for a 'carry around' hybrid? - A7sII (1000€) - wouldn't a A7III for € 1300 preferable, what about the orig. A7s (~500€)?) *8bit would be enough if the camera is portable, delivers natural colours out of the box in a standard profile, offers nevertheless sufficient DR flexibility for contrasty scenes with a flat profile, and is useable up until 6400. Think of, what a small agency does (not a commercial ad production company), i.e. interviews, presentation of locations and physical products + reportage (covering public events, gatherings, demonstrations, hand held).
  15. I‘am sorry, that was a too simple statement. It is certainly judged from a hybrid perspective.And Iit is matter of taste, not a matter of facts, these days, where esp. Fuji is set to outperform the market in terms of quality and flexibility.
  16. Maybe, the Z6 is not everyones priority here, but I'll leave my evolving observations here to whom it may concern: - Surprisingly bulky and quite heavy, the weight is distributed towards the left side, which makes it outspokenly unbalanced and difficult to hold it with one hand over an extended period of time. Moreso with manual lenses & adapter. - The hand grip is not not thought out designed. It's not 'high' enough for a normal sized hand. That is why you'll find a lot of used models where the coating is damaged next to the grip. It's because you find yourself clawing your fingernails into it. Grip and weight distribution is MUCH better on the A7 or the NX1. - Focus peaking works very well, esp. in the great EVF. However, there is no way to toggle it on and off with the press of a button. You are entitled to assign the focus peaking menu to a function button, but you'll have got through this menu every time then, which results in about four clicks to put it on or off. This is quite annoying. - You can't use zebras while focus peaking is on. - The on screen spirit level is placed in the center on the screen, with a huge fat black ring around it. You literally don't see anything else of the picture, when it's on. There is a dedicated video mode on that camera, however: - Exposure lock only works in stills mode, but not in video mode! There is - however - another way to lock exposure, which also works in video mode, by pressing and holding the jog dial (or a function) button. This might be convenient for stills, but not while filming - The only way to set the shutter speed in video mode is "M", in all others, the camera choses 'something' that can't be altered. - There is 24p but no 1/48
  17. All true. But I still think, full frame makes a difference. I walked with an A7 mark I, - limited to stills obviously - man, but I loved the idea of that camera, tremendous IQ with old analogue lenses, incredibly small and lightweight and easy to handle. Felt like a toy in the hand but with grown up results. Apparently, the Z6 comes quite a bit in that spirit - much more than the A7iii. But if you're after APSC, Fuji is certainly the way, esp. the S10 looks compelling. Regarding the S5, haven't seen it under 1700 used and if you're not flocked to 10bit internal, it's the question wether it's worth it to spend 700/800 more.
  18. Hi, the price for a Z6 in virtually virgin condition hovers around € 900/1000 in the moment (if seen it for 1250 with the kit zoom), which might make it the best full frame hybrid option on the planet, in terms of quality/price ratio. What do you think? While the stills quality and the ergonomics are certainly not disputable, what about the video experience? Is the internal 8bit with the flat profile usable? Does it hold up against, let's say the A7iii + it's log? How bad is the user interface on the video side? There have been quite a few reviews reporting an overly populated lcd screen and the inability to display key meters like focus peaking and zebras at the same time. What are your experiences, especially when working in and non controlled environment w/o a tripod and with natural light? Would you recommend buying the z6 for that price (and a50/50 video/stills environment)? Thanks
  19. It would be great to know if folks using the hack are experiencing similar issues.
  20. Hi there, maybe, it is just a correlation, but I discovered that a strange behavior that my NX1 haunted me with, just vanished after overwriting the firmware (with Vasili's hack) with a vanilla 1.4.1 one. - What happened? Well, over the past months, I noticed that the rear dial - the one you use for exposure compensation, for instance - and the wheel on the back - that one you employ for strolling the menu - started working in a way that turned them useless: The exp comp. jumped up and down, no matter in which direction it was dialed, the rear wheel stopped working after two or three 45° turns. I thought this might be the notorious 'button death' phenomenon of Samsung Cameras, that is common to affect the mode dial on the top plate. But - after overwriting the firmware - the dials work like on that day when I switched the camera for the first time. I think this leaves room for two possible causes: - The firmware/software is getting slow after some time of use, like windows95 - The hack eats up the performance of some parts of the system Did anyone encounter anything comparable? Anyway, if your dials refuse to work properly, don't just give up and throw your NX1 away, try a fresh firmware first!
  21. Looking into the filmic pro docs, I understood from the text that the phone data is 8 bit. http://www.filmicpro.com/FilmicProUserManualv6.pdf p.42, but I didn't understand a whole lot of it, to be honest.
  22. What is about the color depth in video on devices like the S20? Is ist possible to shoot Log-like (and does it make sense)?
  23. Haven't checked it yet, but maybe it works with this: https://petapixel.com/2020/05/08/camera-hack-use-your-main-camera-as-a-webcam-without-a-capture-card/
  24. Has anybody dared to perform the gx80/85 firmware update and can say if the Cinelike-mode is still possible?
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