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  1. Which framerate are you setting for 120fps?
  2. Hey Vasile, raise your voice! Since someone claims that your work is not reliable, it is high time to make your point. We have a great amount of trust in you developers and we all will be happy if you discussed - and solved - your issues openly, the technical as the and the emotional ones.
  3. Agreed, the bitrate is by far the most important improvement. From my point of view, there is only one thing that I would really happy to get, that is an improvement in low light performance.
  4. Which old fw version is it (& does anyone know where to find it)?
  5. Hi @vasile , in terms of low light video NR you wrote "good chance that video NR is already factory disabled"- Does this mean, that there is no way of improving low light quality via NR manipulation?
  6. I had some some frustrations with the NX1 (which I got returned), especially in stills mode (even FW1.4) & I'm not sure if some of the flaws are generic. I experienced very unpredictable results (AF/focus peaking or shutter shock issues?) and sometimes high amounts of noise in dark areas, even at iso 200. I got better results in almost every situation with my old NEX-5t (compared kit lenses & 30mm 2.0 v.s 50mmm 1.8). If you plan to work a lot with stills I wouldn't take for granted that the NX1 works better than the G7, the latter has definitely the better jpg engine.
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