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  1. Samsung NX500 + 30mm pancake in the mid of 2019: NO hack, standard bitrate, all in auto: unbelievable result to my eyes (but I’m experienced))) I still keep three NX1 with hack (for bitrate) but decided to keep NX500 without hack just for stability, and use it as a main Photo camera. But sometimes use NX500 as a run-n-gun for video, and each time I’m impressed… https://youtu.be/4WJq5OSWhx4
  2. It was entend to slow-mo, thus it was 60p. The only front camera was 4k
  3. you could use headphones to troublesoot signal chain. before i've invested in sounddevices mixpre3, i used to monitor audio via additional phones-amplifier designed for mobile phones, thus it boost audio signal and eliminates poor audio output cercuit: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1160529-REG/fiio_a3b_a3_portable_headphone_amplifier_black.html why simply not to rename files: date-time created???
  4. rgb boost: 1.99 exp comp: -1.6 black level: +15 others auto...
  5. It was a sunny day, thus i've used "RGB boost" preset in order to keep Dynamic Range acceptable..
  6. +1 i keep nx1 in RemoteAccess mode, and always charg-ing and hdmi-ing torgether. +1 for 3d item, because one of my nx1 has been in service after hdmi cable was touched not realy freandly...
  7. Simple replicator for possible extension... i newer tried to plugin there anything...
  8. No, that's drive me crazy, because original usb-release cable has NO electronic inside, but ONLY simple knob... Any advise???
  9. usb Shooter release cable: is a simple knob, which connects ground of usb cable with white one. if green one shortened to the ground, the pre-focus activated (the same logic as a main release button on the boby). There are No digital signals involved... But, for some reason, i can not duplicate release cable via hand made one. That makes me creasy...))) You can buy nx1 usb release cable on ebay for 10 dollars, and it is a fantastic little tool. I wish i could marry this cable with charging option...
  10. NX1: “Shot 2 Rec” + “USB Charging” = simultaneously : HELP Dear Comrades! I do really appreciate your help. 1. “USB Charging” works perfectly fine 2. Shutter Release via USB port works perfectly fine 3. I spent entire day trying to create ONE usb cable with BOTH functions simultaneously. It looks like i understand “usb pin-outs”, but i do not understand why i fail. i have a usb-release-cable-knob (works fine) but i'm going mad with pin-out logic for USB release.. Please, HOW to create a USB cable with BOTH: release knob + charging. Thanks in advance…
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