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  1. I was wondering, which one has better low light performance? XT-3 or P4K?
  2. I am one of those that do not value much the 18-35! I seriously consider my NX 16-50S 2-2.8f a lot more versatile and equally performing, and I am not abandoning NX yet! Super fast AF, pretty good stabilization, the important (for me) 2 extra mm at the wide end, and a lot of useful extra 15mm at the tele end - enough for wide portraits and small groups (75mm equiv) and it is 2-2.2f until 32-33mm, so not missing much on the aperture side. As a run n gun solution I am getting the Olympus 12-100mm. I have used it extensively for broadcasted TV shows so I am pretty confident about it. The 2 Fuji lenses are 8-9000€ here and no EF. The E version could be interesting too. The Samyangs are full frame lenses also, something to consider.
  3. How some of those young "DP"s felt after they discovered that? Read some of the reviews of people obviously know nothing about their trade, making unjustified claims and using poetic words for lenses that can be bought for a fraction of the price.
  4. I started last summer re-watching all Star Trek, mainly to feel disgusted everytime I watch a Discovery episode, and I am in Enterprise second season currently. It is not perfect but some episodes are just great TV, the story is above everything.
  5. Are you going to tell us more about it? I am not on FB, by the way.
  6. how true is that? I see/hear a lot of people talking/writing about the end of the mount, but EF is pretty much relevant as always, and maybe even more. EVA is EF, P4K has a lot of EF(-S) mounted on it, the new Z S35 camera is rumored to have an EF mount, even the cameras that supposedly will end the EF, the R ones, make more sense right now with EF lenses (except the people that just spend 3500€ for a 2f zoom!) for many reasons (the ND adapter included). Can't see the EF vanish anytime soon..
  7. Ugly images?! Really?! I am not really fond of them either, but I wouldn't call them names! It seems like the 4 lens kit costs even less (obviously), and the 16mm T2.6 is a lot better than the 14mm! It could be a good starting kit, even for P4K setups
  8. I just noticed that CVP has the 6 lenses kit for 2299£ (EF and E). Are those Korean lenses still relevant as a very low budget solution? What about the 4 lenses kit (24,35,50,85)?
  9. Isn't it focal length X sensor crop factor X speedbooster's crop factor? It should be smthing like 23-45mm for the Ultra. For run and gun the 12-100mm Olympus is unbeatable. A true workhorse lens.
  10. Oof.. What are the issues with the XL and Ultra then? It is certainly annoying that we will have to buy additional adapters. It also raises the P4K "investment".
  11. "Autofocus is enabled for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K but performance may not meet expectation." I guess its better than nothing.
  12. For what sensor size? Mft only? That means 40-140 and 3.1T. What means "Canon direction"?
  13. It is amazing what is going on technologically. Just wish never stops until the end of time! Just bought the Insta. Going to get it now.
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