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  1. Greece vs Serbia 31-23.basketball.friendly. Antetonkoumpo NBA MVP for 2018-19! That's what I listen to the car! Rolling shutter and color is almost the same. Do not think anyone would ever notice.
  2. I am driving. What are the results?
  3. https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Blackmagic-Pocket-Cinema-6K---Mehr-Pixel--weniger-Cinema---Rolling-Shutter---Farben-und--Lowlight.html#Rolli Already posted. 5 hours ago.
  4. Very interesting stuff here https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Blackmagic-Pocket-Cinema-6K---Mehr-Pixel--weniger-Cinema---Stromversorgung---Gedanken--Marktstellung-und-Fazit.html#Gedan This is the conclusion google translated. "However, the biggest competition is the older Pocket 4K.Because this remains in our eyes the much better offer.At almost half the price, this offers hardly any disadvantages except for the lower resolution. The slightly smaller sensor width (19 vs. 23mm) is not so seriously felt in practice and the achievable dynamics are similar. The Pocket 4K can also be used with many Focal Reducers like the Viltrox-EF-M2 with full S35-aesthetics. And even with a far better "crop factor" of about 1.35. The EF-Mount does not allow such hacks, or only for much more money . Last but not least, even 4K resolutions for real "cinema" applications are usually much sharper than desired." I read also that they test-proved that both the Sony Venice and the BMPCC 6k can produce a perfect de-mosaiced 4k-DCI (rgb) output. Pretty spectacular for a 2495$ camera!
  5. Oh! Ok, my bad! From what I have seen Braw is good enough for everything though and the starting price of 1295$ is ridiculous anyway. 3 years ago you needed more money to buy a GH4! Braw is license free also (I think), and Cineform went open source a few years ago. There is also the Ursa series, imagine what we'll be getting for 5495$ soon.. What it is that we are missing now for low budget productions? If you are shooting a big production (1.000.000$€£ and upwards) would you be using a P4K and Braw (you could, but you would?!)? I do not know. All seem relative. I believe that before, companies just didn't care. Sony wanted to sell you the extra raw software and/or hardware update, and no way we were having raw on a 6xxxx camera! Canon sells an 8bit 420 camera, plus Raw-light, for 5-6 times the P4K. It is all relative. Now, it seems that Apple wants to change the game. It probably will. Video is the big thing now, and the next step is some kind of raw. It is happening and it is already here.
  6. Z cam did https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/08/14/z-cam-adds-zraw-with-e2-firmware-update/ and BlackMagic does anyway.
  7. ..and I forgot the Birders and sports people that need their crop sensors too. Seems like a popular segment for Canonikon cameras. The scetches doesn't look half bad either!
  8. Thank you very much. I have an eternal crusade to find a good vND that do not cost north of 200€! I will check this as well. Breakthrough photography seems to offer the best solutions but it costs more than 300€ with taxes and customs. I can not find a lot of reviews either, and not many people know that this lens exist, so I took a leap of faith! My gamble is that it is a new design, while the 14mm was never impressive anyway, and can be a 16mm in FF (pretty wide already!) and 24mm in S35 (love that focal length). Also a bit faster than the 14mm.
  9. Mayne they just trying to get rid of stock. There are huge discounts in 80D kits also. It is almost a certainty that the 90D is coming. Maybe the new good Sony is coming also, the X-H2 before Xmas, maybe a couple of new m43 cameras..X-T30 and a6400 and a lot of entry level FF cameras are dead cheap these days. M43 has to sell for significantly less to keep existing (except specialized video machines of course).
  10. Do not overthink about it. How can you loose financially when the P4K is half the money, and costs so little anyway? And already use it for sometime, which again costs something on the bigger scheme of things. 6K is a special case but we will have 8K cameras on reasonable prices as soon as October (Z cam), so if you want to save money for something, start saving for the next Pocket 8K next year! Some people will get the P6K, I really doubt it will reach the P4K phenomenon. Not even the 8K - when it comes. 4K will be good for a lot of years, and do not forget that P6K has on average X2.4 more data to handle (if I remember right), so better and bigger and faster - and more expensive - camera media, a very powerful editing suite, and a lot a lot of hard drives. Also, there is a mismatch with resolutions and codecs on the 6K, do not know why and if and when that will change. Battery life seems to be even shorter on the 6K, a bit bigger and a bit heavier (700 something to 900 something is a significant increase) camera. The EF can be perfect for some when thinking S35 all their lives, but this is a X1.6 camera, while the P4K an X1.9, the difference is a lot smaller than a proper X1.4-X1.5 S35 sensor and a X2.0 normal m43 one. Also, amazing Lucadapter turns it into X1.1 but you can't take it off easily to use EF-S lenses, and I know a lot of people having EF-S from their C100 days, so it is not such a straightforward option as an m43 adapter, which can be anything from X0.64 to X0.75 to vND dumb adapter to a simple X2.0. What I am saying is that it isn't as simple as "6K is better than 4K, I am getting the 6K", there are a lot of variables to consider. Usually a bigger sensor is the best, but the EF mount is kind of limiting in this age, and the P4K's sensor is already a monster in low light, speedboosted you gain another stop, so one of the huge difference of the past isn't a factor anymore. I am trying to make my case on my mind, I can afford the P6K and I am building a new PC soon, but do I really have to go to 6K? That means I will have to shoot 6K for braw? I will also love to use m43 zooms for run and gun, have you seen how small and light those are? My biggest issue is the 1080 deliveries and live events I shoot from time to time. This is the most dissapointing factor for me of these cameras. 95% of what I do I deliver in 1080p, even if I take it down to 80% this year, I still need great 1080p cameras. Imagine an 150minutes event that I use 3-4 cameras usually.
  11. https://nikonrumors.com/2019/08/15/nikon-z-mirrorless-aps-c-camera-mockups.aspx/ ..and because we love to speculate there is this rumor..I wonder what native lenses are people going to use with this one.. APS-C mirrorless sell like hot cakes though - relatively (X cameras, a6xxx cameras, even M cameras keeping Canon high in sales!) - maybe Nikon wants some of that. There is also the announcement of a filmaking revolution from Nikon India in 19 of August. Wish it was a new video specialized Nikon camera.
  12. What about this one? https://www.samyanglensglobal.com/en/m/product/product-view.php?seq=230 The 14mm is an "ancient" design with some flaws. I will be getting the 16mm the next couple of weeks but I am not going to have time to test it I think. What about this Haida VariND? Is it any good? Do you have a link for the specific one?
  13. The info is here. Look at the So How Does It Works section and video. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/08/13/lucadapters-magicbooster-for-the-bmpcc-6k/
  14. "The Z Cam E2-S6 S35 6K camera will cost $3,995 USD and is scheduled to be available in October this year. This model will be available in either PL/EF or M4/3 mounts. The E2-F6 FF model will be available in PL or EF mount for $4,995 USD. The E2-F8 full frame will be available in PL or EF mount for $5,995 USD" This is the competition! I am not sure how high a hybrid camera can go. Probably just 4K/10bit for now. Maybe more for an m43(GH6?), it is very difficult a mainstream camera maker (except Panasonic) bring any kind of internal raw or higher resolution for 2019/2020. BM already seriously undercut Z cam prices without anything serious missing, plus a 5" screen, plus the license key, plus better sound options. So, do you see a difference between P6K/P4K footage? What about higher ISO?
  15. Haha! Vitaly is a great character in the community! Never loose a moment going against capitalism and the rulling classes! Don't think freedom of speech was a thing in U.S.S.R though! Independent spirits is all we need, all across the spectrum.
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