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  1. Kisaha

    Sony A6400

    Everyone is doing weddings these days, most of them are buying an a6300/6500 with the 18-105mm, I see this group buying into the a6400 and charge silly money for very bad jobs, like most of them do, anyway. This is going to sell to the dozens of thousands. People underestimate the APS-C sales, Sony's biggest success is the aXXXX series, still at, or near the top at the total mILC/ILC sales.
  2. Kisaha

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    Me too. Just testing with my NX1 cameras at the moment and the 16-50S, which is my heaviest lens, and can't say everything is perfect. The camera has to be close to the right arm, as closer as possible, to achieve excellent status on the self diagnostic program. You are fine with just the small riser thingy that is included? I have to use that also, or else the lens doesn't fit.
  3. Kisaha

    EOSHD Opinion - The Sony A6400 is an absolute turkey

    Did you check on the "and many others" section?
  4. Kisaha

    DJI ronin S best settings?

    How is the experience with the Pocket? Is it easy to balance?
  5. Kisaha

    Sony A6400

    Nothing to do with the P4K. Not in the slightest. I mean, they both have some buttons, a screen, a sensor and record on media cards, but not much more in common. The one is an everyday cheap camera, and the other a cheap cinema camera. This is going to be a best seller for sure. Didn't we expect a pro APS-C?
  6. Kisaha

    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    A year or two, or a decade or two? 20X0 gpus are not that much better than 10X0 ones, 4K gaming is still very hard on resources and on pockets, editing/post processing also. How it is shaping up exactly, there are some 100.000+$€£ S35 cameras, and a non working prototype that Dave open the screen with the outemost care, for not braking it! It is non existent yet. 8K is important for VR/360 in my opinion, and that will drive it considerably, I agree, but in a different sense than what we are experiencing with 1080p/4K hardware. It is going to be a whole new thing with newer range of products. I checked TVs this Christmas, and even 65 is the bare maximum, I can put in my house, so no 8K for me yet!
  7. Kisaha

    Perfect lighting kit in a backpack. Aputure Amaran AL-F7.

    I am wondering what would be appropriate to give a couple - or three - of more stops, on a still portable set. A similar set but for 4-5.6f/400ISO. Obviously a larger light and with, let's say, double-triple the money.
  8. Kisaha

    M43 not dead Panasonic S1

    I know you said "a major manufacturer" but the P4K does it already, while look at the price point of Canon amd Sony that does that. I do not want to derail the conversation, but we can't just ignore a camera like this. It is funny thought the fact that most people do not even own a 10bit workflow, and dream of more bits already!
  9. Even now is a good option. 4:2:2 4K 8bit to SD cards and UHD 4K/60p with an Atomos (does it with the V though?) raw maybe is too much to ask. Certainly the new one with the Atomos cheap. I believe we still have interesting things to expect from JVC. They have produced excellent camcorders in the past.
  10. Interesting, Young was in Black Magic as well, while they took most of the Canopus employees! The agreement with JVC ends June 2019. LS300 was a very promising and groundbraking machine, if they can match the AtomIC1 SoC with a dual ISO variable sensor, then they have a winner in their hands. Imagine a P4K with an APS-C sensor and native m43 mount with inbuild ND (yes, this is still the Holy Grail) and all the rest.
  11. Kisaha

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    that must be explain it then. Thank you.
  12. Kisaha

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    The Smart Controllers combo are exactly 500euros more. One have to pay a serious premium, even in the bundle.
  13. Kisaha

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    Have you ever tried to edit/grade all those cameras you are mentioning all the time? Seriously.. Even the Soderbergh iphone film that had a very good budget seemed exactly like a story shot from a phone camera. Even the older Mavic that was a 1300$ machine last year, was almost unusable for pro work. Same with ALL the action cameras of last year (except maybe the 1" Sony, but I haven't used that one). Even the Mavic 2 Pro is barely usable (big difference vs the Phantom). Also, a paradox, you except from someone that has a phone and a gopro to be a master of grading? Which means have spent a ton of money for education and practice (and hardware/software) but can not afford a 500$ mILC camera? You have distanced yourself from the market so much, that you have crossed the other side! And yes, you shot with a 1000$€£ phone that has a 10 years old videocamera quality (which is great anyway and I am all for it) but in the same time you buy a 1000$€£ camera that shoots cinematic raw. The lower of the low improves all the time, but the same goes for the middle and higher market. Pro grade stuff will be always be a few steps ahead, because it is a market, and there are too many professions/money/expectations involved.
  14. Kisaha

    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    https://www.cinema5d.com/sharp-8k-micro-four-thirds-camera-teased/ There is no mystery about it, is a m43 camera, and the mount keeps going on, by the way!