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  1. It's good to have the options, just the P4K is a more sensible choice for more people. I had the money and the will to buy the 6K, just couldn't justify the workflow and the inconvenience however hard I was pushing it in my mind! @BTM_Pix I didn't want it to sound like an "I told you so" comment, sorry if it sounded like this, that wasn't even the case back then, I was typing with the one hand doing sound with the other and I didn't really processed my replies! I was trying to find another comment, that it was spot on about the popularity of two cameras but I just found the above, and that's that. I still believe that the next step will be 8K and that will be our next purchase, until then we will see a few more 6K cameras, when the market will be more mature.
  2. They do not care, they just wanted to cover all their bases before anyone released an 6K camera.
  3. I said that immediately on the P6K forum back then. 9 of August 2019: "4) this camera in no way will sell more than the P4K." And you replied "If those people now come back I'm guessing it might will be to the 6K and that the 6K will have a longer life so might well outsell the 4K in the end." Then I said, among others: "P4K is so cheap already that I doubt we will see a significant difference in price anytime soon." 15 of August:" ..and suddenly the P6K thread is dead silent! Do you remember what was going on when the P4K was announced? The P6K is an excellent and very reasonably priced option for 6K and EF aficionados, but the price and features of P4K spoiled us all for ever!" P4K is da thing!
  4. At this point in history, I would be happy with anything, really! Even EOS-M!
  5. I saw this on dpr. Do not know if it is any significant but I would love to see my NX lenses on a Z50! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63526091
  6. I always considered the NX 16-50mm S a better lens. 2f in most of the 18-35mm range (so, just 0.2f difference), wider at 16mm and a lot more tele at 50mm and incredible OIS.
  7. Samsung NX. Still using the ecosystem both professionaly and for my hobby. Great selection of cheap lenses and pancakes. Last weekend I had the NX3000 with the 16-50 PZ, I did an event coverage with 2 NX1 and 16-50S and 12-24mm, a few days ago used the NX500 with the 16-50PZ and 50-200mm for the kids plays, and now I gave the NX3000 and the 18-200 to a friend for the holidays, and I am away for a family trip with the NX500 and the fisheye/30mm/45mm. I bought my first NX in 2013. After 20 years in the business and a lot more in film and video and photography, NX has a unique place in my heart. It was everything we wanted, and a huge Asian capitalistic corporation was doing everything they could to make it true! What a rare moment in history.
  8. This and the Mini follow focus seems like an ok combo for very cheap situations. Are they available to pre-order in Europe? Some Fotga stuff are ok too.
  9. What holder? I am looking for one right now! T5 drives are the best value for money, still use a CF for small projects and ultimate quality. SD for lesser ones.
  10. Official price here is 2799euros, but you recently can find it from not official resellers for 2400euros, which is a substantial difference. Most possible P6K buyers have bought a P4K already though..
  11. At least we didn't have a massive "beach: barefoot or flip flop?" controversy!
  12. If GPU acceleration is true that is a big thing, because I just got an 2070 Super (paired with the 3900X) a little while ago. I didn't see it anywhere at their site though. I got the update anyway. Cheers!
  13. I noticed that some here already use the Nitrate, but I didn't have the time to look that up until now. I have the simple version and I am not sure what more does it offer that it isn't already there. I would appreciate any experience you have with this all new version.
  14. I buy a lot of stuff from amazon.de and they have a lot of Ugreen products. I have the Tilta cage, and as you can see it fits nicely there https://www.cinegearpro.co.uk/products/tilta-cb-usbc-20-usb-type-c-cable-for-bmpcc-4k-cage-rig20cm
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