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  1. I believe at the 0:38 second I saw the Video Sound Police violently interrupting the shooting!
  2. Check at 10:20, 4K standard seems alright, fine..not so..
  3. I have seen many focus pullers lately using Hollyland equipment. At playback focus seems to be alright.
  4. Here in Greece, anyone that could buy and/or hold a camera, was doing weddings video at some point..many still do.
  5. Same here..the shutter sound is a bit silly and very tin like, but the images are good.
  6. As I said before, it is a "fast turn around" camera, with a weak codec, but that's the beauty of it, the simplicity. Stick an 18-135 or an 24-105 and shoot all day..it was a workhorse camera of the "plain" professional. Ready on its bag, ready to shoot in 7 seconds and for a full working day If you take care of the basics, the camera does the rest of the magic mixing and produces an image that punches much above its weight. I am still waiting for a similar workhorse camera. Just put some modern internals on the same body Canon, that's so easy.. I wish they C70 was that camera, but unfortunately it doesn't feel the same.
  7. ..and for exactly those reasons (form factor, weight, operation) a C100mkII is a better option than a C300 these days! The C100mkII is absolutely my favorite camera for run and gun video work. I have done literally hundreds of travel and music doc episodes good enough for Greek TV and corporate and others. My previous favorite was, sadly(!yes, it was a Sony, do not judge me!), an EX1, another workhorse of that previous era. If you want a super easy system to shoot most of your "basic" stuff with super fast turn around times and you do not mind the "weak" codec, even now is an excellent option..For extremely fast run and gun the 18-135 was ace, if you had more time one could use the whole EF selection. My ultra fast and portable kit was the 18-135, an 70-200mm 4f and a nifty-fifty used for some interviews. My most enjoyable set up of all time..great times! ..I didn't like the C300 (and C200) ergonomics, but they were also standard on most of my business back then. oh my.. I want one now..
  8. Sorry @Rhood haven't try them on a job yet, just received them! I have serious problems doing sound with all these various Nanlights. Good output, for sure, but very noisy cooling systems..
  9. I was using 3 cameras when I was doing weddings photography, 2 NX1 and an NX500 with a speciality (oddball lens) on it. All these cameras were on me at all times, but never both video AND photo. Still can't comprehend how you do it. I always have a partner/assistant with me, even for the easiest of jobs.. Sometimes we were 3-4 people for video and 2-3 for photography.. An 24-70 as a workhorse was the most used lens usually, 24mm is good for small group photos, and 70mm is an alright focal length for portraits. The oddball lens on the NX500 could be the amazing NX fisheye or the pancake 16mm..the workhorse lens was the 16-50mm (24-75mm equiv) and 2-2.8f. unique lens and always negated the need for the Sigma 18-35, as at those mm (at 32-33mm to be precise) the NX is 2f, with an incredible I.S, both wider and longer. With the other NX I was usually using the amazingly small 45mm 1.8f for more "artistic" portraits. This lens has a ton of character, especially for the silly price.. Just a different way of doing similar things, I guess!
  10. With RF I can use EF lenses with the vND adapter which is a much better solution than the filter in front of a lens one..at least for me. One of the deciding factors going RF.
  11. Kisaha


    Sound is the single most important technical aspect of film making (taught in film school, and known by experience). Maybe doing ADR would be much better and consistent. Also, the office sequences have a strange axis rule tweaking going on..or is just weird shot selection. These are the 2 things that put me off a bit.
  12. pre-order from the official photo-shops in Greece 3.120euros. I hope it will be stabilized lower in time..
  13. I just received today the CL60R. So far I was impressed by the build quality, the output, the very friendly buttons placement (and existance!), the app, the size, the weight, the price, the original design and also the silly box/case that came with. Seems like a company that's serious about their stuff. I also read that they have an EU office and check "locally" warranty claims.. Unfortunately it didn't work with a power bank I have. It turns on, but switches after half a second with a 65w. Maybe it needs an 80w.. First impressions positive. Still have to pass the test of time. I got it as a hair light and for the effects, in case I need them, so I wanted it extra portable.
  14. These recent releases seem more mature to me. It is the 3rd wave of RF. Although the R7 and R6mkII sensors are not that hi end, Canon squeezes every drop of performance out of them and achieves great things without too much fanfare.
  15. https://thenextweb.com/news/the-eus-8k-tv-ban-will-be-a-nightmare-for-startups
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