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  1. How do you know what was going on in the 70s?! Are you a time traveller?! To be part of the industry was a life long commitement and needed 100% dedication to that. At least that was the case at the late 90's I started working, and the stories I was hearing from the experienced people. I was learning from real DoP that were working 10-15 years as assistants, I was booman to soundmen that are now 60-70 years old, and still working by the way. In the comedy drama series I was this year, the other soundman (we are 2 different groups working simultaniously) was my sound man on a film feature film back in 2000something (2000, 2001, 2002, have no clue!). There was a certain amount of respect, and the job was demanding, a mistake or two was critical for your future professional career. Now everyone is "educated" by youtube, so young people's standards today are what a 15 year old guy, or a 17 years girl are doing in their youtube channels. People are used in youtube, phone videos, reality tv, terrible camera shake, there are NO basic rules of photography or videography, everything is ok..Only reality tv and phone videos are bringing the total value of videography/cinematography to an all time minimum.. Most of them do not care about mistakes, or their lack of knowledge or experience. Of course that is not 100%, but still the percentage of BAD young professionals these days is staggering. If I try to advise, or talk to them they just do not care, or being defensive, or offensive! Just a few listen, and usually they are the ones stick and earn more money. At least, I have "earned" the right to talk them down to earth from time to time, for the good of the shooting day, and the job in general, but this in TV productions, on lesser jobs, I just do not care, or I am not expected to say anything.
  2. Higher standard is NOT expected. People are influenced by youtube and instagram these days, or from the 1 bazillion reality shows they are watching on Mtv and 1000 other networks producing crap. The only thing they want from their photos, is more bokeh. Shoot 5000, crop 200 of them, add some "filters" and you got a job done. 20 even 30 years ago we were going 1-2 or even 3 days per week at the cinemas to catch up with the latest and greatest. Now cinema seems to be based only on technical aspects. Youtube is the big educator of YOLO generations, and all the main professionals are NOT there, there are just young kids, doing a few weddings, and then suddenly are the world's experts about film making! I have worked with some of the previous generation here and abroad, and not one of them is on youtube!
  3. Don't make this a wedding thread please. Make a new one if you need info about it. @thebrothersthre3 it is pretty simple, if you have to do something really important, it doesn't have to be an opera, even a traditional dance group can be important, then you have to watch a rehearsal of the show/live performance or better, the prova generale, maybe you have to keep notes as well. Pre production is part of the job description!
  4. Ι paid a fairly experienced camera operator to do a little camera job for me of a traditional dance night, almost a 50 years old guy, with a steady camera on a tripod for the wide, and another on a monopod for closer looks, and the footage is terrible! He missed almost all the things he should capture. He started as a photographer, and turned to video after the 5DMKII revolution, and obviously never got it... Changing framing way too fast. Moves were terrible and non usable. I have some experience now with music and live performanes, and I believe I am quite good (I am a trained musician anyway), but some things are just common sense, I mean, if the goddamn guitarist is soloing, just zoom in a little, don't go to the drummer! He missed stuff like that! Some of those lives (especially with dance groups) I put 4-6 cameras. It is a nightmare after to edit of course, but it can be impressive, and it is a lot better and different than the usual stuff. I also charge a bit more, but not what I should.
  5. I would like to hear more from you, as you are a fairly young guy into the industry, more connected with the 20 something generation, and you seem to have a good and sensible approach of things. This new mindset of "just do it", as you mention above, is what interests me more. Education seems to be not only irrelevant, but a negative - and I heard that a lot - especially in the wedding scene, most of the people are "I didn't study anything relative, but that is a good thing, because I am free to create on my own terms", I heard that a lot. Then, if you study, or work your way up, is a huge minus, why to waste effort, sweat, time and money when you can go straight to the top?! Thanks for your honest comment, and I would like to hear more for the YOLO generation - as I call it. I am a father myself, and there is not even one chance that my kids are not going to learn, or read, a lot in their lives! I guess I am old school, but old school is good sometimes. Life is not easy, but if you try reasonably, it can be good fun!
  6. VIDEO IS EASY that is what they will tell you! Real life facts that I am thinking about a lot the last couple of weeks 1) friend wants to be a youtuber, she wants to learn everything about editing, equipment, lights, sound, and everything in between. Whatever I learned in 20+ experience and a few degrees, she wants in one afternoon. 2) we have a small team, doing internet videos, try to fit 15-20 small ones per day of shooting, the team is a DP with 30+ years of experience at the highest level, me with 20+ years, and our editor 15+ years at the highest level (for our country the highest level, don't get me wrong) and we have a young guy helping building his experience now. At one time, the 25 years old gal doing social media for the client, comes to see. She stayed for an hour, she walked all the time with high heels, played with her phone, and the first thing she said, "I want that to be like this", after half an hour trying to explain her that what she wanted wasn't applicable in this prouction, she left..we lost almost an hour because of her and we missed our brake because we didn't have time for the rest. 3) on another such video, same team, another girl supervising social media for the client, never present on set, send a text "maybe it is better for me to edit the videos, what program do you use so I can watch some tutorials today and do the videos in the weekend?", that was the actual text message... 4) the last, a lot, years, I have met a lot 22-25 year old kids introducing themselves as "DoP" or "director". I have never heard, "I am trying to do camera", or "I would like to be part of a production". 5) In the past, I had a director, that withouht being in the busniness, through social networking, connections, luck, and very low salary has become a director! Knowns nothing about anything, but through youtube videos and director's masterclasses believes he is one of the best in the business! Very proud that became a director without experience and no studies, really having no clue at all. I can't even explain how terrible is to become something you do not deserve, and there is no direction ever, mostly the shooting was happening because of some experienced actors, the DP and me. Crazy stuff..There are others like him coming. 6) wedding video and photography...what a joke..I have met policemen, DJs, wood cutters, military personel, and so many different people, that occasionally, or more professionally are doing weddings. So many of them, are bringing their wives/girlfriends (I have seen that in video mostly), and boyfriends/husbands ( I have seen that in photography mostly) to do second photo camera, or video, or second/third video. So many bad experiences on weddings, I should write a comedy book. 7) we were discussing with an old DoP about instagram recently ( I do not have, I am not familiar at all with it), and he was telling me that 8/10 photos on instagram have a crazy horizon at the back for no particular reason at all..Of course there is a reason, 101 in photography isn't needed anymore. So, video is easy, just press the RED button.
  7. Sorry, I have been confused, it IS dual ISO then, just 2500 and not 3200, that is good too I guess.
  8. so it isn't the same sensor as the P4K/GH5S, which is a huge minus for me. Do you know in what other camera the E2 sensor is used? maybe GH5? for me GH5 presents noise for very low ISO, a workhorse of a camera, but the reason I didn't buy one was that.
  9. Absolutely. for me having an office, it was a big deal to have the license. Also Braw starts becoming something of a mainstream option. So, the price is even lower in reality. @IronFilm yes, because that is why the Z lower their prices also! and, is it the dual ISO sensor? I ask because I do not remember. because without that feature, I would never have bought a m43 camera, the noise even in low ISO was too much for me, with the 3200 is just incredible and no problem against bigger sensored cameras. 3200 is the max I shoot anyway. To shoot Prores Raw you need an additional buy, and extra cost. I remember reading the Z raw being not as good at the moment.
  10. Is this a dual ISO sensor though? also, external prores raw, and their internal Z raw hasn't matured yet. and P6K is still a lot cheaper than the Z 6K
  11. ...not another click bait please..for a few seconds I have my pulse elevated, not good for the heart for us mature people. ..and I do not need another phone for at least a couple more years.
  12. Kisaha

    RED Komodo

    I, personally, didn't have any real issues with Red cameras, I just do not like them, and even in sound, most of the times I was ok. Imagine though that they were offering low budget media for top productions. I am not sure if that was a wise strategy, but I am not keen on Red things, so I am not sure if anyone lost any data because of the cheap media. Do the research and inform us(!). Most of the times, another brand was usually a better choice though. Here, "small" kids are renting Red cameras, or even buying ones, to look professional! I have seen so much bad footage out of them, it is unbelievable!
  13. Kisaha

    RED Komodo

    there are a lot of stories about "Initializing" staying there for minutes. Very slow start up time. Restart the camera after a glitch, usually when one uses the pre-roll function. tha fans hit so hard that are soundmen nightmare e.t.c It is well know in the industry that is a "special" breed of cameras, and some cameramen call them "producers choice", not DPs or cameramen.
  14. https://www.amazon.com/YONGNUO-YN360-Adjustable-Temperature-3200K-5500K/dp/B01D2X4A8Y/ref=pd_lpo_421_t_1/144-5796206-3176111?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01D2X4A8Y&pd_rd_r=1628800d-37ce-4d2c-8260-33f4cf13b199&pd_rd_w=wBPcR&pd_rd_wg=en78R&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=633BKGWMDMV4QAD5JSEK&psc=1&refRID=633BKGWMDMV4QAD5JSEK I have this one, very cheaply made, I haven't use it much, but the wow effect is there, and for cheap. I believe there are newer versions out now, II and III but I do not know anything about them. For the price, is good value I believe.
  15. Japan started like China, and then become Japan, Korea started like Japan, and now it is Korea, China started like Japan, it will be like Korea, and then it will become China, which it would be number 1 in most aspects of global life, because they are a lot bigger than Japan, or Korea, and they will "world dominate". Obviously we are seeing only the beggining of the "century of China", as I call it. Another huge factor is, while western life turns to "gangsta trap hip hop" and kids just want to become rich or youtubers, China steadily increases their quality of education, and still Chinese value education a lot higher than western world. Kids now days want easy money, fast and YOLO. I freelanced for a Singapore TV station last year, and we did an interview of a Singaporian - Chinese maestro, and he was telling us that the biggest force in Symphonic orchestras right now are Asians. Look how many Asians there are in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra..because they put the effort. Some of them at least. China probably will be education's last stand.. To be fair, India has a lot of students as well. I met a lot of Indian friends at my international universities back in the day, most of them did programming and I.T in general (I know, stereotypical, but true!), but it seems to me China is more focused to dominate.
  16. I think you are right about the business strategy. It seems they are transforming to a more consumer orientated business, which is good for their bank accounts, but the plug in price is just too much. Also, they will loose loyal older customers - but die hard professionals, that spend the big money, I can see people to move to Zaxcom and Sonosax and the such..You know these older sound mixers like some kind of exclusivity on their brands. I am not sure what's behind their decision, on an already expensive product, mind you. I hope the next step is Zoom offering something similar for free, like they did with their Automix function!
  17. Interesting. You also have Cedar though. The girl example is impressive, even though in real life I would be just turn off anything that makes noise. It helps with the general discipline on set and care for the sound. Are you going to buy it? Is it only for the 8 series?
  18. That is much nicer, cheers! I honestly don't remember when I "offended" you, I may disagreed with you, but that is not a reason for personal attacks! I am trying to offer my advice and experience as a technician in the industry for more than 2 decades (I started early though!), plus my academic credentials and my studies in the subject matter. People know that I am not covering anything behind my anonymity, and I am not a shooting star, post and go. I am just operating on a very small market where most of the people know me, so If I was posting eponymously I would probably have to self-censor my self on occasions! Now with my family and all I am not traveling much, but I bet we can have a nice conversation drinking some wine over here! I usually use just a few shots with the Mavic 2 Pro, it is certainly better than my flighting capabilities but good enough for most I do for small projects. If we need anything better, we use a certified pilot with Inspire usually. Even the new Mavic could be just enough for me, but I have set a bar for my projects and that is 1" sensor. I do not use anything less than that. So, the 2.000€ for the Mavic 2 Pro plus accessories were just enough for me. Same with the gimbals, the Ronin S was good enough, never used it! And so on.. For tripod I went Sachtler FSB and the Flowtech legs. This is an area you need to invest. I try to do good "investments" because not all years are good for business, like now that I had to cancel everything since March. I like that I have everything though, and do my small projects in house!
  19. that is what he says on the video, that the main issue is not patents and the such, but the difficulty to fly drones in general with all the laws and restrictions that are are roumored. Also, that the patent is kind of silly, as it is a very simple desing, and probably DJI did it first, but didn't patented! Autel also, as mentioned, is another Chinese company, it seems like innovation have slipped completely from Europe, the whole continent has esoteric issues right now, if we do not find the middle solution and unite on a Federation, something like the United States of Europe, then we are doomed, on many ways (very old population, few child births, no productive young population to drive the workforce and the insurance system, no significant natural resources, immigration issues because of war and climatic change). If we lost innovation, we are done. Germans still have some of that, still produce and design cars, cameras, but slowly and steady, everything moves to Asia. Australia is doing well, though, you just do not want(need) us!
  20. I will be start putting youtube videos, as it is fashionable these days on this forum! Kidding, just this one, because it explains some things, and he was very fast to upload. The common enemy is different, maybe Autel will get a big fat check from DJI, and we will go our way.
  21. I am not posting anything, because I have decided long ago (at the 90's, mind you) that I do not want to have a digital life, equal to my real life. The last 3 years, I have more than 100-150 episodes on the air on national televeision, on the main TV stations, if it wasn't for the virus, I would be still working on the daily comedy series. My job is sound, so my big investments go there. My mics (with their zeppelins) probably, or most definitely, cost more than your current cameras in total. Only the small Sanken and the Cosi I bought in September and the Ambisonic mic I bought a little bit later went around 2700euros. and these are not even my main mics. Imagine I have half a dozen more + lapel microphnes like the DPA 6060. I also have a small company fully equiped for small productions, multiple cameras, Sachtler tripods, lenses for most systems, lights, computers, Edelkrones and a newly bought editing suite to cut everything like butter. I believe it is silly to try to make me show my bling and flex my golden chains like 13 years old hip hop youtubers do, but try to be more polite please. I do not even know you, and I wouldn't like to know you either, so try to keep it civilized. And the other thing, accusing me of "DJI fanboy", get a grip man, you are an adult, how someone can be a "DJI fanboy"? and who cares? it is just the company with the bigger mainstream history, and their products have served as good for many years. Oligarchies or monopolies are bad things, so I vote for the smaller player, but when I spend more than 2000euros on a drone, I want it to be reliable first. Maybe my next one will be something else, for now the Mavic 2 Pro is the best for my needs. How hard is this to comprehend? Again, I feel I am talking to my kids and try to explain how life works.. I am wondering @Emanuel, do you even have a drone? Only thing I see is you posting youtube videos. Here, I can do that too.
  22. I hope on a price tag of 4.999-5.499$, or else just a few will buy that in Europe (it will be at least 1000$ more over here). On the other side most of the specs are out of this planet; if the camera delivers and there are not a lot of asterisks, then it will be normal to be a very very expensive camera. I am more curious about the R6 to be honest, and what will be the answer of Nikon, they surely have to respond sooner or later.
  23. Do you know that 65% of your English doesn't make any sense, right?
  24. These are pure bs, have no time to answear to personal attacks like a 12 year would do. Stop posting everything you see on youtube, we all have the damn app.
  25. Kisaha

    Fuji X-T4

    Still on my radar for my next hybrid system. A second generation of bodies, and a few more lens options can make it absolutely right. R5/R6 are scary though..
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