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  1. +1 to @kye But in general, what one needs to make something professional these days? Anyone have some equipment example?
  2. There are a lot of videos that policemen literally beat people with long sticks in India. Of what I see, the less serious about the pandemic are U.S, U.K and the government of Brazil, but not the citizens. We know from history, and learned by science, that such pandemics are very common and occur every 80 or so years. The Coronavirus epidemic (or pandemic) has been described in many epidemiology books and it could have been easily started from Vietnam or Thailand or even anywhere in Africa. I was reading one chapter from a Minnesotian doctor and the chapter is exactly the same as what really happened. He gave real life examples on an interview of how specific animals can create such diseases. You don't have to look much further to spot something similar and probably more cinematic. Have yo heard about this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/news/national/scientists-worry-brain-wasting-zombie-deer-disease-could-spread-humans/rjpiryXSOn92IxD9qVx1ZL/amp.html
  3. 100$ (85€) are just not enough, and you have to count the holding base also. Most cost effective solution that works is probably the Rycote Supershield. Check them out, still not as good as the more expensive ones, but at least 10X better than other softies (4Χ better than the Cosy, and half price almost!). My Cinela Cosy cost 600€, and it is still a glorified softie. Sennheiser 900€, the Rycotes I have around 500€. There are the Rycote Cyclone that are even more expensive (one expensive piece of kit I wouldn't recommend) and the Cinela Piano and Pianissimo are 4 digits price. Physics are difficult to be beaten by cheap.
  4. Especially now with the pandemic, everyone turns to the state again, like the good-ol' socialistic days of the 80s, when the dream of the United States of Europe was driven by socialistic governments and leaders for a whole decade and a half. It is obvious that health has to be provided by the state, to all citizens. No private hospital or health institution can accept anyone with Corona right now. At least in Europe, except if it is ordered by the state/country. Already there are rumours of some Air companies to become national again. Air Italia is a certainty. So, the two poster services of this new capitalism - private health care and air ways, already shown signs of weaknesses to a real crisis, and not stupid man made recessions of an already screwed economic system, like in 2008. The system just re-arranged itself in 2008, now it will be re-arranged by the circumstances that can not truly control. This is da shit, U.S and U.K want to "open for business" in 3 weeks from now, but the only business that will thrive in 3 weeks, will be funeral services, unfortunately - and I hope not. This will be a real blow to the policies of those nations there. You can not ignore real world issues like that. This is not a 3rd country, 3rd tier epidemic, this is an all world pandemic (unfortunately for us humans, it is a 3rd tier disease. Imagine an Embola pandemic or the 21st century version of the Spanish flu. We are that little). A few good things. Some companies in Europe "illegally" reverse-engineered some parts that couldn't be brought from overseas fast enough and 3D printed them. 3D printing for health care is going to another level. A company based in Prague provided the health system for free 1000 masks (big ones that protect the whole head, it is like a mini shield) with things they resourced in Prague "in one afternoon". Most doctors and national health systems are providing data on an unprecedented level for the very first time in history. Cheap and easily made tests are very near in manufacturing already and we hope for a drug at the minimum (which unfortunately is 18-20 months from now, the testing process can not be hastened much, imagine if you inject 2- the wrong thing!). People will respect more our basic needs and resources. Our way of life is not sustainable.
  5. You always have to budget for wind and handling noise. Sound Professionals do that. From best to least: Cinela - Sennheiser (It has saved me unlimited times, I bought the set for 900€ back in the day but is my best set up) - Rycote - Rode Rode works, but better save some and go Rycote. Smaller, lighter, simpler and better construction, better performance. I have Cinela Cosy also, and is great as a super-expensive-well build-better performing softie. This is a kit with my Sanken CS-1M.
  6. Not missing them that much! Thanks!
  7. Depending my work schedule, I am missing some things on the web, his disappearance was one of those! Just can't remember what exactly he was doing last. Hope everyone is well though.
  8. KidzRevil was banned? I missed that somehow, what he did?
  9. I do not even participate in the forum much, there is so much toxicity that I censor myself and stay out of sight, and older users sure remember me as a fierce debater! My speciality is documentaries and politics. One a did years ago was Democracy (or the lack of it) in modern political systems, my thesis in University was "The clash of Capitalism, Communism, Fascism and the Italian Neo-Realistic movement", and even recently I participated on a European team and did a documentary for the recent euro elections in Greece after 10 years of recession, while I do not support a specific political party, so I can be free and analyze the situations free of bonds or ties. This is not a discussion or a civil exchange of views, some people just DO NOT READ, they just spread hate and confusion, and the carnivores thrive on those. Why do we need them among us?
  10. Kisaha

    COVID19 Kibosh

    Me and my wife are self emoloyed too, that means there is no relief for us! My wife stoped working for a week now, and I cancelled a few jobs I had booked, while I am expecting, or I will do anyway, the TV series I am working right now to be canceled together with my contract (written by the "producers" so they can do as they please with me. Modern capitalism has nothing to do with Adams and Webber anymore). All these will result at least 50-60% loss of our income for the 2020 (I mainly live from TV season, September to April-May). Glad I didn't buy anything expensive recen..whoops, we bought a new car a month or so, ago! Well.. Here in Greece we were starting to build the economy again after the tragic decade that just passed, and now everything stops, while some of our neighbors are trying to push us to a full time war(!) with cultural and religion pretexts.. I just hope that we can fast forward to June/July and do small trips with my family while the outbreak is behind us and noone wants to do any fighting in the world. 2020 is such a weird year so far.
  11. Kisaha

    COVID19 Kibosh

    We wife stopped working and I will probably next week. We are not going to have any income for the next few months though..
  12. @IronFilm I was about to make the NBA example! There are so many variables on a good boom op, and usually the best ones are not on features, because there you have 2 or 3 boom ops on a very specific and well planned scene. Best boom ops are in jobs like every day episodic TV, soap operas with a lot of exteriors and the such, on low budgeted 2nd and 3rd world countries. Every day we shoot 22-25minutes of PLAY time, time that will be aired on a few days. That is madness for all the departments, but mostly sound. You really have to be on top of your game every minute or everything goes downhill, fast; they can literally see a problem on the monitor, but most of the times do not realize what is going on with sound.
  13. Some of the greatest boom ops I have worked with, are short to shortish. I am kind of average (1.75m) and I was kind of great (or better!) with the boom pole! My assistant is booming for 30 years now, and is around 1 68-1.70m I had 2 even shorter boomen recently. A 37 year old one and a 55 year old both under 1.70. The tallest one, around 1.95m-2m was the worst booman I had, ever. I tried to teach him everything I knew and he was such a bad character and owful in learning. not worthy for the industry, just a random person. Canon C100 is one of the best selling cinema camera. Just wished for an XC type of camera with EF mount and 10bit recording. 10bit should be mandatory on a cine/pro video camera in 2020. We have raw for a 1000€ for Pete's shake.
  14. It is/will be a pandemic. Everyone will be affected one way or another. Just hope just for the financial loss for everyone around us and not anything more serious.
  15. I hope the new trend for this summer will be no more wedding videos and/or photos. Aren't those new iPhones good enough already?
  16. From another forum, somebody's else finding.
  17. That was a better performance than Joker.
  18. http://www.mydiyworld.net/?cat=108 It is in glorious Korean, but google translate reveals some interesting things for anyone that cares.
  19. Kisaha

    Camera prices

    I have noticed a similar trend the last few years. People have unsubstantial expectations on a lot of different products. I was shopping for a car lately, most people were like "if it costs more than 20.000€ is an unfair price", finally all these last cars started from 20.000 and going way up. People were expecting a "cheaper" car, but with the same quality as it is, the latest and better thermal engines, all the most modern safety feature (staying in lane, automatic brake, sign recognition, e.t.c) but with a price tag similar to the previous model. Same with the video lenses here on another topic. Fast zoom, not too big, not too heavy, ultra cheap, e.t.c when that wasn't seemed feasible people started taking out features, "we do not need parfocalness, don't care about focus breathing, let's make it a 3f to make it smaller and cheaper" e.t.c Certainly some things seem overpriced, but there must be a reason or more for that. We should be more pragmatic with our expectations and stop complaining all the time. If something is more expensive than we can afford, we can go a tier down, or buy used.
  20. You don't care for parfocalness and focus breathing? Then you are very lucky because there are millions of such lenses that start from 1$... The Sigma is not parfocal, "almost" parfocal is not a thing. Sometimes the opinions here is like a horse is talking about scotch whiskey. We want them cheap, fast, great focal range, smallish and lightish, and pretty good for video, and cheaper more!
  21. Another thing with the boom mic is that the framing is very tight, so the boom mic should have been 5-10cm from her head.
  22. If you compare the distance between the piano man and the couch people is the difference between usable and non usable sound on a professional setup. The difference between the other take and the piano man is definitely 1/3 less and closer to 1/2 in my opinion. Maybe 2/5s. You have to realize that in professional sets we fight to gain even a few centimeters for better sound. A lot of times we literally fight, and shout with directors/cameramen/DoPs. Sometimes @IronFilm is too protective to our trade!
  23. This an a list job with probably Schoeps and probably the usable sound is of the man on the piano. Usually they are doing a wide and a close up of the piano player - the right sound position, and a double on the couch and maybe one or two close ups of the people there.
  24. It's good to have the options, just the P4K is a more sensible choice for more people. I had the money and the will to buy the 6K, just couldn't justify the workflow and the inconvenience however hard I was pushing it in my mind! @BTM_Pix I didn't want it to sound like an "I told you so" comment, sorry if it sounded like this, that wasn't even the case back then, I was typing with the one hand doing sound with the other and I didn't really processed my replies! I was trying to find another comment, that it was spot on about the popularity of two cameras but I just found the above, and that's that. I still believe that the next step will be 8K and that will be our next purchase, until then we will see a few more 6K cameras, when the market will be more mature.
  25. They do not care, they just wanted to cover all their bases before anyone released an 6K camera.
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