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  1. I recently upgraded to a new laptop that can actually handle Resolve Lite, which only occasionally worked on my previous laptop, so I threw in some old EOS M (with Canon FD 35-105mm 3.5) footage I shot behind the scenes of a music video in 2017 or '18. I just wanted to see what Resolve Lite could do with this old 8 bit footage scaled to 4K, with the WB pushed to a cooler tone, and 16mm grain added. There's no music as I only made this for my own reference, but decided to share anyway for anyone else who might be curious, or just for EOS M fans. I still have one and it I still think it looks pr
  2. It goes above your budget but I just switched from the Blackmagic Micro to the Panasonic G9. In 4K the Ex Tele Crop mode gives you a 2.8x crop, very close to the 2.88x crop of the original Pocket and Micro. I got one used with Vlog already installed for $900. I'm very thrilled by this camera. You can get a 4K s16 without all the horrible moire and IR pollution. With Vlog and the Panasonic Vlog lut I'm getting great color and dynamic range. Plus with a focal reducer I have s35, and of course the native MFT sensor crop as well. And I can still use all my c-mount lenses. And I have IBIS and good
  3. I used to have one. You only get prores and raw with an external SSD. And the Rolling shutter is pretty bad, even with fairly slow pans. And it's bad in both 4k and 1080p. Otherwise you can get a nice image out of it, with a lot of detail retained in the highlights.
  4. The SmallRig HDMI cable is pretty small and flexible. It's not angled but also doesn't stick out far.
  5. I'm rebuilding my kit and just got the Feelworld Lut7 7" monitor mainly for the price/brightness ratio (2200 nits/$269) and it's good but it's way too big and heavy for me, even without the f970 batteries. So I'm going to return it. I'm looking for a 5" (ish) monitor that's bright enough to be visible in daylight without horrible reflections, that runs on f970 batteries but won't drain them in a short time, for the $300 range. I've read good things about the Atomos Shinobi so I'm leaning toward that. The Portkeys BM5 is intriguing but maybe a bit too expensive. I thought I'd toss it to you guy
  6. I know a couple of guys who bought brand new Red cameras, cine lenses, and gimbals but didn't own lights, or had one or two of those $50 Neewer LED panels you can buy in pairs on Amazon.
  7. After dipping into LED lights with my Godox SL60W a couple years ago, last year I decided to go all LED. I have 2 more SL60W lights, a Falcon Eyes F7, an Aputure MC (my first Aputure light and basically a mini Falcon Eyes F7) and Lume Cube 2.0 (a decent little kicker light). I might also get the Godox S30 and LC500R.
  8. I was excited for the Media Devision video and watched it in full the other day. A few months ago I finally put together a new FD lens set that I converted to EF mount and de-clicked: 20mm 2.8, 24mm 2.8, 35mm 2, 50mm 1.4, and 85mm 1.8. I also have the 35-105mm 3.5 and 80-200mm 4 zooms but I haven't converted them. And I have a really shitty copy of the 24mm 2 that maybe I'll get repaired if it's not crazy expensive. The nFD lenses have been my favorite lenses for a long time, so I'm satisfied with the little kit I have, even if it is the "budget" option vs "Luxury" option. They're still sharp
  9. Wow, I feel really stupid for selling my BMMCC for a GH5. It's fine, but it just wasn't really doing it for me. I returned it, but now the used prices on the Micro and the original BMPCC on ebay seem to have gone up stupid high. The last BMMCC I had I got for $555 and it included an Olympus 17mm 1.8 that I sold, within minutes of listing on ebay, for like $250. I want my old camera back.
  10. Can anyone who's owned the BMPCC original and/or BMMCC compare those to the 1080p from the P4K? I want the slightly soft but finely detailed, sharp but not too sharp, rich, nice color and skin tone look of the BMPCC/BMMCC but with the more convenient body and features of the P4K (big touch screen, better low light, bigger sensor, 120fps, the ability to bake in a lut in prores). I've seen a convincing side by side video where the P4K was made to match the original BMPCC, but I honestly kinda suck at that sort of thing, plus I hate the added time and work in post so I want to try and achieve the
  11. I'm getting the GH5. I just want something less fussy that I can use with minimal-to-no rigging/grading. And I like the idea of the Open Gate mode and the 4k Tele Crop that gives you a s16 image area so I can still use my c-mount lenses. Plus the high frame rate options. Although I'm keeping my FD lenses (I'm also getting the Mitakon focal reducer) and converting my 85mm f/1.8 and 24mm f/2.8 to EF mount to finish off the set.
  12. If anyone wants to try this camera out, I'm selling mine. I made a post in the "Gear For Sale" section.
  13. I'm clearing out a bunch of gear to make way for more gear, because I have a problem. BMMCC + SmallRig Cage/HDMI Clamp + Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB card (this is an older one that is compatible) + Wasabi LP-E6 battery + Lanparte LP-E6 DC Coupler (dummy battery), Tilta NP-F Battery Sled, DC cable. Everything is in great condition with a bit of cosmetic wear. $600 Metabones BMPCC .58x Speed Booster Canon EF Mount (compatible with BMMCC and BMPCC Original/Super 16 sensors only) - Glass is clean and clear $350 Can
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