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  1. My fellow lens nerds, I need some lens advice. I just got the GH5 again, and I was toying around with the nifty focus transition (focus pulling) feature with the only native MFT lens I still have: the Panasonic 25mm 1.7. I love it so much I want to fill out a set of native maybe 3 native lenses so I can use this feature in narrative film projects. I have a nice set of FD lenses and a follow focus, but I love the idea of just being able to tap the screen to pull focus. So I was thinking of getting more Panasonic lenses, but I'm not a huge fan of the 20mm focal length, and I've gotten sick of 14mm. So I'm also considering Olympus lenses. I prefer 17mm (35mm FF equiv is my favorite FOV) and it does have a longer lens at the tele end at 45mm. But I honestly kinda want longer a longer focal length than 45mm or 42.5mm (something closer to 150-200mm FF equiv) and the only options there are more pricey zoom lenses. Does anyone know if the focus transition feature in video only work with native lenses, or could EF lenses with an electronic adapter/focal reducer also work? I'm just trying to consider all options.
  2. Update: I pried the fucking thing off with a screwdriver. Everything still works properly, but I added a few scuff and scratched to the aperture ring. But now I have to get to work, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to shoot some actual test footage.
  3. I already came across that video, which is for the Angenieux 6-80mm. This 8-64mm doesn't have normal screws on the side like that. There are some kind of smooth screws or pegs or something. I honestly am not sure what they are or how to remove them. It even looks kinda like they're cemented in or something. I know this part can be removed because Pro 8mm removes them from this specific lens for their Max 8 modified cameras, I just don't know how.
  4. Just got the Angenieux in the mail. This lens looks practically unused, except for some scuffs on the lens cap. It even comes with its original caps and lens hood. Focus and zoom are super smooth. I did a flashlight test and only saw a faint amount of dust particles inside. It's gorgeous. But now I have to get the reglomatic motor off, and I'm not sure how it can be done. The Schneider 6-66mm had a few simple screws to remove but this lens seems a bit different. I would ask cantsin but he hasn't posted here since 2018.
  5. I'm starting to test out raw shooting with this camera again. The mlvapp workflow is definitely faster with my Macbook Air M1 than with my old PC when I first tried out raw 5 years ago. I just got a good deal on an Angenieux 8-64mm f/1.9 (as well as a loupe and pistol grip for Super 8 style shooting) that I'm dying to try out.
  6. Octopus Cinema Camera actually posted yesterday about a side project they're working on using their software with the Raspberry Pi camera. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaaLmwyKNhO/
  7. Luckily I have dainty little lady hands that are good for the glut of tiny cameras on the market.
  8. I'm excited. I was actually re-doing the color grade with FilmConvert nitrate for a short I shot on the a6300 years ago but haven't finished, and was blown away by how much I could recover overexposed shots on Slog2, and how good the "bad" Sony color looked with FCN. If I can do the same with the RX10 II footage, then it might be the perfect camera for me: fixed motorized fast zoom lens with great range, manual focus/zoom ring, clickless aperture ring, log, stabilization, nearly s16 sensor size so I can get manageable DOF for pulling focus but also still able to get a shallow enough DOF for close-ups.
  9. I coincidentally just bought one today for dirt cheap. I wanted one about 5 years ago but it was still a little pricey for me at that time. I'm excited to playa round with it, especially in Monochrome.
  10. I recently rebought the Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 which was the first native wide angle prime I ever bought back in my GH1 days. This is from a lighting test but I like how it looks, so here you go. This is shot wide open on the G9 in 4K, CineV. Graded with FilmConvert Nitrate (Fuji Astia 100).
  11. Can't believe I forgot to put these gems in my previous post:
  12. My favorite short film: And a bunch of other favorites: Darkness/Light/Darkness by Jan Svankmajer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1THMc9g5SaU&t=2s Also Antoine and Collette by Francois Truffaut. Not on youtube it seems but I believe is on the Criterion Channel.
  13. The Last Picture Show is one of my all time favorites. I also liked his first film, Targets.
  14. So, I'm having issues using my Canon nFD lenses with a follow focus (Tilta Mini). They keep slipping, which is not a problem I have with my Rokinon 12mm Cine lens. I thought maybe it was just the rubber Tilta seamless gear on the lens, so I tried one of the gears with my shitty Sakar 28mm FD (breech lock mount) and it worked perfectly. That lens does have a very smooth focus ring, and I realized the Canon lenses have a lot more friction/resistance in their focus ring. Are these my copies of the lens, or do others have this experience? I was thinking of getting a couple of different lenses (24-28mm, 50mm) to use for video instead of the FDs. It's a shame because I love these lenses, but either having them serviced or buying multiple copies and comparing is going to be too expensive. I had also read a while back that the older breach lock FD lenses were better for cine use. Any recommendations for lenses in the standard nFD price range that are suitable for cine use? I don't want to get a whole new set of expensive glass, but 2 lenses are all I really need with the G9 since I already have the Rokinon 12mm for wides, plus an FD focal reducer, and ETC mode for more focal length options.
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