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  1. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Not sure what the deal was but I exported in prores hq- massive difference! Quality was also much better!!
  2. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I will try that. I checked the source files and it’s not an error in the actual file so it must be something with the encoding screwed up. I came across a thread or two of hardware affecting exporting in resolve with artificers and other weirdness. Maybe this is it? Surely not. I’ll do as you suggest and report back!
  3. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Help....I just exported two versions of a video i have been working on for a few weeks. This is my first time exporting from Resolve 16. I used the stock 1080p and 4k YouTube preset and had it upload straight to my youtube. The footage itself is a6500 4k footage downscaled in post to 1080p. The problem is that randomly every 30 second frames or so is a frame that is noticeably horrible quality interlaced in the other frames. At first I thought it was a YT glitch but upon checking the exported video files themselves..sure enough. Every so often the video has a random frame that looks like 240p interlaced in the normal 1080p frames. WHAT IN THE HECK? How do I fix this. The actual project itself doesn't have this it's all good A6500 footage. Any ideas?
  4. I mean the flip up screen would be cool and I’ve tried it out, but I see no need to for my needs at the moment. I do want to eventually kit it out with a monitor on the hot shoe but not a necessity for a hobbiest filmmaker by any means.
  5. As an A6500 owner and primarily handheld, fun & gun type shooter, I have been very happy with my setup. I don’t vlog but the only native lens I own is the Sony 35mm1.8. It gets the job done! I have nervous hands in general but the ibis does help. When I hold the camera up to my eye, that third point of contact really helps and at times gives the appearance of a locked off shot. Still debating if the small rig cage/wooden grip wouldn’t help a bit in handheld work but for now I’ve only shot handheld or using a small mini tripod.
  6. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Okay I need some help..I'm cutting together a project and I can see that my clips are linked/unlinked however, Resolve doesn't seem to be letting me drag them or edit as a link clip without selecting both audio and video. When selecting both and hitting the link clip command I see the linked lock on both audio/video tracks in the left hand corner however again, when I click on a blank part of the timeline and then click on the newly-linked clip, it only selects either the audio or video (whatever I clicked) and is not truly behaving as a "linked" clip. Any suggestions? I'm sure this boils down to my newbness in Resolve but I am using the 16 beta.
  7. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I’m sure this has been asked before but pardon my laziness! I am using resolve 16 beta on a 2012 MacBook Pro i7 Retina. Quite the ancient machine yet still usable thanks to optimized media workflow! While cutting 4K a6500 footage on a 1080p timeline it is very smooth. My question is in color grading... sometimes it’s as if when using the color tab that playback is struggling which is odd because I don’t have those issues on the edit tab. Is there a setting I need to make sure is on to get smooth playback from the color tab? Finally, what is the preferred workflow for color grading? I recently discovered the adjustment layer and have been using that (hangover from premiere pro) but do most just use the nodes and copy over to the various clips?
  8. I’m a peter fan but for some reason just haven’t bonded with his lut pack. I can’t ever get them to look right. I would recommend the a6500 as I’ve owned one for nearly a year now and haven’t looked back. Awesome features for the price. Check out refurb on adorama. Mine is basically new and was $800 or so.
  9. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Nice Chris! For me its mainly just familiarity with simple things like adding a white matte with text etc. I’m fairly used to editing in resolve and do enjoy it overall over premiere pro. I’ll get there eventually!
  10. Dustin

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Still trying to get my handle on resolve. Recently had to download the free trial of premiere again (PP user for 5+ years) as the workflow in resolve I’m still not quite used to. Glad its free though! (For what I need it for). Mostly this was due to workflow differences, I’m more used to adobe’s motion titles as opposed to fusion. I can’t wrap my head around fusion at all...
  11. What everyone has said pretty much man. Every camera has a weakness. I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of these. If AF is your TOP priority don’t go GH5. Again though i don’t think any of the cameras mentioned out there would disappoint. I went from a Nikon d5300 to a 6500 and I’ve been blown away by the video features on these bodies.
  12. Unreal! I purchased a refurbished basically like new a6500 in June from Adorma for around $800. I agree with your post this would be a much better deal. This is def one of those “what were they thinking” products.
  13. @Kangaroo the g7 is the way to go, out of the cameras mentioned. I shoot on an a6500 and like others have said downscaling isn’t any more work than dragging your footage into the timeline. I use resolve so it automatically downscales my footage to match my project. And you get super sharp 1080p footage.
  14. I just wanted to report, after shooting around the holidays with my A6500 in 4k 24fps and 1080 120fps, I wanted to test Davinci Resolve's Optimize Media render times. I must say I am IMPRESSED. I was able to make ProRes LT proxies and now my timeline is buttery smooth. The real kicker is the speed at which it was able to do this for me. In the past I had tried to use premiere to do this, but my computer would wind up crashing after 40 minutes. I was able to get around 80 4k clips and 40 120fps clips (various time lengths) optimized in around 45 minutes. I've been going crazy researching for a new laptop but my gosh perhaps, I can hold off and keep saving in the meantime with this awesome feature. Another tick in the pro's column for Davinci Resolve and another ding in the "Going Back to Premiere". (So far I really don't see myself going back..considering I'm on the free version and it's doing just fine...)
  15. @webrunner5 thanks for your input! I am behind on the gpu research as I wanted to keep the possibility of a hackintosh on there. I will update! Ideally I’d have two screens but as this is a budget machine for something that is only a hobby I figured a wide screen would help. In my 9-5 I have 2 screens and a vertical screen so yes that would be the ideal setup for sure!
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