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  1. I did buy mine new for $1k through BH but just wanted peace of mind. Kind of eyeing upgrading the body to an XT4 to get ibis but I mainly just shoot around for fun these days. My 16” MBP handles the h.265 footage pretty well in resolve. I have to admit, I love shooting 120fps and letting the camera slow it down, I know it’s not the best quality but so fun to instantly see my footage in slowmo.
  2. Personally don’t mind staying a bit behind the curve. I picked up a Fuji XT3 with the f2.8-4 kit last year and still love shooting with it. Fuji updated the AF to give us eye af tracking in video. The colors are worlds better than I was personally able to get when I had the Sony a6500. Hoping to pick up a cheap viltrox af lens soon for it as well. All this to say, no shame in going behind the latest!
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zhiyun-Crane-V2-3-Axis-Handheld-Gimbal-Stabilizer-Black-/265000590537?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Bump- I’ve reposted this on eBay. US only.
  4. Selling my gimbal, Zhiyun Crane V2. Never used outside of house. Bought new in March and literally have used it only a few times (just in my house) This gimbal is just not for me. $135 in US only. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zhiyun-Crane-V2-3-Axis-Handheld-Gimbal-Stabilizer-Black-/264982475573?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  5. Alright so after fooling around with the blasted computer app that wouldn't connect to the gimbal... I finally decided to try the phone app. (yes I know there are several reviews against this app but I took a chance). The app seemed to connect and I was able to "recalibrate" my gimbal by walking it through the 6 steps. Unfortunately, the behavior stays the same using just my Xt3 and Kit lens. Maybe I'm understanding gimbals wrong here but when I walk it's not supposed to randomly pan slightly right? Isn't the point of a gimbal to isolate the camera for smooth motion? Meaning if I'm trying to w
  6. I love shooting on my Olympus OM-2N! The Zuiko 50mm1.8 is really incredibly sharp with nice character.
  7. The high iso performance of my XT3 is worlds ahead of my previous experience. While 3200 and 6400 do add some noise; I find it looks more like film grain, which I don’t mind! Very usable.
  8. Hey Mark, curiously I wound up just now trying to balance my XT3 with the Kit Lens. For whatever reason - when trying to calibrate...I just can't seem to get the calibration tool to work. Pretty much ready to put this thing up for sale, unless anyone else has any ideas or success in calibrating their Zhiyun Crane V2 gimbal on MacOS? For whatever reason - the gimbal and the software were not picking each other up. Also you never see the V2 gimbal on the Zhiyun site, only the Crane and Crane 2. When balanced, the gimbal as-is with my XT3 just isn't calibrated. Barely moving the gimbal a fe
  9. Dustin

    NX1, baby!

    Video was hilarious!! It’s also still amazing that Samsung introduced all of that in 2014. So far ahead of the curve. But then left!
  10. @MrSMW So what did you end up with? I must say since you helped me get out of my Sony a6500 back in august and into a Fuji XT3, I could never go back! Personally just find the Fuji easier to use and the colors just seem to look better out of the box.
  11. Wow Andrew this is incredibly sad! While 2020 has no doubt, been hard on all industries, it would be an absolute shame to see beloved camera companies gone with the blink of an eye. The Kodak reference is spot on, as a 35mm film enthusiast, it’s quite stunning how complacent these huge corporations can become. While the video market may see Nikon’s offerings as out of touch and rightfully so, it would be a shame to see such a historic company become just a relic. Side note- hope everyone on this forum is surviving well during this pandemic! I purchased an XT3 in August but to be honest, h
  12. What I'm talking about! Thanks man. Found this video and will give this all a shot.
  13. I appreciate your thoughts man. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the why. Just seems that if the gimbal was properly balanced I shouldn’t have had it acting on its own.. Anyways, this is a hobby for me not my nine to five so I will either keep trying to give it a go but you may see a crane v2 for sale on eBay soon...
  14. Wound up just doing photos on this job. Couldn’t get the gimbal balanced without the described behavior above. I looked up the approx weight of the xt3 and 10-24f4 but totaled, the weight shouldn’t be more than the advertised Crane V2 capacity of 4lbs? Does anyone else think perhaps the crane v2 couldn’t handle the weight or did I just set up the gimbal wrong?
  15. I’ve since read that the maximum weight capacity of the v2 (not the 2) is 3.9 lbs? The 10-24 I’m renting feels like a couple pounds alone. Perhaps it’s either just a bit too heavy or I just don’t have it balanced enough. Shouldn’t the gimbal keep the camera steady from moving unless you tell it to? Isn’t that the whole point of a gimbal? Like when I use it with the mode where it will only pan with the zhiyun joystick on the back; even then the camera seems to slightly veer left or right and I can definitely see the camera moving subtley. Any advice would be appreciated
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