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  1. Have one coming next week. 33mm 1.4. Looking forward to it
  2. Update, I’ve made an offer on the Viltrox 33 f1.4. Even if video af is a bit jumpy, should be fun to mess around with for the price.
  3. Right I love the 18-55 I have for the OIS. I may wait a year and upgrade to the XT4. I will add, handheld with the xt3 has way less rolling shutter than the Sony stuff. I think I’m going to price shop but will pick up either a 35 or 50ish prime. Wanting around $200 used or new with AF, which is why I might have to jump to $300.
  4. Do you have the XC or XF version?
  5. For me it’s a budget thing. I only shoot for fun not for money so as much as I’d want the 16-55, other hobbies and life needs come first haha. The primes are tempting
  6. Thanks again for your thoughts sir! I suppose I actually wish that I had gotten the 2.8 but honestly the 18-55 isn’t bad at all for what it is. Now that it’s getting nice I’m itching to start shooting again so I’m brainstorming what I want in my Arsenal. I’m thinking picking up a prime for the longer end 50mm ish will give me enough options to keep happy since f4 at 50mm isn’t bad not quite as fun as f2 or 1.4…
  7. Thanks! Yeah the price is really what attracts me to the viltrox. Should’ve named this best budget af lens for the money on Fuji. I’ll look at the f2 as well
  8. It’s a Monday…. Def could alter the title. Appreciate your thoughts
  9. Hey all, been a Fuji XT3 owner since August of 2020. Enjoying this system coming from Sony especially with the stock kit lens 18-55 f2.8-4. Seems though that affordable, af, native glass is Fuji’s gotcha. I’ve seen the Viltrox lineup around $300 per, is this the best, affordable, AF lens lineup for the x mount on video? I don’t think there is a nifty fifty in the Fuji range? I realize if I want to go manual there are a host of options… just wanting some opinions on cheap AF glass in the Fuji line.
  10. As an XT3 owner I must chime in and say while I do think the AF is slightly behind Sony, you definitely should give the update a go. It has really great eye af in video now with the update. I love shooting with the Fuji mainly for the awesome stock film profiles which I think just make it easy to shoot quick. If I was doing pro work i would probably play with FLog more but I mainly shoot eterna
  11. I did buy mine new for $1k through BH but just wanted peace of mind. Kind of eyeing upgrading the body to an XT4 to get ibis but I mainly just shoot around for fun these days. My 16” MBP handles the h.265 footage pretty well in resolve. I have to admit, I love shooting 120fps and letting the camera slow it down, I know it’s not the best quality but so fun to instantly see my footage in slowmo.
  12. Personally don’t mind staying a bit behind the curve. I picked up a Fuji XT3 with the f2.8-4 kit last year and still love shooting with it. Fuji updated the AF to give us eye af tracking in video. The colors are worlds better than I was personally able to get when I had the Sony a6500. Hoping to pick up a cheap viltrox af lens soon for it as well. All this to say, no shame in going behind the latest!
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zhiyun-Crane-V2-3-Axis-Handheld-Gimbal-Stabilizer-Black-/265000590537?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Bump- I’ve reposted this on eBay. US only.
  14. Selling my gimbal, Zhiyun Crane V2. Never used outside of house. Bought new in March and literally have used it only a few times (just in my house) This gimbal is just not for me. $135 in US only. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zhiyun-Crane-V2-3-Axis-Handheld-Gimbal-Stabilizer-Black-/264982475573?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  15. Alright so after fooling around with the blasted computer app that wouldn't connect to the gimbal... I finally decided to try the phone app. (yes I know there are several reviews against this app but I took a chance). The app seemed to connect and I was able to "recalibrate" my gimbal by walking it through the 6 steps. Unfortunately, the behavior stays the same using just my Xt3 and Kit lens. Maybe I'm understanding gimbals wrong here but when I walk it's not supposed to randomly pan slightly right? Isn't the point of a gimbal to isolate the camera for smooth motion? Meaning if I'm trying to w
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