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  1. What I'm talking about! Thanks man. Found this video and will give this all a shot.
  2. I appreciate your thoughts man. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the why. Just seems that if the gimbal was properly balanced I shouldn’t have had it acting on its own.. Anyways, this is a hobby for me not my nine to five so I will either keep trying to give it a go but you may see a crane v2 for sale on eBay soon...
  3. Wound up just doing photos on this job. Couldn’t get the gimbal balanced without the described behavior above. I looked up the approx weight of the xt3 and 10-24f4 but totaled, the weight shouldn’t be more than the advertised Crane V2 capacity of 4lbs? Does anyone else think perhaps the crane v2 couldn’t handle the weight or did I just set up the gimbal wrong?
  4. I’ve since read that the maximum weight capacity of the v2 (not the 2) is 3.9 lbs? The 10-24 I’m renting feels like a couple pounds alone. Perhaps it’s either just a bit too heavy or I just don’t have it balanced enough. Shouldn’t the gimbal keep the camera steady from moving unless you tell it to? Isn’t that the whole point of a gimbal? Like when I use it with the mode where it will only pan with the zhiyun joystick on the back; even then the camera seems to slightly veer left or right and I can definitely see the camera moving subtley. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. So I’m renting a Fuji 10-24 f4 for a few days to do some real estate photography for a friend. I purchased a gimbal in the title the crane v2 back in March. I’ve only toyed around with it slightly. Last night I was so frustrated I’m about ready to sell it. I followed several videos on how to balance the gimbal and it appeared to be sitting level on my stand yet when I fired it up the camera would be level, yet as I started walking its like I lose control of the direction. I’m not telling the gimbal to pan but as I walk the camera will make these micro movements to the left or the right. I also
  6. Sounds to me like the pocket 6K should be a good fit for ya. As long as you don’t need AF I can’t see why you would miss the c100 mk ii
  7. Good to know! I was going to say, the OIS in this kit lens is better than any I’ve ever had. I have a few Nikon primes I’ll eventually buy a dumb adapter/speedbooster for. Particularly my 100mm 2.8 e series Nikon prime. Really enjoying this camera so far, especially the colors.
  8. I’ll have to give this a shot and see for myself. I appreciate the explanation! So this doesn’t happen with the 16-55 f2.8? The only reason I didn’t get that lens was $$ and it didn’t have OIS which I figured would be of much help on the xt3. I do have a zhiyun crane v2 but for everyday shooting I’d prefer a lens with OIS. I’m loving the kit lens otherwise but am definitely seeing the benefits of a 2.8 zoom. I used to have a tamron 17-50 f2.8 that I loved. Might pick up one of the cheap XC prime lens to get that ultra shallow depth of field when needed!
  9. Huh that’s odd! I haven’t noticed yet likely due to spending time with the camera. On that note, which of the affordable primes would you recommend for video? I was looking at the XC and XF models. Wish they had OIS though
  10. As a new Fuji xt3 owner, can someone enlighten me on the exposure stepping with the 18-55 2.8-4? You mean to say when you zoom in, not only the f stop changes but the iso does (without technically changing)? Ive only owned this kit for a few days, still learning the ins and outs. Loving it so far. Mainly have just shot 10 bit h.265/Eterna
  11. I just sold my Sony a6500 setup in three seperate auctions for the body and two lenses. Everything went smoothly thus far but on the auction for the a6500, I did get a ton of bogus offers wanting my paypal address with a stock message (they were all identical). Plus they offered more than my buy it now price so I knew it wasn’t legit. The other two land this week so hopefully no complaints!
  12. Hey all! I have a viltrox Nikon f to Sony e mount speedbooster available for sale. Asking $100 plus shipping. Only shipping within the US.
  13. Got it! I’ll have to do my own experiments I guess and find what works best but this seems like a good starting point.
  14. @ade towell good to hear. So you didn’t have to do anything crazy in resolve with F-Log? @MrSMW So what dr do you typically run the camera at? 200% reasonable for iso of 320?
  15. I saw a few threads where it had been mentioned that flog had some issues with highlights/blacks clipping in resolve and maybe others. Is this still an issue with the x-T3? Also am I correct that flog has a base iso of 640 but you can reduce the dynamic range to enable a lower iso? How much does this hurt your final image? I plan to use the Eterna film stock but do want to try f-log
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