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  1. Just an update, it does seem from reading around that this My Menu bug affected X-T5 and users were told to limit items to only one page of My Menu instead of two. I tried this realizing that damn near everything can be accessed in the quick menu on my X-S20 instead, and after many tests it does seem to patch the issue. Some users seem to report it never occurring on their camera and others say it still occurs. Funny I didn’t recall seeing this mentioned in any of the few X-S20 or many X-T5 reviews on the internet.. My review as of one month owning and using is this: * Great image SOOC. If you hate color grading like me, this is the price I’m willing to ignore most of the downfalls * Better grip than XT3, smaller body but not too small. Lack of d-pad and only one stick for navigating that kind of sucks sometimes * Usable touch screen *Good battery life \ poor battery access depending if on a tripod (not issue for me, hardly ever use a tripod) * IBIS is usable depending on use case. I have notoriously shaky hands, and this simply works for me. I’m not trying to film myself, vlogging style, just trying to get stable handheld and it works great here. *My Menu software bug. Hopefully this gets fixed because if not, limited to no use of my menu. * Limited physical buttons on camera. However there are touch screen has swipe functions * “Q” button helps lack of physical buttons by access to almost anything via a pop up menu. Including frame rates, codecs, pet auto focus etc Not a comprehensive review but for anyone who is browsing thinking about the x-s20, these are my thoughts after 1 month.
  2. Few more searches around internet reveal a Reddit thead where apparently many were complaining about a similar “MyMenu” crash, when using their XT5. I’ve removed almost all of the items I had in my menu and it did help. Weird! They need to fix that because what’s the freaking point of using my menu otherwise! Will be calling Fuji on Monday for sure. Granted, on the XS20, most of the items you need to access can be accessed from Q mode, but that sucks that My Menu has a bug. Didn’t have that on the XT3.
  3. Appreciate it. Might have to try a factory reset because I’ve tried a fresh sd card that is the compatible card from Fuji on their XS-20 sd card compatibility page. Not sure what the hell happened, but no matter what lens I’m on, when I am in my menu it will freeze up and only when I eject the battery, the screen turns off. I’m on the latest 1.13 firmware and it only happens when trying to page up or down out of my menu. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll be giving Fuji a call Monday!
  4. For what it’s worth, I’ve reformatted the card. Hopefully no weird issues. Noticed Bluetooth was randomly on so I’ve turned that off. Also noticed sometimes on the XT3 if boost mode wasn’t on weird things would happen so I left it on, gonna try keeping that on as well. Only getting 45 minutes of 4k or 6.2k footage at 360mbs. Could have sworn I had more time using 400mpbs on the XT3, but alas that camera is sold so I can’t reference. Maybe I was shooting 200mpbs and I can’t remember. For casual shooting, switching to 200mpbs should still be fine right?
  5. Jumping back on this thread in hopes Fuji users can help me. I’ve noticed some weirdness using the XS20 camera this weekend indoors shooting family clips that I need some help on: 1) upon booting the camera on, the screen froze up and wouldn’t let me page down to another menu. Turning the camera off seemed to not change the screen, it was still on. I then had to remove the battery to get screen to go off. I did notice I got a write error on my Sony Tough v60 128gb card before the first time this happened. But in casual shooting I’ve not encountered this. 2) On my XT3; my above mentioned Sony 128gb v60 card seemed to do fine shooting 4k 400mb. I can’t remember what codec I shot, think I went long gop and 400mb. Yet on the XS-20 shooting all-I at 360mb really seems to eat up card space. Not shooting open gate 6k either. I wonder if it’s because the XT3 I was storing pictures on one card, video another? Also sometimes clips are a bit sluggish, is this due to the read/write speed? I’ve ordered a Lexar 2000x professional 128gb v90 card I got on a sale hoping the faster read/write speeds and v90 will help resolve camera weirdness? It is one of the recommended ones for my camera, as I realized the other Sony one was not on the recommended list. Basically, has anyone experienced above camera frozen screen issue and what cards are you using/how much can you shoot with what codec you are using?
  6. Just wanted to conclude this thread. Thanks for those who championed the XS20 over the XT4. I think I will enjoy using it for the next few years to come. After about a day or two of minimal time to play and review some clips as well as setup, here are my initial thoughts. Cons first. It has taken a bit of getting used to the lack of extra buttons and dials (more on that later). SD card is back to the prosumer style over the XT3 of being buried in the battery slot. Viewfinder while quality seems usable to me, I find the actual viewfinder a bit small but also no nice eye cup and I think using a 3rd party eye cup would also cut out functionality of the few extra function buttons that for some reason is right near the EVF. I would prefer more navigational buttons over using combo of touch screen/single joystick, plus the actual menu/back buttons are physically small for someone with large hands. I need more testing but finally, I don’t like that when using my Fuji 2.8-4 kit lens, IBIS is automatically enabled when using OIS lenses. Now I’m going to assume based on what I’ve read it’s using a combination and perhaps need to test turning off OIS and using ibis, but I wish you could turn this off and JUST use OIS. The camera doesn’t come with a traditional battery charger but rather a usb c cable and wall adapter. Since my camera came with a free second OEM Fuji battery, I’ve opted to purchase the Fuji two battery charger as well. Finally, apparently shooting H265 10 bit 4:2:2, I can’t figure out a way to make those files play in QuickTime on my MacBook Pro running Catalina. I’ve been using macs for the last 10+ years so I’m used to plugging in my SD card and space bar playing through the files. Was a small bummer I had to open resolve to play the files but maybe there is something I can do to fix? Initial Pros: Some of this will contradict above, however I do love the smaller body size! The added grip fits like a glove, and I think allows more stabilization; even though I think the XT line looks better. While I miss the physical shutter speed/ISO and other functions, I’m finding so far I don’t really need them. Camera has built in ISO button and a Q button where I’ve expanded the full menu to just hit this Q button when I need to change almost anything involved in filming from frame rates, to Resolution to picture profiles to IBIS etc. Additionally, the touch screen has many useful areas from selecting items to even touch functions for turning off/on customizable things. This helps take away the above con about lack of physical buttons I feel. So far in the way I use IBIS which is not vloggy whipnpan, or running following an actor, but rather just handheld slow static shots - it seems to work great. More testing is needed, but for tripod like shots, or slow movements like I prefer to use, looks good to me. Overall I think this was a worthy upgrade from my XT3 and I’m glad I sold it and bought this to get additional shooting options, possibility of FLOG2, and while certainly not the best, at least ability to use IBIS.
  7. Thanks man! Yeah I had decent experience with the wasabi on the XT3. Had about 5 batteries total. But will see how these two OEM Fuji batteries get me so far to get a gauge.
  8. Update: My XS20 came one day early. I must say, this is the first camera I’ve bought in years, where it didn’t include a battery charger but rather a usb c to usb c cable and wall port. Now the camera store I bought it from included an extra OEM Fuji battery free of charge however, the dual Fuji battery charger is about the same price so I guess it evened out. Build quality feels a little less than XT3 I had, but not in a bad way just is what it is. I think I will actually like the simple controls and smaller size. Overall feels very solid still, not quite a pro body but wasn’t expecting it to feel that way. I think the smaller size will also make it more discrete when shooting in public or on vacation. Looking forward to shooting with it this weekend and getting some test footage.
  9. Interesting! My plan is to get the camera in Friday and test how I like the IBIS with what I have. Kinda wish that lens had ibis.
  10. I take receipt of the X-S20 this Friday, excited. Is that sigma 18-50 f2.8 this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/374949152303?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=oY5tzw50Ree&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=r-74yDOHTz2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY How is this lens with Fuji AF and how does the ibis handle? I used to have a d5300 and tamron 17-50 2.8 and loved that lens
  11. Ah thank you sir! Not too worried for me about FLOG. Coming from the XT3, I tried it out but the appeal with the Fuji stuff is the film profiles and that Eterna simulation. I had a chance to get a Panasonic at $1,500 however, since I already own the 18-55 2.8-4, and Viltrox 33mm, 13mm 1.4 primes, didn’t make sense for me to go Panasonic since the AF lenses are so expensive.
  12. Hey man, I’ll be joining you as an X-S20 user in the next week. Just sold my XT3 and a gimbal to swap for the newest Fuji tech and to gain IBIS. Couple questions for you: 1) How does IBIS when holding camera steady for slow pan or standing still handheld shots work? All the YouTuber reviews of Fuji ibis demonstrate it in a way I would never use- ie walking, running swinging left and right. 2) Have you noticed any issues with Dynamic Range? I saw the CineD video with a $1,200 anamorphic lens. Looked fine to me as have other clips I’ve seen. I think having the same sensor as my XT3 which I loved, and 6k plus 10 but 4:2:2, should be pretty good. I’m looking forward to testing this camera out for myself. I may make a public YouTube as well because for whatever reason, there aren’t too many reviews on YouTube of this camera yet that show what I want to see and not click bait bull.
  13. Ok, two days from this post, I have an X-S20 on the way. Looking forward to trying it out.
  14. Well that is one I’m eyeing! I think I might go for it since the XT3 has sold and if something comes out better I can always flip it. The raw video features have me thinking too. Crazy.
  15. Wow, that adds another into the mixture. Just finished cutting a little home film of a trip I took, shot in Eterna profile. I’m not a fanboy of any brand, I’ve had Nikon then Sony now Fuji. The Fuji had had the most natural colors of any brand and for my purposes; seems like the eterna just nails the look I want SOOC. But Canon AF is better from what I remember, decisions! Just need my XT3 to sell!
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