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  1. Dustin

    Gimbal for XT3

    Any ideas for fine tuning the calibration with the Weebil S? I probably need to watch some additional videos. I’ve used auto-tune after balancing the gimbal best I could and everything works great. However, sometimes in certain modes like selfie or underslung, the front motor starts vibrating with the Viltrox 13mm 1.4 on a Ulanzi quick plate system. With the kit lens, no quicknplate, I didn’t get this. Maybe I need to pull the plate a bit backwards on one of the axises to take weight off the front motor? After hitting the trigger button twice in the scenario above, a quick camera reset gets the camera back in the default position and the other modes seem to work with no apparent weight issues.
  2. Dustin

    Gimbal for XT3

    Yeah I just purchased a set of quick release plates for my tripod and hoping it doesn’t through off the weight too much! Recently purchased the Coman video tripod and monopod combo, so far not bad considering price. I think I def have some fine tuning to do in the gimbal but I’m just so inexperienced shooting or even setting up. Luckily tons of videos on the Weebil S got me through and I made a few videos. I think I’ll only use a few of the modes anyways…vortex mode for example is such a specific shot. But so far actually having fun learning to use this one and the weight is much lighter than the last Zhiyun gimbal I had that wouldn’t support my xt3.
  3. Dustin

    Gimbal for XT3

    Just updating for anyone who were to stumble across or want to know, the Weebil S in 2022, functions great for the X-T3. Was able to balance and get going rather fast. I’ve ordered some quick release plates to hopefully make swapping between a tripod and gimbal fast. Also I’ve purchased the new Viltrox 13mm f1.4 to try for real estate. Reviews I’ve seen have been highly favorable with apparent in-lens correction. We’ll see how it does!
  4. Dustin

    Gimbal for XT3

    We’ll after some internet research, and several lost auctions, just won an auction for a Weebil S. Will give this one a go and see how I like it.
  5. Dustin

    Gimbal for XT3

    Yep I’m currently looking at auctions for those. What about the SC, would it support the weight of the xt3, and a rokinon 35mm1.4, kit lens or possibly the Fuji 1018 f4?
  6. Dustin

    Gimbal for XT3

    Hey all it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here. I’m looking at purchasing a gimbal for an upcoming project on my XT3. I used to have a crane v2 but could never get it to balance properly. Not looking to spend a ton of money $300 or less, preferably used around $150, what gimbal would you recommend for the XT3? I’ve seen the Ronin S, Sc and weebil S seem to be recommended among various web research. I just want a steady gimbal I don’t need to the follow focus and all of that…
  7. Interesting stuff! Recently watched the film “The Conversation” shot back in 1974, really enjoyed the film look. Bringing this back to the thread, good work so far! I shoot 35mm film from time to time and use a Lightroom plugin called Negative Lab Pro, to convert my scans (using a plustek 8100). On the video side of things, I find the Fuji XT3, to have similar filmic looks enough for me but if I had a GH5, I would def try these out!
  8. Hey Andrew, just want to leave a comment of encouragement for whatever you decide to venture into! Your site found me in my college days as I was just about to graduate, looking for an affordable camera to make my own. Everyone was centered on the Canon line at my school; but your review of the Nikon D5200, caught my eye and I spent the next five years or so actively engaged in filmmaking/photography. (I now have a separate career but still keep a XT3 on hand for hobby) I particularly have enjoyed your honesty in the way you present the subject at hand. While I realize nothing lasts forever, just wanted to let you know I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing near-daily thru EOS-HD, for the last 7-8 years! This site, along with the profiles that made content I love on my Sony A6500, will be a cherished memory of mine should you decide to pursue a new creative outlet. Whatever lights the creative spark again, wishing you all the best!
  9. I own a Nikon fe2, the more affordable version of an FM and it’s a beast of a film camera and classy looking as well. I also own three of the FE primes which I believe we’re designed to be lightweight for the enthusiast. The 28,50 and 100 are seriously small which makes the whole system compact. I think Nikon needs to do a similar thing here, why not make a killer 28,50,85 video focused, primes for a retro body? I’ll stick with my Fuji Xt3
  10. It’s amazing that a lot of these YouTubers just need cameras to talk about making “content” which is just talking about consumerism! Crazy. I do understand though some people just like nerding out on gear and don’t actually want to be cinematographers or make films. To each their own but odd!
  11. Thanks Marcio. Yes I had a spare usb 2.0 to micro cable I had originally ordered for my a6500 however, after many iterations of hooking in various combinations, could not for the life of me get my MBP's thunderbolt adapter to recognize it. I assume perhaps somehow the macbook pro was seeing it as a charger cable for power only (which makes no sense) or more likely, the lens just didn't like it? Either way, I've ordered a second cable and hope this one will work as Amazon states it in the title to be Data and Charging. I recently realized Fuji released a more prosumer body in the X-S10 and I'm very intrigued with IBIS. For the minimal amount of shooting I have time to do right now though, I'm gonna keep the XT3 unless I see a really good deal on an XT4. I wish Fuji had more OIS lenses. I love the Fuji Eterna and Classic Chrome profiles and actually even like having shutter speed/iso dials on the camera - as I shoot film from time to time and love the convenience. I just wish more third-party companies could build in OIS to their lenses. I use to have a third party, Tamron 17-50 F2.8 that was awesome. I'm no lens expert but why do more lens manufacturers not do this - cost?
  12. Quick update on my purchase of the Viltrox 33mm 1.4, mixed so far. For the $260 I paid, i think it will be useful. First impressions, I think the AF is more useful for photo. The AF in video so far works good at single tracking but racking focus is a bit picky and not smooth like the 18-55 kit lens. I think there is a firmware update for it. A bit too busy to really put it through the pace but I think I shall keep it. Will report back here once I’ve spent a bit more time with it.
  13. Have one coming next week. 33mm 1.4. Looking forward to it
  14. Update, I’ve made an offer on the Viltrox 33 f1.4. Even if video af is a bit jumpy, should be fun to mess around with for the price.
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