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  1. This! If I didn’t already own an a6500 I would pick up this. I had thought about downsizing to it earlier this month. I don’t shoot enough to warrant switching right now. I think the g80/85 with a cheap speedbooster and some sharp primes would be the ticket for a good music video on the cheap! Do it!
  2. @Mark Romero 2 @zerocool22 I agree with both of your sentiments. I would’ve liked to have seen more wide screen test comparisons between all of these but I think the S1H really shines here! I really enjoy the way this guy does camera tests and the effort he took to making a basic kitchen look like a scene from a film. Pretty cool I think.
  3. Nice video on the S1H: https://youtu.be/gRXxnatRO8Q
  4. Agreed! Dark, inside b-roll...not the best choice for showing off the camera!
  5. Thanks man! I’ve decided I’m going to cool it a bit and start saving some money. When the time comes I’ll sell my a6500 kit to help! Not a bad camera but it certainly has its limits. Andrew’s pro color though really has a nice look to it!
  6. Hey all! After taking many of the good suggestions into considerations- I believe I will be selling my a6500 kit. It meets many of my needs but not all of them! With that money I am eyeing reinvesting into a (used) g85, GH5 or G9. Unless anyone else has similar suggestions! G85, is currently making the most sense as the profit I would net from my a6500 kit would allow me to reinvest in lenses (even though I love my Nikon primes they aren’t always the best fit!). Curious to hear your thoughts! For me, decent 4K codec, ibis, tolerable rolling shutter, slow mo options (60p or 120) and good color science with a flat profile, are my chief concerns.
  7. @IronFilm I appreciate your thoughts man! This would indeed allow me to pick up a kit well under budget. Seems like I could pick up a body really cheap then have money left over to buy a nice lens and rig. One option for sure!
  8. Thanks @mercer @IronFilm and @Mark Romero 2! I know I can’t defeat the laws of my camera and appreciate your advice! I’m not really in a rush to swap so I’m taking my time but I’m thinking maybe a GH5 in 2020 might be the route. I THOUGHT I needed Auto focus but to be honest, I think I value IBIS or good rolling shutter over it. I THOUGHT I would use slog2/3 but my best results so far have been using @Andrew Reid EOSHD pro color and pro log (the modified Cine4 profile). I suppose I could by a gimbal for $3-400 used but that wouldn’t solve all my needs. In 2020 I’m wanting a camera that with a cage can give me a good codec for grading, good IBIS, and a nice cinematic image. I think my a6500 is perfectly capable and I’ve gotten some nice results but it’s flaws are sticking out more and more since purchasing it two years ago. I also have a soft spot for the BMPCC4k with some of the images I’ve seen but I’m well aware that the $1200 entry point is just that, an entry point. Rigging it up as I want it would put me out of budget. I think I’m going to be scouring eBay for a cheap GH5 Kit or maybe a G9 once the update. I’ve been monitoring sold prices of a6500 packages. I’d have to sell my whole kit to get into anything new. Looks like around $500-800 is the going rate for a camera with a lens and a few batteries (I have 5 or 6 including the original Sony). Unless you guys have other gear ideas for around the same price points. Maybe it’s time to ditch the Sony?
  9. Shot a lot around the house during the holidays with my family. Got a lot of nice shots out of the Sony a6500 with the 35mm1.8. (Also enjoyed getting a few shots on the viltrox f to e mount speedbooster using a Nikon 28mm and 100mm 2.8 (series e) lenses.) I cut the video for personal family viewing this week and while overall I was satisfied with the edit- I’m sick and tired of the horrible rolling shutter in 4K! Background: I’ve owned this camera setup for 2 years. I mainly shoot hand held, on the go style videos. I’m a hobbyist and I’ll occasionally take a paid gig or two. This is mainly for fun, not my 9-5. I do take it the craft seriously though. I’ve seen guys like Matteo Bertoli argue that for handheld you really need to make the camera heavier. I’ve mainly used a manfrotto mini tripod as a ghetto shoulder rig with one leg on my shoulder and my fist holding the other two. This works in a pinch if I’m really steady. It’s not ideal for me personally. Results are mixed. Here is my question...would rigging up the a6500 to make it heavier, give me better handheld results - ie better rolling shutter control?? Something like a small rig cage/top handle? Any further stabilization ideas that don’t involve buying a gimbal?? (I own a monopod but rarely use it for quick style shooting). I’ve watched tons of videos about shooting better handheld, but no I won’t shoot 120fps (still can look shaky in slow mo), or rely on a camera strap!
  10. Ok stupid question- on the 100mm 2.8 shots, I’m noticing some dirt in the bokeh. I didn’t see this on the 28mm 2.8. Do I need to take a dust blower to the 100mm? Im assuming since I don’t see dirt on the 28 it must be the lens not the speedbooster right?
  11. Well just looked at image quality and I’m honestly impressed. I’m not doing anything scientific to compare but I’m liking the image. You get more of that full frame like fov. I’m not pixel peeping but I think for anyone looking for an affordable way to adapt vintage Nikon manual primes, you won’t be disappointed at only $80.
  12. Alright viltrox cheapo speedbooster is in my hands! Came in a nice case. Hard plastic but feels sturdy. I’m assuming I have to set the f ring to whatever lowest f stop my lens is? Put on my favorite 28mm lens and holy crap it’s like shooting full frame on my Nikon fe2 film body! FOV is similar! Still have my tree up so I plan to do some tests with nice Christmas bokeh this weekend. Curious to see image quality...
  13. Personally, I like Potato Jet. I think he has a funny personality, I like the way he puts his content together. I also like that he runs the gamut of everything from covering a 360 camera to buying a used ARRI. It personally makes for entertaining content on a subject I like. Is he making his living in part by getting brand deals, partnerships? Absolutely! But I do think on the surface level looking in, as others have stated- he seems to be fairly transparent. That said, if someone offers you a sneak peak at a big product to make a video review or let’s you keep it, even if no money is involved and you transparently state that, you are being used as a marketing arm for that company. Companies have taken to all the big youtubers so that on launch week, everyone suddenly has a review up. I think this goes both ways. It’s cool that we as consumers can get a look at said product, but it is consumerism. It is shoving paid promotion content at us. It also feeds a mentality that we need product xyz or everything we have is inferior. When it comes down to it- I like his stuff. If you’re asking about affordability- his vlog channel stated he has at least another roommate (besides his gf) at his house. I don’t think he’s living that glamorously. He probably is in debt (topic for another convo) unless he’s just a brand/product mastermind negotiator. But hey, makes for an entertaining watch every now and again.
  14. I think he got some nice shots with that sigma setup. I also liked the colors.
  15. I agree with you Andrew just crazy! My post was perhaps a bit too cheery. Mainly just meant to say cool specs, but not for me.
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