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  1. Well I live partially in Germany and partially in Switzerland and electronics are quite a bit cheaper in the latter (in contrast to literally everything else you could buy). Stores I have personally good experiences with in Germany but which aren’t necessarily the cheapest are the following. Camera TelTec.de Marcotec-shop.de Foto-Mundus.de Computer Alternate.de and then there’s of course Amazon for literally anything you could need.
  2. So I read it right that it’s impossible to use a field monitor with it?
  3. I keep looking for the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera all the time because it's clearly a bit better than the BMPCC for my needs but I have never seen it below 750€ used here in Germany and that's just not what I'm looking to part with. Also, and this probably sounds dumb, I am not sure I could ever go to a camera without IBIS again after the GH5. The fact that you can handhold static shots so well massively changed how much I actually use a tripod for casual stuff. That's also the single one grain of salt making me hesitant about the BMPCC4k.
  4. Phil A


    Probably an odd question because I‘m coming the other way around than most people: What are my camera choices for the Voigtländer 35mm f/1.4 or 40mm f/1.4 Nokton? I realize that I can use them natively on a M-mount camera or via adapter on every mirrorless system but I obviously want their intended FoV and characteristic and, as there’s no focal reducer for M-mount, that rules out the Leica M8, Fujifilm X and mFT cameras. I want a really basic, compact camera just to take portraits and still life pictures. Does someone know how bad these lenses perform on the original A7 or A7r due to the micro lens design? I find the M9 to still be really pricey and I don’t feel rangefinder focusing works well when relying on glasses (I’m short sighted so I can use EVF without glasses).
  5. Phil A


    The MD flange distance is shorter than EF unfortunately.
  6. Phil A

    Tripod with bowl

    Because I travel a lot, I have a Feisol tripod with a HDV701 head... and can safely say, it's rather trash. You'll just not get great pans/tilts with cheap and/or light grip gear, even more so when you go in a diagonal movement. I feel like traveling and grip gear collide massively in the logistic aspect. So I'm one of the people who just shoot locked off for the majority of stuff (which is my personal preference anyway) and bring a solid ball head instead of a fluid head. Everything that needs movement/tracking is handheld either with a gimbal or rig. That said, I got to finger around a Sachtler Ace and that was really nice. I wouldn't want to travel with it though.
  7. If you check on the left in your edit timeline, you can set for each track of video / audio if they will automatically move up when you delete something. I always directly deactivate that, I don't understand why it's on per default because I can't even count anymore how often I accidentally deleted video when I just wanted to delete the audio, etc.
  8. Phil A

    AXIOM Beta

    So was the big, original Blackmagic Ursa and that went the way of the dodo with no new sensor ever.
  9. Phil A

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I know the forum is mainly driven by lusting after gear and pixel peeping but if you should ever have the time and motivation, I would love to see a "behind the scenes" thread from you where you tell more about your process (without hijacking this one). Planning, shooting, post. I think your videos are some of the best I've ever seen by a participant of this forum.
  10. I always, on every system, shot macro with manual focus so I would get a lens that has good manual focus and adapt, i would totally not get anything with focus-by-wire.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikon_1_series It's not their first though, I don't understand why people keep saying that. Nikon was quite early with the 1 series, it's just that they developed completely independent of what customers wanted and the product kinda bombed.
  12. Great. I think the rendering, etc. is good and I like both the quality and quantity of bokeh when shooting wide open, where the lens is already sharp enough for my taste. Auto focus for photography is working well and together with Eye-AF leads to being able to let someone else take a picture (there's not a single good picture of myself taken with the Voigtländer because manual focus basically overburdens most people who aren't used to it). On the downside, you might have to adjust the focal reducer to get sharp pictures at infinity (and then still not get them if you get a slightly out of spec one) and it's not ideal for manual focus because often the combination of lens to adapter to camera has some rotational play when turning the focus ring (you can limit this by mounting the focal reducer to your cage and/or using a lens support on rails). Continuous auto focus on the GH5 is basically unusable with the combination but I found it also too unreliable with native Panasonic lenses. I'm taking quite a bit more pictures than video so that was a good decision for myself in my opinion.
  13. I've sold my Voigtländer 17.5mm for a combination of SpeedBooster + Sigma 30mm f/1.4 (EF mount). Missed the auto focus too much.
  14. Clearly 40mm and then something 70-85mm as a complimentary second. I also kinda like 50mm but in actual use there are too many situations where it's just a bit too tight.
  15. So we're now publicly shaming people and companies because the host of one of our favorite internet forums didn't get invited to a camera test event that he had no natural entitlement to be at (besides it being a good publicity opportunity for BMD)? While I can understand the disappointment of Andrew, I think the behavior displayed here will probably reduce future chances regarding any brands' involvements even more. Not exactly professional at all. Why is this forum always so god damn hostile?! I can't judge if John Brawley is a nice person or not because I don't know him, but I found it rather surprising he was even willing to fight it out with some of us arm chair experts. People here compare his behavior to how Roger Deakins behaves on his forum. Well, I have never seen the people on Deakins' forum question what he says all the time so I think it is not too surprising that eventually there might be rash answers. I find this really disappointing all in all. This is a forum I really enjoy(ed) to read a lot but the tone is often so negative, aggressive and absolute. I already took some time off the forum a while ago and now I often starting writing posts/replies but then stop and decide not to post at all because the internet tough guy behavior here. Like in all controversial threads, I guess it's again only a question of time for people who disagree to get banned?
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