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  1. In Switzerland a new S5II from a store is 1763 CHF while the S5IIX is 2599 CHF... so hard to justify the price difference, considering what you can get for the 200$ firmware upgrade... so I guess with some luck, one might get a used S5II for 1000 less than a new S5IIX at this point. But I have to agree that I feel like there's a big opportunity missed by not having BRAW to an SSD instead of to an external recorder.
  2. Phil A

    Panasonic GH6

    I still have my GH5 because I couldn't pull the trigger on selling it. It's a camera I always had 100% confidence in, imho top notch user experience too, and I wish the S5 would have been just basically a carbon copy of its features and body with a bigger sensor (biggest deal breaker for me was the step back with the EVF; S1 obviously with a great EVF but just too big & heavy). I also believe that the GH6 is a great camera with a huge feature set. But I've seen reviews where they said that the sensor is actually a downgrade to the GH5 when it comes to quality for still images, which is a big downside for a hybrid. There's the mentioned BMPCC4k, but that's a 4 year old camera with no signs of them updating it (looks like they moved on to APS-C, which would be more interesting to me if it retained a mirrorless mount). Generally I look at these things sometimes a bit in a different perspective because I'm not working in a creative / art endeavor but in an industrial field where there is less emotion involved. It's good to have variety of choice and many different niche options, but Panasonic is heavily cutting prices and the people who do buy their cameras prefer to shoot with 3rd party lenses (because half of the M43 lenses nowadays are the same size as APS-C/FF) on 3rd party adapters while using 3rd party batteries. There was always that talk about Canon selling lenses over cameras when it was EF mount, seems for Panasonic it is pretty much the reverse. There is no real "manufacturer ecosystem" that people are locked in because they often buy nothing from the camera manufacturer besides the body. People like to talk about what corporations ought to do for their loyal customers, the good of mankind/art, etc. but in the end, when you look behind all the mission/vision talk, most big companies operate to make higher profit to increase shareholder value.
  3. Phil A

    Panasonic GH6

    So here in Switzerland, the GH6 released for 2499 CHF in end of February. Today I've seen it for 1757 CHF with an additional 200 CHF cash back offer. So basically price dropped by nearly 38% in just 8 months. Is it now time to say Micro4/3 is dead? 🤐 I assume the fact that the market is saturated with affordable new/used full frame options and the majority of buyers of dedicated camera systems being into photography is pretty bad for the M43 ecosystem. BlackmagicDesign has moved on to APS-C sensors, the Sharp 8k M43 camera never materialized. People who want to shoot vintage S16 glass just use a high-res FF/APS-C body with a crop function.
  4. I'm shooting H.265 200 Mbit on the X-T4 and used to shoot 150 Mbit H.265 on the GH5. I fully accept the weaknesses of those codecs, but I create only content for social media or personal usage so there is absolutely no point in recording in higher bit rates or codecs. Most people are obsessed with technical image quality when in the end, anyway no one cares about their results (cat video on YT with 7 views). The only moment where I might use a higher bit rate option is if I record something with water, because that's always a disaster in LongGOP. I always used to transcode to ProRes and wanted a camera that can record ProRes because of my editing system, but since I switched to Apple M1 based hardware, everything is golden with H.265.
  5. Bought a M1 iPad Pro 12.9” because there were the “MacOS will come to iPad Pro” rumors back before iOS 15. Was finally considering to sell it now (together with my M1 MacMini, to buy a MacBook Pro 14”) because all I do with it is web browsing, YouTube watching and some editing in Lightroom Mobile. I just prefer Lightroom Classic on the Mac instead and Davinci Resolve over LumaFusion… and now this. Guess I’ll give it a try before deciding.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if no-name content gets second class treatment to save on storage. I heard often (i.e. don't know by evidence) that big YouTube channels get better compression than small ones. From a business perspective it makes sense. No need for super high quality cat videos that 3 people will see, better give some more performance/storage/bandwidth/whatever to MKBHD or MrBeast where millions will watch it. I'm not saying their content is better, I'm just saying from a business perspective you focus on the "product" that is in demand. Perspective: I used to be Product Manager for a not-in-demand product in an industrial area 🥲
  7. Cameras are just 18.6% for Canon (printers are 55.2%). I think Nikon is the most vulnerable in that group you mentioned.
  8. Direct comparison with the new DJI Action 3 from PotatoJet. Both have their strengths and weaknesses but generally I feel like these are a pretty solid. DJI obviously very aggressive on pricing, which might steal a lot of potential GoPro customers.
  9. Phil A

    Panasonic GH6

    It's a bit surprising to me how the GH6 is doing nowadays when you compare it to what a hit the GH5 was. I'd love to know the expected vs actual sales figures from Panasonic. There are basically no mentions on YT besides the launch reviews and it's widely offered in stores already 10% below MSRP with a 128 GB CFexpress card included. I guess while the GH5 just one-upped every other MILC with the 10bit internal recording and no-crop 4k60p, the new GH6 just doesn't really bring much to the table that people actually need/want and the competition can't offer. I guess we're in "good enough" territory when it comes to every strength of the Lumix as a hybrid, be it Sony, Fuji or Canon.
  10. Phil A

    Fuji X-H2S

    I would actually love to upgrade from the X-T4 to the X-H2S (which imho currently is too expensive to jump to) mainly because of how much I’ve grown to dislike the control concept. The retro dials are cool to look at but in the end I’m not utilizing them much. I found the GH5 or my old Canon 5D III a lot more efficient in their UI when it comes to physical features. Also the implementation of Custom Modes on the X-T4 isn’t good imho because they don’t save enough settings for the video modes. Biggest pet peeve probably the D pad, I’d rather have a rotating one like mentioned cameras to control exposure compensation instead of the dial on the upper right that I just can’t use proper without taking the camera off my eye.
  11. I think that 3rd party lenses are a huge draw into a system. For video creation, the Viltrox primes are quite a bit better than the Fujifilm primes at cheaper prices. The same way I think a lot of people like the 3rd party options for zooms like the Tamron 17-70mm f/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD for Sony & Fuji APS-C or the Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 DG DN that is way smaller and lighter than the 24-70mm from the camera makers. You could argue that a 2500€ lens from Canon/Sony/Nikon is a lot better than a 999€ 3rd party lens... but then when does it really matter? When has the hint of less sharpness/resolution or the higher artifacts (CA, etc.) actually detracted from the work you produce?
  12. Did you by chance test the sensor coverage of any (Voigtländer, Zhongyi, Laowa) of the 25mm f/0.95 lenses? I find it wild how there are so many 35mm 0.95 lenses from China for APS-C but basically nothing in the 24-30mm range.
  13. You didn't hit the same focus in both pictures. If this is with the same lens at the same aperture, the plant in the foreground shouldn't be this much sharper on the left than the right pic.
  14. I still have an iPhone 11 Pro Max but my main gripe is how over-sharpened and brittle the image looks. I don't mind shooting with super deep DoF but it's just not a "thick" image like I get with a mirrorless camera (which are also often artificially sharpened). I watched some reviews of ProRes on YT when the 13 came out but I didn't see a huge difference (I think many people pretended that the codec will make a difference, when it's actually more the processing before that). I'd wish we could deactivate sharpening in FilmicPro even further, like it's possible on Android. So personally, I'd rather get a less processed image that's smoother/organic than more dynamic range at the cost of it looking hyper digital.
  15. I think the one bummer with the A7 IV is the rolling shutter of 27ms when shooting in full frame mode (according to Slashcam's measurement). I really can't buy another camera with such bad rolling shutter performance due to mainly shooting handheld, it's a headache. Obviously it's good in APS-C mode but who buys a 2750€ camera to then crop in on the sensor all the time, might as well directly buy a good APS-C camera with other advantages.
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