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  1. The company I work for has closed offices to all non-employees here in Germany. We had plans to produce some marketing videos and internal communication but there's a clear rule that no external people can enter any offices, and that includes film crews, so all that has been canceled/delayed to, at minimum, May. I see this happen at other companies too, so we're not excessively careful. I'd guess it will expand to other countries soon (in multi-national companies, these rules currently are often group wide, i.e. world wide). This is clearly a time I'm happy I'm not self-employed but a 9to5 office drone.
  2. Guess it’s a question of patience. I received it today. Still completely happy with the purchase and tbh it’s part of the reason I’m holding onto my GH5 even though I’m doing way more photography than videos lately.
  3. I have heard that the Panasonic S1 is supposed to be pretty good with rangefinder lenses but the camera is pretty shunned by photographers (due to the auto focus) it seems to it's hard to find many sources. The high resolution EVF would definitively be pretty good for manual focus though.
  4. But which Sony do you have? Apparently there are big differences in results. I'm super interested in this topic too. I am lusting for the pretty compact Voigtländer lenses for their character (35 1.4, 40 1.4) but am really wondering which camera would be ideal. I'm shooting currently with a GH5 so the crop factor is a deal breaker and I'm not sure what full frame system to upgrade to. I heard good stuff about the Nikon Z6 because apparently the sensor stack thickness is supposed to be thinner than on the Sonys. It would also be a reasonably ok-ish camera for video.
  5. Phil A

    Fuji X-T4

    That can't just be said like this. You can have the same level of quality control in any country, it's a question of cost. "Made in China" shouldn't automatically be taken as worse quality than Made in Japan, Germany or the US. If you manufacture in comparable plants to the same specification and the same quality control process, you have the same outcome. You don't even compare the same product (X-T2 vs X-T3), so you can't expect it to be identical regarding manufacturing issues anyway.
  6. Phil A

    Fuji X-T4

    Maybe I should try again, didn't since X-T1 / X100s times, but the performance was horrible (16 megapixel X-Trans files loading way slower than files from a 5D III or D750) and the manipulations behaved very differently than with regular CMOS raw files. Besides the editing of the raw files, I really liked the cameras for stills photography (video on X-T1 was absolutely unusable obviously).
  7. Phil A

    Fuji X-T4

    I'm so curious for the X-T4. At this point the only downside is how much I hate editing X-Trans files in Adobe Lightroom.
  8. I find it super annoying and I see this getting people into trouble in a lot of cultures/countries. But, this is nothing new, Bruce Gilden does the same thing PLUS firing a friggin strobe into people's face. I don't think Fuji should have pulled the ad though.
  9. I wonder if that really comes? The D750 has a new price of 949€ currently with the discounts available (used ~750€) and the D780 comes with a MSRP of 2499€. I don't think there's a big margin for the used prices to go that much down, especially seeing how expensive the new model is in comparison.
  10. Did I miss something? How does 24p cost extra money for the manufacturer of a camera that will anyway have a video function? Wasn't the whole argument around video always that it's easy to do with minimal effort based on the live view function, while the photography purists were yelling that video functions have to be removed because they make cameras "way too expensive"? Should we remove raw pictures because the soccer moms shoot JPEG?
  11. The best thing about this camera is that maybe it makes the used market for Mark III cameras more attractive ?
  12. Yes, Samyang is also sold by resellers as Rokinon, Bower and Walimex.
  13. But if you're ordering them into the EU, you'll pay VAT and the end price is more or less the same. I'm having my eyes on how the TechArt adapter story develops, especially the stacking of the Z-to-E + E-to-M mount adapters.
  14. Because I want a camera that’s ideally smaller/lighter than my GH5 for every day carry when I commute. The S1 is the one camera that’s actually even bigger and heavier (Plus it’s currently 1000 $ more expensive than a Z6 here) ?
  15. Seeing how y'all are shooting a lot of manual focus lenses, how do the different camera systems with 135/FF sensor compare when it comes to their EVF for manual focusing M-mount lenses? I'm considering Sony A7, A7R, A7 II, A7R II, Nikon Z6 or - very slim maybe - A7 III, looking for a camera that is as small+light (and ideally cheap, as it's not my main system) as possible to shoot M mount lenses, purely for photography (35/40/50/75mm lenses for portraits, etc., looking for feel&look, not technical perfection). I read that the A7R has some aliasing in the EVF that coincidentally actually helps see when stuff is in focus (comparable to the over-sharpening focus help in the SmallHD field monitors). EDIT: Unrelated, I can absolutely second the discussed Sigma 30mm DC HSM Art lens. With a focal reducer it's the perfect normal lens on m43 sensors and I love the rendering it gives. Pity there are so few APS-H cameras left besides the odd Sigma and some old EOS 1D.
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