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  1. I wonder if that really comes? The D750 has a new price of 949€ currently with the discounts available (used ~750€) and the D780 comes with a MSRP of 2499€. I don't think there's a big margin for the used prices to go that much down, especially seeing how expensive the new model is in comparison.
  2. Did I miss something? How does 24p cost extra money for the manufacturer of a camera that will anyway have a video function? Wasn't the whole argument around video always that it's easy to do with minimal effort based on the live view function, while the photography purists were yelling that video functions have to be removed because they make cameras "way too expensive"? Should we remove raw pictures because the soccer moms shoot JPEG?
  3. The best thing about this camera is that maybe it makes the used market for Mark III cameras more attractive ?
  4. Phil A


    Yes, Samyang is also sold by resellers as Rokinon, Bower and Walimex.
  5. But if you're ordering them into the EU, you'll pay VAT and the end price is more or less the same. I'm having my eyes on how the TechArt adapter story develops, especially the stacking of the Z-to-E + E-to-M mount adapters.
  6. Phil A


    Because I want a camera that’s ideally smaller/lighter than my GH5 for every day carry when I commute. The S1 is the one camera that’s actually even bigger and heavier (Plus it’s currently 1000 $ more expensive than a Z6 here) ?
  7. Phil A


    Seeing how y'all are shooting a lot of manual focus lenses, how do the different camera systems with 135/FF sensor compare when it comes to their EVF for manual focusing M-mount lenses? I'm considering Sony A7, A7R, A7 II, A7R II, Nikon Z6 or - very slim maybe - A7 III, looking for a camera that is as small+light (and ideally cheap, as it's not my main system) as possible to shoot M mount lenses, purely for photography (35/40/50/75mm lenses for portraits, etc., looking for feel&look, not technical perfection). I read that the A7R has some aliasing in the EVF that coincidentally actually helps see when stuff is in focus (comparable to the over-sharpening focus help in the SmallHD field monitors). EDIT: Unrelated, I can absolutely second the discussed Sigma 30mm DC HSM Art lens. With a focal reducer it's the perfect normal lens on m43 sensors and I love the rendering it gives. Pity there are so few APS-H cameras left besides the odd Sigma and some old EOS 1D.
  8. Phil A

    Sigma FP

    It's a video/gif where only a very small part of the image moves and the rest is perfectly static. It's popular for social media. Here are some examples: http://cinemagraphs.com/ EDIT: Also, here's a link to the press release as PDF https://www.sigma-foto.de/fileadmin/relaunch/Pressetexte/SIGMA_fp/SIGMA_PR_EN_fp_1907.pdf
  9. Phil A

    Sigma FP

    I read somewhere that powering via USB is not possible, you can only charge via USB when the FP is turned off. But it's obvious there will be dummy batteries available. I like that Sigma say they are communicating the information about the camera to 3rd parties to make accessories, etc. Recording via USB3 was mentioned too and the video shows it. Would be not too impractical to directly photograph to a Samsung T5 if the camera allows setting specific target folders, that way you can skip SD card handling. This has the potential to be the spiritual successor to the BMMCC if the price is right, might sell a lot more numbers than the Z-Cam E2.
  10. Phil A

    Sigma FP

    Yes, it was shown quite a bit and the fact that it doesn't have a mechanical shutter means it's probably not so great for some types of photography. Now that I stopped hyperventilating, I'm curious what sensor it uses. How fast will the read out be? How much rolling shutter? How good the auto focus? Here some more sources for information: https://www.cinema5d.com/sigma-fp-full-frame-pocketsized-camera-dedicated-cine-mode/ https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/07/11/sigma-fp-a-pocketable-full-frame-cine-stills-hybrid/ I hope Sigma will release more information soon.
  11. Phil A

    Sigma FP

    I thought the same. But you can always use a screen loupe like shown in their concept video. I'm very intrigued. I want this. Now! Take.My.Money.
  12. Phil A

    S1 Anyone?

    The adapter is not going to happen unless you can fit it into 0.75mm of space because that's the difference in flange distance for L to mFT mount. So it will probably still be more attractive to go with native lenses or a focal reducer and a DSLR lens. An EF focal reducer with electrical contacts (for AF, aperture, IS, EXIF, etc.) and integrated ND, now that would probably be a product that's equal to printing money if it could be optically done.
  13. I have a iPad Pro 9.7" and had completely forgotten one fact: it only has USB 2. So the new OS is borderline useless because it's still a nightmare to get the files onto the iPad from a SD card. Ugh! And the trade-in value if I give it back to Apple and buy a new one is a whopping 180 € max. So I guess we stay with using it for internet surfing, etc
  14. Digitec.ch in Switzerland but the sale is limited to 35 bundles.
  15. That adapter really makes me consider the Z6 even more, saw some great tests on YouTube. A store close by has a sale for Z6 + 24-70 f4 lens + Nikon F adapter + 64 GB XQD card for 1949$ and that’s silly cheap. I‘d sell my GH5 + Oly 12–40 for it and seeing how I lately do 90% pictures and 10% videos, I guess that would be a good deal.
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