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  1. Phil A

    Compact HDMI cable?

    I have some Sanho HyperThin HDMI cable.
  2. It'll have 50 to 100ms lag, within a year there won't be any OS updates for it anymore, the UI will be unresponsive and it'll have a screen with 85% sRGB color space. But the YouTube shills will make 30 unboxing and hands on reviews saying how amazing it is, total game changer, shocked face thumbnail. Everyone who bought one regrets it and 3 months late we moved on to the next gadget of the moment.
  3. I wish they would bring a 27mm with f/1.4 or f/2 ... or for Sigma to finally port their three APS-C mirrorless primes to X mount now that the protocols are being available to 3rd party manufacturers. It's obviously a first world problem but I want a fast lens between 23mm and 35mm. Currently using the EF mount Sigma 30mm 1.4 ART lens on a Viltrox mount adapter but it's bigger & heavier than I'd need to and obviously isn't great from AF perspective.
  4. You must go to very different cinemas than me. I would rather see a movie at home than at the cinema, precisely because at home I can focus on it. At the cinema there's a high chance for people to talk during the movie, kick seats, etc. plus as mentioned before, it's a total rip off with the snacks and all. Last time I was at the cinema I paid 50 CHF (47 €, 57$) for two people. That's just not worth it to me tbh. And then chances are your movie isn't even in the best setup (biggest screen, high res, good audio, etc.) unless it's Marvel Avengers or so.
  5. You were able to change the resolution but not the framerate after adding clips.
  6. Like three days ago I'd have said 16.x is 100% stable for me. Now it out of the blue crashes every time I try to set project framerate / resolution to anything but 24fps, and I didn't update anything (system currently not connected to the network).
  7. But not everyone wants to massively increase the footprint and weight of his camera by adding an external recorder. For many people, the whole point of shooting with a hybrid camera is the size. I couldn't care less what's available via HDMI out, it needs to be in-camera or I'm not going to use it. I'm clearly not in the minority with that opinion. For 90%+ of users, the new Nikons will be 8bit cameras.
  8. I'm mostly interested if it'll get 10bit log internal at least up to 2160p30. It could be the ideal compromise between Sony A7 III (great af, bad codec, great lens options, bad EVF/screen) and Panasonic S5 (great image, bad af, weak lens ecosystem) in the mid price segment of hybrid cams, especially with the TechArt adapter that opens the E mount lens options for it.
  9. Found this on YouTube and while it seems to do a somewhat decent job of keeping the lady in focus, the DFD pulsing of the background is a total deal breaker to me when it comes to AF-C in in video. If it completely goes off the rails like on the GH5 where it just runs off to infinity focus, you know you gotta cut at that point or reshoot. But who wants footage where every half second the background juggles between being sharp or blurry (which you probably can't even tell on the EVF/screen)? In combination with AF-C during video still being too unreliable and manual focus being the best op
  10. That's not correct. The free version can do 99% the same as the studio version for most users, you're only missing out on resolutions bigger than UHD, it doesn't have the noise reduction and film grain OFX, etc. For normal editing and grading, it's widely the same. I don't think it makes sense to invest any money into your system if you haven't actually identified a bottleneck. I would edit/grade a project and run resource monitoring to find out if you every approach a limit regarding CPU, GPU or storage. There's no benefit to increase e.g. GPU performance up to 200% of now when you maybe
  11. What’s your screen setup? How many and which ones?
  12. I really want this camera to be good. I want to move on from the GH5 , mainly because it's not meeting my demands for photography when it comes to the lens selection (I want f/2 or better equivalent DoF from wide to tele which is easy on FF but only very limited possibility on m43). So far the S5 looks impressive, I'm just not impressed with the EVF being such a step back to lowest current consumer levels (so not so great for manual focus) in combination with them staying with DFD auto focus (which in all likelihood will again be unusable for anything but AF-S on non/slow moving targets)
  13. I would agree that one of the main reasons that holds Panasonic back at the moment is their subpar auto focus performance. It took them so many firmware updates with the GH5 and their DfD gets an somewhat okish video AF performance some of the time with native lenses, it's absolutely unusable with adapted lenses. That's just not something I want for my next camera as I'm not shooting narrative / team based stuff. For photography the AF is actually decent, especially the AF-S is pretty good and eye detection reliable, both with native and adapted glass. But then the GH5 is not ideal for th
  14. I'm using my phone (iPhone 11 Pro Max) mainly for pictures but I have to say it has really eaten into the amount of use my camera sees. I leave my GH5 behind more and more. With fake bokeh thanks to the Focos app followed by editing the colors with Adobe Lightroom Mobile, I get results pretty close to what my camera gives me... unless the phone screws up the background detection and makes everything wrong. For social media use, there is only limited advantage lugging around my camera and that kinda makes me sad because I enjoy the process of using it way more. Slowly but surely I won
  15. But the fp has no log profile so you record Rec709 with strong contrast and saturation baked in. It doesn’t work as you think unfortunately. You can also record Sony A7s externally into ProRes, It’s still not gonna be better than what the camera can output.
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