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  1. For our european visitors, in my country the Lumix S 24mm F1.8 is 900 euro's in every shop (well, 899 actually) but in Amazon italy it is 750 for reasons unknown to me. Has been for quite a few days now. I ordered one, it was an excellent copy. https://www.amazon.it/s?k=lumix+s+24mm&i=electronics
  2. Have you tried setting the sensitivity of focus peaking to +2 and turned on "black and white preview" where the EVF/LCD image is rendered in black and white and the peaking dots are shown in e.g. red? It may still not be enough, but that's about as good as it is going to get on the S5.
  3. I generally also use just straight cuts or the occasional dissolve, but even when doing straight cuts I find that doing J-cuts, L-cuts, inserts and in general, timing shots and audio together the way I want can get quite complicated due to dependencies between shots in timings between audio and video and that some editors make all this a lot easier than others. This is one of the reasons why I haven't transitioned to Resolve yet. Maybe I just never learned Resolve properly but I do find it's interface to actually edit, combine and time in- and out-points between shots and audio not particularly convenient. E.g. if you learn the keyboard shortcuts in Vegas Pro which I currently use, you can basically do anything you want without having to lift your fingers off the keyboard and slip and slide all event edges or clip content anyway you like. (Too bad I don't use it often enough to become really proficient in it :-/) I haven't discovered such convenience yet with Resolve.
  4. Michael S

    The Aesthetic

    I believe the point OP is trying to make is: "A part of the people who are shooting video have specific ideas about what a good image is but I think they are wrong. These people often have their origin in photography more so then cinematography which would explain their preference for specific visual attributes. Cinematographers however have very different criteria to judge an image and should not take their cues from these people." I do think that photography and cinema do each have their own language. Being a good photographer doesn't make you a good cinematographer or vice versa. An image which works as a photo might not work as part of a narrative sequence and a great scene from a movie might very well fall flat as a still. However I think this distinction has nothing to do with a particular aesthetic. A good photographer may just as well "dirty-up" the image as part of his work. The significant distinction is intent. Professional photographers and cinematographers first think about what they want to achieve with their images and then use anything in their toolbox to achieve that, be it softening, sharpening, fish-eye distortion, rectilinear (distortion), vintage aberrations etc. The not so professional doesn't think it through that much and uses what he has, or simply uses what he saw others using because it worked really well or looked cool without thinking about how appropriate it is for what he is trying to do. The starting point should be intent, why do I shoot this image? Everything else should follow from that. And then there is the distinction between those who want to lock a look in camera (so it becomes harder to mess with your intent during post-production) and those who prefer to capture it all as neutral and pristine as possible to allow for maximum flexibility in post (so you can change your intent I guess?).
  5. The regular metadata tags containing the colorspace indeed indicates it is a rec709 recording. I suspect vlog isn't allowed or known as a color space for that tag. It ensures all players will at least play it back. Mediainfo also shows a blurb of vendor specific data containing the text vlog and vgamut and some additional readable text. It seems all sorts of metadata is put into the video stream, but it's format is specific for Panasonic and most software is unfamiliar with it's format. However. If you set up your nle correctly and explicitly specify vlog-vgamut as the input format, all colors fall into place. In particular when using an aces workflow.
  6. The camera is recording with a particular bandwith, regardless of crop. This implies that if you record say 4K at 100mbs and crop to an HD size in post, you are throwing 75% of your used bandwith away, leaving an HD image at 25mbs. If you crop directly to HD size in camera and record at 100mbs, you get a HD image recorded at a max bandwith of 100mbs. I'm not sure if the camera actually uses 100mbs in such a case. As the HD crop in camera is likely to have less detail, the actual bandwith used might be less then 100mbs. For all practical purposes it might not matter much, if your uncropped footage looks good from the start.
  7. I was wondering if they meant "without music". That would make sense to me to avoid copyright issues. But then again, dialogue could be undesirable for an international use of the clip for promotional purposes. That only leaves foley sounds. Then again, there is no shortage on YouTube of "mood pieces" where the content creator put some slider shots in a sequence, added some music and called it a day.
  8. Using the imaging app to remotely control the camera over wifi, possibly using the camera itself as the wifi access point?
  9. What the specs never say is the bit depth used to scan the sensor. When stills are taken one might expect the full bit-depth is used (14-bit?). But in video mode, to reduce rolling shutter, a read-out mode with reduced bit-depth may be used. For 8-bit log or gamma-corrected recordings a 10 bit (lineair) read mode might be used. If that same 10-bit linear mode is used to create a 10-bit log, the quality wouldn't be much better than with an 8-bit log except for reduction of round-off errors.
  10. Hmm, looks like someone has been testing the streaming capabilities of the DC-GH5M2 back in March this year (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9VJp9HLvSEhU41Sfudbl7A). The (Chinese) channel name translates to something like "Software verification". Maybe I should set a Google alert on DC-GH6 to see if something will come up at some point.
  11. Marketing and the public have always been involved in an arms race of sorts. I remember when I still went to school that during classes we had lessons about how marketing in either writing or on TV tried to influence and the techniques used. It made us aware of the techniques used and that these messages were not created in our interest. That was child's play compared to the tools and techniques marketing has available nowadays but I still think that the answer is to educate people and make them aware of these things. Once a particular trick isn't effective anymore, it will stop and later on some clever marketeer will come up with something new. All the chaos and mayhem that is currently associated with these social media platforms really help in creating awareness of the issue, so I expect it to become less effective over time and simmer out, until the next big thing of course. In the mean time, curating your own feed is probably the best you can do. The platforms will thank you for it as it will improve their userprofiles even further 😉
  12. The battery looks remarkably similar to the Panasonic AG-VBR89GC
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